COD Black Ops Zombies: Should Old Map Packs Work?

By Alan Ng - Nov 11, 2010

For those of you who took a deep breath and decided to fork out the extra cash for the Hardened Edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops, you’ll probably be delighted with the inclusion of the four ‘extra’ maps from World at War.

But what about everyone else? After having a good think about the whole package that Treyarch is offering, it seems a bit harsh to think that some players who paid for the maps on World at War in the first place, will need to be charged again on Black Ops.

What ever happened to customer loyalty? EA did a recent promotion allowing Medal of Honor buyers into a future multiplayer beta for Battlefield 3, but there is no sign of such generosity from Treyarch. CoD gamers who choose to pay the $79.99 for the Hardened Edition are basically doing so, just to play those extra maps from the old game, but we think the idea of these maps being free in the first place for hardcore fans is open to debate.

What do we mean by hardcore fans exactly? Well, we’re talking about the people who paid for each World at War Map Pack from the day it was first released. Treyarch could have won a few extra supporters by choosing to go down this route, but instead it kind of leaves a sour taste in the mouth for those that bought all the maps in the first place.

To add salt to the wound further, it has been confirmed that these four World at War maps are accessible via a redeem code on the PS Store or Marketplace, meaning that Treyarch could have easily provided free codes to loyal customers if they wanted to.

Are we making a fuss up about nothing here, or do you agree with our way of thinking? To put it in a nutshell, Treyarch is charging extra for essentially the same maps on World at War, just with a few changes and the ability to run them on the Black Ops game engine.

Let us know your thoughts on this one.

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  • Tylerred12(Psn)

    They should at least put it in playstation store i want them but dont want to buy another black ops free would b cool tho and you cant even find the hardened and prestiged editions easily either they shoul just make a waw map pack include the 4 maps and maybe a few multiplayer maps(idk what the multiplayer maps are never had waw) put a $ if u agree

  • thanks for this fantastic info ill recommend your site to my class mates as we have been looking for this since i can remember.

    • Jackdalton2001


    • Jackdalton2001


  • Tom

    when r the 4 other map packs gonna come out for psn???


    I have bought every CoD game, including map packs. The W@W maps should have been in every Black Ops edition. I don't feel like letting Josh Olin into my wallet anymore.

  • kkk

    why do traryarex should make it be free

  • Rick

    keep beating the dead horse guys, maybe if there is another three pages of meaningless bitching in the matrix then maybe something will change.
    (note the massive amounts of sarcasm in that statement/sentense)
    Discussion is one thing but stating the same facts over and over again is pointless and stupid. If you have a problem then have the balls to take it up to Treyarch and complain, they can't ignore the masses of people that exist on all the forums about this problem. You all can't be surprised that companies are greedy

  • Jake

    well for me i do think they should put waw maps for black ops free. I dont care if it takes a very long time i just care about people getting the maps. Thumb ups if you agree

  • Corey

    well I paid for the WAW maps on Both Ps3 and 360. Of they decide we must pay for them. My option. They sould be Alot Cheaper then they was On… U think of them Money i have in both Systems for the same maps I have paid enough to get the hardened Edition of black ops. I would Love to play the WAW maps on Black ops. I gave $60+ for Black ops The day is came out for Ps3. i love the zombies and would love again to play the old WAW maps. But i dont have the Money to yet go and Buy another Copy of Black ops to get these maps. They Should be availble to All for Download at a Cheap Price meaning Cheaper then what all 3 Map packs Cost now. LIke $9.99 would be a Good start. But it should be Availible to everyone Not just the ppl that bought the more costly versions of black ops.. I already have $60+ in the Regular Black ops game. And I would have to Buy yet another copy of the Game to get these maps So $79.99+ tax.

    Its not Far to everyone.

  • Mercenary_Snake

    ‎3ARC Untoten
    3ARC Uckt
    3ARC Numa
    3ARC Riese
    Also read a few web posts….. if beat mission on all difficulties it unlocks it to????

    • Mercenary_Snake

      Tested none of the "3Arc" Codes work I got this from some kids Youtube video.

