Black Ops Maps: Nuketown – Worst CoD Map Ever?

By Jamie Pert - Nov 12, 2010

Now that I have played all of the maps on Call of Duty: Black Ops a few times I am starting to get an idea of what maps I like and dislike, at the moment there is one clear leader in the list of dislikes, this is Nuketown.

In Modern Warfare 1 there was shipment and in Modern Warfare 2 there was Rust, however I think I dislike Nuketown more than I did with the previous small maps we have seen.

My dislike for the map is not helped by Black Ops’ poor respawn points, sometimes you will spawn within 10 yards of multiple enemies, which means that tactics go out the window, instead random grenades and sub machine guns seem to be the best option.

In Nuketown there are two buildings and a few vehicles, in game modes such as Team Deathmatch it is pretty much guaranteed that you, or a team mate will get hit early-on by random grenade, after 20 seconds of gameplay tactics go out the window as you can be shot from any angle.

Even though Rust was much smaller and a nightmare for noob tubes I must admit I preferred it to Nuketown, we would love to hear which is your least favorite CoD map of all time, therefore let us know in the comments section below.

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  • hoyunm

    My least favorite map on COD black ops is NUKETOWN

  • yoyoman9372

    dude nuke town is the best for bots on recruit because bots on recruit + nuketown = killstreak fest

  • oblivionguy2418

    i love nuketown, but the only modes i play on it is gun game on public and free-for-all on private matches. it is the most amazing small map ever made in cOd ever! not to mention it has a double rainbow! 🙂

  • austin

    best map launch and nuketown worst map jungle and wmd

  • bossrosco

    Well personally i like Nuketown, as it is pretty much two and a half minutes of chaos, Okay re spawn kills are annoying but how many times do you re spawn and kill others. a good fun break from the usual maps. Although i do agree that a limit to the amount of times you can play it before it automatically goes to another screen for a while would be a good idea.

    Oh love the Mannequins as well !!!!

  • Nuketown Blows

    Anyone who goes any number and 0 in Nuketown is hacking.
    Don't deny it cause then you'll be a hacker and a liar.

  • dman

    i think junjle is worst

  • spacebar

    Nuketown LOOKS crap, there's no doubt about that. Like something from 2001. And for me that's 60% of the enjoyment or more. It's also pretty mindless repetitive warefare, so there's most of the other 40% gone as well. So yes I agree it could be the worst map ever.

  • Steve

    Just take a look at how many servers are hosting nuketown and you will have your answer. You are clearly in the minority. As for my least favorite map it was “Wet” in MW1. I grew to love Shippment and Rust was fun due to the vertical combat.

  • BInnes

    i have no problem w the map i like it. its just annoying once your on it you cant vote out of it its over played. either u back out or i wait for it not to be allowed to be voted for. Besides what happen to nuketown haven’t seen it. Kinda happy.

    And it is annoying 6 shots for a kill, and though im not a sniper I did try it that takes 2.

  • asdf

    the reason a lot of people like this map is that unsuspecting enemies will spawn into your crosshairs every game. people like it when they don't work to get kills. if you think this is one of the best maps in black ops, it's probably because it's the only map you can get a kill on. and let's face it, most people playing black ops are terrible, which is why they vote for nuketown.

    • Ryster059

      Agreed, I play Nuketown and I get blown up, then the next game I play which is on any other map in the game, the other team mostly sucks. Thumbs up if this happens to you.

  • MB

    Consoles are for kids?….I’ve got mine because I like games and I’ve yet to find a laptop that I can afford with an excellent bluray AND good enough to run black op cock-up free.

    Now they’ve patched this game it’s much more enjoyable….helicopters still hardly make a noise, sone guns sound like peashooters and the number of free for all players allowed on those maps are just way too small for the size….seems pointless having a sniper class if there are very few places to snipe from.

    But I’m actually enjoying nuketown now….although it keeps coming up game after game as does that stupid Array level

  • gavin

    this guy is smoking crack. nuketown is the best map. now hanoi i'd say is the worst map.

