Call of Duty Black Ops Cheats: Zombie Maps Unlock Code

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2011

We previously told you how to unlock the third Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies map individually, but now we have another cheat code to share with you. This one will unlock everything in one go – spoilers beware.

We’re sure you’ve heard by now, that to unlock the second map ‘Five’ normally, you have to first complete the single-player campaign mode – not anymore. If you would like to know how to unlock it straight away, continue on reading, if not look close this page now.

To unlock all zombie maps on Black Ops, simply break out of your chair (back buttons on controller) and head to the small computer again. Instead of inputting DOA, type in the following sequence ‘3ARC UNLOCK’ (with a space in between). If you have done it correctly, you should see a message saying the cheat has been activated pop up on screen.

Head back to your chair and start up a zombie game, you’ll now see that all maps have been unlocked straight away! You can check out a video showing the process below if you prefer. Try it now and let us know if it worked for you. Have fun playing Five guys!

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  • Brandon Cox

    ATTENTION: These cheats only work for xbox360 and PC versions any other it will not work out so well.

  • curmarion

    It doesn’t work

  • man

    This crap doesn’t work!!!

  • Does It Still Work?


  • Jack

    By the way “Kino Der Toten” translates from into “Cinema of the dead”. Hence the cinema room you unlock.

  • kristian

    only 3arc intel

  • kristian

    it don’t work for wii 3arc unlock zombie mod

  • LucactusOfficial

    There is no cheat for the rest of them. You have to buy them from the PlayStation, or Microsoft store.

  • bogdan

    how i unloock the map whit moon and der risen


    Are anyone of you guys serious that it doesn’t work. If so I guess I should just play through the Campaign.

  • damon

    five sucks

  • sniperscout420

    The secret to getting all the zombie maps is…..20 bucks to buy some microsoft points. You used to be able to get ’em for free,at least on xbox,with the use of utorrent and a flash drive….but it got patched a long time ago.

  • how do you open the door for pack a punch on ascension

  • jj5467

    it does work but only for the first three

  • Shae


  • Kkolbygill

    if anybody knows every single map tell me please for xbox 360 on zombies

    • Wyattthedreamer

      i do

    • Bigfela1


    • 123134

       press first look down then rt lt press fast and then it will open!

  • Beetle31

    What’s the password for McNamara?

    • Holdenharbin

      i know i tryed and it didnt work my freinds didnt work either these cheats are crap

    • wytt

      is that ah president

  • Donovanstarwars

    these cheats are crap

    • Cj Paraiso

      yes these cheats are crap

  • jamesbryan

    this is retarded it does not work

    • Smokey1216

      hey hear what he said 3arc space unlock if you want to hear the table glitch jump on the side of the window jump jump go to corner run jump jump from one table to the other then it shall work you must be offline and the update deleted then it will work i got up to level 47 on five with it hope you will enjoy it bye ps im only 12yrs old

      • Bunny1

        how do u delete the update

  • jahan alom

    ur mum did it for u and i got up to level 28 with 4 ppl but 1 dikhead left so that made it harder so beat that DAN

  • LIAM

    whats the cheat for map MOON!!!

    • kameron

      i know right

    • ??MISTORY BOX??

      lol XD i can tell ya all the code for the game ( works on ALL of consols
      ) i got the god mode!!! and all the maps but not the MOON 🙁 BUT i got
      all the others 😀 YAY

      i bought about 2 or 3 and the codes are still on!!! just go to game stop
      call of duty black ops cheat codes and u get all the cheat codes!!

  • Aasaniprice


    • notell

       i have cod bo for the wii but 3arc unlock doesn’t do anything. why???????????????

      • Chrisdanderson27

        Because, the wii black ops doesnt have any other zombie maps, just kino der toten, i got it on xbox now.

        • Smokey1216

          3arc unlock will unlock three maps kino five and dead ops

      • Smokey1216

        because it only work on wii playstation 3 pc and xbox 360 not wii if your stuck getting those maps il find a cheat code for you thankyou

  • Deadgrandpa


  • Golden


  • Leal


  • Tj


  • Tjbebe

    who cares if you want all the maps I have all of the maps

    • Tj


  • Silenceascalling

    We’ve been playing zombies on kind der toten and when you use the teleporter it takes you to rooms that have “discs” that you can grab but we don’t have any idea what they are for.  Mind you we are playing only on split screen without xbox live.  What ARE  the discs for?

    • Foufou2113

      u put them in the projecter in the first room that u teleport to by pressing x

    • Bware1098

      you walk over to the disks and press X and then they stay with you, then when you teleport again you put them in the projector and when you leave that room the vid from the disk plays on the movie screen

    • Smokey1216

      movie clips ther are movie clips give you free perk

    • nativeboy

      pretty sure the play movies on the big theatre screen

  • Guest

    are u on ps3 if u are i’ll tell ya

  • Alijahgarcia56

    your suck your dont show the cheats

  • herminio

    3arc unlock



  • Imjustplaying68

    for all the people that say this cheat dont work it does for the xbox , the ps3 gives u them when first play zombies and for the ps3 peole their aint know cheat u have to buy them holla

  • Imjustplaying68

    for all the people that say this cheat dont work it does for the xbox , the ps3 gives u them when first play zombies and for the ps3 peole their aint know cheat u have to buy them holla

  • Elidixon1


    • ArmyStrongAK-47

      EveryBody wan’t all the maps,I wan’t all the maps too but fornow I am playing campain mode to see if I unlock any other maps on zombies,if I were tou I would do the same thing to see if you get any other maps on the zombie mode so have out there in the campain mode to see if unlocked any new maps if you did tell me because I would like to hear if you got any thing:::::please write back to me I realy wan’t to know if you unlocked any of the new maps for zombies;all I have is only three my favorite one is the first on kino it is the most easyest one that there is and I like that on:::::remember to write back to me I realy wan’y to here if you unlocked any new maps on zombie mode.