  • Mercenary_Snake

    I feel if you own the original game and already forked out the money for these maps Multiplayer or zombies it should be an expansion pack to the next game if it is already loaded in your system.

  • Sean

    They should be free to people who already payed for them on world at war.

  • eddie

    you dont have to pay for them anyway the WAW maps havent and probly arent gonna be released for black ops

  • Matthew

    Yeah this is so stupid. I think that if you bought the maps on world at war you should have them already on Black ops. making people pay 20 extra bucks by buying the hardened edition is just kinda stupid. but who knows, maybe theyll release them as a map pack at some point.

  • jake

    does anyone know what the code is for w@w zombies on black ops?? ive heard there was a code like when you get out of the chair and you can get in the computer, you type in a code or something to get all the maps from w@w onto black ops

  • Jakob

    oh yea black ops broke my wii so ima have to pay 70 dollars to get it fixed plus i cant play no games on it not just black ops

  • Jakob

    well let me tell u somethin i got it for the wii so there is no prestige or hardened edition and there aint no five or dead ops either plus i spent an extra 20 dollars on a classic controller that i didnt even need cuz theres no split screen. so treyarch better make some more map packs for the wii

  • ram

    if you already payed for the cod waw maps once you should get them for free

  • Malefore

    I think they should be free to those who purchased the maps in WAW, so that they could keep playing in black ops and not have to play again, and ryan fuck you try working you prick

  • mr. awnchepenewa

    i theink we should al least be able to buy them on the regular black ops but i wish they were free but they need to make money somehow

  • quickblood17

    Treyarch already made the maps so they might as well just give them out for free. They already made $60 off of us buying the game. If they dont just give them to everyone for free itll be a waste of time and software that they put into making the maps. IM NOT JUST CHEAP!!! I would be glad to pay them more but since I alredy boughht this map pack once it is just unfair for people to have to pay for it again.

  • P_H_I_L_L

    The voting choices are stupid. Free – free for who, everybody, or just the people that had already paid for the maps?

    I've paid for all four COD WaW map packs, plus the new black ops pack, but I can't use the WaW maps in Black Ops.

    Doesn't make sense.

    Some people say just play the WaW maps in COD5, but they've all been ruined by little modding idiots. Far as I know you can't mod Black Ops.

    That means if I were to play der reise in Black ops I could actually look forward to it.

  • Brent Godersky

    I think that we should have to pay 1200 microsoft points or playstationpoints

  • chocka moo

    i think we shuld get the maps for free because wehad to pay in wold at war and the maps arent that good any way

  • robbie81005 (IFC)

    Why pay twice…Thats dumb. I dish out tons of cash for this games. Shoot, all the money they made in these games, they can throw a bone are way. Can we get some customer appreciation there Treyarch and microsoft.

  • that shold let us get a code from a gamestop or some thig and get it off the xbox and ps3 store come on we all love the zombies from waw

  • jonathan

    What I think is dumb is when I found out the WAW maps were going to be on black ops i rushed to gamestop only to find out that Treyarch stopped selling the hardend adittion.

  • Sergio G

    i think at LEAST Treyarch SHOULD release a Map pack containing all 3 maps, at least for like 15$

  • Caz Mate

    i paid for the waw maps on waw then bo comes out and u have to pay for the maps agian bullshit

  • Mike

    i paid to download the extra zombie world at war maps from the PS Store to play on my black ops and it won't let me use them. did this two weeks ago. Did i do something wrong? let me know cus i paid for the bundle pack cus a friend told me they would work on my Black Ops game but nothing . Email me the answer if you could thanks

  • Ryan Hutchinson

    i think that the maps that you didnt have to pay for in waw should be free for black ops, that maps that you paid for in waw should be accessible if you bought the waw map pack. also i think there should be a seperate map pack specifically for zombies.

  • blake

    i cant beleive they only added two playable maps in zombie sick of game developers half assing couldnt add more maps i mean come on man.and what happened to co-op in the campaign game that makes me real madddd!!!!!!!! its all about co-op and multiplayer online.treyarch blow meeee!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    I bought each and every map pack for WAW, not for the multiplayer maps, but for the zombies. I've already spent plenty of money on those zombie maps and so feel that I should be able to have them via black ops. It's not a huge ask given that I will still be buying every new Zombie map that Treyarch makes.

