40-inch Westinghouse 1080p LCD HDTV: Tips to get one on Black Friday

By Alan Ng - Nov 12, 2010

If you have been keeping up to date with all the recent Black Friday 2010 Ad leaks, you’ll know that the biggest news so far is that Target’s Ad has already slipped out, and with it, details of their main doorbusters deals which they’ll be offering.

As we briefly mentioned a few days ago, Target’s biggest deal on Black Friday is undoubtedly the 40-inch Westinghouse 1080p LCD HDTV which the retailer will be selling for only $298 – meaning that the product has a huge $250 instant discount from the original price of $549.99.

Considering that this is the best deal and the most desired, how do you plan to get one? Well, the first thing you’ll need to do is get an early night’s sleep on Thursday November 25th, as if you don’t get to Target before 4am opening time on Black Friday, the chances of you picking one up are very slim.

Target has already warned in their Ad listing that quantities of this TV are ‘limited’ and you’ll only be able to buy one TV per customer – sorry to burst your bubble if you were planning to get several.

You can bet that some shoppers are preparing to go to Target stores well in advance of the 4am opening time, so you might also want to bear that in mind if you plan to beat the queues.

Are you interested in the 40-inch Westinghouse TV? Let us know what you plan to do to get one.

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  • Torri

    i got one of these tv's! only waited in line an hour. got there at 3am. it was very well organized. the taget employees in Winchester,VA did a great job. and i would say that even if i didnt get one. only gave one ticket per person. what a great tv it is too!

  • Bryan

    i went to target at 12am in the freezing cold and rain set on getting one of these t.vs. all my friends doubted i would get one and they would all be sold out. as soon as i got there, there were already about 50 people ahead of me.to my luck as soon as 4am hit. i dashed up the escalator and thru the mall. i grabbed one of the t.vs, checked out and couldnt be happier. these t.vs are sweet!!

  • Ken

    This was a 'Black Friday' purchase for me. I went to Target and stood in line for five hours to get the Westinghouse 40" flat screen TV; It was worth it! Great TV for a Good price.~Wish there were deals like that more often.

  • Danielle

    I was one of those shoppers that was standing in the freezing cold waiting for Target to open their doors to the slew of people that was standing outside. It was about 300 people out there in the cold with me and I was nervous I wouldn't get my TV. Soon as the doors opened, I rushed in and grabbed a buggy and was flooring it all the way to the back to pick up my TV. Although there was a ton of people there, they had a ton of TVs to give away and I got one! I set it up as soon as I got home and I had just upgraded to HD from DISH Network and since I work there, I had the most expensive package. As soon as I plugged it in, there it was. The prettiest, most vibrant and crystal clear picture I had ever seen. Since I was in the cold for quite some time, I woke up with severe congestion so I stayed in for the day. But I love my TV! When you've had non HD all your life, you never really know what you're missing until you finally get HD and I promise you'll never go back!!!!!

  • Pimpin

    Got in the line at 1:10 AM and got one of these tvs for my bedroom. Good tv, Westinghouse has been making decent displays for years. There was no tickets (Wilmington, NC) and Target was the most disorganized of all the stores on Black Friday. They didn't enforce the 1 tv person rule and there was a mad dash for the 20 they had. I suspect they didn't pass out tickets because if after they passed out the 20 tickets for the 40" Westinghouses they actually had on hand, people in the line would have just bolted on to the next store if they knew there wasn't a chance of getting one.

  • Jaky

    Whats wrong Chris fink ur plan not work not talkin much now are u haha dumbass

    • dave

      hate makes one miserable

    • dave

      hate makes one miserable

  • I got to Target at 11:30 p.m. and waited with some good people I met in line. it was freezing but, well worth it. I got one and I love it it shows a beautiful picture for $298, I hope it stays that way. we’ll see:-)

  • ham

    I got one and was only there since 3 AM. My target in kansas city had 40 of them. people were offering to buy them from us in the checkout line. To my surprise, lots of people were getting the Apex 46" one. My friend had waited at his walmart from 9 to 5 and got a 32 inch, but my walmart still had 9 of them at 4 that afternoon.

