COD Black Ops Zombies: Your Best / Highest Level So far?

By Alan Ng - Nov 11, 2010

If you were a fan of the zombie mode in Call of Duty: World at War, then the chances are that you’re already playing the new zombie mode in Black Ops more than the main multiplayer mode.

If you are one of these gamers, then we would like to hear your progress on zombies so far, either on the Kino Der Toten, or Five zombie maps – how far have you managed to get?

From my brief experience so far, it seems as if zombies this time around are much harder, probably because after the first round of dogs, you start getting crawler zombies which are harder to kill, harder to spot, and they also seem to take great pleasure from distracting you from the rest of zombies running towards you.

Personally, I havent got too far with zombies yet, only around level 13-14 since most of the time was spent figuring out the map and the countless routes and doors to open – I’m sure you have managed a lot better with your friends.

Just like World at War, it seems almost impossible to get to the later rounds of zombies unless you have a headset and are communicating with friends, otherwise it just leads to chaos.

Are you loving zombies so far or getting bored of it? Let us know your highest levels so far, and any tips you might have for others.

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  • lynden

    on kino but on die rise bo2 I went to 35

  • lynden

    I died when the round just started it took me 5 days to make it to 1002

  • lynden

    I went to 1002

  • Alex

    Solo, ipad, lvl105, and counting, still going at it, got an upgraded automatic n upgraded zeus cannon;-) all you do is get the cannon and keep it other weapon, use whatever u want, keep going in circles…

  • Mr Connerton

    Played system link with four people, got the uptime set up, four rayguns, and 1 of each special. Mad it to fifty and broke it. Couldn’t be defeated, so we got bored. The guy that’s says he made it to 999 is full of it. That would take tooooo much time, there is no way I believe that.

  • Just4495

    Went to 18 when two people quit and then 24 with the one who didnt quit on kino

  • Silvem

    27 kino solo

  • Matt 1588

    i made it to round 81 by myself over the weekend, i got the ray gun on round 8 and the thunder gun on round 18 and then i upgraded both of them!!! and then i quit because i got bored

  • I made it to level 999

  • B G_owner

    i went to round 45 on kino solo, and 67 on ascension solo, with other people i got 29 on kino and 43 on ascension with 2 people.

  • Ninjaslaw2

    21 kino on solo and 55 on asension solo.

  • Mrsimmo96

    i got to round 68 on kino then fell asleep in the middle of it

  • DrEdwardR

    i always play coop, got to 62 on kino by running big laps together, many traps, thundergun and punched crossbow. 54 on cotd by running circles and combining both groups from about 30 and use the scavenger, punched vr11 and punched crossbow. got to 57(top 20) on shangri la with combining groups and babygun them from 30 on. usually we suicide at one time because of too much time or connection…kino 16hrs, cotd 15hrs, shangri la 18hrs played the other maps too, but highscore list messed them up…   

  • Jglover406

    Round 22 is the highest i’ve made it, with a Pack a Punched HK and a Spas12. I camp out in the alley as long as I can, then get a crawler, turn on the power, arm the teleporter, get Jug, and get started. I always stand behind the turret gun, wait til they start coming, turn it on, then dive in the teleporter. Go up to the projector room, and throw as many grenades as possible, since you can buy them off the wall. Hopefully, you’ll have monkey bombs by then. After you leave the projector room, you’ll respawn in the lobby. Start chucking grenades at the door separating you and the theatre, then raise hell with your weapon at the door. When they get in, run upstairs and go through the room, hopefully not too far ahead of the zombies, and hit the trap. Then, follow the rooms back to the theatre, and start all over, making sure to rearm the teleporter. I could have done a lot better, but got stuck in a corner. Had a quick-revive, but lost my Jug, so I was screwed. So, there you go.

  • Gaetan

    i made it to round 31 on ascension with 2 people me and my friend when round 30 came i died my friend lived that round he had the thunder gun and the ray gun at round 31 i came back i had no guns i went to the box right away and got a bad gun then my friend died so i run and bought the ak74u and went on the lander and lived for 15 mins and then they trap me   

  • Roving_Stranger

    Round 28 on Kino, i got pretty bored and ran out of ammo after that :I.

    My strategy goes like this. I always buy the M14 for when i get swarmed in a later round. I knife every zombe at the window up to round 3 (if they get through use your M1911). After round 3 i buy Quick Revive because i know i will leave soon. When i get swarmed i run up the stairs and use the M14 to headshot large groups of zombies. Right before they reach me i open the door and go crazy with the M14 and try to use up all of its ammo. I run straight to the next area and open the door, and then buy the MP40 (best SMG in my opinion). Getting headshots is so easy and it has ALOT of ammo (32/192). After getting around 6000 points i open both doors to the stage, turn the power on, and make a mad dash to Juggernog. After that i run laps around the area of doors i open and buy speed cola. After that, its just running laps and survivng (dont forget to Pack-A-Punch your guns!) the zombies.
    ME and my bro tried it, and it worked pretty good on split screen Round 18 ( could have gone farther but we had to eat T^T).

