COD Black Ops Zombie Cheats: Unlimited Death Machine and Three Weapons

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2011

Following on from our earlier article which informed you about a code to unlock all of the zombie maps on Call of Duty: Black Ops, we now have news of a glitch in the game which will allow you to have an unlimited Death Machine weapon.

For those of you who have played the Pentagon Zombie map called ‘Five’, you’ll know that there is a new power up in the game which will give you access to the Death Machine, the same beefy gatling gun from multiplayer mode.

It is meant to only last a short while, but we’ve seen a video on YouTube which shows you how to get it permanently – with UNLIMITED AMMO. Basically, once you get the power up for the first time, get killed by a zombie, and then have a teammate revive you.

Once you come back to life, you’ll see that not only will you have the Death Machine weapon in your inventory, you’ll still have your other two weapons, which means that you can now hold a total of three – pretty cool. Try it out now and see if it works for you, hopefully Treyarch won’t patch this up so we can all enjoy the Death Machine with unlimited ammo.

A note of importance though: Once you have the unlimited Death Machine, don’t pick up any more power-ups for the weapon, as this will replace your infinite one and you’ll have to repeat the process. Also, don’t let the mad scientist steal it from you during that part the game – experienced players will know what I’m talking about.

There is a video below showing this process. Let us know if this trick works for you or not.

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    is this for the wii is it black ops1 IS IT KINO DER TOTEN WHATS YOUR ALLY CODE

  • ZombieMaster

    How do you do this on solo for the PS3

  • Chuck Norris

    Cheating is wrong….learn to play the right way!

    • cod2thumbsup

      Seriously cheats were ment to be found

  • Jamiewhittman555

    doesnt work i just tried it and i wasnt even online. I got on the table and waited until i seen it pop up. once i got it i told my cousin 2 revieve me once i go down. so he did and i diddnt even get the death machine

  • Caitchapman9

    i just get on the table in the first room and i do it by going to the table closest to the small table on the right then cut of the 2 bottom glass theen go to the left of the boards and jump three times then u get to the highest u can then jump on the table by pushing r3 and x then do the same by getting to the next table sometime first of all u have to delete all of the progress but it only deletes the campain progress

  • ThA_mAn

    I jus get on tha table in tha first room on five and i beat tha game it waz relly boring!!! -.- ZzZ

    • Dleeck

      i cant even get to round 5 on five

  • ronan.fuss

    woweee i got all of the intel then put in the cheat

    • Dleeck

      how do you do cheats

      • Morgan

        When your in your chair press “LT AND RT” both together at the same time and you break out of the chair. When your get out of the chair walk around and find a computer with a black screen. Go up to it and press and hold blue (like it will say). Enter these codes “doa” “3arc unlock”. doa will give you “dead ops arcade” (a zombie map) and 3arc unlock will give you another zombie map. For more codes go to google online and type in “call of duty black ops zombies cheats”

  • liam lawrence

    do u have any xbox cheats for all the guns on zombies on call of duty black ops

  • Kronos

    wait have you guys played acencion

    i think thats how you spell it

    • matthew

      no thats not how you spell it
      you obviously don’t play ASCENSION that much

    • cod2thumbsup

      How much are maps?

  • Martycod

    That is simple

  • LUKE

    wat is the code for the gun HELP PLZZZZZ

    • Dleeck

      give all is the cheat

  • johnny

    wait,when i got the death machine and was supposed to get hit by a zombie on purpuse,my teamate revived me and the death machine then goes away???someone please help!

    • Martycod

      @johnny deos it not work iv not tyed it yet

    • matthew

      The way you do it is on call of the dead.
      You must have at least three people to do this.
      Grab a death machine, have your friend kill himself with a grenade, have another friend revive him and then you.
      While the death machine is your only gun, it has unlimited ammo and it will never go away.
      If you want to try it with me, add zeppelin1616 on xbox 360.

