Black Ops vs. Medal of Honor: Does Realism Matter?

By Jamie Pert - Nov 11, 2010

I think it would be fair to say that the multiplayer modes in Call of Duty: Black Ops are not the most realistic we have ever seen, especially when you compare it to Medal of Honor, but does realism matter?

I played Medal of Honor online for about two weeks and despite a few flaws I thought it delivered a realistic representation of what it’s like in real war, the sounds were fantastic and when you got hit by a bullet you certainly knew about it and would rarely come away with your life, also people do not run around as aimlessly as they do in Black Ops, and on the whole it seems as if people care about how many times they die in a round.

Let’s compare this to Black Ops, you start off with access to core modes, here people can take a huge amount of bullets, which have no real affect on your aiming etc, therefore you will quite often survive when you really should not have. Also guns, air support and explosives sound extremely unrealistic, I would imagine if you had a chopper shooting at you in real life it would be a scary experience, however Treyarch have not made this the case in Black Ops, even MW2’s air support sounded more realistic.

I think the main problem is that on all modes apart from search and destroy staying alive really doesn’t matter a great deal, people play with the mentality If you kill me I will respawn and kill you, perhaps there should be more of an incentive to stay alive.

My biggest problem with Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 is melee kills, I know in war if someone 10-20 yards away had a gun I would not try to run up to them and stab them, as chances are you would lose, however in these CoD games a knife often wins against a sub machine/assault rife.

I could go on forever about ways in which Black Ops is unrealistic, my question is… does realism matter in games like this?

(I am not saying that Medal of Honor is perfect because it isn’t, but I think developers have done more to make this realistic than what Treyarch has done)

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  • Mr.Potatohead

    Oops, forgot to comment on the main theme here 🙂 Realism. There is not COD game out there that reflects real life situations. There’s not way in hell I’d run out in the open as a soldier in real life and start blasting away. People complained that MOH consisted of only campers, but the fact is you have to play cautious and move from cover to cover to save your ass. So for realism, MOH wins. Like I aid I  play both, depending on the mood……..

  • Mr.Potatohead

    I am playing both MOH online and now (finally) have bought Black Ops. After now having played both I have to give MOH the win for graphics and sound. I mean, the weapons sound incredible next to Black Ops and the maps look in my opinion fantastic. And I still jump from time to time when getting hit, the sound, like I mentioned, is great. A lot of people hate MOH, but if you play it right (running and gunning WON’T work.) it can be a lot of fun. Shame there are not so many maps, though. BUT, on the other hand, Black Ops is that  what it is, a COD game. Here runnng and gunning is just fun, the rewards are better, the variety of weapons and perks dominate over MOH. In a nutshell a very good game to pass months of your time. So which is better? I’d have to give it a tie, because each game plays differntly, so go out and buy both!

  • bunny warrior

    the one thing I can say that I found about medal of honour compared to black ops is the fact that u can’t get into the prone position which I feel is a real let down yes the graphics and sound is better but this one fact ruins the game for me.

  • mattmcnasby91

    i like a variety of games, but when it comes to modern fps, i need realism especially in campaign. i want to feel like im really part of the fight. medal of honor delivered on the end of the campaign, i hadnt caught any of the character's names but had really felt for them. it was so realistic that i felt like i was part of the fight to eradicate al-qaeda. black ops only annoyed me because it constantly reminded me that i was sitting on my ass playing a video game. i played the campaign once and never returned and i dont remember the last time i played multiplayer. its like watching a corny 80s movie. its nice to have realism to get a better understanding of what the average soldier/sailor/marine faces on an almost daily bases. simply put; black ops: kill everyone, win the match, moh: clear the area, lead your team to victory

  • RoadShow

    Well I'm not going to be much help to anyone looking to figure out which one to choose, to me if you like shooters, get them both.

    MOH is awesome, I just got it and am blown away by the realistic gameplay. I'm the type of person to beat the single player campaign before braving the internet, I don't like to get owned.

