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Call of Duty: Black Ops Angers Cuban Government

Although there are questions about COD Black Ops‘ realism, the Cuban government are taking the game pretty seriously. In an article that has been released they say that the game is “doubly perverse” and “glorifies the illegal assassination attempts” made by the USA.

Lets be honest here, the game has certainly not been everyone’s cup of tea. Some love it, some hate it. It was never going to be a smooth ride for Activision and Treyarch, especially after the shenanigans Modern Warfare 2 caused upon it’s release.

On top of this, a similar game — Medal of Honor 2010 also got a kick in the teeth when gamers found out that you could play the part of the Taliban.

Regardless, Cuba have gone on the defensive and have been angered by one of the games missions in which you try and assassinate the Cuban leader Castro.

In the article, Cuban authorities claim that the United States are trying to “accomplish” something that haven’t managed to do in 50 years, and due to this, they are now “trying to do virtually,” according to an article on AP.

In all, I think I do sympathise with what Cuba are trying to say, but I also think they are taking the matter too far. What Black Ops is trying to do is emulate that of historic and past events to bring more realism into a military shooter, and provide entertainment to the player, nothing else.

What are your views on this matter?

Source: PC World


  • joe

    get a life cuban people its only a game its not like we want to start a war over a damn game

  • Cypher359

    U dont hear the japanese gouvernment bitching about battlestations pasific and midway or the German's whining about the many many WW1 and 2 shooters that put them in a bad light…its only a game and considering all the Movies made about most south american countrys and there exploits Black Ops is very tame.


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