Mac OS X 10.6.5 Update: List of Problems after Installation?

By Alan Ng - Nov 11, 2010

As we informed you earlier, the update to Mac OS X 10.6.5 is now available to download via the Apple Software Updater. For those of you who have already installed it – have you seen any problems with the new version?

As BGR hints, the update to 10.6.5 is meant to be the first step in Apple’s proposed three way updates which will see them release iTunes 10.1, and also the highly anticipated iOS 4.2 update for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – click here for the latest release updates on that.

As for Mac OS X 10.6.5, what are your initial impressions of it so far? BGR has detailed a list of key improvements in the update, which generally focus on stability, performance and reliability within existing features on Mac OS X.

We’ll be bringing you a more detailed look at the new features soon, in the meantime let us know if you’ve discovered any problems with the update.

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  • Cyn


  • Ben

    I just updated OS 10.6.5 and immediately internet became so slow that it is not possible to use. Any idea how to fix it?

  • justin Cullars

    upgraded to 10.6.5 on my brand new i7 Imac and my external monitor won't display a signal. The Imac sees it's connected and thinks it's working but I have a black screen.

    And I understand how to click and download an update…

  • Problems

    I updated and now my wife won't sleep with me and my dog pees on the sofa. Suggestions?

  • jesse

    it sucks!!!
    everything goes slower and even freezes
    many times i have to force restart, specially safari…


  • Antonio Dias

    Having worsening stability issues with Firefox, Photoshop CS2, Pages '08, Finder crashes, hung restarts. Seem to have started with 10.6.5. Eventually Photoshop CS2 declared itself broken and asked me to reinstall. Reinstall didn't solve it. Have reverted to 10.6.4, a little better but still unstable. Pages '08 and Keynote '08 sometimes fail to load opening files and freeze. Computer barely usable.

    May be coincidental, but the battery began to not charge right around when this began to cascade.

    There are just a few pages anywhere that I can find that even talk about these issues.

    Why is there no word from Apple?

    Considering going back to 10.5.

  • Varun

    Someone please inform Apple about this !

    • Antonio Dias

      Make sure to allow the automatic reports to go out after every force quit and crash. They must "know" about it, but these reports help to quantify the problems.

  • Karl Richard

    Hideous… My studio computer screen freezes like a glass of water thrown into the Alaskan air in mid winter… !?!? How can I greet clients with this?

    Is Apple's glitch catching up with Microsoft's blue screen!?!?


  • kgkg

    Similar issue on Intel MacMini – installed, then long load time on grey screen, unable to SafeBoot, disc utility 'failed repair', PRAM reset did nada. Ultimately had the privilege of trying to reinstall 10.2 from initial CDs, with joy of failed reinstall x3. Required full drive erase… and with 10.2 is still running slow. Previously trouble-free computer is currently worthless (writing this on old laptop). Anyone else with issues that persisted even after full drive erase and reinstall of prior version?

  • Jeff

    A few years ago I had had it with Windows Vista and decided to change all my equipment to Mac. l have all sorts of stuff. Multiple laptops, iMac, apple TV – I drank the Koolaid. But recently, I haven;t been impressed. The OS hangs or behaves sluggishly very frequently – and this is not just on one machine, it happens on my kids desktop, one my wife's laptop, on my machines.

    I am begininning to think that while Macs are prettier than PC's, Snow Leopard is no better than Windows 7.

  • i upgraded to 10.6.5 to my pro and it worked slower, but no blank screens and stuff

  • Seb

    I lost my airport on my mac mini 1,83Ghz.

    I did a restore of 10.6.4

  • Trevor Hutchinson

    Tried the combo update, still only starting in safe mode then restarting is the only way to get up and running. Any response from Apple?

  • stef

    I upgraded and now wired Ethernet will not connect at gigabit speed. I have absolutely no idea what is going on. It worked fine in 10.6.4 but will only connect at 100mbps on 10.6.5. I have reformatted fresh and updated several times to determine this – both from combo update and from Apple Software Update. I am at the end of my rope.

  • Trevor Hutchinson

    My MBP refused to start up after install last night. Managed to get it up and running by starting in safe mode (hold shift while powering up). Seems fine now.