  • Cal

    I think they should be free at least if you bought all map packs from WaW at the highest price (when they first came out). It's stupid to pay twice for the same maps. :/

  • lindsay

    i paid 150 for the prestige edition so YA i think if you have already purchased them for waw they should b free

  • andrew

    if a gamertag put money in for the maps on WAW, then they should automatically download. if you didnt pay at least once, then you should have to pay. you shouldnt, however, have to pay twice

  • something

    what about the iphone/ipod version?
    i payed for all four of those but i diddnt get the hardened edition so i have to buy them again

  • Micqdf

    I’ll pay 800 Microsoft points for them that’s it

  • AboveOath

    Treyarch does have the right to do whatever that want with the maps, and honestly Bobby Kotick, CEO, president, and a director of Activision Blizzard, would probably rather make even more money and make us buy them again. I do not agree with this at all. I personaly think that those of use who did pay for ALL the map packs for World At War should be able to get them without charge. The people who only purchased 1 or 2 of the maps packs should not get them for free. I only say this because it would be much easier for Treyarch to make one download rather than make 3 of them and it would not be fair to those of us who bought them if the people who did, not got them for free. This would be a middle point where Treyarch and the consumers could meet. Granted, they did have to do a little bit of work to update the old maps and make them playable on Blacks Ops. Even then, if you don't like what I said or if you disagree that much, then you can just go play WAW. So im going with, YES, we should get the maps for free but only if you have all 3 on your system.

  • noah

    i think they should charge. but i don't like how i pre-ordered the game at best buy (NEVER EVER DO THIS AT BEST BUY PLEASE LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE THEY SUCCCCCKKKKK) but anyway i pre order but at best buy i'm not allowed to receive a specific copy at game stop you are. but any way i go on the day and at best buy they are sold out of hardened edition so i try game stop and they ran out on the pre-orders. TREYARCH should have seen a problem then and said oh well we ran out so for those who wanted to map they can download them on psn and whatever xbox has so they to can play the maps with friends. but instead they say oh you didn't pre order the game at the right place cuz no one tolled you what monkey fuckers best buy is well sucks for you fag now you never get to play them

    • tom


  • Kyle

    you guys are just stingy. its 20 bucks oh my gosh you just went bankrupt

  • TheNotorious64

    I believe Treyarch has the right to charge for the maps, but not to make them inaccessible to the rest of the fans i went to preorder the hardened edition and they told me they were out. i still want the maps and am willing to pay for them, but dont make i so i cant play them.

  • Zenith

    I think that all they should do is put a map pack transfer thing on the marketplace for about 600ish ms points, then it could solve both problems, they get abit of money for there time ( if it is worth it?) And it makes it like buying one map on black ops. Anyway yes I did vote for free but this could be a good alternative couldn’t it?

  • Jonny boy

    Do you know how many Millions if not billions of dollars they have already made off of black ops and all other games they have sold.. it's not like there going to lose money for giving people what they already had.

  • Tyler h

    Its not that people don't have the money to pay for it its the fact that they already paid for the exact same thing on a different game. Its like buying a TV for your house/room and then moving to another house and then paying for the tv all over. Its already yours so it should come for free.. Kind of a bad example but it works.

  • Lil NugZz

    Well anti bot that is a load of horse**** they are identical other than importing the black ops weapons in which wouldn't be hard at all.

    • Jonathan

      Actually he is right they had to do a complete overhaul of graphics and coding into it, its not as simple as Drag and Drop the Gun in

  • AntiBot

    Black Ops is a new game witch means the same WAW maps will have to be re-done. Witch means the old WAW maps ARE NEW MAPS.

    • hutchy

      sure they have to be redone but it wont take nearly as long as people would think and it would be a lot of copy paste for treyarch. really the only thing that has to be redone is characters and maybe a tweak to some of the graphics.

