Xbox 360 Kinect Vs PS3 Move: Kinect to win Christmas Sales?

By Alan Ng - Nov 11, 2010

We have some interesting details for you to read now, as it has been suggested that Microsoft’s new Kinect hardware for the Xbox 360 is currently winning the sales battle over Sony’s PlayStation Move, and will continue to do so over the Christmas period.

According to this report from VG247, the views have come from GameStop’s VP of merchandising and marketing, Bob McKenzie who has given us an early insight into how sales are going at GameStop stores across the US.

When asked about how Kinect and Move were fairing so far, here is what he had to say: “I’d say right now Microsoft’s Kinect is looking to be the winner of the two for us. We’re very happy with the sell through over the weekend. It has met our expectations and actually exceeded our initial forecasts.”

Meanwhile Microsoft are probably aware of how well Kinect is selling too, and as a result of this, the company has already increased their initial sales predictions for Kinect from 2 million to five million.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you bought Kinect or Move recently? Which hardware do you think will win the sales battle this Christmas? More from McKenzie through the link.

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  • Pedro

    Move is slightly better, but yet again its the survival of the most childish.If the Wii was released this Christmas, it would be the most childish one, so it would the best selling one, followed by Kinect and Move. Anyway, as Sony keeps doing a great job for serious gamers that are definitily NOT gonna play the 5999th version of Mario that features two new little mushrums instead of three because 3-year old kids (or gramma) were scared, I will keep enjoying PS. As long as the sales dont kill the PS. I mean, Nintendo is not even in the same league as PlayStation and Xbox, and NO, dont talk about 3DS again. Its the same 2D piece of crap where you can play childish/girl games but now it actually has an improved eye destroying feature. Cmon, Sony doesnt even have to launch the PSP2/NGP. As long as Microsoft doesnt build a handheld device (that would be quite interesting, Sony and Microsoft would try very hard to improve their handheld devices, and thats great for users)

  • sarthak

    we should use sony's ps3 move because we can play better hardcore games and microsoft's kinect is used to pay non hardcore games. we can only play some games it's about only play 15 to 20 games in kinect whereas we can play 35 to 40 games ps3 move .

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  • muse

    holy shit the kinect rocks totaly, those who say that kinect is for casual gamers wel in 2011 kinect is goin to release gears of war, harry potter and other sports!

    Call that casual!

    • JRob

      judging by your literacy and excited by harry potter i'm going to guess your 13 yrs old. i can already see gears of war 3 being an epic fail with the kinect unless they have some kind of CONTROLLER that actually lets you move and shoot….i really dont want to play imagination and pretend im shooting a gun…

  • Hardcore 518

    I tried out the Kinect, it took some getting use to but after getting the hang of the games it was pretty interesting. Tried out the Motion and in my opinion its just a Wii on steroids. The Kinect is a better buy…

  • Ian

    The PS Move bundle is comes with everything you need for a single player at $100. A second controller is an additional $50. That means that these motion systems both cost $150 to allow two players to play simultaneously. Kinect cannot be played by more than 2 people so further price comparisons on additional motion controllers is irrelevant. A charging kit is not needed as you can use the standard cable that charges any Dual Shock or Sixaxis controller. Buying accessories like guns for the PS Move is an option to enhance realism and is not a requirement for the PS Move.

    Something else to consider is that the PS Move is taking advantage of the Eye camera which has been out for years. If you already own a PS Eye then all you need is a $50 controller and a game (bundled sports game is $39) that will cost $90 total. However you'd be crazy not to just spend the additional $10 for the bundle and attempt to sell the spare PS Eye (or keep it as a spare). Sorry about this paragraph as I went off on a tangent.

    The point here is that technically the PS Move is $100 to get you started while the Kinect is $150. They are both $150 for two players. I think it's unfair to compare dollar value sales when the PS Move bundle and the Kinect are not the same price.

  • StompinONa360

    wow it is funny lookin at these posts on here, sony 4.1mil move units sold, xbox 2.sumthing…. hmmmm and bfore al u xbox lovers hav a tantrum, sony sold 2mil units on launch as well, move has been better desighned, get over it

    • hoolala

      it took kinect 25 days to get 2.5 mil sold and 4 months for move to get 4.1 mil sold in on 1 month and 10 days kinect can catch up and it took sony 120 days? thats sad for move

  • Hawat

    I think Sony should kick MS in the $#$# and simply create a PS3 driver for the Kinect, since MS left the Kinect open (allegedly intentionally). Then developers could make Kinect games for both platforms while the move would still be exclusive to PS3. That would make PS3 even more compelling.