  • Jack Mioff

    Combo update 10.6.5 on MacBook Pro 15.4"

    (" Model Name:MacBook Pro
    Model Identifier:MacBookPro4,1
    Processor Name:Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed:2.4 GHz")

    Absolutely no problems.

  • Gregor W.

    Imovie HD 6.0.2 runs like hell for me. It ran fine the morning of the software update, and immediately after the restart it won't render projects like it used to. The playhead struggles to keep up with playing video, and it feels like my brand new Pro doesn't have enough juice to run a program from 2006. Frames are cut to keep up with the playhead, and the videos look choppier than a carrot on Iron Chef.

    Even though Imovie HD isn't supported any longer I WANT THIS FIXED MACINTOSH!!
    I am outraged to say the least.

  • computer literate

    I upgraded to 10.6.5 last week and everything ran smoothly. Not any issues. Don't know why you guys had such problems, maybe you don't know what you're doing?

  • PTErnie

    Right after downloading 10.6.5 my modem will not recognize my Airport extreme. I have to restart the MacBook Pro and re-set my Airport to use the internet. NO issues before the upgrade. Bah Humbug to Apple. They are becoming Microsoft 2.0.

  • Gary

    My 13.3" MBP is now taking ages to boot and gives me the marble of doom constantly within finder as it settles after boot up. My Mac was perfect and now it's ridiculous.

  • upgraded and it has cost me 2 days so far and still my system is not back up and running, have the latest MACPRO 12core and it starts up, then all 3 screens just go WHITE and nothing happens

  • pxforti

    I updated to 10.6.5 and my 2010 macbook pro 13" started freezing. Started with unresponsive mouse and became worse. Didn't seem to matter what program was open. In fact, once I started it up and walked away without logging in. Came back 10 minutes later and the login screen was frozen. Only way to fix any of the freezes was to hit power button.

    I ended up restoring back to 10.6.4 using my superduper backup.

  • sergio

    What should we do to fix the problems? waith from update of MAC?

  • Richard Adler

    Went back to 10.6.4
    Days ago I installed the update 10.6.5 on a iMac 24 and had no screen problems or internet problems during use. Tried using Dreamweaver MX 2004 and experienced app crash on closing pages. Was able to open pages, make changes, save same, but upon closing or shutting down app crashed. Used disk utility and TechTools, reinstalled using downloaded combination installation, with same result. The Genius Bar at Apple Stores must not be a happy place right now.

  • spider

    Immediately after doing the new Mac OS X v10.6.5 Update

    for a Mac Pro 2×2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel …

    My internet access, is no longer available (accessible)
    Unfortunately, I updated my backup drive (At the same time) on my Computer, before discovering this results..

    Too chase down the problem I installed the update on another drive..
    results were the same..

    Drop back to 10.6 before update, and my Network ethernet, still works (internet accessible)
    So.. it is without a doubt, for me, in the Upgrade..

  • Jay Hive

    upgraded to 10.6.5 last night and now every time i start my early 2009 Macbook 13", the date reverts to 12/30/2000. Airport thinks there is no internet connection (even when my ipod touch connects to the internet fine) and i have to type in my network password each time i restart, which is pointless because it can't connect to the internet anyway! WTF. Apple!?

  • Dave

    I have the Macbook pro 15 inch with the i7 and the hi-def anti glare screen. Since I updated my battery life went from 7 hours (at full charge) to 2:30 hours (at full charge). I'm running no applications except finder so my computer should be in it's "energy efficient" setting but either it isn't or somewhere the battery life is being drained.

  • graham reeves

    also getting a problem with my Apple TV and Itunes. Attempting to synch produces message about a port problem 8368. When starting Itunes I now always get a request to allow incoming traffic even tho the firewall is set to accept it. requires admin login every time.

  • graham reeves

    Since installing 10.6.5 on my IMAc the screen freezes several times a day. The mouse moves but has no effect. Only a reboot fixes it. Looks like a USD problem. This happened a lot with 10.6.2/3 but seemed ok with 10.6.4. A similar problem occurs when the screen just goes black which again requires a reboot. These things only happen after using the system for an hour. Am wondering f something in 10.6.5 is causing overheating ?

