Call of Duty Black Ops: Distant Connection Problems – PS3 / Xbox 360 Lag

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 12, 2010

Connection issues have been there in most Call of Duty games, and Black Ops is no different but one problem seems to return from past games in the franchise. We have heard of lag in Black Ops and while your broadband connection could be the reason, a lot of lag seems to be thanks to distant connections.

Have you checked your connection to other players while playing the game? How many bars did you have? We have had a few emails about this very problem, and it seems connections from Hong Kong to UK, and U.S. to UK etc are a common issue.

How has your gaming been when you are playing people from other countries? This could be improved in future games, and seeing Black Ops get better in-game customization is great but what about more options for selecting different countries to play, and other filters for zombies and multiplayer online games?

The lag has been so bad that you have to quit the game, which is no fun for anyone playing. Share your comments on connection problems you have, and let us know your ideas for improving online gaming in Call of Duty.

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