      • Jessejohnston2011

        you wont

        • Bware1098

          it”s true you won’t

      • Nathaniel



    it doesnt work how do you get ascension call of dead and moon???? please tell me

    • Tsmudrick

      you have to buy it 🙁

    • Wytt

      you have to buy the moon for the zombie map

  • Taylor Sedrick


  • Adam

    i know there is zork but what does it do ???

    • Wytt

      it is an under groung place with a nail box

  • Trey Barber

    Can you lower the ladder by using all 4 films shooting both radios and collecting all 3 alien articles?

  • Catchinair4x4

    were do you type in the codes for ps3 at

    • PulselessMonkey

       tap RT and LT or maybe L1 and R1 repeatedly and you get of from the chair. go to the computer (behind the chair) and type 3ARC UNLOCK and you open “five” and all campaign maps. also put DOA in there and you will start playing dead ops arcade.

  • Jamesfido09

    it sort of good but where are the rest theres only 3 my m8 has 14 and its not fair :((((((

  • Cap5150

    Why does the revive is a waist of money if your not playing solo?

  • person

    somebody plz help im stuck on dead opps

  • Joshuaabbey

    this is so gay dudeeeeeeeee it does not work

  • ariana


    • GAGE


      • person

        i tried it on my xbox it dosent work

        • A Brodian

          Becuse it not going to work man because it pobily it duset work on xobx

        • Dannyj

          that is a lie so shut up

      • Treysmudrick

        liar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Rwkeller

        dose not work for ps3

      • Heavenphillips11

        it did not work

  • E.T.


    • sweetheart3

      u need 2 get out of the chair and go 2  the computer and type in 5arc unlock with a space in between  and it will unlock Shangu-lari,moon,Acention,and REZURREXTION

      • essendonstyle7:)

        it does not work on wii ive already tried ittttttttttttttttt

      • Kckirk

        whats the code for unlimmited ammo

        • Akakixocho

          you must use the cheat engine

      • Jeffdiaz

        what system is that for

      • Tommygiglia

        r u sure

  • do these cheats work on the wii?

    • idk thats what im trying to find out too

    • idk thats what im trying to find out too

    • GAGE


  • ste

    any1 no the code for every single map on the game??

  • My zombies soundtrack offer code says its invalid and i didn’t use it HELP

    • Setsu_mitariki

      i had the same problem with my brand new hardline edition

  • JumboHotdog

    new code for infinite ammo ssabmud69 or subumotitiko

    • Ordieman58

      how would you input this code, I can’t get it to work.

  • abby

    all maps type dgeyohsecnhtfive

  • abby

    all maps type dgeyohsecnhtfive

  • abby

    type thise for infinte ammo tipe 152801170 or gsuwofsssssfrghyfrf

  • abby

    type thise for infinte ammo tipe 152801170 or gsuwofsssssfrghyfrf

  • abby

    i want  new maps 🙁

    • Brithechef

      i want new maps2

      • Justinkai500

        how do you get the classic zombie maps on black ops

        • ddd

          you have to have a code but now all of the codes might be gone 🙁

    • Brithechef

      i want new maps2

    • Akakixocho

      me too:D

      • ddd

        you have to have a code but now all of the codes might be gone 🙁

        • 1samforester

          were did they go lol

  • Bmauricio7808

    I want to know how to get infinite ammo

  • how do u get the cod 5 zombie maps for black ops?

  • dodos

    i have this maps and im 15 prestige 38 lvl but i want vurruckt

  • dodos

    i have this maps and im 15 prestige 38 lvl but i want vurruckt

  • Rey

    Use a shotgun agianst the hell hounds against the dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yasmin

    do anay of u have any more codes i will give u some now ENCODE and FOOBAR and ALICIA and DIR and HELLO SAILOR and WHO and CAT and PRINT and DECODE and that is all that i have got i have got kin der toten and five

  • caca


    • macca_warlord

      who knows any good hackers that could hack me up to 15th prestige

  • emiliano

    thanks yo

  • ertroyiba

    it says cheat enabled

  • Amber

    What if it doesn't work?

  • ATDT

    what is with accession?

  • Apple eater

    I got Wii and i really want DLC for black op's. W@W looks kool,i never played it. It's not fair that XBox 360 gets DLC first,and everything else first. Wii has only one map for black op's-zombies.

  • Apple eater

    Enter text right here!coo

  • hello

    in solo cook a granade fall (with a reivives) and shoot him

  • spencer

    whats the cheat code for the map accension

  • zsdf

    ya mum