COD Black Ops: Xbox 360 Vs PS3 Online Multiplayer – Xbox 360 Winning?

By Alan Ng - Nov 10, 2010

We have an interesting report for you to read now, and particularly interesting if you are currently playing Call of Duty: Black Ops on either the Xbox 360, PS3 or PC, as early online play figures have indicated that the Xbox 360 is miles clear of the PS3 and PC.

G4 has written a brief article, informing us about some initial online multiplayer session time for the three main platforms of the game – Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC.

According to them, the Xbox 360 has over a staggering 1.4 million users MORE than the PS3 and PC combined. The Xbox 360 alone has racked up 2,156,469 users online, while the PS3 and PC are ‘lagging’ behind (see what we did there) with 664,982 and 55,071 users respectively.

Combined, that is over 2.8 million people that are currently playing Black Ops since the official launch date of November 9th, pretty impressive.

What are your thoughts on the figures? Surprised that the Xbox 360 is winning by such a huge margin? Perhaps you’re not too surprised actually, since Treyarch made no secret of their favoritism of the Xbox 360 version. Don’t forget that these figures are just G4’s so they are not official. Activision should be releasing them sometime next week.

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  • The new thing that is happening now is that they can hack your xbox account through black ops. The next day you will not be able to get on if this happens to you. Also they suspend your account for a month so they can investigate. Also there is the $200 charge on your account from them buying microsoft points. Don’t worry because the customer service will tell you that its your fault for playing the game. I think that swings right the fight right to ps3.

  • Gary

    ive recently got a xbox (still own ps3 kinda attached to it) and got black ops and its way much better within 1 week i have been kicked out of 1 game due to connection error but on ps3 it was every other match so i will be putting my time into the xbox black ops from now on. also the consoles are as good as each other so dont know why people hate on one another. and andrew u tart most opf us are wrightin on hear with a pc we all have 1 just not choose to use it to play games u fagso dont think its anything special wow u own a pc…. dont we all!!!!!

  • 28Shadow

    Ahh…a Good ‘Ole flame war. Is this what we all want? A no holds Bar Fight between brothers in arms? Uneeded if you ask me.

  • Headshootz112

    okay fair enough haha

  • Jay Junkie

    Also I’d like to mention that the benchmarks of gameplay between the two consoles are not surprising.

    Xbox 360 marked just over 50 Fps in most tests,
    while the PS3 performed almost always 20 FPS lower than Xbox.

    Despite the PS3 version of Black Ops having leterally lower resolution than the Xbox version, it still under-performs compared to the Xbox console, which is literally unsurprising to me.

    So quit all the PS3’s have better hardware because multiple test’s proove that it doesn’t matter. It still performs worst than an Xbox.

    So… if your friend is playing your favourite game from Xbox 360, on a PS3, and they mention how better the graphics are on the PS3 console, tell them to visit this post and Reference.

    Once again, yours,
    Jay Junkie


  • Jay Junkie

    More people play COD: Black ops online on the Xbox 360 console and no one can argue that. It's true, and was expected.
    Considering even comparing PS3 online game play with Xbox 360 live is a waste of time.
    Because the stats are already there and proven.
    More people play Xbox live. PS3 is free.

    Let's see… why is PS3 online free? You think if they charged for their online service they would have half as many players online? No.
    Playstation started with free online game play, so they had to stick with it.
    Xbox live had a price from the start so it was no shock to users when the 360 came out and still had a online price for online service.
    If Playstation started charging for online game play, almost half the users, I guarantee, would move onto Xbox live if they could.

    Xbox Live has a price for a reason. It's good. It's a lot better than PS3 online in my opinion and many will agree with me. (I have experienced PS3 Online and I find Xbox Live much more professional and user friendly.)

    Graphics wise, the consoles prove almost identical. Depending on the game producers, the game will be ported to Xbox and PS3 consoles alike with almost cloned pixel and color depth. Not to mention HDMI support from both consoles vitally providing exact aspect ratio alike.
    (Or get a PC :P)

    Hardware wise, The PS3 has more powerful equipment internally for sure, but does not harness the full potential. Hell, they even mention a whole cell core is unused, (however I concur, a good sales approach for future graphical heavy content).
    The fact is Xbox 360 uses all of it's hardware potential and still performs up to standard with the PS3 released after the console standard was well placed.
    (Or get a PC :D)

    Made my point?

