Street View: Derbyshire Thief Caught By Google

Over the past few months there has been a lot of controversy with Google’s Street View cars, but who would have thought that it would help to catch a thief instead of entice them? Well that’s just what happened when a Street View car passed by a house in Derbyshire.

The story starts of normal where a child was doing what we have all done, looking up his house on Street View. It was then that he noticed an SUV in the drive, along with a man standing by the vehicle. At the time the family’s white caravan was there, which had been stolen over a year ago.

The family then contacted the police and showed them the same image, and they both agreed that this guy could be the thief. The Derbyshire police have now asked for a close-up of the alleged culprit’s face. Helen A.S. Popkin from MSNBC wonders why they never zoomed in on the license plate instead?

Google Street View has certainly had its fair share of bad press, and yes while we agree that some things have been questionable. I still believe that it is a tool that should never be banned – let us hope that Google abide privacy laws now.


  • Derrick

    Soooo…was he caught?

  • catforklifter

    This does have some merrit, and probaly shouldnt be dissmissed as a fad, ,the truth is that the more discouragement you can give a theof ,or other criminal the better!

    But remember some one with that mindset doent care about the rights of others in the first place,so i dont belive we should be overly sensitive to theirs


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