  • chuck

    HEY, get an xbox 360. they dont crash, AND you can pass the$%^&ing tank. Plus I know A invinceibillity glitch on zombies AND ainfineite ammo glitch on xbox.


    • chuck

      fu its not innapropriate.

      • alex

        hay what is the invincibility cheat if you kmow it?

  • awesome cod man

    Guys go turn on the electricity then wait in the room for 3 rounds and a random weapon crate will fall down, it has a DEATH MACHINE or Flamethrower

    • Zombiechico

      Death machine is found in FIVE? Or German theater? Wat room do u wait for three rounds for the crate?

  • bad boy

    i dont play campain but i play zombies and i always get to level 20

    • alex

      ooh thats amazing jk that sucks i usally make it to round 54

  • jim

    anyone who is involved with tank problems in cod 7 are gay

  • i would have to agree with stephen this game was a fukinn fail the only good thing about it was zombies treyarch fuked it up big time

  • vek

    what is the cheat for the five and dead op arcade

    • Jacklaw21

      3arc unlock

  • zamor

    are there any gun cheats? if so please tell me

  • CC38

    Spelling? I can spell but who frickin' cares when you are posting online? Have you ever seen one of those posters where the letters of words are all mixed up but it is still perfectly understandable?

    Behold: Typoglycemia

    I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht

    I was rdanieg. A rnecet sdtuy has swohn taht it denso’t

    mtaetr in waht odrer in wihch the lteters in the mdilde

    of the wrod say, bcuaese our barin olny raeds the frist

    and lsat letetr in a wrod. The rset can be a taotl mses

    and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm.

  • scott

    find 5 reels and it will send a latter down and you can get up high in the theatre

    • jeff

      where are they?

      • alex

        there is one in the doctors room next to the chair. i dont know were the others you know were the rocks are cuz i also know that

  • Dave

    can you play 3 players on zombie? We can only get two remotes to work for offline mode, but it says you can play 4..

  • 222444

    your tareable

  • Hatachi269

    Billy! calm down! anyway, i hope treyarch doesnt patch this glitch, but i hope its only for zombies and not online versus. that would give people a WAY unfair advantage

  • jeff

    It's patched on the Xbox360, so i'm assuming that your no different.

  • ZombieKiller

    The zombie in the lad coat will steal your best gun so becareful

    • only the gun you are using if you have only a pistol that gets stolen if you don't have anything (all guns stolen) then the pentagon theif will steal your knife!!

  • lukus

    How do you comeplete the first level, i can get the power swich and teleport into the building with the grenades, & thats it :

    • indianburn

      well you cannot beat zombies but you can try and get as far as you can which is hard but fun and also open the doors and get good guns get the monkey bombs,ray gun, and lmg/thundergun than hook up teleporter kill zombies got to next round use teleporter get crawlers and run around the map killing all zombies but the crawlers and hook up the teleporters again and repeat for every round and i promise that when you get good you will survive a minimum amount of rounds of 21 so good luck
      and if you have a ps3 my psn is indianburn please add if you have a mic

  • Erick

    was playin zombies "five" online and one of the guys playing started to fly. WTF!!!!

  • gmbgmjin

    i think that order66 is right and that your all iliterall twats

  • joe

    How do u get the death machine and the three weapons at the sam time? let me know quick. And do u know any glitches?

  • timothy o'keefe

    i know this stuff already so cool though

  • dylan

    it works i done it but it was on solo with q revive cool sientest took my thunder gun 🙁

  • dustin sargent

    i would like to know what gun i need to have to do this… i know you say it but i dont know the names of the guns.. i just shoot… if you could let me can reach me at

  • nima

    how can go up level in zombi???

  • Beefcake

    there are no glitches on zombies

    • you can use a crawling zombie and he will boost you up onto the podium in kinder tot en and zombies cant hit you. make sure its a reg crawling zombie and the podium with a mounted machine gun thats automated.