    If you can spare around $40 a week, you'll much more enjoy your gaming experience with your friend, Xbox Live.

    Jay Junkie

    • Xbox 360 sucks

      get your facts right I got pss and I play on psn and on black ops half of them time there is 600k or 700k people on and the half it is 300k or 400k my friends play xbox live and there is only between 200k and 400k on so stop being a gay xbox 360 fan boy because most of your shit your say is wrong.

  • Rex

    hi every one^^
    i wanna know more about black ops online server if it's the same of ps3?

    i can't enjoy this game on ps3.
    please i need some info about online gaming for xbox

    • stu

      i had a ps3 for 3 years just traded in for 360 250gb slim black ops on the ps3 lagged like hell and had connection issues the 360 version is awsome no lag not had a single connection issue feels like a more polished game on 360

  • flann

    i love xbox

  • btwp89

    average 360 k/d 1.0
    average ps3 k/d 4.5
    thats all the differance

    • Xbox 360 sucks

      Thats not even true my friends say there is a lot more kids on xbox live

  • japanVsUsa

    I checked wikipedia and xbox 360 has 50million consoles sold and ps3 has 48 million consoles sold so.. 2 millions do not count. The truth is that microsoft pay activision and the shtty activision made xbox 360 black ops better than ps3.. Being loved by activision, xbox has better servers and connection. Playstation network is very good with other games and I bought ps3 cause I wanted to have a multifunctional console that excels in all things, not just a gaming console with a big controller that gets raped in some months after you buy it..

    • Xbox 360 sucks

      no sony got 75 million sold you retard get your facts straight

  • xbox vs activision

    I checked wikipedia and xbox 360 has 50million consoles sold and ps3 has 48 million consoles sold so.. 2 millions do not count. The truth is that microsoft pay activision and the shtty activision made xbox 360 black ops better than ps3.. Being loved by activision, xbox has better servers and connection. Playstation network is very good with other games and I bought ps3 cause I wanted to have a multifunctional console that excels in all things, not just a gaming console with a big controller that gets raped in some months after you buy it..
    Conclusion: Microsoft pay activision… And if you consider this not true tell me why all COD games were released on xbox first … Cause it's not better at all vs ps3 and vs pc. Btw medal of honor > black ops IMO.

  • jiki

    is xbox online game gratis?

  • albee213

    Look, I own both systems and they both have benifits but I find myself more frustrated with the PS3's online/chat service. Its retarded and you cant just make a room with your friends, every change you make bumps you out and its stupid, also I have never been kicked out of so many online matches and had the system freeze once or twice a day and my PS3 is BRAND NEW SLIM only a month old. Xbox has the red ring of death but other than that it has been a better system over all, and the graphics for games like COD are much better, I see things on the PS3 that are strange and blocky… If it werent for GT5 I would never have goten the PS3, its lame and over rated.

    • LOol

      Dont blame Sony for the stupid developers who can't make a good game for PS3. Developers/Publishers have to be lazy and port games to PS3 to make more profit. I have both systems. Look at any PS3 exclusive game and you will most likely see the big difference in graphics.

  • jklj;kl

    thinking of buying a ps3 or xbox.. but i'm not sure because of the online community… also i don't want to spend my fkin money on live or anything….

  • of course xbox has more people playing on it, because it runs smooth on it. it runs like shit on ps3 not sure about pc I'm pretty sure it does too.

  • CJB ;)

    people i see the ps3 more of a multi-media type of console seeing as it has a web browser and more intuitive dash than 360. i consider the 360 as more of a online gaming community type seeing as it has a party system and other things for online games. although if you are willing to pay $60 a year for 360 its definitely the way to go.


    Red Ring of Death anyone? Has Microsoft ever made anything reliable?

