Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3: Which Console Should You Get For Xmas?

By Jamie Pert - Nov 11, 2010

Christmas only comes once a year, and if you are one of those people who has not yet delved into the console market yet but are thinking about doing so, we might be able to help with your question — which console should I buy this Christmas?

Both consoles have their strong points. Microsoft have just released Kinect, a new fully interactive piece of hardware that monitors your movements and transforms them interactively to the console to which ever game you are playing.

Sony on the other hand have also released a similar bit of kit called the Move. The Move is a motion controller that is held in the hand, and corresponds your movements to what is happening on screen, whether it be a fighting game, tennis or bowling.

Both consoles in today’s world are considered as equal competitors, but there are factors in which can sway your decision.

Although the Xbox 360 got off to a great start upon release, with better games and a very good online service — Xbox Live, the PlayStation 3 has crept up very fast and also has it’s own online service — The PlayStation Network, and has also grabbed it’s own unique set of great games.

If you are one for online gaming, it’s really a no brainer when it comes to service. Xbox Live Gold is solid, and is admittedly the better of the two when it comes to connectivity. It has a huge community and a wealth of online services. The only downfall is that there is a monthly fee if you want to play games and access other services such as Facebook or download specific demos.

The PlayStation Network though has really ramped up PSN, bringing a FREE online service to gamers, with the option of a premium service that gives the gamer discounts, access to beta’s and access to full games. It is also cheaper than Xbox Live Gold.

The PS3 also has one up on the 360, in the way that it is future proof. It has 3D capabilities, a Blu-Ray player, and it’s own internet browser than is YouTube friendly.

If you still can not decide then you can check out two of our previous articles that showcase 10 upcoming exclusive titles for each console. You can view the Xbox 360 article here, and the PlayStation 3 article here.

In conclusion, both are pretty much on par with each other and leave it down to personal preference. If an online community is your thing, then Xbox Live is the way to go, and paying the small monthly fee is not such a big deal if you are enjoying yourself, right? Kinect is also huge right now, so look into that if you are interested.

If you are looking to the future, with 3D gaming, and a Blu-Ray player, PS3 is the way to go.

If you are in the market for a console this Xmas, which one will you buy? If you already have a console, maybe you could help our readers decide with your own thoughts.

You may even decide to buy a Wii instead.

Source: Next Gen News

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  • Every one of you are pathetic a******s. the PS3 got hacked, is losing the market share, and the company president wants to sue everyone. In addition, Sony recently bit off of Nintendo (PSMove, anyone?)
    XBox 360, on a similar hand, also bit off of Nintendo (Kinect: eh. motion controls, still). The console’s
    Red Ring of Death brings down its reputation. And, finally, it’s made by Americans (wha? bashin’ on my own race?!)
    If you all had at least a brain the size of a peanut, you’d realize that Nintendo OBVIOUSLY has the upper hand over the two rivaling companies. One, the Wii has the highest sales of all (even surpassing the PS2–by a lot).
    Two, Nintendo started the revolution of motion controls. Now, that same company has started the revolution of tablet-like controllers–with a possibility of the 6-inch screen being a touch screen.
    Three, Nintendo is just awesome.

  • xknownkingx

    you idiodic people who said ps3 is better need to learn something. who gives about blu-ray it just makes the ps3 slower. even with the help of blu-ray ps3 BARELY beats xbox on graphics and blu-ray owns graphics. now the free online,it got hacked like no other and you say its better than xbox live. do u know how many ps3 players are gonna switch to xbox cus of psn getting hacked big time? lets see which ps3 fanbboy want to argue with me on this that just tells me that ps3 fanboy cant accept facts.

    • JohnPaulGremlic

      LOL, you do realize that PSN customers didn’t lose any money in the hack right? How about the 3 separate accidental bannings xbox live suffered in 2011 alone? How about the thousands of xbox live accounts that were hacked, money stolen, credit cards charged for more xbox live points and those also stolen? XBOX CUSTOMERS LOST MONEY, SONY CUSTOMERS DIDN’T. Xbox is less secure and you pay $300 every 5 years for that. I’ve been online gaming for 16 years, it’s always been free. Also xbox has no true exclusives, gears/halo/fable/battlestations/left4dead are all on PC, most with free online play the PC way. How stupid does that make you? Also no blu ray yet xbox still is expensive? Why? No browser or wifi until 360 is on it’s death bed. no true exclusives, no exclusive content, no free games like PS+, you pay to play but have adds on home page, never forget RROD, you can’t stream netflix without live. In every measurable way Xbox sucks donkey balls.

  • xbox always

    xbox!!! ps3 has no gears of war. Also, Xbox gets call of duty map packs 1 month earlier

  • Sec

    I have both consoles, and have to tell you, the online play may be free on PS3, but its no where near as good or fun as xboxs version. no where near!
    I love the PS3 as well, games like God of War 3 bring it up the scale in terns of a console however i do find
    when faced with games like "CoD, MH, Gears etc" that are on both console, and online. Ill get the xbox one
    Just because online is that much better, HOWEVER
    if you can only get one or the other, and want a more 'rounded' experiance get PS3.
    The microsoft death grip on thier hardware is pathetic.
    You cant do ANYTHING on an xbox that microsoft hasnt agreed too " another reason why there isnt a web browser, it would be harder to tell you how to use your console if thier was "

    This article should also have included Wii, I have that system as well and its just as good as PS3 for online gaming, however the general game library is more kidish, and the graphics are much more inferior, the system is still kick a$$

  • Chuck Norris

    I have the PS4.