      • Jake

        HA heck your right they are new if i had those maps i would have all 8 maps yes their new but if they would to make another COD game with zombies they WILL MAKE THEM FREE

    • Jake

      I find shi no numa the only new and re-maded one since it has better quality Der riese Nacht der untoten and Verruckt are basically the same. Just my opinion…

  • OnyxDragon

    I downloaded all the DLC content on my 360 with Worl at War, i've switched to PS3 now and all the local stores sold out of the hardened edition within 5 minutes of the release, so now either way, i have to wait for DLC on the network to pay for them shts again. If emailed a code — it'll be to DL maps on XBL instead of PSN. I think the maps should've just been included to begin with and they shoulda went with a different "perk" for the hardened edition. I say effe Treyarch for screwin' the ones that fed them.

  • Rhustie

    The maps are the same – they should be provided free of charge to the accounts that have paid for them once before in the past.
    If they were new maps, they should be paid for, as all new things are.

    Shimples :]

  • Josh

    Black ops is a garbage ass game anyways that was nothing but hype and this forum is correct what treyarch did is ridiculously garbage as well. The graphics blow too the only good thing about black ops is the way it was designed the overall idea behind the game they took a good idea and didnt get it across very well the weapons suck, the graphics suck, and the servers definitely blow, the kill cams are all whacked up as well.

    • Matthew

      no ump45 eh . they have balanced the game =] which a lot of people wanted. and if its so bad wh comment on things about Black ops . also why are you still playing addict.

  • MerlinJnr

    If you want to play the maps, just load up W@W. Paying twice is just dumbass. Anyway, who wants to play the old maps. They've been played to death anywayz.

    • cody

      that may be true, but to hardcore fans, they are still fun as hell, regardless

    • Mercenary_Snake

      why not be able to play all maps on 1 game and use what you already paid for like an expansion pack. like with RDR and there add on of Undead Nightmare.

  • Casey

    first off if you have all of the maps for waw you mite not want to get the ones for black ops yet. patience is key it's obvious they will come out with many more new maps and you will want to buy them just like you do the world at war map in about a year or so treyarch will release everything for 20 dollars again unless you guys are going to get the next cod me if i get black ops i'm done with cod and focusing on battlefield, and maybe the next halo game but cod is losing the war feeling and becoming a counter strike where you can zoom in

    • Matthew

      sorry to say there only will be One MORE halo game supposedly which is halo wars 2
      but i know what you mean

  • Saboy

    Well if treyarch doesn’t offer them free, they should at least offer them in 1 download with all for maps for a discount if you already purchased for waw.. That way they can still make a little profit and keep the fans happy I wouldn’t mind paying $5 more. It’ll Sux if they do different downloads 1 map here and another there and pay for each one.

    • Jonathan

      That is most likely what they will do it will be all 4 maps around 5-10$ is what i have been hearing a lot we can all hope

  • Christian

    I think we should get the maps free if we have them on cod 5

  • Han solo

    ryan you gay lord, think thats you mother at my door for some mouth to cock, ther hoovers free in your house now!

  • thomasamos

    y should you p[ay for something twice it doesnt make any sense resession is in and cod have made millions so y charge the less fortunate.

  • John Smith

    Every since activision was bought by blizzard is when we starting seeing the real greed happen.

    What Blizzard learned from the Idiots that play WOW (world of warcraft), is that people will buy your crap no matter what, since they will be left behind if they don't. And they are now implementing this subscription method for extra content for all of their games.

    I personally boycotted the whole game, it's not any better than the last or the one before that, just a repackaged version of the last COD.

  • matt

    people who say pay an extra £10 proberly cant becuase they have already brought the and are now gutted that they only had enough to pay for the hardend addition like me so the people had brought them in the pass should get a free redeme code or what ever.

  • Jason

    Absolutely stupid I bought the old maps on waw and expect them to be free. All the people saying we should pay for them are idiots at the end of the day we are loyal customers and should be allowed to have the maps for crying out loud

  • david watson

    Me and my friend have just used the cheat to unlock the extra two maps that are already shown, we’ve been playing the arcade one and my friend said he unlocked something, he unlocked the waw zombies maps and he has the basic edition of black ops so there must be a way to do this

    • You should ask him how.

    • darren k


    • malismrk

      to witch lv.did you 2 get

  • Newt

    What a moron. He Understands we are in a recession and then says we should make ourselfs even worse off by throwing more money away.