    I don't have Black Ops but am definitely going to pick it up because I like shooters and the story behind Black Ops is amazing.

    Definitely MOH is more realistic but I think everyone should own both.

  • mohrules

    moh is way better looking more real and it doesn’t lag like gay ass black ops doesn’t kick you out of a room or ever change host anybody that says they rather play black ops is probally some dumb kid that can stay alive in moh were it takes skill 2 get kills and survive


    i am opted to play because as a gamer i have roomin my heart to play both whether it is reaslstic or not both of these games are really AWESOME!!!!….!!

  • emadgaeh

    I have to say I’m not one for the multiplayer on military FPS games. I’m also aware that I screw myself with each purchase, but to each his own I suppose. I play these games for the campaign, and hope that one day I will get a campaign that is longer than 5 hours! In the mean time…

    I have not gotten BOPS yet, and I still plan to based on some close friends’ reviews.

    MoH campaign was amazing in my opinion. I genuinely appreciated the realism factor everyone has mentioned so far. I found myself completely sucked in, and I can honestly say that’s never happened before in a FPS game. Even in the most dire situations you always save the day! MoH actually prevented you from falling into that mindset. Obviously, you have to win in order to continue playing, but there were multiple moments when I wasn’t sure where the campaign was going. Without revealing and spoilers there were at least 3 times I wasn’t sure the current main character I was playing was going to survive (you jump between 3 main characters, and 1 pseudo-main character throughout the campaign). In fact, I was so absorbed into what was going on I found myself, on two separate occasions, verbally responding to orders. Of course, this immediately followed with complete embarrassment, but it’s a testament to how well the game puts you in the moment. Perhaps it was old habits from my original career just coming back through again, or maybe, just maybe, it was the quality of the game that made me almost believe I was there. Imagination sold separately.

    My only real beef with the MoH campaign was the sound. Not sound quality, that was exceptional, but the sound usage. It certainly broke the moment for me, for example, when I am 10 feet from 3 AQ placing a beacon on a truck stealthily only to hear a loud *thunk* when I gingerly set the beacon down. It completely broke the mood knowing that, in real life, the sound would have definitely been heard, and I would have ended up in a fire fight that would not result in my continued existence. There were more than a few situations like this in the game, but I could easily look past it when less than two minutes later something else is going on that sucked me right back into the game.

    Hope that was helpful! Happy gaming everyone!

  • Will

    Medal of Honor is the most realistic game out there black ops has nothing on that game!

  • metal of honor is the best game out there! It feel real and you need skills. Black ops was a disappointment!

  • Technotic

    Haiden, you do realize running and gunning isn't a good idea in Black Ops? If you do that, it'll take a few seconds to get your gun up to shoot, in which time you'd be quite dead. It's all about being cautious around the corner and using your brains to flank enemies/know when you can't kill someone. Also, exactly when in real life does someone take 5-9 bullets to die like in MoH? They can die in like 2-3 bullets… Also, good Black Ops players hardly sprint at all. They keep it all up to being aware/hearing sounds/and reading the minimap. Also, Counter Strike was a good game, and still is. No reason to diss on it, because Counter Strike could very well have brought out the shooters we have today.

  • Jayson

    I have black ops and moh. I say that black ops whith the zombie mode won me over. But I know that moh haves xbox360 grafekes on a ps3 it’s good to I have to say black ops

  • Haiden

    Realism. Without it, you get a completely selfish, infantile experience. MW2 wasn't bad. I enjoyed it. But after spending the past few months in MoH, I was extremely disappointed with BlackOps. It's all run and shoot. The team aspect has been destroyed by the credit system. There's not incentive for players to go after objectives. I don't how many times I've seen team mates run right by an available capture point, without even thinking about taking it.