  • xknownkingx

    i would rather have a 360 any day. i dont care what ps3 fanboys say they are lies anyways

  • xKnownkingx

    everything ps3 fanboys said about the ps3 is a total lie. its the same thing as xbox live, way to lie like that. lets start with ps3 connectivity. when i had a ps3 i had at&t full bars and most of the time and psn lags like no other. im like wtf and i checked the other gamers signal and they are full bars. when i played xbox live there was hardly any lag. and you fanboys say that psn is free, there is a good reason sony made online free, sony knows their online sucks compared to xbox live so they made it free. unlike ps3 i dont have to do so much even for the basic stuff and xbox live is easier to navigate, there are actually people that talk . i could list the reasons xbox live is better but no one would actually listen. and ps3 fanboys say xbox is the most unreliable system. lets look at the ps3.

    blu ray causes slower loading and there is no need if you have a blu ray player

    there is also ylod it may not happen much but it happens thats how we heard of it in the first place

    there is no need for an internet browser cus its slow and stupid and you already have a computer

    except little big planet ps3 is nothing but blood and gore, dont forget that there are families that like to play friendly games

    downloading takes forever while xbox takes seconds

    i could go on and on…

    as for xbox rrod, unless its dead on arrival there is no excuse on how you caused it. its called stop playing games 24/7 and get out more

    as for xbox live, did you forget that it has a free trial and you got one year to make something that takes you one or two days so stop whining, the only reason ps3 3 fanboys prefer psn is because they are too lazy to get their asses off the couch to get a job and make money because they wont leave the console alone.switching from to xbox was the best decision i ever made. you can reply all you want ps3 fanboys what you say are just lies anyways. oh and how do you think we pay for live, oh yea we have a job cus we have lives.

  • Chamboya

    I can't help but laugh at all these arguments about which one is better. I've read countless articles on which one is better and the true facts about it and to be honest, they are both the same. It all depends on which one is better for you. If you want to play on your own and watch movies then I would say the playstation 3 is for you but as far as online play goes, if you are a true "gamer", xbox live is the way to go. One guy's arguments is the HUGE lags, well sorry buddy but your router cant support all the work so try investing in something a little more compatible instead of saying it's the Xbox's fault. Oh, and those of you that say you like playstaion online only say that cause 1: you cheap and can't afford the xbox live fee and 2: playstation live was made so that the match making for skill level was more accurate so if you suck, you are matched with others that suck! Xbox live, you're thrown in with the big boys right away. No sissy stuff! For real men!!! Real gamers!!!!

  • Ps3isrubish

    People say the Ps3 is better because it has blu ray and is cheaper but that's a lie it's not cheaper it may have blu ray but it dose not use it the graphics On the xbox the graphics are better I played assassins creed and FF13 on both the xbox was better on both has a game ( god of war) every other of it's small amount of ps3 only games has been matched and beaten by xbox and when the ps3 first came out it was stupidly over priced over heated and crashed after 2 hours Sony had to bring out a outer fan tho atach to it and what the hell is up with the stupid bump on top

  • MeMyOwn

    The problem with you bandwagon kids is you love your own system too much. You ps3 people especially tickle me. First off, the two undeniable behemoths of the systems are halo and god of war. Whie god of war has one of the most impressive storylines ever, you can play halo multiplayer 10 billion times and it never gets old. Dont EVER compare killzone to halo or gears. ps3 simply has no good exclusive shooters. They are generic. microsoft kids, just admit ps3 is cheaper, move is probably better and it is always good to have that spare 60 bucks. HOWEVER, blue-ray has nothing to do with gaming. Netflix has nothing to do with gaming. Web browsing has NOTHING to do with gaming. Nor does streaming videos and music. AWESOME arcade games, shooters, rpgs and a nicely weighted controller make microsoft the ideal GAMING experience.

    • marhorn


  • brooks

    in my opinion ps3 is way better than 360 because it just is and it is better for the economy. BROOKS ALMIGHTY HAS SPOKEN

  • Dave

    I have owned my xbox 360 for about 4 years and love games such as halo. I'm not a massive online player but have live gold and sometimes have a go and get owned!!
    I have had just about enough of Microsoft and its poor hardware reliability and customer service, my xbox has rrod three times and now has completely given up freezing seconds after start up, 1st fix was by Microsoft and the rest by me as they just set it up to happen again.

    I have looked at the new xbox 360 slim and expect it should be more reliable but im not convinced, more and more im drawn to the playstation 3 mainly for its reliability plus my slight obsession with sony (tv, home cinema e.t.c and it would match nicely 🙂 ).

    I cant make my mind up as ive been an xbox gamer since the day the xbox was released but am sooooo pissed with Microsoft!!!

  • weirdo


  • marhorn

    Ok first of….I dont pay pay to have netflix! I stream my media from my pc, all in beautifull blu ray hd! (which looks better on the 360 thanks to anti aliasing) I pay £30 a year to play on Xbox live beacause its a lot better… one plays psn! I have Street fighter for both consoles and I can never get a match on psn but always get a match on Xbox live! PS3 sucks and all the true gamers know that! The single biggest lie stupid people beleive is that the ps3 is better!

  • Savage

    I got a 360, and i gotta admit it irritates me how costly the 360 can be.
    most of the downloadable content on the 360 will cost you substantial microsoft points. microsoft points cost a bundle once you use a few of them.
    when i try personalising the avatar on 360, any good items cost microsoft points, same with downloading themes some videos and arcade games.
    So if you want to personalise your xbox expect extra small payments for microsoft points, coupled with the gold subscription the costs can add up.

