Call of Duty Black Ops Cheats: Unlock All Intel Code

By Alan Ng - Nov 12, 2010

After giving you a naughty code to unlock all of the zombie maps on Call of Duty: Black Ops, we now have discovered a new code which is as equally as dirty as the zombie maps code. This new trick will unlock the entire list of Intel usually acquired in the single-player campaign mode.

You’ll be pleased to know that the process is very simple, and involves putting in a simple code just like last time. Again, if you want to unlock the Intel normally, close this page and find them in single-player campaign yourself.

For everyone else though, let’s get down to business. Once again, proceed out of your chair at the main menu by pressing the back buttons on your controller. Once you’ve done that, go to the small computer screen and input the code ‘3ARC INTEL’ (with a space in between both words). If you have done it correctly, you’ll see a message pop up on screen which tells you that you won’t be able to unlock a certain achievement / trophy in the game.

If you click ‘yes’ to this, simply head to your chair and you’ll find that the full list of Intel has been unlocked! – it’s as simple as that. Try it out for yourself and let us know if it works for you. We’ve included a video below showing the process as well.

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  • Allenrda69

    can you get max ammo and how

  • buttpirate

    I hear voices

  • seth

    hey ill tell you the secret codes

  • flight678

    what are all the codes for the zombie maps?

  • Tidierboot7

    WTF i typed the code in wrong

  • Jamz

    @Sam, The intel is just to deepen the story.

    SPOILER: Last one says that Mason, Hudson, and Weaver fled to South Africa because Mason was unstable and still heard Reznov's voice, so the CIA and MI6 hunted them down, and had started an operation to kill them. Doesn't say if they succeeded or not.

  • Molly

    On zombie mode how do you last longer on solo mode I need tips

  • firecool299299

    So how do you unlock all the maps like der rise nad the others?

  • nigger93

    how do u unlock all 7 zombies levels??

  • yo mama

    Get a life

  • is that for wii to? i tired 3ARC INTEL and 3ARC UNLOCK

  • linzay j robay

    is this for wii to? i tried 3ARC UNLOCK and 3ARC INTEL

  • lewis

    i cant see it

  • Gretty

    Hey people. When i install call of duty black ops they pleased me product key, maybe you have it? Please help me.

  • odysseas360x

    type 3arc unlock to unlock all the zombie maps!

  • North Dakota man

    CoD black ops has a great story considering i am playing it on the wii without the net
    sux but no matter what set-up you r playing it on the codes suck man up and put it high gear

  • but yet how do you unlock de rise in blakops

    • hammy330

      can't it's only available if you got the codes with the collector's edition, dlc should be out soon.

  • Aidan C

    is there a cheat to unlock all guns in black ops. if so what is it?

  • marc

    can u please tell me what the cheat is i cant understand him

  • Megab

    That code did not work for me?? A Lil help please :))

  • you guys are full of shit man black ops was not made for the 360 treyarc was going to make it only for the ps3 and microsoft payed trayac to promote arounf the t.v and anounced but guess what a new call of duty world at war is comming up its called call of duty world at war at earth's dead end its about what happen enbetween world war 1 and 2 civil war people yeah you heard ir civil war..

  • direnboy

    how do you the wave vor zombie mode five

  • dee

    in the vietnam scene- after you come out of the water-how do you get behind the character you are suppose to follow

  • mat

    give us a new cod for the mut ply level 50

  • Aaidyn

    There are 7 zombie maps but I only have 3 how do you get the others?

    • hammy330

      the others are the old World of War maps, they are only available to those you got the collectors' edition, which sucks. not sure when the will be available for dlc though, should be soon…

  • guest

    Does any one watch " The Big Bang Theory", Sheldon was playing Zork on his laptop in one of the recent episodes. Funny!

    • espen

      yess!!! 😀 i saw that episode litterally the day before i found out about Zork ingame!! it cracked me up. =D

  • blackopsfan

    how the hell did you mine wont work i put in 3ARC UNLOCK it said i dont understand 3arc

  • Stanky Franky

    There's a code that unlocks the REAL version of Black Ops… just type:


    • EckSyle

      that didnt work dude

  • Sam

    Does the intel do anything?

  • I’m Awesome

    What is intel for?

  • jack

    the computer told me about a mailbox and a leaflet in the mailbox. i was having a conversation with the damned thing!! it was nuts!!!

    • david

      iv been doing the same m8, i typed "READ" or "READ LEAFLET" and thats what i did lol is it a mini game or something

  • Dreadknotts

    MW2 was a great bunch of camping homos and now that they are on this and dont know their glitches and best noob camping spots they blame it on treyarch…. boo hoo… suck it up….. btw if it had not been for treyarch there would be no nazi zombies so think about that… and when was the last time you saw your frag/mine/rocket blow someones arm/leg/head off in mw2? never cause they dont… only treyacrch puts that realism in their game so yay black ops and frag off MW2

  • Aaron

    This game had the best campaign yet. Online play isn’t as good as Modern Warfare 2, but it’s still tight as fuck.