    To me a little slower pace isn't a bad thing. It makes you think more about what you're trying to do and how you want to do it. It makes you pay more attention to what your team mates are doing. And it makes you earn your kills.

    If you want to run around and shoot, without ever stopping to think, then BlackOps is the way to go. The only strategy is to keep moving. Granted, you get more kills, but you don't really earn them. You just stumble upon them while your running.

    I know you can't get 100% realism in a video game. I don't think that's what we mean here. But I'm sorry, playing a shooter where everyone is just running around reacting, is absurd. It makes me feel like I'm back in the late 90's, playing Counter-Strike. Time to evolve, dudes.

    • UrMom306

      Nailed it, couldn't agree more

  • Anonymous

    I'm just going to suggest that Black Ops is for the entertainment.
    That Medal of Honor is based on realism with a little catches.
    They're both fun, I've played both, but if I were to say which one relates to life.
    I would say none, because I would be crapping my pants my then.

  • Bugsy

    bought black ops and thought it was a real let down from cod mdw2 am going to buy mod as cod is crap.

  • im-a-coward@psn

    Only in modern whichcraft can a shotgun like the spas kill at a 1000 feet… melee attacks how can a dude at 500 yards run at you in under 2 seconds through a hail of bullets kill you and walk away.. dont get me started on black ops graphics its so poo,r maps are to large for multiplayer mode… £40+ for a game, for you to complete on normal level in 1 night ***SHOCKING*** so I sold (Black Ops) on ebay to some muppet and bought a real game ***Medal of Honour*** Now what a game!!! at last a fair fight on my hands where skill matters… already looking forward to Medal of Honour 2…. any news on up coming rainbow six game???

    • Haiden

      Have you seen the cover of MW2? The guy that ran 500 yards, through the hail of bullets, to stab you? That's him on the cover, walking away from your dead carcass…lol Yes, it's hard to believe, but he's just that good… and cool.

      Actually… I couldn't agree with you more. I'm so mad at myself for buying BlackOps. I knew I wouldn't like it better than MoH, but I didn't know it would suck so bad.

      Love the "muppet" reference too, btw.

  • Ed

    I bought moh on the same day I bought black ops I found moh to be faster paced and has way better sound and graphics than black ops also black ops is the same as any other cod game wait I take that back it’s worse than other cod games bottom line moh is better in every way

    • blkteg

      what do ppl think about MOH compared to bad company 2? i just got bad company 2 from a friend cause i hate black ops… and bad company 2 is pretty badass… would yall say moh is better than bad company 2? are the graphics any better?

      • Haiden

        Played both and like MoH better. The thing I didn't like about BC2 was the map size – lot of wasted time running to the line. IMO, MoH takes the good of BC2 and combines it with a little MW2. After I bought MoH, BC2 lasted a week before I traded it in.

  • sod98

    Black OP's graphics are sub standard compared to what we are use to and multiplayer is just another aimless COD run around little skill or tactics game. However MOH although has some problems has better graphics, game play, multiplayer, realistic sounds and much more realistic player phsyics ie Black Op's i was shoot by a guy who wasn't even looking my way and garrotted by another player more than 10 feet away front on while i was shooting him. I think this game appears to be rushed out pre christmas to keep up with MOH however after the hype dies down i think Black Op's fans will be left disappointed.

  • cnx2022

    I ask those that have black ops, how is that glitching, cheating thing going? Has it gotten supers stupid or are dudes holding back because the developers promised to ban dudes?
    Have the developers come through?

  • justme

    I think it's a personal preference as to which shooter you like. Graphics wise MOH is very sweet. However, Black ops has a ton of different modes online, lots of customizations and perks, and more people online than MOH. The gameplay is pretty good in Black Ops as well.

    I play Battlefield BC2 everyday and the problem is going from Battlefield is a big change for me and the play style is not what I am use to or like very much.

    Overall though Black Ops is a better game than MOH..OVERALL….