    I'm not down talking the xbox, which has a massive xbox live community annd great range of games, i just don't like having to make extra small payments.

    I know that the PS3 has free online which sounds good, but does downloading content on the PS3 cost as much as it does on XBOX, or is DLC free on the PS3>?

  • tim

    I know lots of people have lots of freinds and play online.I dont have one freind that owns a playstian 3. I would not trade 1 broken xbox for a playstation 3.Xbox live is not free because it is more than just a internet connection.It is a much better experince

  • justme

    Honestly the only reasons I put the ps3 over the xbox 360 is because ps3 has free online play and it has a blu ray. Every thing outside of those two things are personal preference between gamers.

    Also, when it comes to exclusives between consoles I think xbox 360 has the better titles.

  • PS3 will always rock,getting my in 1 month…Xbox360 is nothing but a waste of

    1.There is NO Blu-ray
    2.No internet browser, even Wii has a browser!
    3.PS+ is better than xbox live and is $10/year cheaper.
    4.KINETIC= NO Shooters

    as of PS3.Blu Ray, Free Online,3D support, more cheaper

  • grimgrim

    may be playstation3 is not so perfect for xbox 360 becouse xbox 360 controller is so cool the playstation3 , playstation3 controller is same for playstation2 controller just plus a cable for playstation2 controller , a mist of xbox 360 is the cable is so many and so weight and so height that the mist of xbox 360 and the same of the two is……… the HDMI those two always be have a HDMI that the same mist of those two hahahaha ,forget it those two is perfect . Oh yeah no

  • Anthony

    Xbox360 pwns all.ps3 sucks.ps3-small online that sucks,horrible graphics, 360-kinect,redbox,netflix,big community,more games,better graphics,cooler name,can message people,better hardrive,portable,comes in many forms,can play games that ps3 cant like halo1,,2,3,odst,reach- best game EVER.easier controlls,mic,video chat,text,parties,achievements,better price,wireless controllers,game marketplace,zune,facebook,twitter,video marketplace.

    • CoffeeBuzz08

      Xbox is the most ueselss junk ever, no need to own, pay to play, most unreliable console in history of gaming.

      $299 for an unreliable gaming console, no internet browser, no blu ray even. EVEN WII HAS A BROWSER, WII HAS MORE FEATURES AND BETTER RELIABILITY THAN YOUR FAVORITE CONSOLE.

      I laugh at your ignorance, your games are on PC, better on PC and free online play the PC way.

      Bigger community does not = better.

      Xbox live lags and you can only stream hulu or netflix if you pay M$ $60/year for the "right" to purchase a subscription to them. LOL, again laughing at your ignorance.

      Every gaming platform is okay with me, EXCEPT XBOX, they are a rip off! don't support the pay to play bastards.

      • xknownkingx

        ps3 is the most useless junk ever

        bigger community does= better

        psn lags alot more than xbox live

        i would rather pay $60/year for at leats good online and get things a lot earlier

        not to mention over $300 for usless crap

        i sold my ps3 and got an xbox, best decision i ever made

        i laugh at you ignorance. you guys are dead silence online now you wann a talk

        at least you get what you pay for on xbox live

  • CoffeeBuzz08

    PS3 – Internet Browser, Netflix, Blu Ray, True/Best exclusives, Free online play, hardware reliability, built in wifi, SATA HDD cheap & easy to upgrade, best motion controller.

    360 – No browser, pay M$ $60.00/year to Netflix, HD DVD (FAIL), Best exclusives are on PC, xbox live is $60.00/year, system overheats, wifi extra $100, limited to 250GB expensive proprietary HDD.

    That's the short version.

    PS3>PC>Wii>PSP>DS>iphone games>pushing a hoop around with a stick>360

  • Alen

    Well i have xbox360 and i would like to have ps3 that my bro has, xbox360 is total shiat, paying for online while it offers nothing else then HUGE lags.
    Even the good games are not there. And so much more. Played ps3 on bros console, and i like it alot, while xbox….there is nothing that attracts me to it.

    • alen

      The lag is probably due to your connection. It has nothing to do with Live.

  • amd300

    I got a xbox slim and I love it but I will get a ps3 too because they got good games too. And now ps3 will be making you pay for they online play. because they are losing money on the free stuff. I guess a good thing can't last forever

    • CoffeeBuzz08

      Yo! You are wrong dude.

      When PS+ was announced Sony reaffirmed that online gaming will always remain free. The PS+ is for cross game/party chat and exclusive DLC, Demo's, discounts stuff like that.

      I love PS3 and have been very happy with it. I'm not ragging on 360, it's a fine console, the slims are better than the originals (finally has built in wifi and better hardware reliance). But I'm PS3 all the way, sony has the games and capabilities I look for.

      Good gaming

    • nski

      That's nonsense… there is and always will be plenty of free DLC on PS3.. da

  • obama

    wow you guys are a bunch of fanboys who bitch and whine get a life i own all three and love them both but this shit with oh mine system is better is retarded and u guys need to stop crying over it cuz if it wasnt for dreamcast u would not have these sweet ass game systems. oh if u would stop playin 24 7 then ur systems wouldnt be sent back every three weeks to three months.

  • Jake

    First of all these are both great consoles as we can all agree. At first I only got an XBOX because of the price difference (I wanted a PS3). I love my XBOX. When I play PS3 at my friends' houses I notice that the game play is a little laggy and the graphics aren't as good as my XBOX's. I also noticed how easier it is to navigate through the home screen on my XBOX and it seems more polished. I also liked the online experience on my XBOX a little better than a PS3's. The HD DVD player on the XBOX is not as good as the bluRay on the PS3 though. I tried to review these as unbiased as possible and I personally think the XBOX is the better buy.

