Windows Phone 7 Problems: WiFi Issues, Anything Else?

By Alan Ng - Nov 10, 2010

We have some worrying news to bring you now, as although Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 devices have only just launched in the US, we are already hearing of a few notable problems which are affecting some handsets.

According to this report from BGR, users have been complaining about a specific problem related to the WiFi feature on some devices. Apparently, users are having trouble connecting to protected networks, with the Dell Venue Pro and HTC HD7 the handsets which have been singled out.

So far, we don’t know if this is a problem specific to these handsets, or if it’s an issue which is affecting all WP7 handsets, if the latter is the case, then Microsoft will obviously need to look into it. If you have been experiencing this WiFi issue, tell us about it below or head to BGR for further details.

If you have suffered a different problem on your new Windows Phone 7 handset, we’d like to know as well.

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  • salimu

    My phone can’t connect on Wi-Fi which it has been using

  • Put it in a DMZ and it works. Its a driver issue for hd7 devices

  • Steve H

    Haven’t had this problem with the HD7, but I’ve only been using one WiFi source. One thing I am puzzled about is that according T-mobile customer service, and it seem to be true, I can’t connect to WiFi at all unless I have two bars of phone signal…seems really silly to me. Maybe they are using the phone connection to monitor data use? But really annoying; I wonder if this is a WP7 issue, or T-mobile.

  • same problem with samsung focus and i do not yet have the newest update aka mango. is this problem fixed with the update??

  • HTC ARRIVE running MANGO here. Restting the phone doesn’t help. Only fixes when I RESTART THE ROUTER. So annoying.

    Also, after forcing the Mango update, Wi-Fi error message says my password is wrong. Same solution; reset router and all’s well.

    MS, please fix this.

    • Extrafiles_007

      I have the same problem with my LG Optimus 7.

      I force updated to mango. I haven’t tried resetting but as of now my phone doesn’t connect to my home 802.11b WPA TKIP network. I get the “Password incorrect” error even though I know 100% that I’m typing it correctly.

  • Mark Plantenberg

    I have an HD7. Love the phone! I know what the WiFi issue is finally…I think. It doesn’t release the previous IP Address. That’s it. The only way I’ve resolved my issue on a couple occasions was to reset the phone!
    I have a D-Link DIR-615 router at home. I use WPA2 Personal secruity on my WiFi. Pretty standard stuff.
    I type in the password and nothing. Fails to connect. I can reboot and repeat a thousand times…nothing.
    My old 3G and my laptop have no issues whatsoever.
    So here’s the deal, I go to work (at Microsoft) and I connect without issue…sometimes. If the old address is still available….
    Here is what I discovered at home. I can ping my phone from my laptop. It has AN address. NOT my network. It is the Microsoft IP. From the router I can ping it as well, using the utilities on the site. The router looks like it is trying to assign the IP it normally assigns to it, (…24.11) but the phone just isn’t biting.

    No matter what I try, I am not able to get the stupid thing to release the old address. Now this should be an easy fix. A simple app that you touch, does something like an ‘ipconfig /release’ and the issue is resolved.

    Since I work with the WindowsPhone Services team, I’m going to ask around and see if I can this tested and some sort of resolution,

  • jennifer carr

    I have a HTC Trophy and am having issues with my wifi. It disconnects when in sleep mode, when i wake it, it searches and tries to reconnect but cant. I have to manually go into settings…. turn off wifi, turn on wifi and then re connect to my network. sometimes this works, sometimes it asks me for the password. this is a nightmare for instant messenger apps I have downloaded. Basically means it has to be plugged in permenantly at home to use the apps… what is the point of that? Ita a 'mobile' phone…..

  • I have the HTC HD7 and have been disappointed with the very slow WiFi connection I’ve experience. I prefer even the Edge connection over WiFi. It’s as if the device attempts to use the WiFi, and then switches to edge, maybe 3G when available. However, it’s much slower than if I just disable WiFi altogether. I think the WiFi attempt goes through a timeout period before switching modes. Would love to know if there is something I can do to improve this.

  • stuart

    I have a Samsung focus and I can't download any updates or apps. This means I cannot view ANY video – WTF did I buy this phone?

  • tom shuck

    focus–my phone disconnects me about 10 seconds after getting a phone call. I am not out of range of a cell tower.

  • Edin

    I also just got an HTC Pro – the wifi connection is very sporadic. Sometimes it works and others it want connect at all. Both my computer, printer and the iphone have no problems with my network but the HTC Pro 7 is hit and miss. It will work fine for an hour or so but then disconnect and not connect again.

