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Xbox 360 Kinect Vs PS3 Move: Kinect to win Christmas Sales?

We have some interesting details for you to read now, as it has been suggested that Microsoft’s new Kinect hardware for the Xbox 360 is currently winning the sales battle over Sony’s PlayStation Move, and will continue to do so over the Christmas period.

According to this report from VG247, the views have come from GameStop’s VP of merchandising and marketing, Bob McKenzie who has given us an early insight into how sales are going at GameStop stores across the US.

When asked about how Kinect and Move were fairing so far, here is what he had to say: “I’d say right now Microsoft’s Kinect is looking to be the winner of the two for us. We’re very happy with the sell through over the weekend. It has met our expectations and actually exceeded our initial forecasts.”

Meanwhile Microsoft are probably aware of how well Kinect is selling too, and as a result of this, the company has already increased their initial sales predictions for Kinect from 2 million to five million.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you bought Kinect or Move recently? Which hardware do you think will win the sales battle this Christmas? More from McKenzie through the link.



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