Xbox 360 And Kinect Enough: No plans for 720

By Peter Chubb - Nov 10, 2010

We first assumed that the Xbox 720 – rumored successor to the Xbox 360 – would be released in 2015, as this would then make the current system 10 years old. However, in a recent interview Microsoft said that they have “no plans for another Xbox.”

Stephen McGill said that Microsoft would continue to focus on the current system along with the new Kinect motion control sensor. This sounds good news for now, but who wants to play a games console that will start to look a bit dated in the next couple of years?

We all know how much the Xbox 360 has improved over the years, with new services such as Facebook, Sky and Twitter being added to the console, but gaming is what its all about and soon game developers will want a more powerful console before they are restricted by the current hardware.

Both the Xbox 360 and the Sony PS3 still has 2-3 years left in their life cycle, and I am sure that Microsoft and Sony know that. Even the thought that either company is not working on their next-gen games consoles seems preposterous. More details on GamerZines.

Do you think that Microsoft has given up on the Xbox 720 or whatever it will be called?

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  • Gabe

    Lol. Asian weenie stand. Best analogy ever dude!

  • CashBurger

    I didn't hear any bashing, but the article was pretty "obvious". Just kind of boring. How about the next time you write about something, you actually have something to say rather than telling us what we already know?

    Oh and I think Microsoft definitely has a new console in the works. It's just that to talk about it would kill sales of this generation's hardware including the brand new and arguably awesome Kinect sensor. I mean If I am making burgers and there is a cold burger on the plate but I tell you I have hot ones on the way, are you gonna eat that cold burger? Do you think I wanna throw away good meat? Then if I do that and you don't spend your money on my cold burger you might get sick of waiting for the hot burger and just go grab a hot dog from the asian weeny stand.

  • Not An Angry Child

    I'm starting a bet on how old Ray Thomas is… I call 8 years! Any takers?

  • Ray Thomas

    Personally i think you have no true understanding about the marketing and the industry. The gaming industry is in trouble as it is. smaller developers cannot afford to make games on these consoles as they command such a big budget because so much programming is involved otherwise the games would play and look dated. This is due to the amount of programming involved. You may not think it but the machines have plenty of time lifespan in them as its more about playability. I think you should just stick to review digital cameras instead of your kinect and xbox bashing.