  • venomous

    Watch everyone that buys a no name brand tv brags they have one.In a few months i bet they be crying about they wished they haven't got it.XD

    • Jaky

      Haha don’t care if it does got a three year warranty on it for thirty bucks haha works great so far tho

  • guest

    well I guess the Sioux City Iowa Target did not bother to adhere to the one per customer stipulation. They were allowing people to buy two, three and even four. This was rather maddening to say the least!

  • Ken

    I waited in line for a Westinghouse 1080p LCD HDTV and got one. Great Tv and I love the HDMI ports.

  • mochi

    in pasadena, there was a line and store let us in 10 people at time. It was safe and organized. Of course, there had to be jerk who want to run straight in from the parking lot. There were twenty of each tvs. Waited 10 hrs….no pain, no gain.

  • DJ Krystal

    Black Friday! Eating left over turkey, n watching the Expendables on my new TV! 24 hrs ago, I was camped outside target for at least 10 hrs. Totally worth it! U bought 3 (1per person – but Sis n bf there w me). Gonna keep 1 n hopefully it will pay for itself, w the profits of the 2 that I’m selling! 🙂

  • Brandon

    i got to target at midnight and was very happy to get one when the doors opened at 4!

  • LuckyGirl

    Black Friday was kind to me. I went to Walmart to get their advertised 32" but they were sold out so I went to Target not really expecting to get one of the Westinghouse 40". After seeing that the spot where they were supposed to be (per the Target online store map) I went to the electronics section to look at others. At one point (about 6:30 am) I walked past the area where they initially were and low and behold someone had put one back. So I scored and am feeling exceedingly lucky! For those who bought one as a gift, the recipient should be happy. The image is great!

  • Jennifer

    I got mines this morning,! Ha

    • Shanti

      What time did you get there?

      • Jaky

        I got one got there at eleven

  • KB420

    I went, I saw, I CONQURED! there were no ticket, there was barely any system at all. Got there at 12 and waited till 4, they just let us in and everybody just about ran for these TVs it was mass panic almost. And I was behind a guy in line who worked there, I had to but I got 2, although I had someone with me to buy the other, don't know how they work yet, cuz both of them are gifts for other people. Could someone else who got one let me know how good it is? Thanks and sorry to all

    • Jaky

      Works great!!! Love mine

  • Amy

    "One per person"…yeah, right. We waited in line at a Target, were fairly close to the front in line, but some *jerk* (for non-posting of a better word) brought every single one of his KIDS along & called them each a "person" and hoarded SEVEN of these…and Target staff let him get away with it. Most of the kids weren't even big enough to hold onto the box, let alone "BUY" one.
    So, NO, the "one per person" is NOT enforced. If you want to be an A*hole, they'll certainly let you!

  • Guest

    got it. they had about 15-20. I was second in line I got there at like 930. O yea no ticket reservation program.

  • deceit

    This TV was supposed to go on sale at my Target at 4 am, so I figured I would get there at 3:30am and have plenty of time to beat the crowds. To my surprise when I arrived there were people who had camped out all night, so there was a line to get in. I did not worry because there were not that many people ahead of me. When I got in the store at 4am they were already sold out of these 40 inch Westinghouse TVs. Someone in the store mentioned that they had stocked 36 of these, but I suspect it to be much less and would not be surprised if they only had a few. Even if I waited at 2am, which is 2 hours early, I have my doubts as to whether I would have got one also.

    Good luck trying to get one of these extremely rare TVs. I did not even see anyone bringing one to the register. How could they be sold out at 4am? It is just a big trick by retailers to get as many people into the store doors as possible because they know a set percentage of people will end up buying stuff at full price "since they are already in the store". At Target they were ready to sell me a TV on black friday for $999. Yeah, they could do that! I will never go to a black friday again.