  • Macaraca

    cooool lol ;D

  • Razorjustin69

    I consistently make it to about 30 solo using about any gun i get and the bowie knife. There was one instance where i went through round 27 starting with no ammo….it was a little hectic

  • zt

    72 on five I got on the table and accidentally fell asleep when I woke up I was on round 72 the zombies die out after a while

  • zt

    72 on five I got on the table and accidentally fell asleep when I woke up I was on round 72 the zombies die out after a while

  • Ngb1996

    I got to round 26 on ascension with the zeus cannon and pack-a-punched Galil and gersch device, but ran out of ammo and I died

  • i went to round 10 in kino heres 2 very ueful tips 1st watch ur back 2nd when theres a bunch of zombies just throw a grende, most of them dies use also transporter if u need it the first 3 rounds just use pistol and knife then after u finish the 3 rounds open the next 2 doors upstairs then buy thee stake out shotgun and the other mchine gun use machine gun on zombies and stakeout shotgun on dogs there are 8 dogs and they die all by 8 bullets of stakeout (solo) and when u have 3000 u open the next 2 doors then now just use the teleporter and myestry box hope i helped (solo)

  • Soonerfancarter

    both on solo

  • Soonerfancarter

    on kino i got to 54 on ascenscion i got to 52 i have video evidence on youtube at soonerfancarter

  • i got to 37 solo on kino with zeus cannon and packapunched raygun but i ran out of ammo for both guns and didnt want to switch either one out so i died :/

  • i got to lvl 50 in kino, n im only 12 yrs old

  • i got to lvl 50 in kino, n im only 12 yrs old

    • i am also 12 years old  but i only got to lvl 10 in kino 😛 nice job btw

    • nice i made it to level 987 then i ran out of ammo and got down when i got up i had nothin i went to buy a gun and instantly i got four guns idk how then i made to whatever level i made it to on kino der toten and i meade it to level 1,936 n im only twelve

  • Guard

    To kill the pentagon thief you want to shoot him when he comes after you and when he's close to taking away your weapon pull out a secondary weapon that you dont really like.Continue to shoot him and he'll eventually drop max ammo,fire sale,or the pack a punch perk that reduces the price of it to 1000(From 5000).Best way to survive in 5 is to rack up points in war room up to level 10 then move on to turn on power get jugger nog which increases health,also try not to chase after the mystery box so quickly just use the weapons if the walls.

  • kid

    with 3 people we got to round 24 on ascension :/

  • roll3r

    My litie bru clocked d game what you talking..;)..

  • dude

    level 13 solo on X-box hang up^^

  • RivDog!

    On kino der toten i made it to round 42 by myself and round 31 with 2 people!

  • memyself&i

    end of lvl 32 twice 873 kills once and 872 the other 110000 points until i got snagged and the @#$$ caught me , by myself , never got past 12 on multiplayer because every one seems to be useless and get me killed trying to revive them. still havent sussed out five but can get 25 odd on ascension. again on solo.


    round 77 on acension those ++++++++ zombies got us from behind 4 people all with upgraded ray guns

  • Jacob

    Level 42 at Ascension. ray gun is a must to be able to shoot zombies legs off into crawlers instantly.

  • Zombie

    my friend and i made it to 43

  • liam

    my friend got 2 32 by himself!!! on kino. he said to get the raygun and try to get an olimpia packapunched and you will do good.

  • ghelyoon

    lvl 36 kino lvl 37 der riese lvl 36 ascensions

  • J3R3My

    i have also noticed that crawlers aren’t always a part of the after-dog level, rather after you turn on the power, which the noise “wakes them up” so to speak.

  • Louis

    I know somebody who got up to lvl 49

  • chris

    48 on kino

  • ali

    level 30 with 2 players – the way to get high level is to run around the map but try not to stay at one place thats how u will lose ….

  • time2chasecars

    level 21 by my self

  • Johnny

    Level 41 on Kino with one other player. Killed ourselves bc it was already 4am.

  • steve

    29 on Kino, solo, had thundergun upgraded which helped

  • clivanmeanit

    Made it to lvl 24 by myself on Kinder. Run and transport, run and transport.

  • Stephen

    i got up to round 34 with my buddy at my house, but him and his brother got up to round 36 :/

  • jole

    142 solo accention its on youtube

  • Jole

    got to round 142 on accention look at it on youtube

  • Nati

    round 28

  • midnight_climber

    45 kino rnk 27 out of 7,455,662 for highscore (in the millions) took 10 hrs lol

  • SychoMan26

    22 on Solo

  • Master

    Level 51 Ascension, solo ! 3712 zombies killed.