    • nick

      actually if u dive into a corner… u need 3 or more players… u want some one to dolfin dive onto u ull both die and then have ur teammate revive you ull hear the laugh and then u should also get more drops after that…

  • fred

    To unlock all the zombies levels type in 3ARC UNLOCK into the computer

  • on five how exactly do I survive past round 4 (zombies)

    • Kronos

      I dont know maybe get good at it just a thought.

  • izac2012

    ok can someone explain how to do the glitch i tried and nothing people are saying i need to waste all my pistol ammo is that true?

  • juan

    Idk how 2 get it I f… try how do u power up and than get the gun where u go or what shit a brother confused…let me know if all wana b str8 and help out add a brother THE_JUICE_MAINE…..

    • Shane

      i dont understand do you mean how to patch a punch a gun??

    • Roberto

      In kino der toten activate both teleporters and teleport you will go to a room go to the machine and upgrade the gun you have.In five turn the power on pull all the defcon switchs till defcon5 get in a teleporter theres another room upgrade your gun.

      DO BOTH THESE QUICKLY BEFORE YOU TELEPORT BACK! Im 11 you need to ask people about things before a match on multiplayer.

  • Shane

    i got a update yesterday for block ops and now i cant do the multi gun glitch on Zombies??? i have tried with and without the claymore's?? anyone have any idea??

    • Kevo

      They Patched All Glitches Yesterday, And Theyre Currently Working On The Online Connection Today .

      • Shane

        really?? i mean i thought they put the multi gun glitch there for us to make it easier in the zombie mode….but you can only carry two guns now?? is that all??? you really think so?

    • Silly Shane

      Block ops hahahahahahahaha

    • zachary

      block ops really lol is this lego black ops

  • Order66

    I've spent about half an hour reading all these posts, and the one constant in all of it is that nobody knows how to spell properly. Lol!!! Maybe less time bitching about glitches and more time actually proof reading before you post is in order.

    • matt

      It's spelled 'your'
      As in "before 'your' post is in order"
      Smooth one grammar Nazi

      • Red

        Actually, Matt, you're the idiot. He wrote it correctly…

        • tom

          Actually Red Your The Idiot!!

        • your mom

          Actually Tom you're the idiot!!!

    • person

      you read all of these posts ??? one question why??

    • mark

      there is allways one twat nit picking about grammer i bet your a yank

  • Dreadknotts

    The power switch is on the stage…

  • james

    how do u get infinite ammo on any gun

    • daniel

      how infinite ammo on any gun

  • Nick

    The glitch doesn’t work me and my friend tried it four times and nothing happens.

  • Fred

    WOW, I have the PS3 version and I have had zero issues with this game. The online connections are another thing but everyone is having that and they are working on a patch to fix it,
    @Billy- its called latency…mostly. But there are guys that just have super reflexes. I think the guns are very balanced and its now more of a personnel preference now. Just keep playing and you will get better. I'm not that great k/d = .95% but have been getting better the more I play, so just keep it up….

  • Billy

    Im playn multiplayer online @! and i get my ass whipped . I shoot them and they shoot me !! DEAD !! WTF !!!! Is there a trick to this shit – or do i just really suck bad !!lol

    • Avo

      You suck really bad, well, black ops is known for people sponging, just make sure they are dead before you stop shooting x

    • tony

      you may have a net lag if your connection is slow than your opponents he could be shooting you before you even know hes around on his screen he could be launching a killstreak when on your screen he just shot you (you being the first kill in his streak) so i would check that your system is the only thing active on your connection (no computers or other systems using bandwidth) or upgrade your connection to a faster speed. i have that problem too but i only have a 1mbps connection avg is 3 to 5 want to upgrade to 6. if i dont turn off my wifes laptop i'll timeout constantly.

    • joe

      y do u have a prob…?this game is awsome?HAVE FUN………..?

  • Chaosmage424

    Can the death machine be Pack a punched? Just wondering also does his glitch work on one player


      the main post says no perks can be added to the death machine

  • neil

    I am out principle goign to ring head office of Sainsburys tomorrow and again demand a refund. I am also going to ring Trading Standards and Citizens Advice to see what can be regarding regunds.

    bob you are a complete tool

    • Tc82

      Bob is a boring tw@!

