Call of Duty: Black Ops – Achievement Guide (Video Walkthrough)

By Jamie Pert - Nov 12, 2010

Hardcore CoD players will want to know how to unlock every single achievement in the game, and they can do that now with a little help from the Achievement Hunter, who has given us a few videos to let us know how to go about unlocking some of those difficult achievements.

The videos listed so far show you how you can unlock certain minigames from the terminal, or computer such as Zork and Dead Ops Arcade that also have their own achievements built in to them.

Other video guides show you how you can unlock the I Hate Monkeys, Mr. Black Op, Slingshot, and Tough Economy achievements that also come with some comedic commentating which bring more value and fun to the videos, so they are definitely worth a watch. You can check them out at the bottom of this article.

These videos do contain strong language at times, so viewer discretion is advised.

What achievements have you unlocked so far? Is there anything you would like to know how to do? We will do our best to look it up for you.

Source: Gameranx

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  • Will

    HAHAHAH 😀 no jack n geoff

  • mantas

    in kowloon i got then you get in midle first place you run in open balcony and 2 guys on roofs ant about 5 of them run through doors in oposit balcony

  • mantas

    i know good place to get 1 bullet 3 kills

  • johnny

    can you tell me where is a good place to get frag master

  • Ben

    you can get the 3 kills one bullet in dead ops arcade if you play it two or three times you will get the achievement pop up on one of the runs, to get to dead ops arcade , think there is a video above showing how to get there from the chair 🙂

  • Fretfret

    The 3 in one bullet at the en of Kowloon with the pistol there’s like 5 guys running try it there

  • qwedqew

    you guys are awesome, its just funny watching your shows 😀

  • Paul

    How do you do the 2 helicopters with one missile achievment (last mission)

    • kinda hard what i did was lower the difficulty and waited for the choopers to get close p.s it may take a few trys and it takes them about a minuet to do this

      • all ya gotta do is fire it wen there close together and have the rocket go threw middle of them and then pull the trigger and boom acheivement got

  • DrGreenthumbs80

    Cheers lds, any tips on best place to pull off the 3 x kills with 1 bullet achievement or is it just a case of playing until oportunity arrives??

    • Nathan

      I did it on zombies when 3 climb though the window at the same time simple shoot with thee shotgun point blank

    • Chuck

      I lucked out and did it when you were in the trenches in Nam. It was right after you pull the pin out of the guy's grenade on his belt and he blows up.

    • JJJJ

      i did mine in Dead Ops Arcade haha it worked really well with the Mini Gun if you can ever do it. just run around and around till you get a lot and let loose. chances are you'll get one.

  • awesomenus


  • cheers guys