  • Rocky

    After i read all the discussions, my bottom line to all of you is…We play games here and a game is a game and game can never be realistic. e.g. a person in real life cannot jump from a building but in games a char can jump from multistory building and nothing happens and you enjoy that only otherwise you wont be here discussing realistic things in unrealistic world.

    • Haiden

      True. But sometimes you need to think in context. I don't think anyone hear actually think the game is an accurate representation of real life. We all know what is meant by "realism" in the context of video games. We're basically discussing sim vs. arcade. No one thinks it real life it's a "simulation".

  • blkteg

    black ops blows in my opinion… i was always a huge cod nut hugger… but i am very disappointed. The re spawns are horrible… i cant tell you how many times i get killed.. respawn right next to 3 guys and get killed again… or get a kill streak… and work my way around the map to have 3 guys respawn right next to me… its retarded.. game sucks… graphics suck compared to modernwarfare 2… i'm debating on getting MOH

  • exiquio

    Medal of Honor is much more realistic. I took a chance after reading this and traded the fun, but arcade-ish, Black Ops in for MOH. I am happier. The only downside is that it isn't as popular. There aren't a lot of people playing MOH in comparison. BTW, Black Ops would drop my games constently on PSN. It would freeze on loading too. MOH doesn't suffer from such technical problems. FYI: I only play the multiplayer.

  • Shawn Deprey

    Yes, it really does. In this niche of first person shooters, it is always about realism. However, I think with the release of these 2 games, the niche market is branching. One branch is for realism, which unfortunately is much much smaller than the other branch which is the cheezy arcade shooter branch.

    I find it toubling that people would rather play a cheezy arcade shooter. I have both games, and, will still play both. "primarily MoH because it is better." One aspect I do have to hand to CoD, however, is character development. There is so much used content that goes into cheating your soldier. This is probably the main reason I will still play BLOPS lol.

  • Obake_Red

    I have purchased both Black Ops and MoH so hears my pro's and cons for both Games

    Black Ops Pro's
    Story line was good.
    Their is a ton of multi player modes
    Zombe mode
    Customize able weapons
    face paint option
    voice acting was bang on in campaign mode.

    Black Ops Cons
    Visually disappointing
    Hits not registering in multi player
    Joining a session sometimes unresponsive
    Cheaters exploiting Server side fast leveling
    and no response from the developer on patch to resolve problem
    Campaign was short

    MoH Pro's
    Visually stunning
    Amazing audio
    Cover system
    A game play experience that sucks you into the moment during game play.
    Hit system that registers correctly

    MoH Con's
    Not alot of multi player features
    Explosions are lac luster
    campaign was short

    Final analysis:

    After what I had seen in MW2, Black Ops was a big disappointment visually and in multi player mode especially when you unload a mag into a target and none of the hits register on more than one account. Overall the game really felt unpolished and un-beta tested and felt ripped off for buying into the hype.

    MoH was a pleasant surprise the game was visually beautiful and the Audio was truly fantastic, Multi player may have been lacking in maps and content the maps are designed to induce combat on the multi player map, Overall the game felt polished and ready to be sold. The game has taken a lot of flack for it's realism but I found it to be quite enjoyable and it's like running to and old friend again.

    At the end of the day I felt Black Ops could have been better and had the potential for a lot of promise but fell short because someone needed to cash in before the holiday season.
    MoH on the other hand has a good smooth game play feel that show they were serious about producing something of quality.

    If the recent COD is any sign of things to come with that brand we may see the changing of the guard so to speak with MoH as the number 1 with market share provided they keep producing a polished product.