    • Nolan Harvey420

      do u know cheats of how to get Unlimted ammo,Super jump,Infinte Helth

  • I don’t have Internet mine worked fine think u got a bad disk it happens!

    • bitch wod .com

      yu suck

  • Camryn

    power in the first level is on the stage. I always go through the door at the top of the stairs in the beginning and work my way through to the stage. The power is on the wall next to the M16 that you can buy. From there, a good camping spot with 3-4 people is to buy doors from the stage to outside (the first door being right next to the M16 as well) and then going through the alley and buying the door leading inside, but not the next door, which leads back to the beginning. With 3 people, you can have one inside the room guarding the 2 windows by standing at the window closer to the door to go outside, and the other 2 people outside at the bottom of or on the stairs with one person guarding the window behind you while supporting the other. Who guards what is up to you. With 4 people, you can either have 2 people inside guarding the windows (1 each), or have 1 person inside guarding both windows, thus being able to have 3 people outside. Again, the choice is up to you. Another strategy is to not buy the door inside at the end of the alley way, have 1 person guard the back window behind you guys, and 2 or 3 people cover the front where all the zombies are coming. I find this strategy to actually be more difficult, as it doesn't spread out the zombies as much, so more come straight at you from the front, making it harder to defend. The number of zombies that go inside the building to the windows is somewhat small, but significant.

    • Nolan Harvey420

      Do u know cheats of how to get Unlimted ammo,Super jump,Infinte health

  • Crazyblondekilla86

    Where do you go to turn on the power in the first level? I can't find it

    • ggaaggee

      you go out side

    • Nate_Dogg618 =PSN

      no you dont go out side.when you start off the level, you go under the stairs open that door then go to the alley then go to the gate then when your upstairs go to the door by the lockers then go down the stairs STOP! go through the doorway and look on the wall to your right. there should be a switch.thats the power.BUT! i remind you if you turn it on you have these ugly little faggots comin after you and the games harder.

  • sam

    is it possible to disable the cheat —- just out of interest—- if so how

    • cody

      pick up the death machine power up again when a zombie drops it, and the death machine will run like normal

  • beastiedesigns

    to get under the tank you just lie down lol

    its the bit before that which got on my nerves

    you hold back the VC, and get slaughtered many times before you go online and find out what to do
    at no point do they tell you the objective or how to complete the level, and the enemy keeps on coming, so its just a matter of time before you die

    when i found out it was easy

  • bob

    Dave – Out of interest what verions of the PS3 do you have.
    Origianl (plays ps2)
    Next one (doesn't play ps2)
    The next one.
    The slim
    The new slim.
    There might be more.

    I am on 2. Old carpet cleaner looking machine that doesn't play ps2.
    Bugs central – PS3 crashes, black screen of death, and YELLOW screen of death – no one on me.

    Major bug when you have to open the door with woods. Press square – Ah machine lock up. 5 attempts before the machien didnt crash – He to hard-reboot each time.

    Developers – Test your code. Like being at work!

  • gun

    if you lie down they cant kill you

  • dave

    what are you on about? crawl under a tank?? ive completed this game and don't remember having to do that? ..or maybe it wasnt at all a problem and i just whizzed past it without knowing ive done it?

    Anyway – i didnt find one flaw in this epic game.. PS3 by the way.

    • Stephen

      have you played multiplayer?
      it's shitty as fuck. i'm pretty good and can't complain about the gameplay itself, but the levels are shit, most levels have no sniper positions, they will sometimes put you on a level with 16 people thats too big for 8 people, and the no good sniper rifles whatsoever.
      the zombie levels are fun, and a few of the online features are coll, but overall this game is a real letdown in comparison to MW2.

      • alex

        dude this game is alsome. and there is like 12 sniper maps retard.

