Temperature iPhone 4 Needs To Cool Down: Phone Is Cold

By Peter Chubb - Nov 11, 2010

Earlier today one of our colleagues on Product-reviews had a warning message appear on his iPhone 4. The display had a huge message that said “Temperature’, with a further message under the standard yellow warning sign saying, “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it.”

The strange thing is, the phone was cold at the time. When he tried to make a call the phone said that he could make emergency calls only, which appeared in different languages. He then decided to look on a few forums to see if this has happened before, and was surprised that it has been an issue with all version of the iPhone.

Thankfully after a minute the warning message had disappeared and the iPhone 4 was back to normal once again. We will now have to wait and see if this message reappears, if it does then it will have to be either a call to Apple or a 60-mile trip to the nearest Apple Store.

I would be interested to know if you have experienced this same issue, and how many times had it appeared? I have not had this issue, but I have got a message that said that I had “No SIM installed”. This has not happened in a while, so do not understand why that is.

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  • Happened to me on the beach and YES it was HOT!!!

  • elkan

    Same here,
    It happened to me today
    the iphone 4 was on the table suddenly got the message
    Immediately I checked if the device is hot
    And he was not hot
    I re-activated the device
    And he returned to work as usual
    Anyone know what caused it?

  • Nils

    Same here,
    Normal room temperature, no active use of phone, no cover/case around the phone, the phone rang two times and when I want to pick it up this message was displayed !
    the funny thing is it sais you can only make emergency calls, but you can also still make a screenshot 🙂 too bad I can't upload an image with this message 🙁

  • Jvnorth

    Happened to me today also. I wasn’t using it and it was on the granite dining room table. Thermostat of house was on 70. Do I need to make this known with Apple??? I powered off and back on…fine.

  • Kyoung

    This just happened to me and it was freezing in my room ! I didn’t re-start or anything I just started using it and it dissappeared ! I

    Thought it may have been to cold!!!

  • mcoderkat

    This happened to me today for the 1st time. Powering down now. Thanks for the advice.

  • Michele

    I've had my iPhone 4 for several months. When my phone was cold, I received the same Temperature message, then it reverted to my phone's keypad with foreign words in every language appearing above it. I powered down my phone and turned it back on — that seemed to correct the problem. I had not powered down my phone in awhile which was probably the cause of the glitch.

  • LeAnn

    This also just happened to me. The phone was just sitting on the desk and when I picked it up it had the temperature warning and noruf in the slide area.
    When I went to take a screen shot, it seemed to go back to normal…

  • ColoradoBlue

    that happened to me today also, there was no way it was overheated, it was sitting on my dresser! Had to turn it off and restart 5 mins later…anybody hear any reasons for this? Do I need to take it back and get it replaced?

  • Amish

    This happened to me today for the first time, and interestingly, my iphone also was cold and had not been used. I have had every single iphone starting from the 2g, and this is the first time I have ever seen such a message.

    First, i went to use my phone, but realised it seemed to have switched off, and it just wouldnt switch back on. I then held the on switch and home button together for 30 seconds before the phone switched on. 5 minutes later, the temperature warning appears. I had to switch off the phone and back on again before it would work again. Hope it doesn't happen again. Until now, no problems with my iphone.

  • Ira

    I have not had my IPhone 4 do this, but I have had my IPad tell me TEMPERATURE.
    This happened during very hot weather when the IPad was in the sun for an extended period of time and had a plastic "case" on it, which I'm sure made it hotter.
    Once I got it out of the sun into cooler temperatures, it went back to working normally.

  • Taz



    I’ve been eagerly waiting for the iPhone 4 to be released, and decided to go with three as they had the cheapest option with most minutes. I originally had been with three, about 7 years ago, and remember having signal problem, but since then they have advertised heavily with improved network.


    Soon as i got it, that’s when problems started.


    DAY 1…. I had fluctuated signal issues, where the signal bar would go up and down without touching the phone, Three advised to get a case it was a known issue, how  will that solve the issue I’M NOT TOUCHING THE PHONE!! anyway got one, did not resolve, called them back and offered md half price 1 month line rental, whilst the work was being carried out in one particular area i was having issues with.

     They offered me a call back this did not materialize!


    DAY 2…. Issues getting 3G signal, particularly indoors, tested at four main areas i travel too between 10 and 100 mile apart. Took handset back to the store they are not interested as i had used the handset, and accepted a discount from three!! HOW THE HELL DO YOU TEST A PRODUCT FOR DEFECTS WITHOUT USING IT!!!


    DAY 3…. Rung Back three and agreed to have the handset replaced, agreed to it, but decided to test the SIM in my iPhone 3GS handset, same fluctuating problem, this handset had been on the o2 Network for the last 12 months never such problem, was advised this was a known issue on all iPhone handset… OKAY!!! WHATEVER!!

    Rung back, told me to put it in another manufactures handset to which i did, told me to go through network settings to see what signal it captures, WE both agreed IT WAS NOT CAPTURING 3G SIGNAL where i was located Offered 1 MONTH free line rental, i refused this I DID NOT WANT OFFERS and MONEY BACK, I just want i service i was paying good money for.


    DAY 4…. I noticed the proxy sensor wasn’t working properly, as few times i had hit the mute button with my ear, they agreed to get the Handset replaced, ONLY AFTER COMPLETELY LOSING IT WITH THEM!

    The offered me a second call back


    DAY 5…. I got a TEMPERATURE ERROR message on phone, message read the phone needs to cool down before i use it again, hard reset did not fix this message, but did clear after 10 minutes… ignored this error as i was going get handset replaced, but still needed to use handset, for a few days. I mentioned of the call back they meant to do, apparently they called yesterday, but could not connect to my phone, DUH… that would be because no signal!


    DAY 6, Cold morning, browsed internet for 5 minutes … TEMPERATURE ERROR!! could not use it for 30 minutes, the phone was not even HOT!!

    Called back three, BY NOW I WAS TOTALLY ANGRY WITH THREE, and really KICKED off at them, call disconnected, due to TEMPERATURE ERROR, few seconds cleared and called back again DISCONNECT due to TEMPERATURE ERROR… AAAHHHHHHHH!!!


    IMMEDIATELY went back to store and demonstrated the error during a call. 

    HANDSET RETURNED and Refunded and Contact CANCELLED!!!

    This was the worst experienced i have ever had with issues both with the network as well as the handset, this had caused me alot of grief in the last 6 days, all i was doing was repeating myself and nobody wanted to accept responsibility and accept that there was a problem, i had to do the constant chasing, as well as the travelling. i Had spent… must be at least 4 hours calling three with all my problems!


    GEE am i glad to get out of the contact, there’s reason why their Tariffs so GOOD, it cos their networks so SHIT!

    The store kept pointing at their 14 days policy at the point of sale, that they will accept return if i was not happy with it, but when it came to the crunch, bollocks!

    I had been on o2 Network and always used the phone for everything and my bill was always £32.50 after discount never went up or down, but with three i had already spent £1.01 outside my allowance in the first few days, when i asked of this, it was due to picture message, isn’t that part of the bundle! oh it’s NOT, PICTURE EMAIL is!!! what the hell is picture mail, isnt that when you send a picture using email which is part of your data bundle?? very puzzling and not straight forward.


    Good Riddence!