  • BOB

    Updated to 10.6.5 (27" i7 iMac, 8G RAM) and now Flash and Safari are unstable leading to repeated kernal panics and random crashes of most Adobe products. I am also being automatically logged out of my user account without any notice. I would go back to 10.6.4 if there was an easy way.

  • Ben Myers

    I updated to 10.6.5 about 5 hours ago on my 21" G5 iMac "intel" and everything is fine except my magic mouse won't scroll in any direction or zoom. It does allow me to left click and right click, but that is it. Any suggestions on how to fix it. Its really annoying to work without it. Help, please.

    • daniel

      The same for me. Exactly. Do you solve the prroblem?

  • Ben Myers

    I updated to 10.6.5 about 5 hours ago on my 21" G5 iMac "intel" and everything is fine except my magic mouse won't scroll in any direction or zoom. It does allow me to left click and right click, but that is it. Anybody have any suggestions on how to fix it.

  • RMR

    how do you roll back to the old version? they updated me at the Genius bar (was in for a new trackpad on my late 09 MB – and now everything is slow – entourage, safari, firefox, word, everything.

  • Colin

    Did the update this morning and having similar problems to others here.

    I restarted when prompted and now cannot get past the password screen. I enter the password and it looks like it's going to the desktop but reverts to password screen.

    Any tips on booting up to get past this so that I can downgrade back would be greatly appreciated or it's of to the genius bar.

  • fahad

    I just updated my early 2008 MacBook pro… after restart, computer no longer boots. After pressing the power key, the screen is completely black and even the back light isn’t on. Going to apple store tomorrow to see wats the issue…

  • cstacy

    After waking from sleep, the Ethernet no longer works. Workaround is to unplug and replug the cable, or mess with network settings — anything that causes the system to think the configuration has changed will return the network. I never had any problems with either the network or sleeping until 10.6.5. This is a late 2009 Mac Mini.

  • I've actually never had an issue with an OS update over the last 2 years. So this time I let my guard down and installed 10.6.5 – and got a kernel panic on wake from sleep every time. It also seemed to mess up my PRAM because when restarting after a kernel panic, the system would crash within 30 seconds or so (grey screen of death). Resetting the PRAM on restart would remedy that, and it would go back to running fine – until I put it to sleep, which is when the crashing started again. 10.6.5 is a dud.

    Rolled back to 10.6.4 but this cost me an entire day. I hope Apple fixes this. MacBook Pro 17" early 2009.

  • Alex

    Ever since I blindly installed an OS update a few years ago and lost the ability to run a number of programs, as well as my Bootcamp partition, I've been 100% paranoid of any "upgrade" to any OS. Reading the horror stories here, I'm glad I'm paranoid. I definitely am not going to be installing 10.6.5. Problem is the system downloaded the files and will remind me periodically to install the update. is there any way of a) deleting the downloaded update files (where are they kept?) and b) shutting off the reminder? I need Entourage and Word and a bunch of the other programs listed as being fragged by this update, for my work. And I don't have any stomach for wiping a hard drive on an iMac I only bought 6 weeks ago. I'd rather just ignore the thing. Reading the details list, it doesn't look as if 10.6.5 offers anything I need, anyway.

  • Claus Gori

    I am also experiencing problems after the update to 10.6.5. I'm having the same performance problems as almost everyone else her. Safari is very slow, Mail is slow actually my iMac is generally running very slow. On top of that I'm getting an error code -36 when I'm trying to copy different files to my two external harddrives. It's very annoying!

  • andy

    Problems with upgrade it keeps dropping all my external disks

  • macbook pro

    macbook pro 15.5 2.2Ghz. i updated to 10.6.5 and my computer exploded and my car wont start. j/k everything works, except some flash related issues have popped up (eg tokbox cant find my camera if google-talk plugin is installed) -had these issues about 6 months ago but after a flash update it was resolved…. I'm guessing I'll have to wait for another flash update.

  • cbden

    Early 2009 Mac Mini bricked. Having to reinstall from Leopard disk. Haven't had this happen since early in OS X. QC is going down hill at Apple 🙁

  • mac user

    got mouse froze twice already while using photoshop and had to force shutdown with pressing power button.
    seems this update is very unstable.

