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Call of Duty Black Ops Cheats: Trophy Loss?

Following on from our post about using the unlock code for Call of Duty Black Ops zombie mode, and wanting to hear the ”cheaters story”, we thought its interesting that some cheats have downsides too. Some gamers may not know what the downside is for certain cheats and unlock codes in Black Ops.

If you use some unlock codes in COD Black Ops you may find a few missing trophies or achievements, is reporting that those who unlock all Intel will not earn the “Closer Analysis” Trophy / Achievement on PS3 / Xbox 360. This may not be a big deal to some people, but how about you? Do you care if you get all rewards or not?

Looking at the article on Video Games Blogger, you will also see a full list of unlocks and codes that can help those who want the easy way out. They also touch on the options in the computer terminal, and how to get more codes using “help”.

Let us know if you have found any codes not being reported, and if you care about getting all the COD Black Ops Achievements and Trophies?



COD Black Ops Cheats: The Cheaters Story

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