  • Shawn

    I'm on the fence. I own both, but am not thrilled with either. MOH is way too easy, and has become one big sniping battle. Plus the map rounds feel incredibly short. Plus side, I do like that if you are getting hit markers first, your are 9x out of 10 getting the kill. No BS power struggle with weapons. The graphics are good, but way better in single player, but thats the same for black ops. BO knifing is still a pain in the ass, if I have a gun and you have a knife and your 20 ft away, i should win hands down. I do like the weapon customization in the game though. That is a nice feature. Realism.. i don't see it in either. I'd like it if they took a SOCOM approach and make it so that you don't regenerate health, you may win a gun battle with a hit or two on yourself, but your not getting that helath back. I had high hopes for both games, but both were let downs, but not 100%.

    • Shawn

      WIth the right imput MOH2 (if they make it) will be nicely done, If trayarch stops making COD and leave it to Activision/Infinity Ward (and that's if they get their sh*t together) WF3 will be fantastic. Id keep a look out for future titiles from the people at Infinity Ward who got fired, they just started a new company and you know they will be looking to blow Activision out of the water. I could go on and on on pros and cons of both for hours. For now gameplay comes down to a flip of a coin

  • Dan

    It's not realism, it's about authentacy and contributing for the evolution of gaming. I think both choices should always exist of course. Maybe even more choices would be even better.

    But for me the problem is that COD and CS and Combat Arms and Quakes and Unreals are all really just variants of old school gameplay where realism/authentacy was difficult to implement essencially due to technical restraints and "group thinking" (games were developed essencially by programmers).

    This are also easier to produce since they base themselves on a winning formula instead of looking for something really new. Essencially this old formula caters to our "teenagers" ego and need for brainless action, instead of the need for teamwork in order to stay alive, keep the others alive and share a win by doing it. That means tactics, communication, good will and common sense.

    That means you must develop features on a game that require good planning and an excellent team of creative people, designers, sound engineers, modellers, concept artists – all with the same mindset: to create something different, more authentic and that will, somehow, leaving us, players feeling that something – other then cussing, screaming and mindless virtual adrenaline – has been added to our brains after playing.

    DICE and some other AAA developers have shown us evidence that they are pulling games forward – wich means more variety, more maturity in gameplay and more respect for games as an active and positive cultural agent, rather than a cussing meeting of teenagers with unsolved egothistic problems.

    But of course. At the end of the day is "to each it's own". And I stay glad as long as we have options.

  • kurt

    MoH rock me…i mean its better than black ops in my opinion. coz i like realistic war games..but if you like a long long ago fairy tale fps go for CoD..

  • Robo

    I prefer MOH due to the fact that people attempt to work as a team. What's the point in playing a game (Black Ops) where all people do is run around thinking they are Rambo! That's not fun to me.

    To be honest I hated MOH at first as my team mates were trying to play the game like COD, just running around aimlessly. I've gone back to it since Black Ops has been released and it's awesome! Now all the noobs are playing BO and players have been left to play the game as it should be played.


    • UrMom306

      i totally agree, i just played some tonight, and had a blast. Had some epic sniper battles with a few guys, and hit the ground with the assault class very fun

  • Jacko

    Like it or not cod is by far the most popular multiplayer shooter for 360 and even though it’s not realistic black ops is probably the most well rounded and tuned cod game.

    • CrackleJackal

      FarCry2 ☺is my fav!!!!

  • CountryBoi

    for the most everyone's ,right in there own way. but for the most realistic fps it's hands down operation flash point real bullet trajectories guns react and sound close up and far awayin the way reals guns do in a open landscape the Ai is a little crazy but you just can't run and gun or you die in less than 6 seconds' all the tanks and helicopters you want and I've play every fps ever made and yes I'm 39 years young so there you name it I've play it but i like Moh a little better than black ops if a game come out at midnight and by the first full day you got Glitcher they didn't do there job right so in the in you my have fun at first till everybody starts doing the same thing then what do you have a $70 coaster

  • makersmark

    What makes a game fun is the fact that its not something you do on a regular basis. This can be either driving around bomb covered rc cars or participating in an extremely realistic mission. Either way its something most people will never do. Each game had its own respective target market and was designed accordingly.