  • Mike

    Level 39 Kino Der Toten 2 people, I had the ray gun, cross bow, monkeys, and quick reload, and my friend had ray gun monkeys, and thundergun all upgraded and all four drinks, we utilize all the traps, mainly the firepit then run to the teleporter i think we killed over 1600 zombies.

  • Jazman

    Playing with two people is much better than 3-4 people unless you have a sure fire plan First with two people each guard two doors until round 3-4 then open the door to the downstairs door grab the mpl then save up enough money to get to the stakeout and buy it and stay there until you can open the next two doors and upgrade if there is a mystery box in the dressing room DON’T get it unless you have a crawler-and just keep running around and try to get a upgraded ray gun and thunder gun. I got to level 29 but we ran out of ammo. Cjaz12

  • mike

    I got to level 35 solo ran

    Out of ammo,

  • Jordan

    level 27 kino der toten just got it

  • That_Zombie_Guy

    So far am sitting at level 43 solo on Kino Der Toten. Had to go to sleep so it is paused and I will continue after work. Have screen shot of me at 42 in projection room. I have monkey, Zeus Cannon and MP40 with ALL perks. Sitting at 150,000 points on screen right now. All I do is spray the entire ammo supply into horde behind me, then run and do traps, pick up ammo, repeat on stage ammo emptying, then hop in the teleporter for some free zombie kills. Run MP40 lap with traps again and cluster them on stage again then empty ammo. Use Zeus Cannon to get out of tight spots while running level and to kill dogs quick and easy for max ammo. Starting to get a bit annoying though cause seriously the only thing that kills anythign is the traps and teleporter. Just takes a while to finish each level but am going to keep going just to be bale to get the final screen shot where it says NAME, KILLS, POINTS, HEADSHOTS and LEVEL. Just for proof. EVERYONE should have a screenshot of their level WITH their name if they want to say that they go super high in levels. See how far I can go.

  • i am decent at zombies at kino is where i own. on solo i have gotten to level 24. online i couldve gotten further but i mostly play with people who arent that good so if you have a ps3 and want to get further in zombies just send a message and i will give you my online user id so you can add me

  • Rich

    got to round 87 on Kino Der Toten. With two people offline so it isn't on leader board so that absolutely sucks. But it gets so boring after a whole night of playing it and we fell asleep lol. At about 60 it was like 20 shots from PaPed Ray Gun to kill one zombie insane. So gods know wat it would be at 90

  • Argir

    my friend went to level 48 in Kino der Toten and he left the game in 48 because he was tired after playing for 3 hours

  • Mike G

    That's all gravy guys! LVL 40 Solo Kino Der Toten. Total 5 hours of gameplay and was 1 lvl from dogs… thunder gun, zap, and monkeys… but no ammo… 🙂 enjoy beating this!

  • el wimmos81

    we made it to level 31. with 2 guys.

  • Sawyer

    With 4 total only 37. But by myself 50.. I got tired of playing and let them kill me. 😀


    I got to round 32 on a 4 person difficulty.. cuz 2 people left at round 6… KINO DER TOTEN !

  • Loyalty

    It iz realli not that hard once yuh have yur guns and ungraded them…yull be all set with that…solo iz tough cuz lets say 7 zombies come out in the first round it doubles it so i heared…but 64 iz hmmmmmm kinda seems fake but who knows…i need 2 players more to make a beats ass n 2 otthers r playin…n yea yuh can have 5 players its the gllitch i juss dont kno it…

  • jo

    i made round 21 on acension but turned around andthere was like ninty before i could throw my gersch device

  • bartek

    also 30 with 2 its all luck

  • bartek

    27 on my one it s simple visit send me a message and ill make a strategy

  • Jackson

    does anyone know what gun is good to use for multiplayer, I really want to find a gun because the guns i use now are shit. Please tell me your desired load out! 🙂

  • guy

    and round 90 on five

  • guy

    i got to round 85 coz i had the ray gun and thunder gun dominateint together u should try it just dont get addicted like i have

  • d man

    i just got it my highest is 17

    • d man

      do u no wer the claymors r i do

  • thomas walsh

    hi guys i got to round 28 on my own on the thearter with one death but as i got bk up they all pilled me if u want add me on ps3 my ps3 name is thomastanker96 send me a message and i got profe of the round ok guys im pritty good play it a lot online on solo coz there are to many rubbish players out there now so if u wanna game just add me and send me a message if u wanna privite match with me thanks guys and i dont playing online much now its all zombies for me now thanks guys if u wanna know some good ways to get to high rounds just send me a message on ps3

  • Goose

    Lvl 15 in Kino Der Toten with 3 players

  • level 28…only managed it with the zeus gun [upgraded thundergun], after it ran of ammo then it was game over, plus me and my mate had a ray gun each. wouldve made it to level 30 if he had just turned on the turret…!

