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COD Black Ops Zombie Cheats: Unlimited Death Machine and Three Weapons

Following on from our earlier article which informed you about a code to unlock all of the zombie maps on Call of Duty: Black Ops, we now have news of a glitch in the game which will allow you to have an unlimited Death Machine weapon.

For those of you who have played the Pentagon Zombie map called ‘Five’, you’ll know that there is a new power up in the game which will give you access to the Death Machine, the same beefy gatling gun from multiplayer mode.

It is meant to only last a short while, but we’ve seen a video on YouTube which shows you how to get it permanently – with UNLIMITED AMMO. Basically, once you get the power up for the first time, get killed by a zombie, and then have a teammate revive you.

Once you come back to life, you’ll see that not only will you have the Death Machine weapon in your inventory, you’ll still have your other two weapons, which means that you can now hold a total of three – pretty cool. Try it out now and see if it works for you, hopefully Treyarch won’t patch this up so we can all enjoy the Death Machine with unlimited ammo.

A note of importance though: Once you have the unlimited Death Machine, don’t pick up any more power-ups for the weapon, as this will replace your infinite one and you’ll have to repeat the process. Also, don’t let the mad scientist steal it from you during that part the game – experienced players will know what I’m talking about.

There is a video below showing this process. Let us know if this trick works for you or not.



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