Gran Turismo 5 (GT5): PS3 Leaked Already – Buy for $136?

By Alan Ng - Nov 10, 2010

We have some surprising news to bring you now, as it seems as if one retailer is already offering copies of the Collector’s Edition of still unreleased PS3 title Gran Turismo 5, highlighting the game as ‘in stock’.

As reported from Examiner, if you head over to, you will see the listing for the game in black and white. They clearly say that the Collector’s Edition is IN STOCK, and that it is available to buy now for a premium $136.

And just to let you know, that price is clearly above normal for the game, as UK retailer PLAY is selling the CE of Gran Turismo 5 for £59, which is around $95 USD. The obvious question here though, is how have they managed to get the game so early?

This retailer listing backs up further claims that the game has already leaked out to some users, especially this guy here, who uploaded a video of the game’s opening cinematic a few days ago.

Check out the listing for yourself and let us know your thoughts on it.

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  • Chris

    The item at Fingerhut is NOT Instock. Most shopping sites are automated, which means that when we/they were told by Sony that the game would be out Nov 2, 2010 most sites and businesses had programed in that date. Many ads around the country were printed a long time ago (Best Buy, Wal-mart, Fred Meyer, etc) when the date was said to be Nov 2. Most stores printed retraction ads and webmasters have been scrambling to update their sites.

  • Lefty

    If fingerhut says they have it but can't send it, when will they be able to send it?

  • Husky_GT

    I pay 75 US dollars per standard ps3 games and 150 for collector versions here in my country. I´d pay 200+ dollars if I can have the game right now.

  • Why!!!!

    FAKE they havent even started burning the games yet!!!!!!!!!!
    Source: a friend…

  • RoadShow

    There is only 1 thing I care about…Getting GT5 before Christmas.

    But I wouldn't mind getting Gran Turismo, PS move, Assasins Creed Brotherhood and COD Black Ops for Christmas.

  • Brandon

    Thanks Jeff. Glad I didn't order now. I was so close too. But I backed out when the operator told me 10 days to ship. If they have it now, who knows where it will go on sale tomorrow! Santa is coming!!!

  • Coolenerge

    Well I just tried to order it online. I will let you know if it shows.

  • Harry

    Yeah, standard price for the CE in the states is $99 (Amazon, Best Buy, ect.). Fingerhut is a rip, and no they are not shipping the game and the "in stock" message is probably a system error.

  • Jeff

    Fingerhut is price gouging. The normal price of the GT5:CE by most other retailers in the US offering it for pre-order is $99. But I know at least one person who called Fingerhut, where they confirmed they have it in stock, and after he ordered it, he received an email basically stating that they couldn't yet ship it out.

  • Allan

    Its important to note that the PLAY UK GT5:CE is the PAL version, which does not come with the 1:43 Scale model of the Nissan GT-R. On Fingerhut its the US version of GT5:CE and it comes with the model, which is why its US$136. I think this is the standard price for the US version of GT5:CE

    • Zach Smart

      Actually the US GT5:CE is $99.99

  • Fishy Ferrari

    60 pounds is the normal price for the collectors edition anyways.

  • ANdy

    it clearly states that it is PRE ORDER DATE TO BE CONFIRMED!