    • Staesh

      True ….. True ….. All true! Brilliant game

      Enough said !!!


    Dude, EPIC! and this is fer ever?!

    • russ

      in the back room and under the tabol

  • jay

    Does anyone know where the power switch is in the first zombie level

    • JAM

      yh its at the being but the power stich is in the theater go thought all the doors and theres the theater

    • sdgdsf

      in the theatere

    • xdbgdfghd

      your ass

    • john

      your ass

    • Mark

      it should be down the stairwell once you go outside and through the gate

    • danny

      keep going tell you get to stage wear there is a big red curtin look around.

    • carl

      open all the doors until you get to the teleporter , the power switch will be there, but you'll have to look for it , its near the m16

    • jack.r

      in the theater behind the curtins next to m16

    • to the left of the m16

    • a person

      in the theater on stage

    • dee

      its on the stage artard

    • L.C.

      in the teather

    • Brianna

      You need to keep killing and rebuilding doors till u have enugh money and u open doors and if u keep going theirs the power room and you will see the switch its huge its by a white door.

    • ianellis

      i do lol

    • bai1

      the theatre
      thel link is in the first room

  • bob

    No that doesn't actually quite work – You need to duck, press L3 and push left stick forward.
    Not even sure that will work you. Just pretend you are playing old street fighter – whack all those buttons eventually you may get low enough.

    Such a rubbish game.

    • luke

      lol u hold O to go prone, the game tells u this many times

  • bob


    Press the left cross pad button, then you can press O again and duck lower.


    Enjoy – If that is at all possible.

  • bob

    Yes I have just thought about that – If people don't have an internet connection then not likely to read my post – Bless my cotton socks 🙂

    Anyway – Just installed update, can I get passed the tank now.


    WTF – Am i really that rubbish?

    • luke


  • bob

    PS3 Owners NOTE:
    If you have not got an internet connection (I'm sure you all do) then you will not be able to proceed past the begining of Vietnam level.

    I assume this is the same for everyone and I am only assuming the update that is available addresses the issue.

    The issue being. I can't get under the TANK!

    The fact an update is available so soon really shows how little the games was tested and adds to an ever growing list of failures.

    I am out principle goign to ring head office of Sainsburys tomorrow and again demand a refund. I am also going to ring Trading Standards and Citizens Advice to see what can be regarding regunds.


    • brenfrew

      what level can you get the gatling gun?

      • ranga

        Vorkuta you can get the deathmachine

        • alex

          dumb ass you have to

        • Nolan Harvey420

          Do u know any cheats of how to get unlimted ammo?

    • haha

      dude……you gotta crawl under it……not crouch or walk. crawl

      • sam


      • beep

        The guy clearly said he cant get UNDER the tank, which implies that he already TRIED crawling. lol reading comprehension is hard herpa derp

    • Ed M

      This happened to me so i just restarted the level and it worked :/

    • Neil

      Just a few thoughts about Bobs post

      1.Its hard to read this without having an internet connection, i tried looking up this page on my fridge but it didnt work, i currently have a friend trying to read this page via his waffles but thats not looking too good either.

      2. Grammar needs a little work don't you think?

      3. Trading Standards, Citizens Advice and Sainsburys? thats a little OTT

      And Finally take it to the supermarket tell them the disc has a fault and they will replace it.

      Neil CSM Sainsburys Edinburgh

      • Leroy

        Just 1 thought about your post…

        1. You bought your game from a supermarket…? I don’t know about you but I buy food and vegies from a supermarket, not games.

        • Thisguyisanoob

          Not if you buy it at walmart!! It has it all

        • LeroysAFool

          never been to morrisons then?

    • Anon

      Sorry but that was just frieken retarded.

      There are more bugs in MW2 at this very moment and it has been out for ages.

      Cry more about this game, I dare you, just because it's not noob friendly 😉

    • My unlimited death machine doesnt work ive tried what the directions u guys are giving my teamate gets the gun my teamate dies and i revive him and nothing happens.