COD Black Ops Review MTV: What game is perfect?

By Peter Chubb - Nov 11, 2010

Whenever November comes around we know two things are coming, Black Friday and a new Call of Duty game. The latest version from the franchise is COD Black Ops, and is the third from Treyarch. There have already been a number of reviews on the game, and it looks to me that the game has not been given the chance that it deserves.

Adam Rosenberg from MTV thought that he would offer his 10 cents, and see if all those negative reviews were justified. Most of us already know the story behind the game; you will play the game as a series of flashback that take place before as well as during the Vietnam War.

Rosenberg points to the fact that Black Ops is not ground-breaking, but hard-core gamers will certainly love how much darker of a game this is – it had to be with a name like Black Ops though.

There have been so many reactions to this latest Call of Duty title, with some suggestion that it is a step back from Modern Warfare 2, but isn’t it still too early to reach that verdict. Rosenberg concludes his review by not being able to decide if Treyarch has done a better job that Infinity Ward – maybe you can answer that for him then? However, he does state that Black Ops is a strong game and that “It isn’t perfect, but what game is?” Read MTV’s Review.

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  • allfupdup

    sure wasted my hard earned cash on this one.finished in less than 10 hrs.hate games that probe hidden memories,and flashbacks…waste of time.wanna play game…not watch videos.

  • Black Ops should be renamed Cack Ops its the biggest pile of shite ive ever seen from the glitchy cartoony ps2 style graphics to terrible sound effects to network errors un serious lag un it is serious cuz game’s totally unplayable at times.I cant honestly believe people like this game i know i dont un ive gone back to MW2 even though that game has connection problems un the odd hacked lobby still superior to Cack Ops but thats what i expected tbh because lets get real un the fact is Infinity Ward were always better at developing COD games than Treyarch un if anybody disagrees then all i got for say to them is their are full shit like Cack Ops roll on Gran Turismo 5!


    BLACK OPS CAN ONLY BE DESCRIBED AS DESPARATE!!!! Horrible spawning/graphics/ lagging/maps!! I am a huge fan of mw and cod but this actly turned me of of it! Ill either go back to mw2 or cod 4 or jus stop playing it as its depressing!! Such a big let down with millions of disappoointed buyers.This could be the nail in the coffin for MW as people will think twice about spending like €55 or whatever the currency might be for this garbage!!

    • bollocks

      lol if its soooooo shit then why are there like 3.5 million people on at one time? i admit graphics are a bit dodgy but in terms of gameplay its solid and feels alot more balanced then fuckin mW2, cod 4 will always be my fav but this is a very very close second with MW2 down the list somewere. i play on xbox and im from Australia and have no problem with lagg or ne thing

  • Trev

    lol "worst game i have ever played"

    perhaps one of the most idiotic comments i have read on the entire interwebs in all my days

    black ops is awesome. the end

  • Photography

    3> stupidly easy and its very hard to die when getting shot.

    4> The game took 2.5 hours to complete, the story line is annoying and poor. there is longer video content than game play.

    Multi player.

    Laggy at times
    Same as any other game on the market ((WAW is better) haven't played MW2)

    Maps are small in most aspects leading all the games all to be more like TDM to get anywhere.

    mediocre game that will disappoint players of the game and multi-player.

    Side note: Perhaps they were hoping for the people who bought the game to develop good maps so there can be some better play?

  • Photography

    Not a good Game Not a good multi player.
    This game was developed on a name which has now been given the same shame as those remakes of movies that don't live up to expectations.

    There are glitches in the game, to name two of them:

    1> When you get the cross-bow, you prone and it disappears, then you have to run about tyring to get the guys on your team to shoot the guard as you have no weapons.

    2> When you are on the boat and its not moving or going backward, there is a wake spray on the front as if the boats moving.

    Final Word: Dont go buy this game now, the price will drop very soon, Im sure.

  • the doood

    Also a terrible weapons rating, Really? a POS Makarov is more accurate and powerful than a 1911a1???

  • the doood

    Nice research job putting weapons and optics in the game that did not exist at the time..

    • cunt

      they stated this before the game came out, that the "black ops" or special forces wat ever u want to call them get the guns before they are actually released so there like exclusive to them


    What game is perfect? I dont know but I can tell you that Black Ops is far from perfect, the last 3 Call of Duties are closer to perfection than Black Ops. I expect the franchise to improve, not go backwards, and on top of it go backwards from Modern Warfare 1.

  • Mark

    PS3 – Shocking!

    Lag – don't worry about pegging it after a kill, the lag ensures you are set upon by a foe immediately after a kill regardless if it appears you have miles of empty map to roam in. In short, Houdini would struggle to 'appear' out of nowhere as efficently as the enemy on BO!

    Crashing – I reckon I have completed about 30 games out of about 60 entered. I have a strong internet provider, but nevertheless, I'm kicked out, frozen out, on a regular basis.

    Poor graphics – This is my opinion, so I clearly will not be speaking for all, but simple things like weapon pages display poor efforts of illustration. I like to try to add a bit of 'edge' to the game and MW2 had this…whilst the maps when accessable are brilliant, the rest is shockingly tacky.

    Poor Spawning – forget playing Nuke Town, apart from offering little as a map, it takes the right p1** when you respawn on top of your enemy.

    Needs patching ASAP…until then I'm back to MW2 which frankly I think came from a stronger starting point than Black Ops.


      Nice Job Mark, right on the money!! I agree with you a trillion percent! Patching? needs stiching! and in fact, there is nothing that can fix this game except to totally be reborn again. Activision should send us all checks refunding our money!

  • Think about it

    If you bought MW2 on the launch you would rember that the lag/part connection issues were just the same at the start.
    everyone had the same issuses with MW2 compared to WAW at the time as well.
    give it a week and it will be sorted

  • Jun

    I am really disappointed. Thought the game would be at least as good as MW-2 if not better but it seems like you are playing it on PS2. Character animations, sounds, weapons look, graphic details are all at best less then mediocre. Through the 3 rd mission, I lost interest and gave up. The game makers did a huge mistake not giving the contract to the developers who made MW and MW2. I am returning the game tomorrow. My grade C-

  • Igor Biscan

    i play on the PC and apart from very occasional lag i am having no problems. Dedicated servers are such an improvement on the crappy mw2 system. For me the multiplayer is way better than mw2…need to give it a few months before deciding whether it trumps COD4 tho…

  • How is the online gaming? Who cares about the storyline anyways.

  • Bjorn Toulouse

    As a multi player game in PS3 format it is very poor. We are all use to lag but not half a second lag. The game also has problems keeping parties together and loses audio frequently.
    the option to find a "local" game is nice however living in Scotland I don't class new york or Madrid as next door!!!
    Other problems include failure to join games, failure in migrating host and random game crashes.
    I hope they patch this soon or I'm going back to MW2

  • this is the beeeeest game ever if you buy it ur the best trust me its got evrything frome old to new new guns old guns big maps small maps god creatid smart people for a reason so if ur smart get out ther and buy it.

  • Daniel Tosh


  • michael

    worse game i've ever played!! nothing but hackers and lag swichers! xbox is for sale and going to ps3 or prob done with gaming. tired of cheaters!!!!! either fix it or you're going to lose alot of players!!