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Steve Jobs: iOS 4.2 Update Includes AirPrint

We learned yesterday that iOS 4.2 would not come with AirPrint, as this was one of the better features of the new software, I was not happy. However, Steve Jobs has responded to this by saying that we should not believe what we read. Well, this is what he was alleged to have said in response to an email sent by a MacRumors forum member.

Steve was sent an email saying how upset the person was that he was looking forward to using AirPrint on his iPad with iOS 4.2, but was unhappy with Apple for pulling it. This feature allows you to connect your iOS device to your wireless printer, so would have been perfect for the business user.

MacRumors is not sure if they believe that the email from Steve Jobs was real or not, I guess we will get to learn the truth tomorrow when the new mobile OS is rumored to go live. Even if AirPrint is part of the new iOS 4.2, it will not be compatible with all printers, so this could force you to either purchase a new model or maybe the likes of HP will offer software updates?

Apart from AirPrint, what other new features are you looking forward to? I know for certain that iPad owners are the most excited, and will make the Apple tablet a more complete device.


  • jim

    I am looking forward to multitasking on the ipad. Also, not to concerned if the update doesn’t support wireless printing as i don’t use my ipad for that. Apple kicks ass! Hopefully the iPhone is coming to Verizon soon. 🙂


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