T-Mobile G2: Gmail Attachment Issues & Problems

By Jamie Pert - Nov 10, 2010

It seems as though the problems continue for the successor to the first Android handset, as the HTC made phone is struggling with previewing and downloading Gmail attachments.

The T-Mobile G2 was only on sale for a few hours before we heard numerous reports of problems, mostly pointing towards loose hinges that made the screen hang slightly when held upside down.

Now a new issue has come to light, and although not affecting all users, some of you are experiencing an issue that when sent a JPG image, you only see a “fetching attachment” pop-up which just hangs.

It is thought that the issue has been around for some time, as it was first discovered around the end of September, so this cancels out the recent T-Mobile OTA update that enabled tethering and WiFi calling as a culprit.

Google are apparently well aware of the issue, but with the bug seemingly being around for over a month, it’s a wonder what they are doing to fix it.

Are you suffering from the Gmail attachment issue?

Source: IntoMobile

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  • Priscilla

    I have has some attachment issues….not only with gmail but with mms too. I cant share videos through either method. Called tmobile and they said I had to set the video resolution to mms mode bc there is a 1mb size cap on mms.So I did that and still it says I cannot attach it. Anyone know how to fix that or if I have to use a android app for this function? thanks

    BTW…doc attachments and received pics through email are fine…but not mms

  • chris


  • J Santiago

    I am a longtime user of the G1. But after having gone through numerous handsets, and even more batteries. Due to the phone overheating them. I just today received my G2. Couldn’t tell you if I had any problems, because TMobile claimed my handset to be defective!! Opened it up to set it up, and I could not connect to the network to register the handset! After an hour long troubleshooting session, my brand new out of thre box G2 was deemed defective!!! So annoyed!