Dell Venue Pro: MicroSD Slot Requires You To Void Warranty

By Jamie Pert - Nov 10, 2010

The Dell Venue Pro‘s release date has been announced, carriers have been confirmed, and the Windows 7 device has even been confirmed to have an Android brother sometime in the near future. But if you wanted to upgrade your storage, you might run into some trouble.

While investigating the Venue Pro, a chap who also discovered that Microsoft were selling the device in stores managed to get hold of one himself and discovered that Dell’s 4.1-inch Windows Phone 7 slider comes with an microSD slot, but there is a catch.

The microSD slot seems to be covered by a warranty sticker which means, yes it is there, yes it can be used, but it also means if you do decide to use it, it is at your own risk.

Source: Engadget

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