Amazon UK Cut Samsung Galaxy Tab Price Again

By Jamie Pert - Nov 12, 2010

On September 20th we revealed that Amazon UK had slashed the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, originally it was listed at £599.99, however was then dropped to £529.99, now Amazon has dropped the price again.

If you head over to Amazon UK you can pick up the Samsung Galaxy Tab for just £479.00, this gets it closer to the Apple iPad starting price (£429.00).

With such a low price being offered by Amazon UK I would imagine that O2 UK will struggle to shift units at £599.99 (pay as you go), perhaps we will see a response soon.

You can see all of our other previous Samsung Galaxy Tab posts here, if you are a potential customer perhaps check out the positive reviews and hands-on video.

Has the new £429.99 price tag convinced you to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Source: SlashGear

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  • Is this device available in Autralia yet and is it compatible with a Torch 9800.playbook not available in 0z for yonks.