    • CoffeeBuzz08

      I'm sorry but for the features you get from 360, the PS3 easily wins in my house. Xbox is only a gaming maching, no internet browser, no blu ray. $299 for that + pay to play.

      PS3 has internet browser (so does Wii), blu ray, great exclusives, free online play and ability to stream netflix, hulu or other type of service, no add charge.

      My buddy streams Netflix on his 360 but has to have gold membership ($60/year, $300 for 5 years) to do so. Plus before the slim 360 still had no wifi, add $100 for that.

      Also Xbox is still the most unreliable console in the history of gaming and has no good exclusives other than Gears of War 3 coming in 2011, everything else for xbox coming in 2011 is Kinect rubish.

      Anyways I respect your opinion and agree that xbox when not breaking down or taking into consideration the great cost of a simple gaming maching + pay to play that the 360 is a good gaming machine.

  • NoBluRayNoFuture

    I had both XBOX 360 and PS3. I like both but.. for the technical specs… PS3 has much more potential (Blu-ray, Processor speed etc.) and less problem like red-ring of death so… I just sold my 360.
    I only tried Kinect for few days but Move accuracy is superb and at this moment, hands free (button less) is not really the best way to go unless they come up with better games and input / control method for entertainment use. I can be so annoyed to say "XBOX, play music" "XBOX, game"…. all the time you know. Repeating makes it even worse like for those voice recognition phone service. "XBOX, go f..k yourself" .. for now.

  • Lady M

    It's all a bit confusing?? I have a PS3…which I love…I was looking for XBox reviews because I was considering the Kinect and this thread really hasn't helped much lol! I guess if I only want it for Kinect then I don't need online subscription anyway right?

    I think that we can only take advice from people who have both… to be the most reliable!
    There seems to be way to much bias otherwise.

    It's a bit weird lol!

    • Wezzor

      You don't have to pay, if you don't want. You can connect to the internet, but not play online

  • Me360


    • CoffeeBuzz08

      PS3 pwns 360 that's enough said.

      360 has no browser, even wii has a browser!
      360 had no wifi, even Wii has had wifi from get go
      360 is the only gaming platform that's pay to play (PC, Wii and PS3, free online play)
      360 is the most unreliable console in history of gaming

      in short, if all you want to play is Halo then get a 360

      If you like all the other titles on 360 then get a PC, better on PC (all shooters are), and free online play the PC way (that's for 360 games, supposed exclusives!).

      If you like groundbreaking exclusives, the most for your money, more features than any other platform then get a PS3. It's got all the best games, best upcoming games and all of them are TRUE EXCLUSIVES. Meaning they are not on PC and better on PC like the 360 games are.

      Also PS3 gives you blu ray, free online play, internet browser, netflix or like service no add charge for the "right" to purchase their sub (360 you must pay M$ $ 60/year for the "right" to purchase a sub. to netflix or like service).

  • marhorn

    you know why ps3 fanboys post here? cos there all using there web browser! Xbox Jedi's are too busy actually playing games! Better games with more people playing them! with no crappy install time and perperually loading in game like the ps3!

    WARS OVER XBOX 360 WON! (Master Chief killed you)

    • CoffeeBuzz08

      You have no facts, sound like your 14 and Halo "Master Chief" is really old. What are they on their 4th Halo for xbox? That's the only game you got?

      No load time? BS, 360 has load time, slightly shorter than PS3 on the initial load, wow, that sucks, totally go buy a 360 so you don't have to wait 2 more minutes than PS3, bo hoo.

      That's rediculous.

      360 is the most unreliable console in history of gaming
      360 has no browser
      360 is pay to play ($60/year, $300 for 5 years, essentially rebuying most unreliable console in history every 5 years)
      On 360 you must pay M$ $60/year for the "right" to purchase a sub. to netflix or like service
      360 has the worst motion control
      360 has no good games for 2011 other than Gears (which will be on PC soon enough)
      360 has too many kids online
      360 IMO has the worst controller
      360 doesn't have God of War, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, Motostorm, Modnation, Killzone, Uncharted, infamous, Twisted Metal or any other great PS classic/exclusive.
      360 – No need to own, don't support horrible hardware, pay to play, just sucks

      • marhorn

        Your arguing Halo is really old? sony? HA!

        Xbox 360 has no initial load! as does not continue to load throughout GAMEPLAY!

        Thats incredible!

        Unreliable for who? not me! and not the people who choose Xbox 360 over ps3 (a lot more to boot)
        360 dont need a browser….its for gaming
        360 is pay to play a far superior online service, where games dont dry up of players a month after release!
        360 streams pure HD conent from my laptop (without needing to pay MS) streams Youtube if you install Tversity
        360 has the best motion control THE MOVE SUCKS!
        360 has all the good games so far and for 2011, ps3 has Gran turismo
        360 has more people online, no one actually speaks on psn, so there no tacticts
        360 has the best controller! everyone knows that!
        360 doesnt want god of war, Gran turismo (we have forza), Motorstorm Sucks! and Modnation Sucks! Killzone (we have Halo), Uncharted (we have Alan Wake) Infamous sucks! 360 does have Metal Gear Solid! It got Tekken and countless other so called ps classics/exclusives
        360 if you want the better console….you need to own!