  • Rick

    I'm all about reality. I enjoy MOH 100x more than Black Ops only due to it's realism. I was in the military and in the Middle East doing the same type of mission as in MOH. I enjoy that type of game.

    • I have never been to Afghanistan.. but it sure as hell made me feel like it in the game.. campaign and online.

    • Andrew

      Thank you for serving our country.

  • Black Op's is so arcade.
    Yup, like everyone saids.
    I come on to play MW2 just to run around and knife people, and to laugh.
    I come on to play MoH to intensely move as a group, throw smoke, and run through corners with a bunch of guys going for one point. While getting like 6 guys behind us covering my ass.

    That's real fun.

  • Jesus

    I think the two best games of 2010 are MoH and Mafia II. I was all excited for Black Ops until I was 5 minutes into the game and realized I needed to quit before I got a migraine from all the stuttering performance and not to mention Black Ops' farting guns. You want realism with serious sounding fire power then go with MoH and Mafia II.

    • Eric

      good taste in games. I fully agree they were the best of 2010

  • Jacob

    I liked Bad Company 2's multiplayer mode better than MW2, but Medal of Honor was a complete disappointment. I don't get some of the people saying it blows Black Ops out of the water. That's complete fanboy talk.

    • Medal of Honor does blow black ops out the water as far as realism. Only problem is hardcore… wasn't as hardcore. But all in all the campaign was phenomenal. I played Black ops and MOH through Turtle Beaches… and MOH sounds way more realistic. I heard bullets wizzing past my dome. Black Ops is fun, but the sounds of the guns are cheesier than the dairy isle of your local grocery store.

  • Zargogo

    If you want realism go play ARMA 2. I didn't like the game because it's too realistic and I don't have much knowledge about guns. I like Black Ops better than other games BECAUSE it takes more bullets. In MW2 and in theory MoH a level 1 can kill a level 50 because it takes 2 bullets and you're down, however in Black Ops it takes about 5 bullets depending on the gun. That's awesome because it's more skill based (kind of like Halo). It's hard to explain. I hope you understand. 🙂

    • biskutsngravee

      Are you serious you think if it takes more bullets to kill some 1 you need skills.Thats childish,Halo takes no skiils its a kids game

  • TREV

    MOH is more realistic than COD.BO… problem i have with MOH is how do i get shot with a shotgun from across the map

    • Nunya

      Nice job at contradicting yourself.

    • ibalto

      It is a little rediculous, but if you ever went deer huntin shotgun slugs can go pretty far.

    • Tim

      this is true you can get shot long range by the shotguns in MOH, but whats funny is in BOps you can't hit anything further then a few feet in front of you with the shotguns…

    • Johnny

      I´ll answer your question 22 weeks ago guy; thats because people can and do (like me :D) set their super shtties to solid slug and laser barrels with laser sights for special long range destruction; its like a very short range superpowerfull sniper rifle

  • UrMom306

    I agree totally, MOH is arguably the most realistic shooter out right now, which in my mind is such a breath of fresh air compared to the "EA NCAA every year new game, same game" style of the COD series. Ive been playing MOH since it came out and just got COD:BO and let me tell you, BO is so annoying, cartoonish, and arcady. I hate how every map feels like im in a maze and have to constantly run circles around the map in order to get kills. In MOH i feel like its much more tactical, but still presents fast paced action. Im probably going to be selling BO soon because its just so darn annoying.

    Add me on xbox if you wanna hit up some MOH. GT: UrMom306

    • Jeroen

      Erhm sorry 2 burst your bubble what did you said about realism.

      Out of those two games here yeah , MOH will be more realistic.
      But take back the line Most realistic shooter out right now. You never played realistic games did you. ArmaII, Operation Flashpoint are way much more realistic then those arcade shooters like COD series and MOH.

      I'm not even bothered in buying both games. But my Friend wanna go buy COD Black Ops. I keep saying MOH is better but he is stubborn LOL. What will he feel bad when he experience the COD BO game.

