Call of Duty Black Ops Patch: Diverse Issues

By Peter Chubb - Nov 11, 2010

For those of you living under a rock or waiting to fly on a certain mission to the International Space Station, Call of Duty: Black Ops was released a couple of days ago, and since then has had mixed reactions. There are a number of issues with the latest COD game, and we are not talking poor graphics. Treyarch know this and has said that they will release a patch, which we discussed in a recent post.

There are a number of diverse issues that needs to be fixed, and you were not slow in sharing what you want to see patched first. Before we get started, there are some readers who believe that too many games get rushed, which is why they need a patch shortly after release.

One issue that needs to be solved is slow menus, another issues that keeps happening to users is money being reset, has that happened to you? Another issue that has been annoying gamers is with respawn and not being able to skip cutscenes.

There have been more issues with the PC version of Black Ops; the most obvious is the 100 percent use of the processor. However, most people hope that a patch would be able to solve the issue with the sound.

How long will you wait for this patch before you give up on the game?

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  • bigbeardave007

    i have been playing black ops from the release day, i have had nothing but problems, dont get me wrong this game is awesome, i just cant play it properley, ive even formated my whole computer to get it to work properley. it lags freezes, sometimes when i move my mouse it doesnt even move and when it does im facing a totally diferent way,sometimes it doesnt even fire when i press the button causing me to get shot or whatever, also i think there mabye a problem with the sound because in the back ground i can hear stutery sounds, like when near the beach on a certain level i can hear the sea but its really jittery. i just hope they sort this game out it is a discrace, and when they do i will be very happy and im sure a lot of other people will to. ps( setting black ops to high priority in the task manager when its running and settting steam to low priority helps a lot but it still doesnt fix everything)lets hope theres a patch soon. happy gaming folks

  • Bryan

    The game is great but it still has lots of bugs.The multiplayer is awesome.But the problem is when u only get to play a match an hour due to worthless matchmaking.I have an amazing connection but the matchmaking is terribl.I will stick to zombies and combat training until its fixed.

  • Persistent Player

    This game may be buggy, but it's better than Socom: Confrontation.

  • claude

    I think black ops is a great game, the campaign was awesome. However I really like to play multiplayer. I’m on the 360, and people that I have played with for years, we can no longer connect. I spend more than half of my online time in the lobby… we constantly get connection problems, and if were lucky enough for all of us to get into a single game, the other team will quit or get booted. Then we get stuck with a 6 on 2 or something ridiculous to that nature. I know its not my internet since my friends and i have always played together… halo 2, halo 3, cod MW… WAW… MW2, rainbow six vegas, gears 1 and 2… I mean we played all of them… and now the top selling game of all time, we can’t even play… DISSAPOINTMENT! What is the problem?
    GT: CelticGunnr

  • gcbarry

    they should have pushed back release date and fixed the problems first before people spent 70.00 bucks on the game only to have the a pc gamer iam sick of having to use steam to load my games steam was supposed to have patch for black ops but my game still frozen steam sucks

  • aksuu

    have you guys thought that there is no stop for the searching of servers? in my opinion that's too quite a blight.

  • Ffs

    yeah it's pretty bad right now, the biggest issue is by far the CPU overload, makes the game unplayable. But i don't get people whining and sending back games and blaming the developers. This is a technical issue, obviously influenced by decisions that was beyond the control of the devs, it will get fixed. This doesn't make the GAME bad god damnit. Ffs, take a break, wait a few days until the patch arrives and play. Fucking children run around crying "i had big hopes waa waa" the game is still awesome, why did you bother buying it at all if all it takes for you to take it back is a little delay.

  • pikoul

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know why I have sound in the main menu but I have no sound at all in the gameplay ? please help..

  • TheKing

    I nearly have given up..
    – It cant be true that a so big game, runs so pure! They wanted to give the people a better game, than the MW2. And then they give us this piece of crap!.. Where is the got damn patch they talked about, why is the PC version not getting any better!? Im really disapointed with this game, I had so big hopes for it.. And then it just failes everybody, with all its lag, freeze and so on 🙁

  • Peed Off

    After many hours playing MW2, i was really looking forward to BO. Even splashed out on a new 3D tv. Get game home only to find online play an absolute waste of my time! Can't stay in games etc. etc. All the hype, what a let down. Games should never be released in this state, i know there will be patches, but still, get the feeling it was a case of get it out quick, get the money, sort out issues later. I don't much like paying to be a game tester! Get it right BEFORE release! I for one feel very disappointed.
    If no fix within first week, game goes back, end of…..

  • Cyclo

    Been playing games for many many many years.
    This has to be the worst and most buggy release of any game i have ever played. I am so disappointed. Months of anticipation to get a game not worth an ounce of sh**

    I can understand a few bugs, That is the Software Business. But this is disgusting. Every owner of a copy of Black ops should take you Activision & Treyarch to the cleaners. You don't deserve 1 penny we have spend on your rubbish software. COD has been just fail fail fail since COD 4.