  • fredrico


  • I mean 3ARC UNLOCK……sorry ….my typing sux

  • singa

    More cheats at gamecheatskinds/

  • aaafff

    what does the intels do ? do u get anything more than trophies?

  • oh…heres another one…..type in "3arch unlock" on the computer to unlock zombies!

  • yo seveno…..You are tha man!!! Keep gaming dude!

    • seveno

      Thanks Stefan 🙂

  • lennox

    it dosint come up

  • dfdfdf

    woooo amazing dude !!

  • Darren

    So If You Want All The Cheat Codes Type Zork Do It 2 Time theres 3ARC UNLOCK, DOA,

  • XingVisionStudios

    Hey, haha that's my video. Please give me some credit. it's by XingVisionStudios, me. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    you all are crazy.

  • mark

    how do you beat the wave after wave of enemy soldiers at the foot of the hill when you are on the trenches level. tried fixed machine guns, ?

    • simon

      try kicking the napalm barrels lol i took me two hours to work it out

    • rawr

      You hafta go up to the napalm barrels and it will prompt you to press “x” and Mason will stab the barrel and kick it over. There are 3 barrels

      • shane

        well two one on the left and one on the far right because the one guy kicks over the first one

    • anon

      you have to kick down the barrels on the hill

    • paddyk

      just run to the far right hut in the trench you will get checkpoint

    • gonzo

      Just keep moving, get close, wipe em all out, then move to the yellow arrow…..i would recomend using the grenade launcher on the M-16 if you use the fixed machine guns, ur gonna be there all day…..just move down the hill, wipe out all the guys in the treanch, then move towards the arrow, u should be fine, good luck

    • mark

      THANKS all, completed the game, now playing it again on veteran level

    • Rey

      if its the level i think it is there should be some green oil barrels go up to them and u should see that it tells u to press something to use them against the enemy soldiers then the waves will stop

  • seveno

    Some of us are casual gamers have family's jobs house gardening repairs and so on, the advice on codes, which was put there by the developers enables us to enjoy the fullness of the game..which otherwise would be impossible to achieve…also well done treyarch great game, I am really enjoying it with family and mates,,,by the way I am 71 years old..I hope you all will be gaming when you reach my age…Take care seveno

    • chezze84

      I agee some of us have full lives other than sitting in front of a tv. I just don't have time to get very good at it,I love playing zombies but i just don't have the skills to get past level 7 or 8.would love to see skill options on zombies like in the campaign.

  • eeeeee

    hit space bar heeps

  • cat

    how do u get out of the chair on pc version plzzz ???????


      Tap spacebar

  • Adam

    thats not an achievment you fucking dick head its just a glitch

    • ryan

      uhmmm actually its not a glich because they obviously put the crap in the game you retard

    • ricky

      ya because how do you get up and it gives you a trophy your an idiot

  • Steven

    keep clicking the left and right triggers and your guy will get up, then you can walk around

  • guest

    how do you get out of the chair on the 360?

    • connorstew

      rt and lt keep pressing

    • lakerolman

      press LT and RT

    • Sean

      keep tapping the back triggers

    • laugh out loud right triger and left trigger

    • You could have easily figured this out on you won. That is what Google is for.

    • william

      you buy a PS3!!!

    • HOBBOrox

      kep tapping LT and RT

    • guest

      press both the trigger buttons

    • Key

      you have to hit the trigger buttons at the same time and he will break out of the chair

    • Guest

      keep pressing both

  • nim81

    this game is much worse than mw2… treyarch has really just dropped the ball.. "lets take what infinity ward has done, and suck it up a bit!" thanks for being so greedy activision!

    • Your A Loser

      HAHA dude just because you suck at the game doesnt mean the game sucks

    • seveno

      sorry to disagree, its a great game worth every penny 🙂

      • andres

        yeah it is the best game EVER

    • moron

      you are an idiot mw2 was a shit game oma and danger close made that by far the worst cod ever black ops is the most balanced game out there so smd loser

    • Jkl

      Yeah really? Okay, considering that you were probably one of the noob tubers getting cheap kills onine.

  • TheBlood69

    yea the code work thanks


      what were the codes i couldent see them on my pc

      • Duncan

        3ARC INTEL

        • zinedine


    • BlueRawrs

      3ARC INTEL
      You must put with the space. 🙂

    • Firecool299

      What does the intel do?

    • firecool299299

      What does the Intel do?