  • ksfletch

    Updated and then rebooted. Now unable to even login. It will not accept my password. Even when it gives the password hint, I type in the correct password and it still will not accept. There is no way possible to get into my computer! APPLE WHAT DID YOU DO??????????

  • tim

    Just updated my core 2 duo macbook running 10.6.4 and 10.6.5 seems to have killed it – can't bet past the grey screen (with the apple logo eventually being replaced by a no entry style icon. Damn Apple. Shoddy software.

  • cpmacg

    I upgrade my iMac to 10.6.5 seemed flawless, logged back in and used it for a little and all was ok but after logging out and trying to log back in again I couldn't. At first it would accept my password then I realised the problem was not the password, my account like all accounts except root had been deleted.

    I logged in as root and saw all the subdirectories in /Users were still intact so I simply recreated my account using the same username. During the account creation I was asked if I wanted to use the existing directory, I said yes and the account was recreated as if nothing had gone wrong.

    After recreating all the deleted accounts I logged off till later in the day when I was shocked to find the accounts had been deleted again.

    I've since recreated them a 2nd time but now I'm not logging out anymore, and for now at least this seems to be working as I haven't had any more accounts just disappear.

    I'm a long time lover of Apple and regardless of these problems I still love my Mac but please Apple get your act together, improve your beta testing and don't release inadequately tested software (particularly OS releases which can have potentially disastrous consequences)!!!

  • Rhian

    Since updating I now can no longer get into Messenger and when using Safari I am unable to log in to various websites that I could before I installed the update.

  • treewolf62

    Updated and now my power cord won't work. It worked perfectly fine all day today (and for the 4 years I've had it), set up the update, went to get groceries, came back and the cord acts like it's not even plugged in. Have tried everything, just no longer works. Restored to 10.6.4, still dead.

    • Henrik Munch

      Your power cord is just 3 copper wires. If your mean the power supply unit, there is no software involved.

  • jhammer

    Since having 10.6.5 on my mbp, every time i boot the time is Dec 31, 2008. Also, it can't remember how to login to my home wifi, so I need to manually select the wifi network and enter the password. There have been a few other very strange behaviors, running the gammot from a failed reboot to task switching not working but those issues are not repeating so far. This time, I am locking the date/time preferences panel to see if that helps it not loose the date.

  • Kevin (KtecK)

    the 10.6.5 update left me with the No sign on boot (Still waiting for root device) on my 2nd gen macbook.

    Good job apple…

  • Madmac

    My iMac 2.4 won't sleep 🙁

  • mgross

    The only issue i got (so far) concerns spotlight:
    there are some applications it won't find anymore. iCal, address book, Safari, Mail, Front Row, automator, dashboard, dictionary, DVD Player, Font Book, iSync, photo booth, preview and quicktime X.
    They are all standard with OSX and there must be some kind of connection. Anyone an idea?

  • Veseli

    I upgraded to 10.6.5 using combo updater from Apple :
    As I've had often issues using software Updater on Mac I always use combo updates.
    Only issue I noticed after update was that my thrash can was showing as empty though it was full and I couldn't empty it using click hold on dock. That I repaired with OnyX easily.
    All applications work fine (for now at least) browsers are ok and overall functioning seems ok.

  • AnalogCarnage

    After installing 10.6.5 iTunes will not sync my iPad, it just freezes and stage 1 of 6. My iMac will not wake up from the flurry screen saver either. All of which was fine 2 hours ago before the upgrade. I have to hold the power button for a reboot. How do I roll back?

  • Soco

    After update, each time computer goes to sleep, I loose my internet connection. I need to retype network name and password, even though it was supposed to remember the network. worked well before. the much loved letterbox plugin for mail got disabled AGAIN.

    • Tex

      Me too. I found it was because I do not broadcast the SSID. When I enabled that the problem went away. That removes a layer of security so I hope Apple recognizes and fixes the problem,

  • Mike

    I have a 2005 iMac and i just updated my os to Snow leopard about 7 months ago.
    Just did the update last night and now my computer is fucked!
    Right after I installed it, my computer completely froze. I had to turn it off manually by holding the power button down. Tried to turn it on again, but got stuck on the grey apple start up screen for an hour and then turned it off manually again. The same thing happened several times this morning. I have to call apple tomorrow and hope that my computer is not completely broken.

