Palm Pre 2: UK Release Date Confirmed – US Still Waiting?

By Alan Ng - Nov 10, 2010

We have some good news for our readers in the UK who are interested in picking up the Palm Pre 2. According to latest reports, it looks like you’ll be able to pick up Palm HP’s latest device before the end of the week.

As reported from Engadget, the news has surfaced from Pocket-Lint who has it on good authority that the Palm Pre 2 will be available to buy in the UK on November 12th – this coming Friday.

Furthermore, we’re also hearing that the Pre 2 won’t be tied down to a specific carrier, as it will be available to buy SIM-free – interesting as we thought O2 would be the guys who would offer this exclusively.

No sign of a release for US consumers though, as Palm has stated that it is still ‘coming soon’, according to Engadget. Let us know your thoughts on this. Don’t forget about Palm’s mysterious new devices that are rumored to be on the way.

Anyone getting a Pre 2?

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  • stratman2525

    My "new in two" deal is up for renewal at Verizon, so I'm waiting to buy the new Pre 2. But I won't wait beyond a week. If HP/Palm is still asleep at the wheel then I will move to Android or iOS.

  • Harley

    I agree. WTS! I have been looking forward to a the palm pre 2 for months, but nothing yet! I am also looking forward to the Palm Pad for work, but if this is any indication that device will not be out until next winter!. Hurry up or BB Torch and Playbook here I come!

  • Rob

    I find it frustrating that once again Palm is messing up the release of a good product. I am ready to jump ship from Blackbrerry to Palm Pre, but, if there is nothing available, I will turn to Android. I know I am not alone in my feelings about this…get your act together HP/Palm, or get out of the business.

  • Patrick

    I would, but if they keep holding out, I'm jumping ship to Android or I-Phone. HP Palm needs to get on the ball post-merger and make some people happy.