COD Space Ops: Swapping Zombies For Aliens

The Call of Duty franchise shows no signs of slowing, as the early success of COD Black Ops has done nothing but good to secure future incarnations of the game. There is now talk of ‘COD Space Ops’, which could mean that you will swap zombies for aliens.

These latest rumors from Gamasutra sources said that Schofield and Michael Condrey, the Visceral game cast outs could be behind the new game. This is not the first time that we have heard of a Call of Duty game set in space; Activision registered three domains this year, one of which was called ‘Space Warfare’.

It is hard to say who will actually make the game, as we all know how much confusion there is there? It is hard to know how fans of the franchise would react to such an idea, but it does show that COD has much more to give.

Would you consider swapping your projectile weapons and zombies for lasers and aliens?


  • TerryMMA85

    maybe they should do a starship troopers style fps game but no laser weapons.i still prefer fighting on planet earth though but it may work but big risk

  • avisioncame

    If it's anything like Battlefield 2142 it will be a good game for sure!

  • Hermann

    That MIGHT be intresting, but hey, we already have the ray gun. And aliens would be too creepy in that high-def we call 'COD'.

    Oh ya..1st.

  • pbsmooov

    I'm not playing Call of Duty to play in space. If I wanted to play in space, I'd buy Halo. However I enjoy shooting people in video games, not zombies (which is why I also don't own Resident Evil). If Treyarch is staying on as the developers of COD, I think I will be done with this franchise game. Long Live Infinity Ward! Modern Warfare 2 was the best ever!!


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