    In COD WAW my account was reset 7 times. I sent a ticket to Activision every time. Not once did they even respond.

    COD MW2. Biggest mistake a gaming company can do is hook up with STEAM. One of the simplest concepts never worked from the word go. I could never join into a party with a friends. After doing all their suggested fixes with port forwarding, to removing firewalls completely. I could never get it to work.

    And Now COD 7 BO. Such rubbish. I cant even play the game. How do you release software that does not even try to work. You cant even select options in the menus as the menus screen lags to hell. WTF. This is not a small issue that no one would of picked up. This is a major major major issue. Noticeable before you even start the first mission or MP game. The mind boggles.

    • john

      you should just give up and play another game…your glass must always be half empty


    This game is not too far from Super Mario brothers…it sucks! When I play this game I feel like I went through a time zone and dropped in to 2005…HELLO we are walking into 2011 and not with a Delorian from BAck to the Future….. the games should be getting better, especially with COD. Treyarch should be ashamed of themselves, and Activision needs to cancel someone's contract…I would consider a class action lawsuit by all of us customers, that's how bad this game is. Why would Treyarch lead us on like this. If I trade in my 2006 Honda accord for the 2010, I expect to have a better car in my 2010 than the 2006, more features, better experience etc. Blackops is completely backwards compared to World at War. I understand it is not to be compared to Modern Wardfare 2, but Treyarch really needs to kiss the butts of Infinity Ward and borrow the Modern Warfare engine again, because it is obvious they cannot not do it on their own. Black Ops should be the biggest dissapointment of the decade for the gaming community. Dont buy this game! save your money!



  • Aaron

    I can't think of one good game "without" a patch… that addresses numerous bugs. No different here. Crysis needed 3 patches, CoD4 needed 7, Fallout 3 needed a handful. And Black Ops needs one too. I'm enjoying the game despite thee TEMPORARY launch bugs.

  • wiseguy

    I went back to MW2 and wow, does things run smooth. Of course it's because the game has been out for so long and many mistakes were fixed.

    But one thing i know for sure that MW2 is better one is the X,Y axis for movement. It seems to be smoother than Treyarchs… cus Treyarchs is gittery at times and does not feel responsive. MW2 feels like you have more control and moves on every pixel instead of Treyarchs which seems to jump pixels. This is a big problem IMO.

    Also with MW2, when you shoot someone… it actually feels like you're hitting them without people able to dodge the bullets like in BO's. I think lightwieght in BO's is overpowered… people can outrun the bullets.

    So as for now, im back to MW2… people complaining about noobtubes, OMA…. and will voice their opinions that i should stay in MW2 instead of BO's… need to shut it. I'll be on BO's once it's fixed, but for the main time i'll be on MW2 where it feels right.
    And yeah, i rather get tubed all day then be on the BS that BO's has to offer as of right now.

    • jorre

      moron MW2 sucks no dedicated servers no thx!

  • adeel

    I will wait 4 the patch but hope it will be quick because I was really excited when the game came through my letter box but when I played it I was shocked. There was poor graphics, Poor sound, slow menu, slow everything, cant skip cut scenes. Also Usually in shooting games I use a sniper In the game I was aiming at an enemy for ages and when I got a good view of his head I shot. But the bullet didn't hit him it missed and this has happened a few times. Also plz reply if u know when the patch will come out but 4 now back to Modern Warfare 2.

  • Glen

    I think they just had to know that the version released was pretty buggy. The issues seen can't all be caused by the same bug…i'm pretty sure there are a few major problems to be fixed before the black ops will reach a tolerable quality of multiplayer for me.

  • Duvane

    The only problem I get is unstable connection and it rarely makes me join lobbys

  • Guest

    The game looks amazing. Although I too have that lag issue in multiplayer, once a patch is done, it will outdo any other MW …

    I'd like to have more than 10 seconds between matches.

  • Ken

    i already give up sending it back

  • Screwie

    Friday…. no patch by then im going back to bfbc2.

    2 questions i have though

    1. Was there a beta?

    2. If so who the hell was testing it stevie wonder???

  • Screwie

    Friday…. no patch by then im going back to bfbc2.

  • Zz.TR4FF1C.zZ

    I mean I love the game and all the options are awesome but what blows my mind is the fact trey released this game in the condition it is in. I am a PC gamer and I was exited to get this game but when I did and installed the thing I was super disappointed. Im not disappointed in the graphics or game play but the fact that the menu's and the game both single player and Muiltiplayer both lag like a B*tch (not graphic wise but some memory leak or just the general bad coding in the game for pc). Not to be a baby but I will be waiting until tonight for a patch to be released and if not ill be quiting until one does because right now its unplayable for most pc users.