    Activision are doing great financially. Its the average person that is feeling the pinch.

    • Jonathan

      Actually the best way to help a recession is to spend money so who's the real moron?

  • Zatsuya

    free, if the map was purchased for waw

    • dkelf

      I agree with free i twentu five pounds on waw n now theyhave made them better on black ops but tht dnt mean it change in appreance they changed the weps n perks n got rid of glitches

    • jhgj

      i think it should be free only if you purchased it of waw

  • cookie

    I paid for all the map packs in a bundle for 25 bucks I think they should be free in black ops

  • James

    They came out with 3 map packs for World at War with in one year of release, each being at least $10. The game it self cost $60, so now a lot of us out there have close to $90 into just one game! For World at War they hit over 2 Million sales on just the first map pack! Thats $140,000,000 worth of money they grossed off of just the people who bought the game and the first map pack. For them not to include 4 older maps that have already made them a ridiculous amount of money in the gaming world is just a slap in the face. recesion or not.

  • MRC

    I have paid for these maps twice already! Full price on the xbox live marketplace, and the 20$ they cost on my ipod before Treyarch decided to only charge 5 dollars for all four. I shouldn't have to pay more than once for one thing. 10 Dollars more and I could have bought an entire game with a full campaign and good online maps, paying once didn't bother me, but three times would. Besides Black Ops uses an improved version of the World at War Engine, but in essence it is the same thing

  • Pierce

    Its just Activision again =/ Activions motto is "FORK IT ALL OVER.NOW!!" after all

  • alan

    that is not the point why have to pay for the same thing twice. you say you have to put something in well the people who paid for the map packs in the first place have already put something in .

  • dominic beattie

    if they gave out the maps for free then they would probably lose money and if you were a real fan you wouldnt moan

    • jonB

      no they should give them out free to those who already have the damn maps, why should we have to pay for something we paid for once b4, it makes no sense at all

      • Joseph

        look, waw has had its day and it is time to move on! like halo, do you complain when it isnt in reach?!

        • skyler

          Its not the same thing so stfu if I paid around 25 dollars for maps on the old game why pay for maps that have tweaks and that’s all…these aren’t brand new maps, these are the same maps, so why make us pay for this if we, in essence, already did…make them totally new maps and this wouldn’t even be a debate…btw reach isn’t putting old maps for 20 dollars for the hell of it so apparently they have some brains even if it is a shitty game

    • Nick B

      A real fan knows when to turn around and call treyarch wrong. A gaming company is only going to improve if its fans lets it know its wrong.

    • Darren k

      The maps were already made from waw. Trust me they've already made a load of cash from the first time round. And they are selling one of the biggest games of the year. Losing money LOL

    • Billy Holdsworth

      you are in no place to comment about real fans
      i have played and loved every single cod since the 1st then big red one the 3 then modern warfare etc and that has cossed me and excess of £180 and every single map pack which takes the cost to £250 just on call of duty
      so i think i should be get the maps for free

    • Mr Funkalicious

      Since the profit margin is actually very high on software, they really would not loose too much in the way of profits by providing these maps for Balck Ops to the people who paid for them on WaW (like myself). There may be 10 hrs of programming to bring them onto the Black Ops engine, but the fact that the Black Ops engine is esentially the WaW engine provides nearly seamless trasference of the maps (hence the 10hrs to program). Since this is a depression (it past a recession years ago), they might actually want to garner some customer favor by giving these maps to people who essentially paid for their development anyways by buying them in WaW.

    • brady

      clearly ur not a real fan

    • Audio_Jack

      some of us pay for our stuff. Treyarch made millions the first week of release. Allowing the people who already have these maps on WAW would be a +1 for the company image, and stcosk would probably rise because everyone likes and appreciates the copanies thoughfulness. Making the people who forked $60 over for 3 months of gameplay is BS. Allowing the WAW players to test, or just play the maps would not effect there millions they are already raking in

    • julian

      iwould becase it is stpid to pay the maps in waw

  • Nick

    im fine with paying for it but its true about the people who paid for them in WAW (like me 🙂 ) so i think it wouldnt be that hard for them to provide it for free

  • asssl

    ryan not everyone's rich you rich spoilt kid…. its hard earned money..