        • CoffeeBuzz08

          360 Does not have metal gear solid. Metal Gear (no solid) is going multi plat. You still don't got MGS4, one of the best games of this generation.

          i can play your games on PC, PC is more reliable, free online play the PC way.

          Kinect is for kids, no good games

          Move is for kids and adults, great hardcore games, shooter games and family games

          360 is a $299 console, no blu ray, no browser, pay to play, most unreliable console in history of gaming

          I am laughing at your ignorance of the fact that shooters are better on PC than any console. 360 all about shooters!

          It's so funny that what you think is the best really is nothing but 3rd class in my book.

          You and your opinions are biased torwards xbox. I am a TRUE GAMER. I know shooters are better on PC. I don't pay to play online, you do.

          And you can't even stream netflix or like service without paying!

          Xbox gives the least and costs the most.

        • CoffeeBuzz08

          PC, Wii & PS3 – Free Online Gaming

          PC, Wii & PS3 – Internet Browser

          PC, Wii & PS3 – Netflix no additional charge

          PC, Wii & PS3 – Hardware reliability

          360 – Online $60/year, which is $300 for 5 years!

          360 – No Browser, Even Wii has a browser

          360 – Netflix must have $60/year subscription

          360 – RROD, now RDOD, no need to own, all best exclusives are on PC, free online play for PC. new slims still scratch disks and xbox live is now $60/year.

          PS3 – Internet Browser, Netflix, Blu Ray, True/Best exclusives, Free online play, hardware reliability, built in wifi, SATA HDD cheap & easy to upgrade.

          360 – No browser, pay M$ $60.00/year to Netflix, HD DVD (Fail), Best exclusives are on PC, xbox live is $60.00/year, system overheats, wifi extra $100, limited to 250GB expensive proprietary HDD.

          PS3>PC>Wii>PSP>DS>iphone games>pushing a hoop around with a stick>360

        • CoffeeBuzz08

          LOL, you got nothing!

          Gears is the only game coming to 360 in 2011. Halo (finally) won't be released any more. So that leaves you with Kinect games! LOL, PLEASE GO PLAY THAT KINECT, THAT WOULD MAKE ME SOOO HAPPY.

          PS3 exclusives for 2011:

          Twisted Metal, Infamous 2, Killzone 3, LBP2, Uncharted 3, The Last Guardian, Gran Turismo, Motorstrom, Rachet & Clank

          On top of that we already got the best line up of exclusives

          And PS3 got FREE DLC your $60/year with xbox didn't get you on Mafia 2, Red Dead Redemption and Assasins Creed Brotherhood

          Your loosing Mass Effect to PS3, you got no good games, Xbox is going Kinect style

          360 has nothing, $299 for an unreliable game console, no browser, no good games, worst motion control, no blu ray, NOTHING

          Again I am laughing at your ignorance.

    • Andrew

      marhorn is stuck in the past with crappy 360, he says xbox fans are to busy paying to play. thats funny that ever time i get on PSN there are always tons of people playing online. and also its when you first buy the game it loads slow after that it loads up fast and free.. Xbox fans need to get there facts… I would never let a Dum crappy 360 into my house.. not even for free… Xbox 360 fans are like Da Bears fans stuck in the past the 85

      • marhorn

        No your stuck in the past with your ps1 days and still fall for everything sony tells you! Load more people playing games on Xbox live. My friend cant get a match of Mortal Kombat on psn ever, but everytime on my Xbox I get a match within seconds! Loads for free? lol my Xbox games get installed to my Hard drive and loads in seconds (thanks to a faster spinning disc drive) With ps3 you need to install just to be able to play and then the gameplay with be interrupted every so often with a little loading!

        Xbox 360 has better anti aliasing
        Xbox 360 has betetr vertex processing power
        Xbox 360 has better anti aliasing
        Xbox 360 has better core structure
        Xbox 360 has better anti aliasing
        Xbox 360 has better draw distances in games
        Xbox 360 has better anti aliasing
        Xbox 360 is better!

        • CoffeeBuzz08

          LOL, I just read this last one! You are cracking me up.

          you know what else sucks about 360!? You can't play street fighter, mortal kombat or Soul Caliber with that cruddy D button!

          Again and again, laughing at your ignorance.

          And BTW, all games look better on PS3 and when looking at exclusives that truelly draw on PS3 CPU/GPU and blu ray they easily beat the best xbox has to offer…which is what???? Gears of War? And that game you pay $60/year to play online and it lags! Worse than any other game in history! LAG, TRANSPORT, PAY TO PLAY FOR THAT!

          Wow, you are doing a good job of proving my point!

  • Andrew

    Bottom Line Xbox360 came out over 1 year before PS3, Do the math by years makes PS3 top sales. I just think Xbox360 people are bullheaded, and kind of retarded for paying $60 a year for live to play online.. and its bull that xbox fans says live is better they just dont want to say they are retarded for paying to play..I have a friend had a Xbox 360 and went out and picked up a PS3 because after he played my PS3 he thinks its a great console and its free to play online … So 360 feel stuck because they already have a 360 and dont have a open mind..I make a good income and i could buy a 360 also, but i never would because why??? 360 is no better and live is no better …..before i would pay $60 a year for live I would donate $60 bucks to the poor. or flush it down the toilet because that what 360 live fans do.

  • CoffeeBuzz08

    I agree with RoadShow. PS3 has way more features, better hardware reliance, best exclusives (finally), best coming exclusives in 2011, blu ray, internet browser and best motion controller.

    Gran Turismo, COD Black Ops and PS Move bundle for Christmas!