  • Slow at bootup, and my internets connection is slow as f right now. Booo!

  • wncordell2

    Early 2006 Intel iMac 21" with VMware Fusion 3.0:

    Under 10.6.4, my system would often fail to reconnect the Ethernet link after awakening from sleep mode. Now under 10.6.5, the Ethernet link fails to reconnect less often — but still fails to reconnect on occasion — and, in addition, my keyboard frequently goes dead. Unplugging and replugging the USB connector on the keyboard usually fixes the problem, but not always. The 10.6.5 release supposedly fixed these bugs; instead it has made them worse. This is by far the most unstable and irritating release I have experienced in the last five years with Mac OS X, starting from 10.4.3.

    While not specific to the 10.6.5 release, the Safari crashes while running Adobe Flash code have been a permanent fixture since "upgrading" Safari to version 5. Firefox 3.6 is infinitely more stable and effectively faster thanks to better designed code and the AdBlock Plus plugin which zaps Flash-based ads.

  • Vassius

    I have an iMac 21,5" (mid 2010) with an external BenQ 21,5" monitor attached via MDP-to-hdmi and hdmi cable.

    After the update, the external monitor is just black. It's there in all the settings, and the desktop seems to be extended over two monitors. I've tried resetting SMC and PRAM with no luck. Also tried hooking it to my pc laptop, which works just fine.

    Any ideas?

    • nitrolight

      I'd be interested to know if everyone having this problem is using a MDP to hdmi adapter with and hdmi cable for their external monitor. Or if their is anyone with an HDMI monitor that is working correctly with 10.6.5.

      • Todd Ruddell

        I'm having the same trouble. After the update, my external monitor is black. The system thinks it's there, but there is no video on screen. The imac screen is fine, and all other functions seem to be in order.

        iMac i7 2.93gHZ, 1gB Radeon card 8gB RAM

  • draiggoch

    2008 17" MBP:

    Upgraded to 10.6.5 at work today .. Safari and Firefox unresponsive (frame appeared but just white screen) .. Finder hung .. beach ball continuous except for mousing over apps .. very slow .. came home thinking to revert to 10.6.4 and LO,

    .. the dang thing works like a champ on the wireless network at the house .. It may be my imagination but I swear the thing is running faster through all the apps than it used to.

    First guess is a network conflict with our Cisco gear or the firewall .. next week should be interesting ..

  • Leigh Barnes

    After my upgrade to 10.6.5 my iMac went into kernel panic. After a lengthy recovery process I find it has totally trashed my Applications and Movies folders. Also, sleep takes a long time to kick in now and Activity Monitor just hangs.

  • Myap

    I uploaded 10.6.5 yesterday via software update on my Mac Mini Late 2009 (Intel Core Duo – 2.26 GHz , 2 GB RAM, 160 HD) and experienced no problem so far. I am using an Apple 20" Cinema Display Aluminum and Magic Mouse with no problem. I also cleaned the system using YASU and everything works fine. It's only been 2 days so I will keep track of what problems may occur (Note: I have a new hard drive installed 2 weeks ago by Apple Care). For others experiencing problem, maybe they need to run a system cleaner like YASU or Onyx specially if your Mac is older before 2009 or 2010.

  • Ukyo

    Upgraded my mbp i7 and went from a 55 fps down to 9 on Starcraft II…

  • omegary

    Down loaded 10.6.5 last night and now Safari is running extremely slowly on my mac mini. I pay for a 20mb service and I got 376kbps last time I checked, that's when it's not just hanging. The modem and wi-fi are fine as other devices are working well, so I can only attribute the issue to this upgrade.

    Is there any work around or is it possible to revert to 10.6.4 at all?

  • derek

    I am having the exact problem after updating this morning, every 2 seconds 90% of the external monitor blinks.

  • Hector

    I did the upgrade, after restart the system was very slow. The system is not able to get the login screen. Just back to a blue screen and try to open the login screen again, and again to the screen and again and again.