  • Odin

    Spray and Pray is Lame… COD Black Ops is even worse for Spawns than COD WaW..COD MW2 was an Epic Fail in the PC community PERIOD.
    Consoles are for little Children that need AIM Assist, and BIGGER Hit Boxes.
    Nuketown is for twitchy Meth Heads that never heard if the word Tactics, or Team.
    It's a complete Fail, unless you are a Console Player, in which Case you are an Epic Failure already..(FACT)

    • JAY

      PC Players = Fags

  • MB

    It does sound very much like PC and Xbox are fine and it’s just PS3 with the probs. Some people are saying that those moaning about the details are wrong and it’s all about gameplay. But for me if the graphics are poor, the sound broken, response to control glitchy,movement random, hits don’t register and you respawn to instant death…is there really much gameplay to be enjoyed?



  • anthony

    you are so rong its the best map in the history of any call of duty u must be one of the snipers. i hate sniping. it also has a double rainbow. nuke town rules you are stupid for saying it sucks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lewis

    MB, your so right, I always know when I'm going to die by that sticky/studder motion accures, after a hard run to someplace I'm going thru a door or turning a corner and that happens and I always die-everytime! Also compared to MW2, block ops guns look smaller & less detailed overall, to me it's all about the guns.

  • out the window

    EVERYTHING goes out the window!

  • MB

    Oh and let’s not forget the invisible ‘spider web’ on some building corners in some maps….

    I’m running, I’m running, around the corner of this building I’m running… I’m stopped dead but my arms are still moving, arms still moving, running noises,…. I’m stuck….I’m getting shot at, I’m dead.

  • MB

    I’m playing on PS3 and, even after the update, there are so many sloppy error:

    Enemy guns don’t make a noise sometimes ( yet on killcam they are blasting away)

    Helicopters don’t make a noise nor do footsteps sometimes.

    No atmospheric sound

    You can shoot people at point blank range, get 4 or 5 hits and…nothing. This make some contracts ridiculous

    The graphic quality is appaulling

    You respawn in the same place time after time or in the middle if enemies

    You can get shot around corners

    Once I’ve done the campaign I’m selling this as there’s just no enjoyment in the multiplayer in it’s current state, I hope they fix anything fixable very soon

  • ncffhfhfhf

    Nuketown sucks ass. Instead of rushing there are always campers. Fuck this map and everyone can go fist themselves. Niggers.

  • dan

    nuketown is by far the best map then jungle 😀 u gotta have fun map/ rush maps in a shooting game nuketowns the only map i get more kills to deaths lol and b4 ne one says it yes im poo at this game ut love it

  • taylorb

    nuketown graphics are fine, its a test facility with fake grass and fake houses, its supposed to look fake thats the point… this map is for twitchers and running and spraying, it was obviously designed this way on purpose. i enjoy it for what it is.

  • MB

    2 things –

    1) the graphics for multiplayer are inexplicably appalling (particularly Nuketown and Array)

    2) getting tired of somebody screaming at me for being a camper when I literally jumped onto a ledge, fired, and moved on!!!

  • tyler

    worst map ever hands down is fuel town from mw2

  • timmytim

    I don't really understand and never have the problem with campers? Is it or is it not a strategy that can be used? If you really had a weapon in your hand or you couldn't respawn, wouldn't we all be camping. I'm not really a camper, but I get the tactic. I'm not really sure why everyone is so bothered by it. You can run and gun, camp or some of both…what difference does it make?

  • NinjaLemming

    I don't undesrstand the issue with camping or rushing about aimlessly? It's just a way to play the game? Sometimes I camp and sometimes i go on a mad one depends on the level and what guns your using? if im on Nuketown ive got akimbo uzi's or an assualt rifle and the aim is to not stand still but if im on jungle then I have got aq Sniper out picking people off! Give it a rest and just accept that everyone's different and enjoy the bloody game! We all love COD and they always have Pro's and Cons.. Instead of arguing get on your PS3/XBOX and settle it on the game! 🙂

  • Straider

    I love Nuketown, it fuels my need to rush in games and it always provides a fast-paced-high-intensity-action adventure! xD

  • MB

    Nuke Town is by far the worst both as a playing environment and appearance wise…ridiculously bright green grass (all the same shade), cartoony graphics…disappointed with Black Ops as a whole at the moment (it’s more Time Crisis that COD4/MW2) but this map takes the crumpet!!