  • ScottM

    first of all the kinect is very has a few gmes that wrk well but theyr the cheesy dance and wrk out gmes.while mve is accurate.and old gmes lke heavy rain and mag can b used with the move.without buyin updates. thats real games.and sells mght b btter 4 kinect cuz wit the move sme hve had the camera alreadyand just need the wand which is im stickin with ps3 cuz of the beter gmes and how its not just 4 girls and kids.

  • JR3

    I think the is hilarious to read some of these posts. I mean games are about having fun and if you want to stay in business you need to move units. "Core gamers" can complain about specs and what's truely better but they miss the point. Are Ferrari's better than Fords, hmmmm, but which company is worth more and still solvent? The Kinect is different take and it gets people together actually having fun unlike these people who like to lock them selves in dark rooms when its sunny outside and be couch zombies.

  • hixxy

    hi i got the kniect a week ago and i think that it is great bit of kit but know i can not get on my xbox because the kids are on it most of the time and my wife plays the fitness games so i will be getting another xbox to use when there on this one i also have the wii and ps3 but me or my kids havent been on them since we got kniect it will be alot better when gears of war 3 comes out kniect ready and also should be some other great games to over all iam happy with it might sell ps3 and wii when they bring out the hard core games

    • TURKEYkebabz

      Tell me, how the hell are you suppost to play Gears of War 3 with Kinect?

      How can you actaully still be with Microsoft even though they have 2 exclusive games coming out this year, 2 EXCLUSIVES, THATS IT.

      Gears of War 3 and Forza 3 is not enough games for an entire year to keep people happy, and if they do come out with kinect support, I can assure you, it will be utterly terrible.

      • Nathan

        accessories and attachments buddy, just cause ms hasnt confirmed it as it contradicts there "you are the controller" pitch, you better believe that game developers are already working on a thumbstick trigger attachment for kinect. GOW3 is gonna be sweet if they do make it kinect ready

        • Bakathan

          for ms "you are a tool…." gow3 kinect? like you said, thumbstick trigger…… move?

  • phil

    ahahaha join a gym? how about have motivation and run. you don't have to drive to a gym and you gain endurance, plus its not modern warfare black ops tard, its call of duty… read the box maybe?

    • if you're only able to play for 5 min you're already in trouble and even a gym wont save you!

  • KingBaka

    As an owner of both consoles I found both the move and Kinect fun. That said what I really found interesting about the Kinect is how it allowed you to control movies. Don't get me wrong my kids and wife found it interesting at first but a week later no one has gone back. The kids are still playing with move though…

    All this said there is one giant X-factor for M$ and that is at some point in the future they could simply add a move like controler that would effectively make it the superior controller.

    Time will tell

    • Jsr5126

      Completely agree with your post. I am a PS fanboy all the way and I think M$ is on to something with Kenect but their intentions are not for the X360 generation. As for the Kenect all they would need is a PS Move type controller, likewise for the Move all they need is a HD camera.

  • Alex

    As an owner of both consoles and having had a shot of both of these new additions I think it is far too early to say which will ultimately be the better of the two though at this stage i’m definately more impressed with ‘Move’ its just so incredbly accurate! Also finding more and more friends jumping ship to Sony’s console and yet to here any of them going the other way!

  • techiee

    PS3 Move has the precision and better graphics. It recognizes the spin, aim and power and renders quite impressively. Kinect most of time, is slow and is not accurate.
    Kinect travels over the hype. pS3 move will win now and in future.

  • RustyShrfsBadge

    The Kinect is great from a technology standpoint. But as far as the “future of gaming”, I highly doubt it. I’ve been playing videogames for a long time and there is just something about a controller that just works for me as a core gamer. Oh wait, I know what it is! Buttons! How am I supposed to play a shooter? How do I shoot? The Kinect doesn’t recognize finger movements. How does my person move? I’m not running in place for the majority of a 3 hour play session. There is no way the Kinect can appeal to the core audience. It’s a great casual experience. I’ve been having a blast drinking with my friends and playing Kinect Adventures. But I aso had a blast drinking and playing Sports Champions for PS Move for a couple weeks after its release. Sony so far is the only one trying to appeal to all audiences. They will succeed. They always do.

    • Timothy

      You do know that Microsoft confirmed that in the future kinect can scan things like if your playing an fps in kinect just let kinect scan maybe i dont know, replica of ak47 then after the scan is complete you can play fps with your own ak47. Nice

      • JRob

        ok so it can scan your ak 47… is it going to know if your pulling the trigger down? is it going to be completely precise where you are pointing? and how many ppl actually have a replica ak47 sitting around?….point made…

  • mADARA

    kinect is biting off the pseye look at games like mresmorized that game has been released for about 3 years and it uses your body as the controller kinect just copied the idea and took it to their heads hahah move by a long shott

  • Joe P

    Simply put if your holding anything in your hand (ps3 move) your already behind the times… Kinect beats the move hands down!

