Veteran’s Day 2010: Google Doodle Reactions from Twitter

By Alan Ng - Nov 11, 2010

As most of you will already know by now, America is getting ready to celebrate Veteran’s Day 2010, and Google are once again getting in on the act by celebrating with their own Google Doodle.

These doodles from Google are getting pretty infamous now, and are generally very much appreciated by internet users not only aware of the meaning behind each doodle, but also appreciated by the younger generation who wouldn’t know so much about historical events.

The next time you log into the US version of Google’s homepage, you’ll see that the search giant has added a great doodle, replacing the last few letters of the doodle with the American flag. Below is an image of the doodle in case you can’t access the US version of Google.

What are your thoughts on it, do you like it? You can see what everyone else is saying about the new doodle, by following this Twitter reaction page here.

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  • Renee

    Totally ridiculous amplification of nothing…

    Come to think of it, there's a crescent moon out tonight, must be a Muslim conspiracy.

  • Jay

    never seen so many people upset over an e…maybe they should have changed their name to Googl for the day, to keep the sad people trying to make something out of nothing happy.

  • Dwight

    Dude, are you a waiter?

  • DUDE

    sad that most of the people in this comment section have never had the balls to even serve in this great country , too much of a coward to join the military or not even old enough to hold a rifle. So i get that most of you cant see past your own beliefs due to the fact that someone else has had to defend your beliefs and rights for you. when you serve you find out what the rest of the world is really like," not what cnn tells you". So i believe that until you serve and set aside your preset positions and opinions your opinion doesnt really matter!

  • DUDE

    it could have been designed a different way to avoid speculation. And Google has been known for deviant subtleties. Stop trying to cover it up by claiming the 'e' at the end is all it really is. You guys are fooled. someone at google knew what they were doing and were probably a leftist liberal hippie or a muslim themself. it could have been done a different way. We are not stupid, we know its the bottom of the "e" but the way it was designed was to start a fire. Its a money maker, they knew this would be a hot topic so they went with it.

  • Jack Carter

    It's an "e." Are you really so stupid and paranoid that you don't realize that it's a freakin' "e?"

  • Jack Carter

    This is quote possibly the single stupidest piece of anti-Muslim paranoia ever. You do know that's part of an "e," right? Or are you so ignorant you don't even know that?

  • SAO

    Does anybody notice that when Google does Pacman, it covers everything, but when it is to honor the military that is responsible for protecting their homes and lives, it is a little itty bitty flag… hmmm. Gratitude.

  • CDG

    I think it's pretty sad that doesn't have anything doodled for Rememberence Day!

    • griuh

      There's a poppy under the search bar.

  • R L

    An American Flag covering a partial showing Islamic crescent moon…good job GOOGLE….way to do your part to further fan the flames of tension between the western world and the Islamic community. Let's see how you play dumb and spin this.

    • dj56

      Umm… Its actually the "e" from Google's logo.

    • Z J

      "Lets see how you play dumb and spin this"

      It's the "e" from Google. Which, in the standard Google logo is red anyway. Just like the "l" is green, the two "g"s are blue, etc.

      Not a whole lot of spin there…

    • Mario

      The crazy is strong with this one!

    • GKeenan

      Might I be the first to treat you to a free CAT scan?

    • clearthinker

      LOL! That's funny.

      Wait.. you're being serious? You weren't trying to be funny? Dude I feel sorry for you.