      • UrMom306

        ok, i take back that comment, in terms of mainstream games that the average joe hears about (tv commercials and such) its arguably the most realistic. I actually have both, i played CODBO for about a day and a half, i just keep getting pulled back to MOH..Ive noticed after playing MOH, CODBO looks really cartoonish.

  • Jorge

    I say that the MOH campaing is better.

    • Anonymous

      Real nice typo. Cannot tell if you meant Campaign or Camping.

  • Bob

    Could I please have some suggestions as to what First Person Shooter to buy for the PS3.

    I was expecting COD:BO to be like that of Half-Life,GoldenEye,PerfectDark,Resistance etc.
    I have not played any COD before – (I'd rather not give my money to COD people now since the COD:BO rubbish but will consider if you really think there is a version that is good)

    I am mainly interested in the Campaign modes.
    Probably wouldn't ever bother with the online multiplayer.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Orchestra Spy

      The single player campaign in MoH is very good, containts many elements including driving vehicles and positions you in real combat scenarious like stealth attacks, defensive positioning, retreat, etc. It handles like a DICE game even though another team has made the single player campaign. Also, you can do more moves like sliding, pivot shooting, it's good.

      • UrMom306

        i agree, i just played it again last night, the last few missions are really fun

    • popsicles

      I didn't rate the campaign very highly. (lots of long "interview sequence" between play) I'm trying to rack up points in multiplayer, where I think here may be a game. So far, BFBC2 was a better experiance in both campaign & multiplayer. (I could get to the top of the kill list init) In BO I'm getting mopped up. Also multiplayer connection issues that don't exist in BFBC2 online.

  • Ghost Rcon

    I agree – medal of honor blows Black Ops out of the water…
    totally different games…

  • Bob

    I have only played the campaign.
    Really don't care about graphics. Didn't back in the day and don't know. They should be good – That is what we expect but you DO NOT or SHOULDN'T buy a game just because it looks pretty. Haven't you learnt anything from all the other rubbish products out there in the world.

    You SHOULD however, certainly give a damn about the game play.
    You CANNOT have a good game without good game play but you can without good graphics.

    If the game play is good you shouldn't even notice bad graphics. You will be having too much fun playing the game.

    I might melt the disc and case down and turn it into a melted companion cube and send back to Tyraaa ( what ever they're called).

  • Darkodium

    E-sports is the new thing.

    Realistic games promote camping and are slow paced and often very unforgiving. Also luck can play a massive role. That doesn't make a good E-sport. It's not fun to watch as a spectator and i don't want to be crowned king because I got a few lucky headshots with a LMG.

  • Jason

    Realism doesn't matter in games like this. Video games are meant to be fun and so that becomes the driving design principal to follow. You want the game to be real enough but at the same time you would rather sacrifice realistic elements for ones that make the game more satisfying.

    Also in my experience as an FPS becomes more realistic the pace of the combat slows down and that's not the type of game play I want out of a shooter.

    • cnx2022

      You know, Jason, hate to admit it but it's true. There's these First person tactical war games, and man did I find them boring. Yeah, you are right. ALOT if not all the awesome action would cease since in real life real soldiers would be alot more cautiious.

    • Kevin

      Real or not gamers are looking for a challenge without the help of nube tubes killstreaks drop shots or halo jumps. MOH in my book took that into some consideration unlike black ops.

  • Vlad

    You forgot the bunny-hopping. Just played BlackOps Multiplayer for a few hours last night and I got to tell you, that bunny-hopping thing is one of the funniest things you could ask for. I mean – how can you take the game seriously if one bunny-hopping SOB can shoot off three people coming at him from different angles in less than 15 seconds 🙂 He still died from a well-placed barrage of about 12 bullets with a headshot, but you got to admit this scenario has nothing to do with realism portrayal 🙂

    • cnx2022

      hahahaha. Now THAT is something I usually laugh at, and hate, but it had not even ocurred to me. Great point Viad-Freak them bunnies, let's roast them with nepalm.