    • Trevor

      "If your holding anything in your hand your already behind the times"… Try playing MAG with the PS3 Move and you'll see the potential of it. I personally own both, and they both have their nitch. I'm not going to knock the Kinect, but it doesn't have the control. You can move your arm and smack a ball, but you can't grab it, twist it, and put spin on it. I see posts saying they can't wait for FPS on Kinect and that simply isn't going to happen. It's amazing what it can do, but it's limited by what it can't do. Now if you had a system that combined the Kinect with the Move… I would LOVE to see that. That would have everything.

      • Alex

        but you can't grab it, twist it, and put spin on it.

        Obviously you've never played Kinect sports. You can control spin and that sort of thing, Kinect sports bowling lets you do that. Admittedly Microsoft will need to come up with an easier way to move if they hope to break into the FPS market with kinect because the current way is fun but would be exhausting in the long run. These are all launch games like when the PS3 or 360 came out the games wern't as good as they are now because developers are testing the ground. There is a Steel Battalion game coming for Kinect in the New Year along with Project Draco and a couple others that look really cool.

    • Trevor

      The Kinect works great for party games, and the Move is simply unbeatable when you want to be serious about your game. When you play a round of Ping Pong or Bocce Ball on the Move, you really feel that it was skill that brought you to that win. You can pick your place on the table that you want to hit the ball and hit it there with rediculous precision. And then there are games like Resident evil and MAG that bring a new element to serious gaming. You just can't do that on the Kinect because games like that need buttons to do 15 different functions. But have a party, and Kinect will impress your friends more every time.

    • jaime

      the kinect is like a toy for 5 year olds and ppl who think gaming will give them a workout the move is where its at

  • April

    The Kinect is far superior. I have played all three and agree that the Kinect feels like the future of gaming. There is something amazing about playing with just the movement of your body. As for exercise, I think it is a great way to burn off the calories while having fun. The reason most people don’t go to the gym or work out is because it is boring. The Kinect makes working out fun so people will be more likely to do it. It is a great activity to do with friends and family. I would highly recommend the Kinect to everyone.

  • Peter

    Bought a Kinect last week because I got sucked into the hype around it, figuring if I didn't make use of it, the kids would. A week later, I've switched it on maybe three times before deciding it was easier to use the regular controller. The kids have shown no interest, especially not with Call of Duty just having come out.

    To say I have buyer's regret would be putting things mildly. It's an amusing novelty, but there's no depth or legs to it at all as far as I can see. I'll be advising my friends and colleagues to think twice about that's for sure.

  • john

    i agree with mushi mush haha funny

  • mushi mush

    silly stuff always sells more… just have a look around, full with morons who are in desperate search for "new way of gamimg". Poor kids, they think Kinect is teh one. Sorry, but not really. Neither is Move.
    Today in 21st century we need quality games: graphics and precision. I am not talking about the families who want to come together at Thanksgiving day and do kinect while grandma is having heart attack.
    It is all about core players. Gamers who are dedicated to waht they do and how they implement available controllers into the gameplay. There is no way it is Kinect… but it might be Move. Anyway, Dance Central is totally gay.

    • Alex

      I can't believe I didn't see it before! Dance Central is gay! Dear god someone tell the news paper so we can stop selling these Kinects before gayness gets everywhere.

      Honestly who are you to say what "Gamers" need. I'm a "gamer" and i have alot of fun with Kinect and looking at the lineup for next year Kinect games are coming that appeal to more traditional gamers. Traditional was a specific word choice btw. The internet is full of people bemoaning Kinect most likely because those traditional gamers see their monopoly on games granted by complex controllers and button combos slipping away. They're scared that someday someone who has only been playing a game for an hour is going to destroy them because that person is in better shape and faster moving on their feet then you are with a controller.

      The only unfortunate thing about Kinect is that it shows just how conservative and opposed to progress and change the traditional gaming community is and until that changes every second game that comes out is going to be another Call of Duty or Halo knock off with very little being added.

  • necronzero

    Ollie said PSMove will win (Ollie = Paul's relative)(he has psychic powers too!)

  • guest

    I have played both and I think Kinect will out sell Move not becuase it is better. Just becuase Microsoft and spedning ggod money on marketting and Sony arent. I think thats a big mistake on Sony's part.

  • Big Bird Xboxlive

    Have had a great experience with kinect so far my pregnant wife enjoys it. I own all three systems and have since launch. Never really cared for the poor Nintendo graphics and Sony move just doesn't interest me. Another controller I can wave around, wow, Sony you are clueless.

