CoD Black Ops Terminal: How To Unlock Dead Ops

By Jamie Pert - Nov 10, 2010

If you have been looking for a new challenge on Black Ops you may want to try out Dead Ops, however this cannot be accessed by simply choosing it from Black Ops’ menu system.

We have embedded a video at the end of this post which shows you how to unlock Dead Ops, at the game’s main menu look down at your hands, then repeatedly press LT / RT until you are free, once free walk behind the screens, access the computer and then type “CD” and press enter, after this type “DOA” and press enter again.

Once you have done all of this you will have access to Dead Ops, this is a fun arcade shooter with an overhead view, you run round shooting zombies and picking up weapon upgrades and bonuses etc.

I hope this post helped you access Dead Ops, do you like the Dead Ops game mode?

Source: YouTube

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  • Amazing_platypus

    I had it unlocked and I never did this….

  • Airbolt2

    Its multiplayer
    And fun

  • c man

    please help

  • c man

    what do i tipe in on the wii i can not get it to work please help


    Why is this only one player!?!?!?!?


    • c man

      i do not no y its 1 player

      • john smith

        if you find all the intel through out the game it getts added into your 'zombies' maps where you can do 2 player 🙂

  • danny

    wat about ps is it the same?

  • bob

    It's just spacebar on pc

  • rob

    this dont work for pc obviously, cant get out of chair

    • Kyo-N

      tap spacebar until you get of the chair 😉

    • Dude

      it does work on pc – i'm using xbox controller on pc but if you use the keyboard and mouse controls to move his hands you should be able to break free

  • Fluffyncute

    How do you do it for pc version? (if possible)

    • N1ck

      To get out of the chair on PC, you need to tap between spacebar and right click.

  • junkieson420-gamer

    where is the computer in cod black ops im in tha 5 mi8ssion or 6 idk

    • l3mon

      main menu where it says campaign zombies and other stuff then tap the triggers a few times then he breaks out of the chair when your up its behind the chair

  • cod gamer

    for the wii, how do u break out of the chair? on wii theres no RT LT. please help!

    • Jube

      Shake the nunchuck and wiimote… I figured that one out 😀

      • Daddy

        i cant get it to work

  • deadopsguy

    you can also type zork (text only based game) by typing zork.

    you can do all kinds of WinDOS stuff… type help to see what commands to use.

    my highscore was 385,000 on dead ops, fun game

    • No name

      Actually unix…. try commands like, ls (list dir), more (read a text doc) , cd (change dir) etc .. ref, google : unix basic commands…. 🙂

  • OverSamRUler

    thanks! I couldnt figure out what to do at the computer. Actually, i accidently broke out of the chair xD

  • Cj Cardona

    holly shizzle i didnt even kno you could move the guys head lol lmfao rofl….no homo but yea ima try that

    • cj cardona is a fag

      stop saying no homo you faggot

      • asdf

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        • eat

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    • Seirra

      No homo from meekakitty? or hear it elsewhere?

  • All I had to do was type DOA when I accessed the computer.

    • Jose

      Does it work on wii cause I tried it on my wii and it did not work