Gran Turismo 5: Timing The Release Date

By Peter Chubb - Nov 10, 2010

Waiting for the release of Gran Turismo 5 is a bit like waiting for paint to dry, as we keep staring at it and it never happens. Over the past few days we have been confused over conflicting release dates, some say November 30th, others say November 27th, while others say the 24th – so who is right?

The most convincing date for me is the one that we reported the other day, as this was seen on the Sony Style website. The dates were November 27th and 30th for the U.S. and Europe respectively. However, we have yet to get official confirmation of this.

Getting the timing right for this update is important for Sony, as this will be their big sale item in the build-up to Christmas – not forgetting PlayStation Move of course. Sony could launch the game too soon and sales could tumble before the holiday season – leave it too late and people would have already blown their budget.

However, the November 27th release date looks to be perfect, as this is the Black Friday weekend, so there will be an influx of shoppers at stores across the U.S. When is the perfect time to release GT5? We can report that the game has already leaked and is already available to buy at a premium, more on this here.

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  • ciderdave17

    If you pre-order Gran Turismo 5 before 12pm on Monday 22nd of November 2010 we will guarantee that you will receive it by the release date of Wednesday 24th of November 2010, if you do not receiveit we will compensate you with £3.00 on your shopto account.Click here to view Terms and Conditions

  • ciderdave17 have a delivery date on there site as Nov 24th. i have been checking every day for the last month as i have pre-ordered from them along with a new slim ps3. im even more pissed with delay as i cant get the machine untill GT5 is released as i ordered as a bundle a bundle !!!!!

  • Guest

    Personally the only mistake I think sony made was to confirm GT5 was in development so early in its development. If it means a better game, ofcourse waiting long is better, who wants a rushed game that cannot live up to hype that later requires about 3 updates, 5-6 DLC and still does live up to its hype

  • NoobHammer


    There is no GT5, only Zuul

    • benjammin

      Haha, awsome

  • Boogie George

    Who the f**k cares…? We`ve been waiting an agonizingly long a*s time for this game to be released. Release the damn game & get the ish over with !!!!!!!!! We tired of waitin…………

  • Nobunaga

    delaying is gay.

  • liam

    i cant wait when ever it comes out

  • P.S

    There's no good time to release it any more! 30th November for the U.S and Japan and 3rd December for the UK would be the best dates to release it and try to make some good out of a very bad situation. 3 weeks before Christmas is pushing it and 1 or 2 weeks before is just suicide. If they are going to release it before Christmas then they better make it known to the world as soon as possible that they are otherwise people will think its not coming out any time soon, ask for something else and spend their budget on some thing else. Resulting in after Christmas sales instead of before, which is the busiest time. After Christmas everyone's looking for bargains. If its not released before then its going to have to be after and surely it's in Polyphony's interest to not make people wait any longer. Wtf are doing!? Are there any jobs at going at Polyphony? Well i guess there will be after the Marketing Manager is fired when this game doesn't sell as many as it should have. Saying that I suppose people will buy it in the end but just not at full price. $60 million is going to be hard to recuperate! time is money and all that

  • Josiah


  • Husky_GT

    And while we normal honest people keep on waiting for the RELEASE DATE to then wait for the game, there is a thief bastard thats already playing it.

  • Jimmycranky

    Oh my god who cares about black friday, most of the world does not even celebrate Thanksgiving anyway.

  • Slim

    The best time to release it is ASAP! This game has been in development forever and too many people are excited for them to release it late ( some sources still say it may come in 2011)

    Nonetheless, GT5 is gonna be a huge seller for Sony. It will have a steady flow of sales for at least the next two years. It is THAT good lol