  • Skip

    I can steady make it to level 28 29 in kino der toten. U absolutely need a ray gun form the gun box upgraded and all the perks. Speed cola juggernaut n such. Doesn't hurt to have a thunder gun upgraded too. Link the pads open all the door and continuously start a round by teleporting up n throwin grenades down. The. When back run a complete circle n kill everyone. Turn on a turret gun before u teleport in the later rounds

  • Daniel

    level 42 kino der toten with 4 people

  • YankTheBrew

    Round 36 Kino / solo
    Points: 188770
    Kills: 1104
    Head shots: 357

  • kenny

    I FOUND THE MYSTERY BOX IN “FIVE” !!!!!!!!!!! when u first enter the room by the power befor u get to the room with the switch theres a hallway right when u walk in go down the hall and the box is behind the door

  • Shane

    round 45 on Kino 36 on Five and 56 on Ascension, I'm apart of the best zombies clan, my gamertag is Zom Bz Hughes

  • gangsta

    Round 29 with 2 mates important to have headsets for communication.
    The Bowie knife is very good for killin the gas zombies because they dont give out gas when there knifed. Juggernog is a must . use the bowie knife with upgraded ballsitic knife 😀 good luck peeps

  • Guest

    round 41
    2 people
    left a crawler every round,linked teleporter and tried mystery box
    you run around the map on the right side and use the thundergun to kill them all when they are in a straight line

  • Rob

    Round 59 solo. The best way is to just run around the map then turn around with an auto gun and pop the heads off

  • abdul

    alright so il show you guys a strategy guide for five in the first and second level use ur pistol to rack up points start by shooting 6 times in the chest then knife at lvl3 ur gonna get forced to open up the door and get the smg stay in the elevator until u think u cant hold them back any more then u should have about 3000 points or more then quickly buy mp5k then go to the lower lvl clearing debris then u should see the place were the elevator is but if u turn right and walk there u will see another debris to be cleared (DONT FORGET GO RIGHT)then turn left and u will see a corner the (left one) then stay there and camp and zombies will come at u in on line only u should have the MPL and MP5K stay in that corner for a little time to create a crawler then turn the power and and get perks find the random box use it and upgrade ur weapon the go back and camp and i will repeat the zombies will come at u in ONE LINE STRAIGHTLY AT THE OTHER CORNER NEAR THE DEBRIS.
    i hoped u liked my guide and i will upload more guides soon this is bloodshot signing out

  • Samantha

    level 51 @ five. we quit on that level cause we got bored and they just don't die anymore.

  • Trustun

    Round 19 With 2 people in kino and solo in kino round 15 and im only 12

  • PaulieP

    Level 51 by myself on kino.. took me 2 and a half hours alone to get from 36-48.

  • Tom

    got to round 38 on 2 player on map five and we kill the pentagon theif before he takes our gun everytime we are pro at zombies.

  • steadiedbow8

    lvl 28 kino der toten solo.stay in lobby using knife on first and second rounds keep barricades up at the end of second round buy the m14 and on the 3rd shoot them in the head with the m14 notice they still walk a little bit quickly knife them for 130 points 🙂 then round 4 run around just kill the faster zombies and as many of hte others until your comfortable moving around them then line them up and use your pistol they take ALOT of bullets without dying and bulelts do penetrate so one shot can aqual 60 poiints or more use around 20 shots then start knifing by the end fo round 4 i usually have 6 to 7 thousand points maybe a little more round 4 is simple kill quickly headshots knife when possible keep one alive use some grenades keep one slow half crawler zombie alive then make your way down to the left towards the alley just keep opening doors and follow it to the theatre turn on the power use the mystery box your m14 can still be used until round 9 or 10 so use it untiul its out of ammo run aroudn theatre elt them spawn in then make your way to the teleporter toss some grenades or make your way to the lobby and blast them save money and get all the perks and try to get the thundergrom and ray gun or one or the other and one of the big machine guns like the rpk or hk21 will do nicely expecially if you have the upgraded thundergrom ( zeus cannon) and the monkey dudes from the crate i usually get the revive perk then the juggernaut perk then double tap then speed cola so by round 12 i have all the perks and usually have some descent weapons.80% of surviving is your ability to move around and not get backed into a corner or let yourself get surrounded learn the level know where everything and you should get to level 20 with ease

  • Ryan

    The best solo I have achieved is Level 41 in Kino Der Toten. It took almost 3 hours. It does help if you have the ray gun.

  • Hunter

    level 21