Call of Duty Black Ops Cheats: Trophy Loss?

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 12, 2010

Following on from our post about using the unlock code for Call of Duty Black Ops zombie mode, and wanting to hear the ”cheaters story”, we thought its interesting that some cheats have downsides too. Some gamers may not know what the downside is for certain cheats and unlock codes in Black Ops.

If you use some unlock codes in COD Black Ops you may find a few missing trophies or achievements, is reporting that those who unlock all Intel will not earn the “Closer Analysis” Trophy / Achievement on PS3 / Xbox 360. This may not be a big deal to some people, but how about you? Do you care if you get all rewards or not?

Looking at the article on Video Games Blogger, you will also see a full list of unlocks and codes that can help those who want the easy way out. They also touch on the options in the computer terminal, and how to get more codes using “help”.

Let us know if you have found any codes not being reported, and if you care about getting all the COD Black Ops Achievements and Trophies?

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  • bob kerry

    any uver codes u know?

  • dandan

    you have to go straight through it on veteran which means no going on map selection n doing some levels on easy even if you return to veteran game where u left off

  • jason

    It Works Woo Hoo!

  • jason

    It Works

  • RodrigoEnLu

    I used DOA in the middle of the campaign, after I finished i got a bug or something that gave me all the intel, when i was still missing the last 6 in the last 2 levels. Now the achievement wont pop up and Activision support told me that introducing cheats in the console will avoid this. I have been reading around the internet that if you use the terminal and type 3arc intel, you wont get this, even though i never typed the cheat and the game is behaving like if i had!!!! Stupid glitched game! noa i cant unlock an achievement and in the xbox 360 deleting the data doesnt fix this.

  • stupid COD

    im getting frustraighted as fuck trying to beat these levels on veteran and after hours of work and swearing i beat a couple and i didn't get the fucking trophy!!!!! do i have to do them again and if so will i even get the trophy the next try? and why is it for that matter that i cannot see what difficulty i beat the levels on? if i don't do the levels in veteran straight through then i won't know what levels are done.

    • Echo-1Sentinel

      im having the same problem wont give me trophies for beating lvls in veteran im like wtf

  • Makairia

    does ne1 no wers da powa switch??


      Its by the Red curtain on the first map

  • CACA

    Type 3ARC UNLOCK-everthining except trophe and intel

  • Awesome

    Type in 3arc unlock
    It will unlock story mode and all the zombie maps and idk what else

  • Sheno

    3arc unlock
    3arc (space)unlock

  • mr j

    type help .loads pop up

  • rob


  • Tom

    Type in doa – Dead Ops Arcade

    • makairia

      does this unlock neting in zombie mode??

    • your momma

      I know that i am going to hack you