  • Dan

    Does this RoadShow bellend work for Sony or what?

    The guy who said buy what your friends have got it spot on. I have both consoles because my workmates have a PS3 and my other friends have XBOX.

    XBOX is undeniably a better live experience, but PS3 is the better console for it's additional features.

    Look at it this way though – what is a games console meant to do? Play video games. Which one does it better? Xbox. If you've already got a blu-ray player, a desktop computer and a laptop and all you want is gaming experience then xbox is the way to go.

    • RoadShow

      I disagree Dan. Xbox is not a better gaming system alone. PS3 has the exclusives that interest me.

      What's in sight for xbox this coming year? Not much of an exclusive line up. Some kinect junk and Gears of War. Mass Effect coming to PS3 so nothing there for xbox.

      Not cool at all, in fact the only difference I see is xbox has cross game chat/party chat. Well that's on PS+ so if you really want to compare a paid online service compare those two.

      Me I enjoy free online gaming much more and is exactly the same. PSN also has dedicated servers and got FREE DLC on Mafia 2, Red Dead Redemption and upcoming hours of exclusive content on Assasins Creed Brotherhood.

      Don't support xbox just to play with your friends, that's rediculous. Get the console worth the $299.

      I also Wii and PC game BTW, but my true love is my PS3. Browsing internet is great from my couch, on my 46" HDTV, plus streaming netflix is way better than I ever thought it would be. I got rid of my cable bill now.

      Xbox can stream netflix but you have to pay M$ $60/year to have that "right"

    • CoffeeBuzz08

      Even Xbox fanboys say PS is better as single player. That only leaves online, which I say PSN is better.

      Cross game/party chat is stupid, no skill, no stratagy when cross game chat/party chat. Too busy to do so, it's busy enough just in game chat. But it's great, in game chat, working together to use strategy to most accurately defeat the enemy with extream prejudice.

      PS3 for best games, blu ray, internet browser, free online play, netflix or like service streamer, hardware reliance, best controller & best motion controller

      PC for First person shooters and 360 supposed exclusives

      Wii for Retro gaming and family gaming (except now PS Move for family too)

      360 – No need to own, don't support RROD/RDOD, disk scratching, paying to play, most unreliable console in history, no browser, can only stream netflix if you pay M$ $60/year for the "right" to purchase a sub to netflix.

  • marhorn

    Yes psn is good but it aint nowhere near as smooth as Xbox live! __The Xbox 360 has all the better exclusives with a lot better dlc for them!__The controller is better!__The ps3 loads a LOT slower because of its blu ray drive, which means games take AGES to load and look like there loading or slowing down every while in game!__People play Xbox live a lot more! Thats why good old classic games like Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat are like a 2 hour wait to get a match on psn while on Xbox live its instant because theres always someone there!____In summary…….GET AND XBOX 360

  • marhorn

    Yes psn is good but it aint nowhere near as smooth as Xbox live!
    The Xbox 360 has all the better exclusives with a lot better dlc for them!
    The controller is better!
    The ps3 loads a LOT slower because of its blu ray drive, which means games take AGES to load and look like there loading or slowing down every while in game!
    People play Xbox live a lot more! Thats why good old classic games like Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat are like a 2 hour wait to get a match on psn while on Xbox live its instant because theres always someone there!

    In summary…….GET AND XBOX 360

    • Tim

      People not buying a PS3 because of longer loading times? You don't even know the half of what true gaming is. Pathetic.

    • RoadShow

      Funny that you mention get an xbox and games liek street fighter/mortal combat

      DPAD ON 360 SUCKS!

      Besides, load times are that bad on PS3 and you are only talking about the first time. My PS3 actually starts playing a game as fast or faster than my PS2!

      Sure GTAIV and Assasins Creed 2 took like 20 minutes to install. But now it's fast!

      And blu ray is a huge advantage, for quality, quantity, straight gamplay is better.

      Every PS3 exclusive beats 360 in graphics and gameplay.

    • danski

      The 360 controller is, better? Are you insane? PS3 controller is lightweight, battery free USB rechargable, very responsive and can take a beating. 360 controller is an old Cadillac and the PS3 controller is an Audi A4.

      • xknownkingx

        xbox 360 controller is so musch better. ps3 controller lightweight for weak people. its so light weight i could toss the thing and its in the next city. ps3 controller only last half as long as xbox and its expensive $50 for a shitty controller compared to a well fit xbox controller thats $35. looks like that audi a4 was for ntn ill keep my cadillac

  • marhorn

    What are you talking about? half your problem is using media centre! I stream al my media files straight from my videos stored on my pc. You can even use zune in the pc to stream 1080p full hd media content or even an awesome thing called tversity, it allows you to stream most files and also remotely acces videoes on youtube!

    You have obviously overlooked something sooooooo basic in your set up that its kinda hard not to call you a noob, Now that being said I might be wrong and there is genuinely a problem but I cant help shake the feeling that I could get that set up running SWEET, SWEET XBOX LIVE in minutes.

    I have had some problems with Xbox live in the past, like new card switchover problems and a few minor things here and there but they were all sorted out for me pretty quickly and the Xbox live call centre seems to be in Ireland = Bonus!

