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After Verizon iPhone 4 / 5: Who Wins?

When any iPhone handset finally makes it on to the Verizon network, who would have the most to gain from any tie up with the mobile giants?

Phil Goldstein of FierceDeveloper is reporting in an article, that Apple would have a lot to gain as it would give them access to the carrier’s 93.2 million customers. They could suddenly have millions of new people buying their handset, and would also get increased sales for their App Store.

Verizon have had a lot of success with Android platform, but taking on the iPhone could take sales away from Google’s OS, exactly how much remains to be seen. The iPhone coming to Verizon could see a lot of subscribers leaving AT&T, as many are unhappy with the network provider but want an iPhone. Customers already on Verizon could also decide to upgrade to a smartphone if the iPhone becomes an option.

Another big winner would be Qualcomn, if Apple decides to make a CDMA version of the handset high volumes are likely to be sold. Other component manufactures like Samsung who make Flash memory for the iPhone would also gain from the sudden jump in sales. Consumers may also benefit as there will be more choice which may lead to lower prices.

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  • Joe

    Who wins? The die hard Verizon customers who have been waiting for the iPhone!


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