  • steash

    can't believe i traded moh for this rubbish! first impression of moh was whao! first impression of black ops…. looks like a cartoon!

    • Drich

      Have to agree…I've tried to reduce it to this: MOH is a great game….the realism is what draws me to the game…because it's in line with decisions you…gasp…would really have to make. I would like a little more variety in maps, but enjoy the multiplayer immensely. BOps is a great gaming experience…you can give your character different looks, there's a lot of creativity and innovation into the overall experience with the remote controlled bombs and the like…but its in no way realistic. Plus, I'm playing people who are already 44th level? Seriously? I may finish the single player game, but after that I am trading Bops in.

    • ibalto

      Totally agree. MOH is much better than the BO, cartoony, choppy on line crap game it is. I would have expectations that it would be at least better the MW2. It isn't.

    • Gundem

      Youre right, Black Ops is way too Hollywood -like.
      it's just TOO damn fake.

  • Ghost

    I have not yet bought MOH but do play in BFBC2 on hardcore mode, in which there is less "Benny Hill" running, and no killcam. For me, skill is the what I am looking for and what make the experience interesting. The aimless run-and-gun tactics in multi-players like MW2, and now, sad to hear, BlackOps are just annoying to me. I had been weighing the purchase of the two, and i am no much closer to buying MOH. Thanks for the heads up! Realism is always better, in my book.

  • CDub

    They're two different games with different ways of playing them. One's meant to be realistic, the other's meant to be closer to what gamers are used to in shooters. Both (for the most part) achieve their separate goals.

    It's like asking if Stripes is a worse movie because it's not as realistic as The Hurt Locker.

  • scccc

    played beta medal of honour and hated it, im a battlefield bad company 2 fan for graphics, especially if you enable dx11 in settings.ini.

    That said i am playing black ops and i think it is a great game, laggy servers aside it is the only cod i have played multiplayer in for a long time. I get your point about knife's andi would also add quick scoping to the list – a sniper running down the street with a rifle zooming in and out is even more unrealistic, snipers should stay hidden.

  • Alex

    I think it just depends. If your looking for more of a realistic competitive shooter play moh.but of your looking for more of an arcade style that takes no skill then play mw2 or black ops

    • matt

      sounds about right lol but i prefer black ops

      • John

        I feel that Black Ops is the first Call of Duty that really requires skill. Trearch made this game perfect. Medal of Honor was total crap. It offers no real challenge or reason. I bought it because the Beta was fun, but when I played the actual game, I felt it was a watered down version of Counter Strike. It did, however keep me occupied until Black Ops came out. I think it seved it’s purpose…

        • Haiden

          Man I almost feel like you accidentally swapped the names around in this reply, because MoH is everything you credited BlackOps for an Ops just sucks bad. Unless if by "skill" you mean a quick trigger finger, then I guess you're right. But in terms of strategy and tactics? There just isn't any in that game. It's all run and shoot.

    • Alex is gay

      Screw u u fagg what a passive agressive jackass. Black ops is amazing and takes twice as much skill compared to MOH. Just becasue u suck at COD doesn't mean u make bitch statements about it.

  • JPG

    You're right, if you want realism, go join the *real* Marine Corps.

    • ian

      i did

  • Rod

    If they made these games to be ultra-realistic then you'd be dead, dying, or incapacitated so much that it would be no fun at all. In real life no one is going to take multiple shots from high powered weapons and keep on keeping on. It's all just for fun. I would like to see a REALITY MODE in these games, it would really make you stop and think before you just rushed out into a hail of bullets like you're Superman.

    • Call of Medal

      second that…..think about Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Being 2 realistic makes for a higher learning curve which might result in player drop off's .

      So i guess it is better realism goes for a toss at the cost of game play