  • ^^^

    ^This. I think that this game is made for casual gamers so that they can actually have a chance against people that can play properly (with tactics). Although many of the maps are good tactic wise nuketown is just a waste of a map.

  • Vaelestrasz

    i disagree with all the shit people have been complaining about as far as black ops…first of all i just wana say that modern warfare is by far the best cod…and WAW is isnt second place behind that…MW2 was a complete disappointment, unless you like to abuse retarded perks and weapons that dont require any skill…lightweight marathon commando…nube tubes…secondary shotty…horrible maps….MW2 was a disaster and any hardcore gamer who played cod in the first place cus it was a difficult strategic skill based game has to agree…im sorry but running around a battlefield rockin tac knife and commando and knifing someone from 15 feet away through a stream of bullets is f*cking retarded and it has no place in a tactical warbased shooting game…i realized mw2 sucked after a month and i stopped playing that shit immediatley when i realized what a butch job they did with that sequel…..On to black ops….first of all kudos to treyarch for trying to fix all the gay shit that MW2 made standard in this game…BO really is a more balanced game, no question about that…guns are harder to use, which is good.. you got to learn how to tap the automatics to get accuracy rather than just spraying shit. the graphics are good..people saying the graphics suck are straightup idiots, dont listen to them. My biggest concern is the maps, theyre small, crowded and uninteresting… shit like nuke town and summit are actually just horrible…unless you like to run around like an idiot and spray assault rifles and smgs…that takes no skill… and the spawns are horrible…but thats because the maps are horrible and theres no space to safely spawn at.. the snipers are usable but only on certain maps…ive gone 42 and 3 on jungle with a sniper…but once again it completely depends on the maps…it seems that treyarch didnt design the maps specifically for tdm, which is a disappointment…cus i dont play those retarded objective games…i mean c'mon people…if im goin to win or lose it should be determined by kill and deaths…i dont give a shit about capturing a flag or planting a stupid bomb…all ive ever played is TDM and ive smash fools ever since cod4 came out…xbox live gamertag- Vaelestrasz….and no im not a camper or a rusher and i dont suck so if you have nothing intelligent to say dont try to dispute my opinions with those types of retarded comments cus i will smash you in any cod….in conclusion…treyarch needs to release a map pack IMMEDIATELY…i almost cant stomach some of the maps….what happened to the type of maps we were playing on in MW and WAW….those were solid fucking maps and the maps determine how the gome is gona get played so that shit is pretty goddam important IMO…back to the topic….Nuke Town and about 4 of the other black ops maps are pretty weak…if that map was twice as big to allow other types of gameplay to be effective other that spray and pray tactics it would be alright but at this point the game is just a cluster fuck of poor spawns and bullshit deaths until treyarch makes bigger, deeper, spacious, and more interesting maps….

    • ^^^

      hopefully they bring some of the maps from WAW over

    • i mostly agree, but mw2 is pretty fun when it gets really chaotic.. i havent really had much fun playing black ops, it's just going through the motions

  • David

    Nuke Town is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hammer

    u dislike nuketown cause its a rush map, ur a pussy camper and suck at the game

  • Anthony

    Nuketown is so lame. Its just for twitch gammers and anyone that attempts to have any tactics are screwed. I really don't understand how people can like that map…. and so many people do.

  • :/

    It seems you are a member of very little group that hates this map. Cause when i play online everyone votes to play on it (for the 5th consecutive time) i cant imagine a bad map that everyone Wants Too play on.