  • Ey1108

    i just got a htc 7 pro but my camera doesnt work it does everything until you actually press the camera button it makes a weird sound. anyone knows whats wrong with it

  • My links for the People profile just randomly disappeared. It now shows Contacts and Facebook profiles as separate (even the ones who were linked). Call list only shows numbers. No way to restore it!

  • dale

    i have a htc surround and my marketplace isnt working at all anymore…. at first it would tell me i had apps with updates but wouldnt update shit when i tried to…. now i cant even download new apps its telling me to try again latter and its been doing that for over a week now….. bout to go back to droid this is really pathetic and wheres the damn software update

  • jenny

    I have a Samsung Focus phone. The problem that I have is with the bluetooth device in my car. It disconnects from my car 5 to 6 times during a conversation. This is very annoying.

  • Sam

    I have a Samsung Focus. Zune and Market place does not load sometimes and takes me back to the main menu. I ll have to restart the device and it works fine. It s a pain.

    • Jim

      I am having the same exact issue with my Focus. I press the icon in the start looks like it is trying to load (you know…the little dots moving across the screen), then it brings me back to the start menu. Also when this happens, I can't watch videos or listen to music because when I press the Music Video icon, it does the same thing. I tried going into pictures and selecting the video, but it still won't play. I've called AT&T, Samsung and Microsoft about this to no avail. At least now I know it's not just my phone. Thanks for your post!!

  • vishnu

    I have a HTC HD 7 phone. I am not able to connect to my secured home wi-fi. When I try to connect, I get a message "Connection unsuccessful". The wi-fi is working fine.

  • Erin

    everytime i try to download an application it says "try again later"

  • joao carneiro

    I got the HTC mozartart on Orange UK and I wasn’t able to connect to WiFi still. Is o2 protected wifi

  • Gary

    Have a samsung focus. When I first got the phone I could connect to my home network fine, later it would not reconnect and said my password was incorrect. The password was correct and all my other divides work fine. I then created a guest account which worked but it was only temporary. After a few days same thing happened and though the password is correct for some reason I cannot connect.

  • Diann

    Samsung focus keeps trying to automaticlly connect me to optimum and require a sign in. I try to get out and sometimes the phone just shuts down. there is definitely a wifi issue. If you get connected to an open wifi you get msg. sorry can't complete that action now maybe your data plan is disconnected. No internet access at all then you may have to do a hard reboot. to use your own data plan. Is this not the purpose of the phone to use it. Why do the apps take soo long to upload. What is going on with the phone just plain shutting down. It will not take a hard reboot immediately you have to wait. Come on get the kinks out. Is there a fix if so someone let ATT & microsoft know.

  • Jay

    My Venue Pro stops connecting to x-box, Zune and the app store. It started out working fine but now just loads for a few seconds then dumps me back to the menu. Resetting the phone works, for a little while.

  • joe

    I’ve tried a few open networks and I have connected to the network but seem to have trouble using the market place won’t work as if it has no connection..same with all the WiFi using apps on my phone ….using a Samsung focus

    • Diann

      I have same issue but apparently you have to only turn on wifi locator when you are ready to use a wifi connection. Temporary solution, not a good one but??

  • Cindy

    Problems with it eatting up all my data on my data plan. Just got my phone 3 weeks ago & phone store assures me they will get all the excess data charges dropped. That's fine for this month, but how do I keep it from eatting too much data in the future.

  • Uriel Goldberg

    Windows Mobile 7 gmail problems: (1) only Inbox is active, all other folders (including sent mail) are empty no matter how often re-syncing is done. (2) Attachments don't open. I've tried jpg and gif. It says "Download didn't complete. Try again". You can try again till the cows come home and nothing downloads…

  • DeadlyFrog

    Own Samsung Focus, able to connect to some protected or open WIFI others not… Home router is a protected Netgear with no connection problem. At a friends house router is a protected DLink and can not connect evenif he sets up for open WIFI… Windows has an issue!!!

  • Tom

    HD7 doesn't seem to support LEAP authentication. There is no advanced options to specify anything

  • Howard Abraham

    I am using a Dell Venue Pro and it works just fine on my secure WiFi at home. Wireless sync is a wonderful thing.

  • Binkie

    Yeah, there are other things.

    HTC units are plagued with a 'pink camera' problem, turning peoples' photos completely pink.

    Also, The Street reports abysmal sales for Windows Phone 7 on its first day.