Veteran’s Day 2010: Google Doodle Reactions from Twitter

As most of you will already know by now, America is getting ready to celebrate Veteran’s Day 2010, and Google are once again getting in on the act by celebrating with their own Google Doodle.

These doodles from Google are getting pretty infamous now, and are generally very much appreciated by internet users not only aware of the meaning behind each doodle, but also appreciated by the younger generation who wouldn’t know so much about historical events.

The next time you log into the US version of Google’s homepage, you’ll see that the search giant has added a great doodle, replacing the last few letters of the doodle with the American flag. Below is an image of the doodle in case you can’t access the US version of Google.

What are your thoughts on it, do you like it? You can see what everyone else is saying about the new doodle, by following this Twitter reaction page here.



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