  • andre

    dude. no, nuketown is awesome. worst map in black ops is hanoi by far, its actually the only map in this game that i can say i dislike, treyarch did a very good job with the maps on black ops. and as far as the worst cod map of all time goes, definately rust

  • h2g2guy

    I disagree with the comments that say that you can’t camp on Nuketown. First of all, I’m not a true camper, I guard one location for 2-4 kills or until I’m killed and move on.

    Secondly, on one Team Deathmatch at Nuketown I went 7-0 with a slightly faster paced version of this tactic. Check my File Store or whatever you call it on PSN: I’m h2g2guy.

    Hint: the Camera Spike is your friend xD

    • Chief

      "I'm not a true camper." Who are you trying to convince, us or you?

  • ocieoc

    Each map has different pros and cons. That's why they have more than one! I play differently and with different weapons depending on which map. Nuketown is brilliant.

  • Joxedcom

    That's address this game categorically.

    Worst Map: [Tie] Havana and Nuke Town.

    Havana has the worst spawn points of any COD game to date. If you are the top spawn on the backside of B the other team with moderate intelligence and watching two doors can keep you from leaving the spawn the entire game. In Demolition I went 63-3. It was stupid. Two doors to the bar, bus, and the stairs going to the balcony. Don't charge them and they will be absolutely demolished.

    Nuke Town has offered a crap ton of points. I racked up 38,0000 pts in one game on that map. There is tactics, it's called Warlock Pro and throw both grenades to the right side of yellow house. Past that, it's a nightmare. The spawn points are bad, but if you tack on the helicopters and RC cars and it's just spawn-throw grenade-die. What is amazing is how people want to play that map 3 or 4 times in a row. I wish to they would patch that, back to back is enough, it shouldn't be an option for a 3rd, 4th or 5th in a row.

    Spawn Points. This has been a gripe from nearly everyone I have talked to. I think they should call this game "BULLSHIT!" Because 4 times a game you will be yelling or muttering it because you walk through a room, clear it, and on exit got shot in the back every single time. I find myself constantly thinking "Where the hell did he come from?!?" It's people spawning right behind you.

    Best Map: Radiation

    Why? It is the only map that really allows for different styles and tactics. If you want to people a gomer and sit in the corner B is a great place to be that douche. If you want to snipe there are 6 locations that will work. Great for objective based games too. Battling for A is very enjoyable especially with the hatch being gamer operated. That was a nice touch.

    Sniper Rifles. Clearly Treyarch are not fans of snipers. I don't think they understand that a sniper round will take your head off. You should never have to shoot someone multiple times in the head or upper chest with a sniper. Those should be 1 shot kills. I have been getting hit markers in hardcore with the classified sniper. I don't understand how that's possible. They did add the one tower in Array? Unfortunately, they put it on the side of the map that no one is on, and more importantly the view is terrible. Cool, you can watch A, but A is the easier to take.

    Hit Markers and Assists. I racked up 13 assists with an AK47 in hardcore TDM. How is that possible? It's a flipping assault rifle. Modified to a single shot, slap a scope on it and the Taliban snipe with it. You should not have to empty an entire clip to kill someone. It's insane. This game is great for getting assists. I bet I have more assists already than I did in MW2 through all the prestiges. I have heard many other people complain about this too, you will be emptying a clip into a guy and he will turn shoot off one or two rounds and your dead not him. WTF?

    This game will make you say out loud "Oh come on!" "That's Bullshit" or "Great Spawn kill!"

    I am going back to MW2 until they patch it. Oh, and wtf is with no one in this game wearing a headset? You can't get anyone to work together. MW is still the best of all the games. MW2 is a close 2nd. World At War was equally as shit as Black Ops. Typical Treyarch. Their maps are pretty but their gameplay is horrendous. Even better is that Activision in their infinite wisdom dismantled the juggernaut which was Infinity Ward. Their next installment will be a joke. I wonder if the 49 employees and two founders of IW will get together and build a new game. If so, that's what I will be playing. I can't decide if it is Activision which is trying to destroy the franchise or if it's Treyarch. Oh, and let's not be fooled. Just because the game sold well doesn't mean it's good. Initially there was 2 million online. Tonight 400,000 on Black Ops and over a million on MW2. I think most people will go right back to MW2 until they fix all of the garbage in this game. I just want want to know WTF the testers were doing? Less theatre, combat trainer more getting the game right.