    Hard reboot, safe mode. Pram, nothing works.

    Right now i’m trying to reinstall the snow leopard. I hope all my files keep safe after the reinstall.

    [Mackbook white 2009]

  • Ray Thomas

    im having massive issues with my track pad and its accuracy, it clicks randomly and click seems to cause whatever im doing to scroll to the left and i get the thud that usually signifies an error with nearly every click

  • Mark

    I tried to update to 10.6.5 but my computer reboots with 10.6.4 despite repeatedly going through System Update. I also can't save any documents with either Word, OpenOffice or TextEdit. I'm stuffed! I guess I'll just have to wipe my hard drive and reinstall everything from stratch. 🙁

    • Stephan Monette

      Before you wipe, I'd try the tips I listed above. They really do always fix my problems. permissions, hard drive repair, and clearing the cache will always be beneficial to failed updates

  • Stephan Monette

    In case this helps anyone else: I had slow response and boot from my Mid-2010 Macbook Pro 13" after installing the update. I'm not sure which of these helped but here's a list of things I did that usually fix ANY problem I have on my Mac.

    I use a program called OnyX which you can download from Apple's download page. In this program you can do the following:

    1. Repair permissions
    2. Clear cache on literally everything (Mail, System, Boot, Fonts… I would check EVERYTHING)
    3.Power cycle (shutdown by pressing SHIFT-CONTROL-OPTION and hitting the power button)
    4. Reset PRAM (Turn on computer and IMMEDIATELY press OPTION-COMMAND-P-R and the computer will chime the startup tone, shut off, and turn back on)
    5. Start up computer, it might be slow the first time as it's rebuilding the cache and whatever else it thinks it needs. If it is slow, restart again after fully starting up and you should be good to go!

    Also, if it's been a while or if you've never done it you can Repair your Hard Drive. Won't hurt and it helps with slow down too. You'll have to startup from the OS X install disc and choose Disk Utility in the Options menu. Yeah I realize this is all overkill but I like my computer running brand new. Thanks guys!!

    • Frank

      This process seems to have cleaned up things for me.
      Thanks for the tip.

  • Rick

    My new imac i7 also showed a gray screen after the update. Went through steps with applecare. Could not boot from internal HD, external backup, or DVD. Prior to update did a disk verify and permission repair. Before calling I tried safe boot and PRAM repair. Nada.

    Took into the local store and the tech got it to boot after using a disk image on an external HDD. Still have no idea what happened, no does anyone I spoke to at Apple.

  • Stefan

    Sluggish and unresponsive applications – all versions of browsers (chrome, firefox, safari) hang up on various tabs – not consistent). Apple is finally "catching up" with Microsoft Windows Vista 🙂

    • Twossy

      Same here. Very sluggish and lots of apps freeze or just quit on me. I will repair permissions etc and see what happens.

      • Toy

        Same experience on my end, on both the Mac Mini and MacBook Pro 13"… I can easily measure connection speed difference between the Mac and the Window PC, even though they are connecting through the same router!

  • Josh

    I updated my 21.5" iMac, and now I'm having a terrible issue with the brightness. The screen is really dark all of a sudden, and that's when brightness is all the way up. I'm searching my issue on google, and there are no solutions. Apple, please release an update to fix all our annoying issues ASAP! I just bought my $1500 iMac last week, and this is the first problem it's had, and its because of that update!

  • Graeme

    Updated this morning, and on restart got grey screen. Tried all the usual remedies, nothing works, and have to take to a genius bar next Tuesday. 2008 MacBook air

  • ppdix

    10.6.5 killed my 12-Core Mac Pro… Restart>Grey Screen with Apple Logo> Black Screen and that's all folks. Pushing Opt-Command-Escape brings a blue screen and then the black screen of hell.
    I tried installing into a second hard drive with 10.6.4 and it killed it too!!!! I am so pissed off right now. Quality control has gone to hell!

  • Andrew

    Updated to 10.6.5 and my copy of Outlook 2011 no longer opens new message windows or replies. Rolling back to previous versions fixes this issue.