    • Jaky

      No trick get there earlier dumbass I barely got one of the 40 that were there I camped there from eleven well worth it though

  • eff the shoppers

    get gift vouchers here to save some poor soul the embarassment of getting their skull bashed over a poor quality tv

  • ThIs My Tv BiTcH

    I'm leaving at like 2:00 in the morning, Im getting this fuckin TV

  • mf486264

    ok for those noobs, you get a ticket that reserves a tv for you if youre waiting in line an hour before opening or so. the ticket is worth 1 tv and you can only get one per person. this ticket system is in place to avoid a massive rush of people. You get the ticket and then you're able to just leave and come back anytime before 12pm that day and they are responsible for getting a tv for you. those who dont have a ticket and grab a tv an try to check out wont be able to.

    • Amy

      NOT TRUE!!
      Our Target let ONE guy grab SEVEN of these TV's, because he brought all his kids with him, and Target staff said "one per person" and he said, "I have one per person" and they let him do it.
      DON'T shop at Target if you want to get a TV deal, you'll only be disappointed by the greedy.

  • mike

    can i take my 10yr old to buy 1??? and leave with 2…

  • Bill

    I'm an employee, and you can't "stash" them away. Policy states that if you want one you have to wait in line like everyone else. So, that's what I'm doing.

  • jane

    I waited in line at Walmart last year arriving at 11 pm Thanksgiving night and end up with a great laptop for $200. Just letting you know we ARE getting one of those Target TVs so I encourage everyone to stay home 🙂

  • rocky

    and how many employees have already stashed these tv's well ahead of time? Besides they probably stock five (5) anyway

    • hcarr5

      there were actually like 50 tvs and I waited for about 3 hours with some friends shared some laughs and walked away with a nice ass tv 😀

  • divya

    thats what someone in the store in indiana said that they won't put the tv in the store until the day of the sale, they must have guessed the corrupt minds and ruined it for all of us thanks a bunch jerks

  • Chi town

    im from Chicago and visiting Atlanta for black friday sales, see how they do it in the ATL, in the Chi OMG they are "CRAZY", people get injured and even killed over a sale there but i plan on getting a TV here in ATL, i have 3 people helpn me and figure out how to get it back to Chicago later.

  • BubbleBurster

    The target in my area will not have any of the tvs involved in the deal o store floor until black friday to avoid people from buying and coming in friday for a refund. Straight from the mouth of management.

  • lola

    heard they are not out on the sales floor. Not a regular item at target so you can't buy ahead of time

    • sydney

      This is true. I work at Target and lots of people came in to look for the 40 in westinghouse. We do not carry it regularly it's only coming in special for BF and we don't know how many we're getting until BF am.

  • crowdsarescary

    I cannot phathom fighting the crowds for the ONE tv that will be there, as much as I may want it. Also, you can not do price guarentees on Black friday sales generally, and definately cannot if they are doorbusters or early bird specials.

    • i fathom there will be more than ONE 🙂

    • Deceit

      Yeah, there must have been like one of these on the shelf. We got in line at 3:28am and came home empty handed. There were not mant people in line in front of us, so I don’t understand how they could be sold out at 4am. My mother told me as a child back in the 70’s that the adverised sale items were never in stock, and I should have listened to my mother. I guess if I was first in line I could have got one, but given the economy there were some pretty determined people to beat. People camped out there the whole night, and the item they all were after was that 40 inch Westinghouse TV.

      • Jaky

        I camped out got there eleven pm thxgiving night was number 25 in line got one of the 40 that they had and I’m lovin it

  • Katie

    I think I'll go to the target a day or two in advance.. probably just to get a feel of where everything is located.. and what would be the best and most direct path to said tv. Then the night of.. I could just play my DS for a long ass time until they let us in.

    • how about avoid this altogether & pick it up when you go a day or 2 in advance. pay regular price then, & go back on BF to get the refund. wife & i did it last year for the 32", doin again for the 40". already verified with Target Guest Services via their 800 # that you can do that.

