COD Black Ops Zombies: Should Old Map Packs Work?

For those of you who took a deep breath and decided to fork out the extra cash for the Hardened Edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops, you’ll probably be delighted with the inclusion of the four ‘extra’ maps from World at War.

But what about everyone else? After having a good think about the whole package that Treyarch is offering, it seems a bit harsh to think that some players who paid for the maps on World at War in the first place, will need to be charged again on Black Ops.

What ever happened to customer loyalty? EA did a recent promotion allowing Medal of Honor buyers into a future multiplayer beta for Battlefield 3, but there is no sign of such generosity from Treyarch. CoD gamers who choose to pay the $79.99 for the Hardened Edition are basically doing so, just to play those extra maps from the old game, but we think the idea of these maps being free in the first place for hardcore fans is open to debate.

What do we mean by hardcore fans exactly? Well, we’re talking about the people who paid for each World at War Map Pack from the day it was first released. Treyarch could have won a few extra supporters by choosing to go down this route, but instead it kind of leaves a sour taste in the mouth for those that bought all the maps in the first place.

To add salt to the wound further, it has been confirmed that these four World at War maps are accessible via a redeem code on the PS Store or Marketplace, meaning that Treyarch could have easily provided free codes to loyal customers if they wanted to.

Are we making a fuss up about nothing here, or do you agree with our way of thinking? To put it in a nutshell, Treyarch is charging extra for essentially the same maps on World at War, just with a few changes and the ability to run them on the Black Ops game engine.

Let us know your thoughts on this one.

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