HTC Desire Z: Vodafone UK Release Date Soon

By Jamie Pert - Nov 10, 2010

We have just came across an ad which confirms that the HTC Desire Z is coming to Vodafone UK, however at the time of this post a release date is not known.

According to the ad (seen here) the Desire Z will be free of charge when you agree a two-year £30-per month contract, each month this will give you 3000 mins to UK landlines, 750 mins to UK mobiles, 250 standard UK texts and 500MB of internet usage.

If you do not want to sign your life away with a two-year deal I’m sure that Vodafone UK will offer it SIM-free, no price has been confirmed, however Amazon UK has it listed for £429.99, so expect a similar price tag.

Interest in the HTC Desire Z? if so, you should perhaps check out the full specs and hands-on videos we posted previously, as we hear of an official release date we will keep you posted.

Will you be buying this smartphone from Vodafone?

Source: Eurodroid

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