COD Black Ops Review MTV: What game is perfect?

Whenever November comes around we know two things are coming, Black Friday and a new Call of Duty game. The latest version from the franchise is COD Black Ops, and is the third from Treyarch. There have already been a number of reviews on the game, and it looks to me that the game has not been given the chance that it deserves.

Adam Rosenberg from MTV thought that he would offer his 10 cents, and see if all those negative reviews were justified. Most of us already know the story behind the game; you will play the game as a series of flashback that take place before as well as during the Vietnam War.

Rosenberg points to the fact that Black Ops is not ground-breaking, but hard-core gamers will certainly love how much darker of a game this is – it had to be with a name like Black Ops though.

There have been so many reactions to this latest Call of Duty title, with some suggestion that it is a step back from Modern Warfare 2, but isn’t it still too early to reach that verdict. Rosenberg concludes his review by not being able to decide if Treyarch has done a better job that Infinity Ward – maybe you can answer that for him then? However, he does state that Black Ops is a strong game and that “It isn’t perfect, but what game is?” Read MTV’s Review.



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