  • Stev

    We have kinect at work and its so bad. It lags badly, constant problems with it. Move is much smoother and its better in my opinion

    • Mike

      Looks like you are lying my friend. I just played Kinect today at a friend's house and it was freaking awesome!

      • Joseph

        No, he's not. It's really laggy

        • you lie, boy do you lie i'm off to get one after demoing in my local dept store.

    • Albert

      XBox 360 never lagged at all at my friends house, what are you smoking?
      Just bought the last Kinect at my best buy…

    • Expert

      Yes you do indeed lie..As far as lagging goes both the Move and the Wii lag more than the Kinect does…

    • bigdaddytye

      come on man stop being a hater the move look like a adult toy no fun attended!!!!!!

  • Mark

    Considering Sony sold 2.5m Move controllers in the first 30 days, I am guessing Sony are already close to the 5m Move mark.

    • Yuna Lesca

      Shipped, not sold.

    • guest

      It says shipped not sold.

    • Expert

      They didn't sell 2.5 million! they shipped 2.5 million, they only sold 900,000 altogether so far. Get your facts straight.

  • Of course Kinect will sell more, there's a larger install base and the platform has never had a camera-based peripheral before.

    Sony's EyeToy, Go!Cam and PS3Eye have been there long before, so Move can only be a Wii-like refinement to that existing scheme. It's a bloody good enhancement though.

    • caffman

      except the xbox camera of course

    • adamfair

      Xbox had a camera before kinect, it was an epic fail. I currently have kinect and consider myself a core gamer and absolutely love kinect. Especially the potential to use it as an enhancement to the controller instead of replaceing it.

  • nahh – dont shut up but rather – move over…

  • marhorn

    WOW! product reviews, you have changed your tune!

  • Ian

    I have yet to experience either Microsoft nor Sony's answer to Nintendo's Wii. However, research has indicated that Sony's intention for the Move is not so much a social function solution, but rather a means for 'core' gamers to be immersed in solo games. With this strategy in mind, it's easy to see how the broader shallow approach by Microsoft to engage groups in a non-complex, easy-to-grasp manner will outsell a refined experience for single players (which, let's face it, probably prefer the controller for competitive play regardless). I think it's another link in an ever-growing chain of concepts exhibited by Sony since the introduction of the ill-fated PS3 illustrating a complete misreading of consumer demands.

    • Trevor

      "I'll fated" PS3??? How do you figure that. The last reports I saw were 44 million Xbox's, and 40 million PS3's! That alone is a minimal gap and that isn't even taking into account the countless dead Xbox's out there (just type in Xbox on Craigslist sometime)and the fact that they got a year jump on the market. Let's also not forget that the PS3 is the only system allowing 3D gaming and as more TV's are sold this christmas in that market, that will help push PS3 sales.

  • Andrew

    The Kinect changes the way you interact with games, movies, and your xbox as a whole. While the Move allows you to play the wii on your PS3. The 1st time I watched a movie using kinect and said “xbox pause” I felt as tho I had entered the next level of technology. Everyone I urge you buy a Kinect, if you can find one.

    • Impressed

      Andrew – i think you've provided the coolest description of the two devices there! I'm quoting you~

    • Andrew

      xbox pause, next level of technology? i have both, kinect its good for childreen, but for real players: move

  • Franco

    I'm really amazed on how well Kinect actually worked when I got it. My wife and kids love it and we have a blast all playing together. I have had friends come over and play and now they are buying Kinect. You can gaurantee huge sales after families get together at Thanksgiving and play Kinect at someones house.

  • Taylor from missouri

    I agree, I’ve used them both, and I currently own a kinect. The kinect in my opinion is amazing, whereas the move feels like a wii motion plus….with better graphics. I’d like to think myself as a core gamer but when I bought the kinect I did so on recommendation, and omg I’m so happy I got

    It. It’s so much fun and so accurate. I love it.

    • Oldschooler

      Whats the point of that response Taint? It's about practicality and the Kinect has taken that and ran with it. Cost effective, decently supported and graphically pleasing (relative to the game type thus far) the Kinect is beating Sony on these grounds. Hopefully Sony understands that game play is the heart and soul of the gaming market and focuses on that first than trying to expand into too many genres with the move….. competition is great, hopefully there will be alot more if the Move can get its act together and make their accesories cheaper.

    • Bryan

      No, you shut the fuck up faggot.

      • i say you shut the fuck up xbox is awesome and you ps3 fans know that we got you by the balls now so dont be pissy when some ones trying to talk about it. its inevitable that sony will exept defeat and die like the rest of the make shift “oh lets try and make a game console” companys