    • hcarr5

      they dont place the big items in the normal places, the TVs were in the womens work out clothes section

  • Max

    Right now I am drooling… i would use this on the wall instead of my 32 and use the 32 for my monitor…. but i am torn between target and w@!!mart… I am not physically fit (which is prolly the key) right now to even try and get one of these… my 24 hour walmart is good… i wont even be drinking redbull this time around… just a cup of tea and call it whatever…

  • chris

    So if i get there 3 hours ahead I'll be good right?

  • annamarie

    apparently these tvs are "ok" according to reviews…i am however contemplating getting one for the price and the fact that it IS a 40" 1080p 60hz…thats pretty good.

    • the 32" i got last year in a similar deal has been great! no issues @ all! going back for the 40" on Wednesday, then returning friday for the refund! best way to do it, did it last year, doing it again, no lines necessary! 🙂

  • Michelle

    Buy today at regular price today. Return after rush on Saturday for price guarantee refund! No camping out all night on asphault or waiting in line at check out.

    • yup! did that last year for the 32" and doin it again this year for the 40". find it hilarious that so many people will line up when they can just buy it early! w00t! researching FTW!

      • hcarr5

        … you cant do that cause its not a reg. item at target 😀 they dont have these until the day of


    Im pumped about buying one 🙂 will prob wait 2 hrs before,,,anyone know if there is a limit because if like to get 2

    • kim

      yes you can only get one…

    • buy it wednesday. then go back friday or saturday later in the day for your BF refund! we did it last year & we are doin it again this year!

      • Kimberly

        stop telling people they can do that u idiot, the target employee just told you that it is against their policy, if u and your selfish wife think someone's job is more important than saving some money, than i think your selfish opinion should be kept to yourself

  • nochance

    I don't think it's worth getting trampled to save $250. I did think about camping out all night but..for a stupid boob tube?! Not worth it. Maybe if someone was selling a brand new 2011 Jaguar for $298 I'd camp out for months to get that…otherwise good luck to the brave souls willing to get bumrushed to save a dollar.

    • y worry about getting trampled @ all? just get it on Wednesday & walk back in with your receipt for the difference back in a refund on the BF price. we did it last year for the 32" & we are doin it again for the 40". verified with Target Guest Services via their 800 # last year & already have double-checked this is still viable this year as well. doing all our BF shopping @ Target on Wednesday, goin back for refunds on Friday. call to verify for yourself that it's allowed by Target tho, don't take my word for it.

      • Ash

        This one ISN'T available online or in-stores right now. Only available on Black Friday. They specifically say that to prevent people like you from doing this. Try a search; it's not on their website.

        Good try though.

  • keep

    Buckwheat, where's your Black Friday Christmas spirit. That's part of the season and based on all the information you've provided you must be rolling in money to not want to save 250. Better yet throw it my way as I work in retail and that could help me tremendously I don't shy away from 250 at all…………Happy Holiday's.



    • it's worth it! i have a 32" purchased in last year's deal. no issues in the year i've had it. just works flawlessly!

  • George

    Is it possible to order online on black friday?

    • Brett

      If you want to order items online almost every retailer has online bargains the following Monday known as Cyber Monday.

  • Warrior4

    Is this a good quality tv? Just wondering if it will be worth getting up early to get one or not

    • i have never owned this one before, but we got the 32" Westinghouse last year & have loved it. no problems, no pixeling, no cutting off, it's just worked flawlessly! will be going to get this one as well. see my above comment for my plans to completely skip the Black Friday EARLY AM line-up completely!

      • Kristin

        I haven't found it available in the store…. is it now in stock?

  • Guest

    If you're unemplolyed, why are you buying a $300 TV? Brilliant.

    • Marvin8

      HAAAAA-ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
      LMAO! The unemployed buying $300 TV's is what's gotten our economy to where it's at now! 😀

    • MikeR

      Morons. He was being ironic. The point was that all these people are rushing out to spend $300 to "save" $250. At that rate, if an unemployed person goes to Target at 6:00 on Thanksgiving evening and just hangs around waiting for the sale, then buys the TV, he has "made" $25/hour, which is more money than most people make working for 10 hours. Never mind. Humor is lost on some people.