    My 360 died after 2 years. which is around the same length of time my warranty was. I do not own a PS3 but after owning a 360, I will never buy anything Microsoft again. I will use office, windows 7 etc but I will not pay for that crap either. 1/3 of all 360's get the Red Ring of Death (RROD). search the web – its all over there about the RROD

  • TurnThatDamMusicDown

    Only 1 thing is say, PS3 > 360…THANK YOU! 😛 This is my opinion..PS3 and 360 both have shitty players and amazing players, 360 controller is TOO fat/ugly/annoying while the PS3 controller is nice/thin/comfortable! PS3 online is FRRREEEE!!!!!! 360 is NOT!! Therefore, PS3 shits on 360…

    PS- on facebook, search my new page, PS3 > 360

  • Dylan

    lol either way that's an insane amount of players both consoles. I don't understand how there could be any complaints. XD

  • divepirate

    Can you play a ps3 against an xbox?



  • XboxFTW

    Xbox 360 FTW! Way more people online and their are more hardcore gamers on Xbox 360 and im not just saying this because I own both systems…

  • Guest

    PC is still hella laggy. Having a high end gaming computer still wont help ya. With even the patch released it is still laggy. This game should of being beta before released.

  • Richard Keen


    I had the choice if the ps3 version or the 360 but went with the PS3 , Im starting to think I should have got the other version as some if the muliplayer maps have a few frame rate issues .. Villa and Jungle plus a few others I can’t recall . I’m running 1080p .


  • Chris

    I traded in my 360 for a PS3 2 weeks ago, simply because all my friends had a PS and I wanted to play with them. I am still and Xbox fan, I think it’s way better, and my connection to PSN is shoddy compared to the 360 live. However, doesn’t matter how many people bought on which console, makes no difference to anyone.

  • Mikey d

    I have both systems and black ops performs much better on the Xbox, looks, connection and just in general. Ps3 is free to be fair but as that’s the case people should quit slating it because it’s lagging. You pay for what you get on 360 and that’s good online game play imop.

  • rick

    No lag on my ps3 connection

  • Black Ops Ps33333

    oh my god u guys are sad its a fckin game ffs enjoy it on whatever fckin console you want >:-(

  • andrew

    pc has dedicated servers, no laggy host connections, how the fuck mad are you console nerds?

    • eggy

      Well, Battlefield was hosted on dedicated servers (EA) and there was never any issues…. I think its a complete joke the amount of money made on this product and the're still expecting users to host their own 24 multiplay games!!!!!!

    • Gary

      toolbag we all have a pc so ur nothin special we just choose to use consoles to play games.

  • RoadShow

    Who cares? More people is not excactly a good thing and besides, the game just released.

    I don't know about you but I always beat the single player campaign before I play the multi player of all my games. That way I'm more used to controls and what I can do before I get pwned online.

    But anyways FPS are better on PC than any console. PS3 is way better than 360 and 360 fanboys are just funny for loving their shooters on that console, 360 is the worst platform to play FPS, or any shooters for that matter.

    • Jasen

      Exactly…I don't care how many people are online playing CoD. I don't see why anyone would?! Unless Live or PSN breaks some record than I guess interesting?!?…but not really if everyone is having a **it time playing!

      For MW2 I told myself I can't play online until I beat the campaign. Fired it up day one and was blowing through the game and was about 85% done…then the next day I noticed I had 0 trophies?! Turns out there was a problem with the PS3 version and IW had to go fix it…so the game saved my progress, but I had to gave back in after I beat the game and replay it again to earn those trophies…great. So, this time I jumped online first and it's same **it different day with all this lag B/S.

      You just can't win…I've learned my lesson…don’t bother pre-ordering the next CoD. Give it a week or two and then go pick it up and avoid all the aggravation. I'm sure Black Ops will still break crazy records, but it will be hard to convenience people to pre-order the next title if it doesn't work correctly for the first week or two…

  • paul

    it just stated that xbox 360 had a million and a half more than pc and ps3 combined

  • murphy

    i have a xbox an ps3 , both have their good and bad points, i chose to buy black ops on ps3 becuse the xbox Community is full of screeming crying 10 year olds and very Immature people. an i find that in most lobbies i go into on the ps3 i can have a decent conversation. i love the fact that the ps3 community is smaller i dont see why people think its a bad thing :S

    • RoadShow

      I totally agree with you. Having a smaller community is not a bad thing, and exactly just look up youtube the kid crying because his brother made him get off halo. I hate the video but it shows just how young these kids are.

