Another COD Black Ops Walkthrough

By Gary Johnson - Nov 12, 2010

Call of Duty Black Ops has been with us for a couple of days now and the game has had some mixed reviews. Connection and lag problems have been reported by some users, but the new game outsold the previous Modern Warfare 2 on its first day of release.

Many people love the Call of Duty franchise for its online game play, but others like me like to concentrate on the single player campaign first. We have now also seen various cheats and tips surface on the internet, and we have the full single player walkthrough for you via

A walkthrough or guide to a game can be good for some who may be stuck on a certain part of a level or mission. There is nothing more frustrating after hours of playing not to progress further, so a guide comes in handy. Of course there are some players who don’t need any assistance with completing games. Use the link above to see the walkthrough.

How are you finding the single player campaign? Do you think it is better than the last Call of Duty installment?

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  • Justin Lindstrom

    I think the game is AMAZING! I have had it for about a week now and all I have played is Multiplayer, its just so addicting. The only problem I have is the Connection Errors that log you out of play, irritating. The game is amazing, its a MUST HAVE! I totally understand the weapon comment up above. I get killed extremely easily and by far range by the "gamers" and all I have are the "little guns."

  • Francisco Bautista

    The bad thing about Black Ops is that the people who play 24/7 always get the better guns than the people with a life, if you know what I mean. Also, it does lag but if Treyarch didn't make it, it wouldn't have been so damn bad. Then again, what can you do? -___-. Treyarch yet again fucked up, Finityward should've made it not Treyarch.

  • Its deffinatly harder than the last CoDmw2 but this is due mostly to bad AI on treyarch's behalf, with some missions leaving me clueless what to do than to spend hour just constinatly killing people to find out online, im suspended to blow up the yellow barrels at the bottom