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Gran Turismo 5: Timing The Release Date

Waiting for the release of Gran Turismo 5 is a bit like waiting for paint to dry, as we keep staring at it and it never happens. Over the past few days we have been confused over conflicting release dates, some say November 30th, others say November 27th, while others say the 24th – so who is right?

The most convincing date for me is the one that we reported the other day, as this was seen on the Sony Style website. The dates were November 27th and 30th for the U.S. and Europe respectively. However, we have yet to get official confirmation of this.

Getting the timing right for this update is important for Sony, as this will be their big sale item in the build-up to Christmas – not forgetting PlayStation Move of course. Sony could launch the game too soon and sales could tumble before the holiday season – leave it too late and people would have already blown their budget.

However, the November 27th release date looks to be perfect, as this is the Black Friday weekend, so there will be an influx of shoppers at stores across the U.S. When is the perfect time to release GT5? We can report that the game has already leaked and is already available to buy at a premium, more on this here.



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