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Sprint’s iPhone Alternative: ZTE Peel For iPod Touch

Currently the iPhone is only available to AT&T users in the US, there have been rumors that Verizon could get the Apple smartphone in January 2011, but there has not been any mention of Sprint. However, they now have the next best thing with the ZTE Peel.

This device is a case for the iPod Touch, which allows the device to connect to Sprint’s 3G network. The Peel creates a Wi-Fi network allowing the Touch to connect to it – do not worry it is secure. The device itself costs a staggering $80 and then $30 per month, MSNBC reports that you do not have to sign into a contract either.

Things are not all good though; the ZTE Peel will not work on the latest iPod Touch, just the previous versions. It is hard to get excited about a device that is not only expensive, but also bulky due to its battery. However, the idea of being able to join the Sprint network while you are out could have its benefits.

I cannot understand why anyone would want to pay the price for the iPod Touch, then another $80 for the ZTE Peel, and then $30 each month – surely it would be worth considering the iPhone after all that expense?



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