      PS3 has a better community IMO and even if it doesn't it has free online play which is a million times more important to me than….cross game chat something that is so stupid and only kids use.

      Cross game chat takes away from the stratagy and skills I use when working with a team online. It's all about communication in game, which you can't do on 360 becuase everyone is there to socialize and talk to their friends playing some other game. no thanks, I like to emerse my self in a game not lose because some 10 year olds are too busy talking to their friends.

    • Minime

      Yea….just a bunch of kids on Xbox or immature nerds….PS3 has your everyday normal people…its strange how it ended up that way….thats microsoft for ya.

  • junior

    xbox360 all the way

  • shane

    Although this is irritating, who cares really? Weve all been playing without online split screen on the last games so whats the difference.

    Why do stupid fan boys say that one online community is better than the other? How stupid is that. I dont use xbox live very often but my bro has the console and i do sometimes. My experience of the PSN is that there is NEVER lag, if there is any lag it is your shitty net connection. Its perfect and free. Xbox live is just as good, slightly more screaming abusive teenagers but thats all and you can just mute em so who cares. Only difference is… its not free.

    • japanVsUsa

      You are so right.. Sony means japan and we all know japanese will always keep building and will always keep improving.. And ps3 has improved so much and I bet the PSN (playstation network) will improve and in the future PSN will BE = TO XBOX LIVE

    • Vandal

      Agree with your over all point but in my experience there were waaaaay more D Bags on PSN, not that Xbox doesn't have its share of idiots.

  • Tree

    It is quite obvious that there would be more people playing on the Xbox 360 because theres more Xbox 360s sold… This doesn't mean that it won the 'console war' or that the 360 has better online…
    And I'm not saying that the PS3 is better or worse.

  • Eggy

    does any one know if this game is hosted on servers or does it work as peer to peer??

  • wasteddays2

    Sorry guys wish all you want a xbox or ps3 games are so close to being the same that to complain just makes you sound stupid the diff between xbox and ps3 lies in that you dont have many features on xbox that you get with ps3 and that takes personal preferance out of it its about what the machine can do and with no blueray no wifi and no web browser xboxs falls short……I watch movies all the time online from places like project free tv cant do that on an xbox humm all the stuff i listed and free movies too who needs netflix ive got my ps3s web browser.

  • Jasen

    bottom line these games are never made equally in my eyes. even IW said last year it was going to be even graphics wise between all 3 platforms and content wise…shortly after Xbox was getting exclusive this or early that…and I feel like the past 3 games have looked much better on the 360 than PS3. I know most developers say the PS3 is not a easy to work with and blah blah blah, but I think Activision cares more about their Xbox community than PC and PS3. Which sucks for PC people b/c if it was not for them the CoD franchise would not even exists! I didn't go get this game at midnight b/c there is always problems and instead of being one of these people crying about everything I waited until this morning to play. I noticed a few issues, but nothing that would stop me from playing tonight or make me return the game?!

  • ttt

    i heard the psn isnt maintained as much. im assuming because you dont have to pay for.. which is why im more than happy paying for a network that is kept up… xbox 360 ftw

  • TKO

    I hate the fact that the graphics are a huge step down from MW2. I hated MW2 but loved it's graphics. The sounds and graphics to this game are just terrible. A huge setback in that aspect of the game. And yeah there were way more players on the PS3 than stated above.

    • Lefty5794

      what?? the graphics are alot better

      • andrew

        TKO, maybe for consoles it's "worse"

        Probably because you can't increase graphics on consoles, because you can't upgrade console hardware like you can on a PC.

        The PC version actually has twice the graphics of previous COD games, because you are able to upgrade your hardware.

    • deadringer565

      The graphics are better dumbass

  • elyaas

    actually i was a watching a live stream black ops and it was on the 360, and it was taking so long to find a match and kept kicking players out of the party. so i do not know what the guy was saying it works perfect on the 360. ps3 also had way more players than that! and we all can agree that the wager matches have a weird glitch when the hosts leave.

