Google Instant Previews Review: Compare / Find Results

In an effort to make the search engine a greater tool, Google has come up with Instant Previews, which is designed to make searching the Internet much faster. The new feature was announced yesterday and although it seems a little similar to what they launched a couple of months back – it is different.

Google Instant was great in the way where you could see the search results as you type, Google Instant Previews improves on that by offering you a look at a snapshot of the website from the result. There are a number of advantages to this, such as looking to see if it is a website with no content – we have all come across those.

To give you an idea on how it all works the Official Google Blog has all the details for you, and PC World has a few example snapshots for you to view. The new feature is now live, and in some cases you might have to enable it; once you do you will see a magnifying glass next to the Google result on the search page.

When I first tried Google Instant Previews it took a few seconds to show up the preview, but now the results are almost instant. Do you think that this is something you would use, or is it just another gimmick?



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