Westinghouse VR-4085DF: Target Black Friday TV Deals

By Peter Chubb - Nov 10, 2010

Over the weekend we wondered what Black Friday 2010 ad scan we would see first out of Target and Walmart first; we can now tell you that it is the latter. We mentioned in a recent post Target’s BF opening times and full list of deals. One of those items in the sale will be the Westinghouse VR-4085DF 40-inch LCD TV.

The current price for this Full HD 1080p TV is $582.99, come Black Friday that price will be just $298 – a saving of almost $300. This TV will not offer you the kind of quality as other TVs in the BF sales this year, like this Sony BRAVIA model, but for the price how can you go wrong?

The Westinghouse VR-4085DF TV has a contrast ratio of just 2000:1 and a refresh rate of 60Hz. Other features include a screen brightness of 400 cd/m2 and two down-firing stereo speakers.

Connectivity is not that bad with 3 HDMI ports, 2 Component Video, 1 PC and 1 Composite Video. For more details visit Target.

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  • cindy

    mine still works, makes a clicking sound sometimes when it turns of though

  • Gary

    Mine quit in less than a month. The picture however is great. Will return it tonight. This TV is for our bedroom and gets very little use.

  • oscar

    my sister gave me this tv she got on black friday and not even a week and the tvs not working at all never buy this crap if you do your dumb as bricks

    • marcus

      Same thing just happen to me. Not even a week of using the TV and its dead. In fact after three days of use it died.

  • bill

    Watched 2 people get into a fistfight over one of those tvs. Pretty cool when the big fat black chick got knocked out by a white chick who was about a third her weight and 6 inches shorter. In all the confusion, I grabbed the tv and went to the checkout line, the white chick went out the store in handcuffs, and the black chick left on a stretcher.

  • marlon

    we got the 40 inch westinighouse yesterday. i read some bad reviews but the tv looks amazing in quality. set it up last night with no problems and ps3 looks great on it.

  • Oleh

    Westinghouse does not provide a USB input to play video files, or view pictures.
    A TV that cannot play your collection of recorded videos is like a boat without a rudder: Just float wherever the broadcasters take you!

  • The TV will break if you take care of it, and don't abuse it lol by watching TV like 20hrs per day (which no one does..everyone gets like 5-10hrs per day) which is fine

  • mike

    I got today, waited six hours in 20 degrees, and high winds. Was worth it.

  • Eric

    I bought a Westinghouse 27" tv five years ago and used it as my main tv. Now I use a 50" Westinghouse and have had it for about a year. Both tvs work great and I've had no problems. Sound can be a little quiet, but I have a home theater setup for the 50" so it's not a problem. I am very happy with the picture quality of the tvs and have HDMI hooked up to both running XBOX 360s. I also hoook up my laptop and watch Blu-Ray movies. I am definitely going to get one, and recommend Westinghouse to everyone.

  • Stab

    does anyone know how many 40" Westinghouse TV's will be available per store for BF?

    • zmills

      20-25 per store. head to the maternity section…

  • Matt

    Hey guys, What time are you heading to Target??

  • James

    I’m going for that tv first thing I Hurd bad reviews ima just see for my self if it fails after I’m able to return it ima sell it to someone else for lie 450 lol

    • Tony Roast

      go back to school

      • Sirena


  • Brett Favre

    I have one of the Westinghouse 32" TVs from Target that I bought on Black Friday 2009. I also saw the bad reviews but have had no problems with mine. I haven't tried the HDMI but the TV is working fine otherwise. I am going to try to pick up the 40" from this year to replace a different TV.

  • Allan Cunningham

    last year "09" when Target had the big sale on the 32" I read a lot of really bad reviews! People were saying stay away from this TV! It seemed that everyone had the same problem that the volume sucked, the HDMI went out and/or the TV died completely.

    Some people were saying that was the old version and the new version is a lot better. My question is have anyone owned this TV for over a year? And if so how does it work now?

    • Jeff

      I got the 32" last year and I'm getting the 40" this year. I honestly have not had one problem with it.

    • Vicki

      How many people got tvs is it worth driving 1 hr leaving now?

    • Brian O.

      I have a 37" 1080p LCD TV from Westinghouse that I bought over 3 years ago at a TV store called Stereo Advantage when even the 1080p technology was new and honestly the picture quality is nearly if not exactly the same when compared to my uncle's Sony 46" 1080 LCD TV he bought just recently. Now if you stand like a foot from the screen you can see a difference in the picture but you're also nuts if you do that… I paid half the price of a "name brand" TV and truly love this TV. I plan on buying my parents two 42" WESTINGHOUSE LED-LCD TVs for around $650 each (contrast ratio 100,000:1) when a Sony or Panasonic (great brands and nothing against them) costs around $1200 each! and their contrast ratio is a lie as they manipulate numbers in the formula for the ratio to come to a 3,000,000:1 or 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio… which is ridiculous and a "fib" by the companies… To everyone that bought a TV from WALMART or TARGET, THATS YOUR PROBLEM!!! DON'T DO THAT! DUH! Buy your food and office junk or cheap clothes maybe from them… But buying a TV from an ELECTRONICS STORE like Best Buy, Comp USA, Radioshack, or my favorite store in my area "Stereo Advantage" is a much better idea… Hope this was helpful and not too long to read.

  • abdi mohamed

    i need a westinghouse tv on this black friday 2010

  • guest

    If you are talking about Target, you mean 'the former', not 'the latter'. It is difficult to tell what you are talking about though, because the first sentence could use some proofreading. I almost didn't read your very helpful article because I couldn't get past the first sentence.

    • Mathman

      Do'nt wory, wes all understod it.

    • Does anyone know how long across this is?I'm talking lenth of the total TV not diagnol.I don't know if it will fit in our entertainment center.