  • Dan

    mate xbox just smashes it and you wouldnt comment if you werent concerned about xbox slapping ps3 down…

  • Rob

    I'd rather play online for Free. 🙂

  • Piemaster1337

    Heh, i loved the first day of release 🙂 perfect time to get ahead of everyone else.
    Also, you could tell everyone, almost, was targeting Xbox360 players to buy black ops, since more people play xbox live than any other console
    black ops is legit ^^ only nubs complain about the snipers, noob tubes, and no stopping power/juggernaught/danger close

    • daniel

      y carnt u find a noraml team death match ?? do u know y that is

  • Sam

    Well 2.5 million people on a server just means more chances of bugs and crashes. Personally I don't need 2.5 million people to make me enjoy a game. As long as I can play with other people, I don't care about sales figures.

    • SAKKK

      2.5 millions without lagging means that xbox server is BETTER than ps3 that with 600,000 online player the server is a Sh@#$t

      • Ryan

        Dude there is no problem with Playstation servers or Xbox servers you dumb ass, the only reasn you guyz have lag is because you have a crap internet connection I have mine at 20 megabytes per seconds and I have no lag ever, I have all the CoD games from Call of duty 4 all the way up to Call of duty black ops for both Xbox and Ps3 and I see no difference in terms of lag, you guys just have poor connection. And SAKK your just a fanboy dumbass who thinks hes all right, get your facts right dumbass, and the only reason Xbox I winning in sales is because it came out first before the ps3 was launched, and also because hardly anybody can afford the all powerfull Ps3 with its better CPU and graphics and performance

        • Nathan

          That's nonsense, I have a fast internet connection and it's hardwired. i was booted off last night anbout 7 times….lagging all over the place…I'm no fanboy just a pissed of PS3 owner who is tired of getting booted off the server

    • THE-GEEK

      more people DOESNT mean more lag it means more people know which system is better cummon you ps3 people are just mad cuz the ps3 is junk compared to the XBOX even Activision knows it

  • Luke

    Yeah same here

  • Haligonian

    XBOX 360 won the console battle a long time ago….with Kinect out now the final nail in the coffin has been hammered home. BTW the 360 version works perfectly online.

    • ray

      The generation isn't over yet dumbass.

    • Harvey

      I am totally on that one, it is a true statement that the Xbox 360 has brutalised the PS3 even though the PS3 came out late. the PS3 was too overpriced on launch whereas Xbox 360 wasnt, Ps have just copied Xbox 360 in so many ways which isnt a good move. with Kinect in the bag, it will brutalise Move by a long way (move is soooo cheap, probably cheap tech). later in the future Ps might beat 360 but they would have to think of something innovative. Xbox is the best!

    • Xbox 360 sucks

      The xbox 360 lost what you talking about and the KInect sucks if I wanted play cartoon games I got back to the 90's or play the wii

  • Bart

    Ps3 server was shity, to much lag and allways loosing connection, this sucks when your 9 and 0 for a change

  • marhorn

    No surprise! Xbox360 has a lot better online community!


      No it’s just that more Ps3 owners have more sense in there head not to buy this crap

    • jesmar

      hey how can i play online cod7 on xbox360? can u tell me how can i get on multyplayer and play online pls? thank you

  • Aaron

    Big Deal

  • paul

    Pity we can't be sold something by the makers that is fit for purpose, game is laggy and surly selling an item not fit for purpose is illegal..i for one want my money back.

    • badet

      sccrew u

      • bartin

        we need to be able to have xbox and ps3 kids be able to play together on a big network like xbox live and ps3 network put together

  • Paul

    Mmmmmmm ?when I was on psn it had about million and a half Players playing it ???

    • Dan

      When I was on Xbox Live last night it had 2.9 million?

    • seb

      hello i am getting a ps3 for christmas with black ops . whats the average amount of players online ? do you think its too late for a ps3

      • craig

        yea its kinda sad even on a week day at 10- 2 there round 900k xbox players on weekedns we got like 3 mil so kinda to late fir ps3

    • Nathan

      Actually, the amount of people playing is PSN, Xbox LIVE and PC added together.

    • nonya bisnis

      When I was on PSN there where over 3 million players online!!!!!!!