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Gran Turismo 5: Available Now (Apparently)

Sony really do like rubbing salt in the wounds, don’t they? On top of a half-official announcement that we covered yesterday stating that the game’s release date would be November 24, it turns out that we were wrong, as it is supposedly available now.

The guys who are running the PR show for GT5 must be having serious headaches when it comes to Sony talking about release dates for the driving sim, as they like us have been told more release dates than we’ve had hot dinners.

As you can see from the image below, a page that advertises Gran Turismo 5 has appeared in ‘The Sly Collection’ instruction manual on the last page, clearly stating that it is “Available Now.”

Now I’m no expert, but GT fans have been waiting 5 years for this game. And going by the readers feelings and comments that we have overseen these past few months, this is just an added extra bit of information that proves the mess that Sony have got themselves in.

Sony, tell us when the official release date is now, before something really stupid happens.

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  1. how about sony give a release date, or we all boycot buying it? if enough people petition to say they wont be buying it unless a date is given this week, they will have no choice or lose sales big time! it takes the piss that some people have it, should have been released as soon as it had been leaked to make up for it!

  2. Printed media designs are finalized months before they are actually distributed. In other words, that booklet was printed before GT5's November release date was cancelled. It isn't out.

  3. As long as its better than Call of Duty : Black Ops.
    Mind you a kick in the head what at present be more fun than Black Ops as I can't get under the TANK.

  4. 5 years waiting for this game, This better be a really good game. This game has to be so good that it makes me a cup of coffee every time I play it

  5. its because gran turismo was supposed to come out before that game did and they have it as an advertisment in there game manual. that dosent mean its out right now. why do you publishers make things look like more then what they really are. stretching the true to get ratings. just let the game come out. there prolly not releasing it because of you publishers. updating bullshit ever 20 mins.

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