  • Mark

    One thing which hasn't made it to the posts is the whole issue of support. I own a XBox 360 Elite. I cannot connect to XBOX Live though. Every time i try to update the console software (which i am prompted to do by xbox) it says it cannot connect, even though its a wired internet connection. And before anyone goes off on one about 'you didn't connect it right', the xbox itself says it is connected to each of the stages: box, cable, network, internet. It also is picking up and runs media from the home network that i have setup for media sharing. That been said, i emailed xbox support. That was 3 weeks ago, i emailed them again yesterday. No repsonse, no follow up no nothing. And the support webpage that i am directed to to troubleshoot does not list my problem. Further, having looked to the web to research the problem, i now find that there are whole websites out there about my problem, none have a solution. As far as i am concerned, there has been nor ever will be any support coming from xbox! To make matters worse, my friend bought a playstation 3 (i bought the xbox 360 because of the promise of what people have written above) and he has found that he can connect the PS3 to the PC far more easily than the Xbox 360 does (which will only want to go through the Microsoft Media Centre setup. He has also been able to use the PS3 to run background programmes such as folding at home.

    The choice is simple for anyone reading this: go for playstation 3! I will be trading my xbox 360 in and will gladly pay the difference for a PS3. For those swept up with the idea of kinnect, it is a simple measure of the market out there that both Wii and PS3 will end up pursuing a 'kinnect' interface at some point.

    Again, xbox has caused me nothing but trouble, and disappointment. I will be giving it back, and getting myself a PS3. I would suggest you do as well.

  • ps3stone25

    I have both consoles…and its obvious by my name which I prefer.

    Will you please stop with this live is better than psn…it is an out and out lie. Psn is free to play online games…and this article talks about connectivity being better on live….proof please?…don’t give out an opinion and sell it as fact…

    1. MAG- 256 players in one game runs virtually lag free…uncharted 2..very little lag if any…killzone 3 in beta has no lag for me…I play many other games on ps3…and lag or disconnects rarely if ever happen.

    2. So let’s look at the one I pay for…try playing gears of war 2..then tell me with a straight face that there are no issues with that games online capabilities..YOU CAN’T…THAT IS THE LAGGIEST GAME IN THE HISTORY OF GAMES…I pretty much gave up on my xbox because the online portion was so unplayable..and u all know it…and halo reach.(a game that finally made me want to play my 360 again) has no discernible difference as far as online play and connectivity than ANY game I play on my ps3.

    You see it is very orwellian..if M$ and all their paid reviewers and writers just keep saying and writing that live is better then it just becomes “true”…even if not so.

    Now I am not a fanboy…live does have some features that are really cool…but not cool enough for $60 a least for me…Just stop with the doublespeak people.

    • RoadShow

      I totally agree with you bro. PSN is every bit as good as xbox live and even better since it's free.

      I personally hate cross game chat and party chat. I'm into chatting but only in game to discuss with team mates the tactics of how to most efficently kill the enemy with extream prejudice. Just like I learned in counter strike, things like team rush or team hold, can't do that as effectively if you are talking to your friend playing a different game. It's hard enough to get people to listen.

  • Blahhh

    What sad pathetic lives you fanboys must have. I'm not even going to say which console I have because it's not my job to promote consumer goods and I couldn't care less if some spotty nerd thinks his console is better than mine.

    I have to say though, as much as I hate all large corporations business practices, I have to admire the way Sony and MS have managed to get so many of their naive customers to fight their PR battles for them free of charge.

    • RoadShow

      What's funny is that you are whinning about the truth. I don't think people should support xbox. Reason being is that they dont' deserve it.

      Xbox is the most expensive, most unreliabile, pay to play, featureless, overheating junk.

      No internet browser, even Wii has a browser!
      RROD, now RDOD system shuts down for hours
      Still millions of xbox's out there, no wifi included, extra $100 for that
      Must have xbox gold $60/year for the "right" to purchase a subscription to netflix or like service
      no blu ray yet console costs $299? SCAM

      M$ also made Halo 2 for PC Vista only, total SCAM to push their new OS (at the time)

      Xbox SCAM

      Wii great family/retro gaming

      PS3 blu ray, internet browser, free online play, hardware reliability, gaming montage (doess every type of gaming), most accurate motion controller that can handle family and hardcore games, free availability to purchase sub. to netflix or like service (unliek xbox)

      • xknownkingx

        people shouldnt even support the ps3. i could care less about killzone i never like that game anyways, blu ray is useless there is a reason sony made online free cus it sucks. xbox is completely worth it

  • the truth

    It might be useful for mum's and dad's to know which one is selling better.. and that would globally the PS3 and as a side note, most people in the gaming industry are predicting PS3 to over take X360 overall (Even though it launched 1 ear later).. why is this important? Well when a consoles die or begin to lose support usually kids will want to switch over.. meaning if you an xbox you'll probably end up buying a PS3 eventually.

    I've had both Xbox & Xbox 360 and sold them as I always felt short changed in terms of value and the guys were so linear.. but as the ad says, Playstation only does everything; bigger variety of genres, kickass exclusives, more accurate motion controls for causal gaming, Free online, Blu Ray, 3d movies & Gaming it ticks all the boxes

    • rtm

      Not True

  • VinTheDean

    The reason why people like LIVE so much is because of the software interface. And it makes sense. It was developed by the software power house that is M$. I applaud them for that.

    The issue I have is cost. They are now paying $60 a year for their online service. The issue is that though it may take a few more clicks to do the same thing on the PSN, I still choose PSN over LIVE. It's FREE. I can buy another game a year because I don't have to pay for LIVE.

  • Robert

    only 3D games. Not a full 3D entertainment system for games, movies and photos. As 3D comes from SONY and all the equipment used to film 3D comes from SONY then it makes things simple if that's the direction your heading. A full all rounded entertainment system.