      • Moronico

        In defense of the "morons" everywhere, it's not irony, it's sarcasm.

        • epom

          I think people use the word ironic wrong 99 percent of the time

  • Rick

    Being unemployed and making $00 per hour, I will be at the local Target at 6PM Thanksgiving day. 10 hours at $25 per hour = $250 savings. That's $25 more per hour than I'm making sitting at home.

    • Campman62

      ……..hmmmmmmmmmm…that's one way of thinking 'bout the whole deal…

    • Josh

      Being unemployed is usually a reason to not spend money on things that are not necessary.

  • alex

    im gettin 1

  • Jason

    What if you purchase one now for the original price and then go back on Friday to get the difference?

    • guest

      Nope not gonna happen. I worked in retail for 7 years and I remember people asking me that question and it was always no.
      That would be awesome but there is usually no way around that rule on Black Friday.

    • actually you CAN do this. we did it last year for the 32" Westinghouse for $250 after calling Guest Services to confirm this was possible. bought it on the Wednesday @ regular price, strolled in mid-day of Black Friday & handed the folks @ the returns counter my receipt, was handed back my cash, & walked out. we are going to do this again this year for the 40" Westinghouse! we've loved the 32" and have had NO issues with it. my wife has already confirmed with Guest Services AGAIN THIS YEAR by calling a few days ago, that this is STILL POSSIBLE. we are buying several items 2 days early that will be drastically reduced, & again will stroll back into the store @ mid-day to collect our refunds of the difference. nothing against the person who previously answered you, i've never worked in retail, besides doing Loss Prevention years ago, but my answer comes from actually doing it last year, and of course we will do it again in 2 days! good luck! 🙂

      • Jon

        As you said, good luck doing this. I visited Target, and this TV wasn't on the shelves, and it was delisted from it's website yesterday, probably to ensure this doesn't happen. But if you are able to buy it – good on ya.

      • Cris

        I currently work for Target and the store that has been telling you this or the team members that do this will get set aside and coached because you are not allowed to do a price adjustment for the black friday sales unless you actually return the item physically and then grab another one because this year all the tv's that come in from are shipper have a black friday serial number dedicated to the sale . Nice try but I guarantee that a GSTL/GSA will be called over to explain why you can not do a price adjustment . Hope this helps

    • Ash

      This tv is only available on Black Friday. Sorry, your plan won't work. Otherwise, a thousand other people would have the same idea. It's not a top secret plan lol

  • buck wheat

    waste of time. even if you are incredibly lucky and actually get one, figure out what your time is worth. I personally don't want to camp out in an asphalt parking lot overnight to save a couple of hundred dollars. I went to one of these sales 3 years ago, and went to BB at 4 am, only to discover that the parking lot was full of people who had been there all night, and were going to spend several more hours snaking through the line and aisles, in the hopes that whatever they want will still be there. i guess that, as a primitive communal ritual, it might have value for some people.

    • Dew

      I went last year and got the 32 inch westinghouse tv for $ 250 dollars and I got their a 1/2 hour before it opened and got one!

      • kier

        was it a good quality tv?

    • Kera

      Last year I got to target at 1 am and was one of the first in line… that didn't even matter. People who got there just before they opened got in there in 5 min and they had such a supply of everything that most people got everything they wanted. The only thing that sucked was Checking out… upside atleast you got 10 for every hundred you spend.

    • Rosalyn

      I went to Target at 12:40 am this morning, I was one of the fortunate ones standing outside for one. I got the next to the last ticket for the TV…When the doors opened I went to get the other items on my list (portable dvd, movies, DVD player, and some smaller items) then I went to get the TV since I had untl 6 to pick it up. I got in and out of the store in less than 30 minutes. I was home assmeblng it about an hour after the doors opened at Target…now I am watching it and the picture is very nice.

  • Alan Ng

    I take it, you have effectively put yourself in the Target queue for this TV then ? Good luck!

  • the captain

    kill or be killed! THESE…ARE..BARGAINS!!!!