  • Robert

    Oh yes, and Apple support is basically ignoring the problem. I was on hold for 45 minutes!!!! And then decided to just hang up!

  • robert

    My late 2009 MBP is on the fritz now. Won't allow me to get in thru the password screen. Restarted with shift-control-option-power, and it allowed me thru the password screen but to a blank, unusable desktop. Hard reset again, input password, and the password box cycled back again. This time I was able to get in but it's running slow. Doing a backup now and then taking it in.

  • Get white screen on my iMac, no start up logo nada – machine wont start, PRAM doesnt work, nothing works dont know what to do. Curse you Apple!

    • Matteo Munari

      Same as me. on a Mac book air with SSD. Seems it writes down something on the boot partition. If i access with an external backup disk i see a disk error, that comes after this update

  • i updated this morning. after reboot, i get the reboot screen message. every time. holding shift during boot results in the same thing. not sure what to do.

  • lankysi

    Same here. My iMac won't open iTunes, iPhoto etc and is now very slow and hangs.

  • marlie

    I have been having problems since I updated my MacBook last night as well. I can't open any applications, and my computer isn't responding to any commands. Had to wait to get to work computer this morning to see if anyone else was having issues.

    Didn't think of the restore… will have to try that later.

  • Wired

    Upgraded my mac mini server and now it slow and hangs up.

  • creativeorange

    I upgraded this morning on my MacBook and after doing so, cannot use either Mail or Entourage as the spinning ball of colourful doom appears when I go to receive emails!!! Come on Apple, you should address issues like this before releasing an upgrade!

  • John Deker

    I just did a restore to 10.6.4 on my MacBook (2008 vintage).

    Problem: I closed the cover of my MacBook to put it to sleep. Once it was asleep I tried to waken by opening cover. I was greeted with a black screen that would not display on mouse clicks or keypresses. Shutdown MacBook with power switch. Restarted & got weird grayed out screen which popped an error msg telling me to press power button to shutdown & restart. On restart got a prompt to file error report with Apple. Confirmed problem was repeatable & filed error report after second repeat.

    Restored system to 10.6.4 and problem disappeared.

    • John Deker

      Just a followup to my own post. My MacBook is 2007/early 2008 vintage. This machine is Boot Camp dual boot.

      I have a late 2008 Mac Mini, but did not encounter any problems so far, even waking from sleep mode.

    • Moke Morgan

      How do you restore to 10.6.4? I lost my airport when I updated… Is there a tutorial for retro- dating an update?

      • There is two ways to go back to 10.6.4 after a bad 10.6.5 udpdate:
        1 – Restore from TimeMachine backup. Insert original OS X install CD, start from it by holding down C when booting, then select "restore" from utilities (Google it)
        2 – Restore by installing your original OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard OVER the bad install. That gets you back to 10.6.0. It will just wipe out the 10.6.5 install, but, importantly, it will KEEP all your data and settings intact. Then upgrade to 10.6.4 with the OS X 10.6.4 Combo Update from Apple.

        I did the latter. The only glitch was that I had to re-install Safari 10.1, and some unix utilities that are custom on my system. Also the Java updates. No big deal though.

    • Trent

      Brand new MBP, bought with a 10.6.4 build. I upgraded to 10.6.5 yesterday, and I got a gray screen shutdown today 3 times. My other Macs have not done this, the main difference being that my MBP is encrypted with FileVault.

    • Same problem!! ARRRRRGH! MacBook Pro 2009!

      • polarbreeze

        Me too. Random freezes with 10.6.5. MB Pro, especially when (not) returning from sleep.

    • Paul Hu

      I just updated to Mac Ox X 10.6.5 on my 17″ Macbook Pro. I had the screen freezes, turned black, and mouse freezes at least 1 or 2 times a day. I spent about 5 – 6 hours a day on my Mac doing photography post processing. Thinking that Lightroom or Photoshop demands a lot of power from graphic card, so may be that was the reason. No so. Today I spent a lot of time on e-mail, facebook, etc., the same thing happened. Screen freezes, then I have to hit the power button. This has never happened to me in other versions of Mac OS X, what is happening?

    • Rob

      very slow on internet and drops off net every minute or so