    • scotty

      dude its $10 you don't have to be rich to afford $10 just have to not be cheap.

    • Joseph

      £10 is not rich or spoilt its a guy thet has saved his money 4 somthing he wants…shech!

  • Ryan Bellamy

    The people who are voting for it to be free are the people who cant be bothered to fork out £10 more for a few maps, come on guys we're in a recesion. Life isn't full of free things you have to put something in.

    • Justin

      You must work for COD franchise. If people bought this, it should be free. Otherwise, dont relase old maps at all and make NEW MAPS

    • jarron

      Ryan you must be retarded, the main reason people still play WAW is cause of all the zombie maps, i personally bought all the map packs when they came out, so did millions of other people. so "forking over money" for something you all ready bought is a stuiped concept. and thats why over 90% of people voted they should be free.

      • Josh

        I totally agree. I them all and I don't want to pay an extra 20 or 30 dollars for something i already bought!!

    • Kevin Manley

      Recession does not mean end of customer loyalty…..

    • Brk

      I payed for the saw maps I should have to buy them again

    • Laith

      we do not want anything for free, we paid for it. why should we pay again?

      • Andrew

        They aren't exactly the same games, there are a few changes. It's a simple concept…If you want it, pay for it…if not, don't. Nothing in this world is free, stop trying to take what people have earned. They company had to make a few changes and therefore would like to make a profit. Why don't you create something then give it away for free?

        • Austin

          can i ask exactly what changes they made? most likely added a few more guns and cleared out some gliches and we have to pay extra for it. i bought the maps, i shouldnt have to buy them again just to play it on another disc with a few changes. ill admit i only bought der reise but they should at lest give us the ones we already bought. and for those of us who dont have the maps mod the game, i put the AIs from local in the nazi maps for a little extra help why dont you just mod black ops weopons into the old nazi maps?

    • Darren Kennard

      Yeah we put somthing in when we paid for them in the first place.They are a multimillion pound company who are just on the make. selfish!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      it should be free because these maps are nothing new dipshit.

    • Joseph

      STOP! this guy is correct! stop making so much fuss about it if you want the old maps then just keep waw for god sake!

    • Nate

      I just want to know when the map packs will be available to buy

    • darthblunt

      so those of us who paid for those old zombie maps should have to pay again… dont make sense. i am all for spending money just not on something i already paid for…

    • Daniel

      Uhm I Forked Over 60 already that's not enough.

    • joe

      the hardend and prestige edition were all sold out weeks before the release date making it impossible for me to purchase the maps i had already purchased on cod waw . The maps should be free or at least be available via dlc.

    • Audio_Jack

      I'm afraid to say… I payed out $19.99 for each map pack. I payed for something that was only played 2-3 months after it was released. Then new versions of COD were released. If i payed $129 total for a game that lasted months… Id kinda expect the makers of the new game to include the old maps ANYWAYS. No redeem code.. nothing. Yes we are in a recession… thats why they are asking for soo much money for something they already released? I understand life isn't free, fully aware of that. They made how many millions off this game? You think they could just send a code to those who payed an extra $60 last game for the same bloody maps we will fork another $60 for this year.

    • I don’t mind forking over $10 for a new map, but why should I have to pay $25 for maps I already purchased just so I can play them on a different engnine? That’s $50 for 4 maps I’ve already played a dozen times.It’s not that people have a problem paying for maps, (if they’re new) BUT No one wants to pay for something they’ve already purchased once before. All they did was update the same maps by putting them on a different engine & adding a couple guns. An UPDATE! Why now do I have to pay for an update? Any other time I turn on my Ps3 & I’m required to install an update BEFORE I can even sign online.

      Now I have to pay? Why? Isn’t it their job to stay up to date?

    • Austin

      what country are you from here in america we spend our hard earned $$$ not the money rich mommy & daddy give us, we dont have unlimited money to go spend at our own pleasure.

    • dj77777777

      duded.. that what are taxes are for

    • Juan Mejia

      can you get them on game stop

    • FUCK YOU

      You must either work for treyarch or your a cunt.