    • joe

      cant agree with everything because modern warefare 2 gameplay was also shit camping everywhere i hate it i want that feeling of playing headquarters and thinking good game only cod 4 offered that

    • OishiTurtle

      I am surprised by how bad the glitches are. I've lost an entire nights worth of XP when a server glitch froze everything. I came back with the unlocks I bought still there, but my rank had dropped 2 levels.

      Still, I think the maps and use of credits were well thought out in Black Ops. Nuketown is fantastic too. But the bugs are horrible. After the first patch I thought it would be better but I didn't notice any difference other than you cannot play the the same map more then twice.

    • MW2 BLOWS

      dude mw2 suck major testicles. so uneven. plus prolly those who went back to mw2 misses their gay ass jug and stopping power perks. most base maps on mw2 was terrible to me like skidrow had a 22 kill streak shooting of other coming thru the bookstore

  • Antono r’guruzezusjebus

    This map is the best I wen 65-29-17 in domination

  • personguymanthing

    Yeah dude, this map is one of my all time favorites.

  • Stephen

    No idea what this chap is talking about. I think its my fav map on black ops. I love theme such a great idea by COD. I have no problems i still rule on it.

  • dgd23

    i love all the small maps there sick as shit and i love that they have manikins the map that pisses me of the most is firing range when playing 1 in the chamber too much movement


    Nuketown is one of the best maps in the game. I agree when people say its not a Camper map, so if you stop camping, you will get more enjoyment out of it.

    • RC Walker

      nuketown is bs buddy! Fast-paced bs at that! Nuketown, Hanoi, Radiation, Crisis and L:aunch are all bs maps designed so that when I kill you another player kills me! Where is the strategy? Respawn into death is pure BS! Itis like this hype up fascination with zombies designed for kids instead of adults. Black Ops is much ado bout nuthin! Could have been a great game if it was for the constant lag, quick paced maps and bs respawns!

  • Dingz

    Lets hear about ya best Maps for Black Ops.

    I say cracked is best

    • jghjghhi

      I think you are retarded. Go fuck yourself.


    love NUKETOWN

  • I've had some of my best KDRs in this map. and it's always fun. maybe you're playing the wrong game, buddy

  • you suck

    this is one of the most awsome maps

  • anonymousteenager

    It's the best map ever for Gun Game – it's just manic. (No random grenades etc then)

  • The Kinected Gamer

    It's one of the best maps, if your a camper then sure you won't like it, but for those who want quick and fun action, then it's a great map!

    • asdas

      this is the worst map.. If you dont wana get camped out or have a good k./d dont vote for this map.

  • xl gokujr lx

    Y must u hate on nuketown it has a double rainbow. And its not made for campin like u do sry. If u wana camp go bck to mdw2

    • asdsa

      i had no problem with campers in mw2.. in black ops camping is just ridiculous

  • Jean-Paul Beltran

    Nuketown is for Rushers players not for Campers

    • Tre Beloc

      Wrong! I am camptacular, and I gets kills eazy!

    • Johhny

      Nah i'm pretty sure its only for campers.

  • General Lee Wick3d

    your tears feed my happy monster.

  • Bradders

    I love Nuketown, it's a great map for Combat Training and Private Matches. And I find that playing it online on Team Deathmatch is just as good, I agree with the grenade spamming though, that does piss me off a bit. But it's my favourite map, second to Cracked.

  • Ive recently gone 18 and 0 on this map in TDM . its not that hard . spawn kills happen . get used to it and move on . youtube has a vid of a guy going 115 and 21 on this map playing demolition . this map is way better than shipment or the crap fest that was rust . plus it has a double rainbow on it ( seriously ) . that's awesome !

  • Lolwut

    Don't be stupid it is the best map

    • kyle moore



    • Johhny

      This is the worst map possible dont be an idiot.

    • bbboi123

      horrid map.