  • Kensuke

    How is XBL a no-brainer? What does "admittedly the better" mean? Who admitted it? What do you mean by better at connectivity? The PSN offers just about everything XBL offers and does it for free. I've never been left wanting for features on the PSN.

  • bobzoz

    ps3 for single player play. 360 for online. PS3 NEEDS TO REMAKE THEIR WHOLE online service because 360's destroys it in terms of usability and ease to play with friends and do other things. 360 is a small monthly fee but for the cost off less than a video game for a year its no big deal to pay. I own both and am not a fanboy either way. basically if u like to play online buy which ever you have more friends with. exclusives arent huge but god of war III is epic and 360 does have good games like fable.

    all in all get what your friends have it makes online better and its nice to be able to swap games from time to time.

    • RoadShow

      PS+ is better than xbox live and is $10/year cheaper.

      personally I think PSN is better than both because it's just as good (without stupid things like cross game chat and discounts on old games) and is FREE.

    • Crux

      PS3's online service is no more difficult than using a PC with Steam. Talk about bias. If the PSN was like the network that was in place for PS2 then you'd have a case, but in all honesty PSN is every bit as usable and reliable as XBL without the added cost that XBL comes with. There are one or two features that XBL has that are more like perks than must have benefits, but those will likely find their way to the Free PSN.

  • Mike

    Xbox can also do 3d

    • RoadShow

      Xbox can do 3D, it doesn't however do 3D and it can't do blu ray, nor 3D blu ray.

      It also has no browser, that's a handy service when my wife is on the laptop, or when I just feel like browsing the interent on my ridiculously large TV, wireless signal, wireless control (even have keyboard) and it's Free.

      To even stream netflix on 360 you have to "purchase" that "right" from Microsoft, now $60/year, that's $300 every 5 years.

      360 is the most expensive, costs the most gives the least, and is the most unreliable console in history of gaming.

      360 is okay, but not compared to the features of Wii or PS3 and not compared to their reliability and when not considering that you can take a 7 year old PC, put a $150 graphics card in it and play all the best supposed 360 exclusives, (shooters are better on PC anyways) and free online play the PC way.

      I wouldn't ever support Xbox and you shouldn't either, no one should have after RROD, even new slims overheat (RDOD) and still scratch disks.

    • Janos

      Really….name one title….please

  • Legend

    PS3. Blu Ray, Free Online. No Brainer!!!

    • Blue

      bruh ps3 suck only things yall got is blu ray and our online is way better

  • RoadShow

    EXCUSE ME…. Biased toward xbox artical. You forget lots of stuff.

    Move is more accurate than Kinect and IMO therefore better. It has buttons so you can play shooters (360 about shooters adn they made motion device incapable of shooters). Move already has an impressive line up of games along with lots of hard core games in it's future. The fight lights out, Killzone 3, SOCOM, Time Crisis, and kids/family games LBP2, and all the others.

    Plus xbox 360 (even the slim) i the most unreliable console in history of gaming, you did say pay to play but forgot to mention that it's $60/year which s $300 every 5 years. JUST FOR ONLINE GAMING AND THE "RIGHT" TO PURCHASE ANOTHER SUBSCRIPTION TO SAY NETFLIX (otherwise you can not stream netflix on 360, FREE on PS3).

    • Phido

      What most people tend to forget when it comes to paying for xbox subscriptions is the quality of infastructure it creates. It is a more reliable online experience. Also the fact that it is made by evil microsoft does wonders for it's connectivity with other products in your home. My entire home entertainment – TV, computer, gaming, and stereo can all be, and are, routed through my xbox. Furthermore the recent battle between the Kinect and Move is rediculous. Yes Kinect may never be right for "hardcore" gamers but that's what makes it nice. I can own an xbox for shooters and other more intense games and can turn on the Kinect for parties and playing with my fiance who loves it. Also it gives me a fun opportunity to work out. This is a fanboy problem not a system problem. If you like the titles and features for PS3 get it. Same with xbox. It's personal opinion.

      PS I must say though of all the talk of PS Move developing more"hardcore" games I can never help but laugh at the image of an adult male maneuvering his living room with a fake gun playing a shooter. You have to admit it's a bit humorous.

      • RoadShow

        Playing shooters with a move is a lot like playing a shooter game at the arcade, it's awesome. You can't do a shooter with Kinect.

        Also shooters are better on PC than any console ANY TRUE GAMER KNOWS THAT.

        And xbox live is not loads better than PSN, it has cross game chat and party chat, both of which take away from a gaming experience. I communicate with my squad to work together as a team and kill the enemy with extream prejudice. Can't do that if you are too busy talking to your friend.

        Besides PS+ has all the features xbox live has and it's $10 cheaper per year.

        Personally I like the FREE version which gives me loads of DLC, demos, free online paly, in game chat and hundreads of friends.

        Wii and Move are also great to work out. Plus both those have an internet browser unlike xbox and are both free online play.

        Plus PS3 has blu ray, both xbox and PS3 cost the same but PS3 gives more features and has a better hardware reliability rate.

        • Tim

          The PS Move has plenty of software right now and in the future to prove itself worthy in the hardcore and casual masses. One of Sony's strength in game marketing is advocating diversity its console's lineup. PS Move undoubtedly has a diverse lineup. Kinect, on the other hand, has a very monotone lineup, not to mention the lineup's mediocre quality. Kinect will still be able to maintain a lot of recognition through Microsoft's hardcore marketing and its "coolness" factor. However, once gamers begin to understand its major drawbacks, it will eventually fall into oblivion.

    • xknownkingx

      you already bought the most expensive system why complain about live