iPhone 3G Owners: Will You Install iOS 4.2?

By Jamie Pert - Nov 10, 2010

Three days ago we posted a video showing the iPhone 3G running iOS 4.2, previous iOS 4 versions didn’t run very well on the iPhone 3G, however iOS 4.2 seemed to run pretty much perfectly.

The iPhone 3G was released back in July 2008, therefore it is no surprise to see that its dated internal hardware struggles with iOS 4.0 and iOS 4.1’s impressive functionality and features, however it looks as if Apple’s developers have refined and tweaked iOS 4.2 so that it runs much, much better on the 3G than many would have expected.

You can see iOS 4.2 running on the iPhone 3G here, the version of iOS 4.2 running on this smartphone is not final, therefore the official iOS 4.2 may perform even better.

I must admit if I had an iPhone 3G I would install the update, my question is… will you?

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  • I've got a 3 GS….iOS 4 runs well on it…yes, I will install 4.2