COD Black Ops Survival Guide: Top Tips For Multiplayer

By Peter Chubb - Nov 10, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops has been available for just over a day now, and already there has been criticism with graphics and sound quality. While most love the gameplay, there are those who believe that these latest game from the franchise has taken a step back. However, for those who do not read into none of that and have been spending every last minute playing on Multiplayer, then CVG has a survival guide for you to study.

The hard-core gamers will not want to read any of this, but if you are as bad as I am, then this could keep you alive that little bit longer. The first thing you need to do is learn those customization options, getting your weapons and armor right is key to staying alive.

Another great tip is the motion sensor; these UAVs will help you locate the enemy, who will show up as red dots on your screen. This will not help in all game modes, so be wise when you use them.

A great way to stay alive for longer is by wearing a Flack Jacket, this will protect you from explosions. My main problem is staying in one place for too long, I have this issue with all FPS games, so I will be the guy standing in one spot looking everywhere except at my killer.

For a complete survival guide for COD Black Ops visit CVG.

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  • ownage

    Ghost Pro, Warlord pro and ninja pro with ak 47 supressor and red dot sight. Win

  • WIN

  • Kwame

    Use extended mag famas with hardline,slight of hand and hacker!!!!!!!Beastly

  • untouchaballz

    first u need a gun
    then go and stab people
    if that doesnt work try shooting
    if that doesnt work then try a different game

  • Callumination

    I've just gone prestige for the 5th time and personally find using the MP5K with rapid fire, lightweight, sleight of hand and marathon is the easiest way to rack up kills and have fun.

    For myslef the main element of the game is continuously watch your radar, so having spy plane helps a lot. Run to the red dots and just fire from the hip whilst straifing left and right to avoid enemy shots. I usually get 25-30 kills a game if there aren't heaps of campers around.

    Oh yeah and Mr. Dead….WTF????

  • jman

    beginners should use famas with red dot kept me alive alot longer

  • dan redstone

    (Warlord pro)–Ak47 with silencer and red dot sight it trades some of the power but its worth it for reduction in recoil.(ninjer pro) so you can move around without uav's detecting you and (lightweight. Pro)si you can run for longer without having to stop…..and that's my choice of wepons and perks happy owning 😉

  • daniel

    best installment yet!!! but like previously posted< a good connection is everything in multiplayer…the person with a higher ping rate(esp with knifing) will get the kill first….latley i have been seeing more and more cheating occuring in the form of lag switch,, for instance if you are just unloading on an enemy and a good amount of your bullets dont do any dammage thats a tall tale watch the kill cam and report the player..i have seen two cases of aim bots so that is another think to look for in a kill cam!

    • Callumination

      isn't that just bad lag in general or is there something more to it?
      I didn't think that is a form of cheating.

  • louisjb16

    The best tip is to get a motion sesor and decoy grenades. Throw your decoys which makes loads of enemies run there but put your motion sensor down so that you know where they are coming from. Then you can kill them easily on a big killstreak

    • ihatecampers

      spoken like a true camper.. bravo!

  • Murty

    Legend of a man! eye hoop uew half sum1 too help

  • Mr.Dead

    what you need is to make sertent class for sertent things. for exp: mabe a runing class with lhight whiet steady am ninga then just add an AK74u (or shout gun but i'd go with the AK) and your all could also most guns have a great shight caold A O G(aka to go long rang you dont need a sniper) another tip is to almost never use the M16 (ecsept mabe hard cor)cuse if you tern a corner and theres a guy white there and you don't knif that son of a bich your scrod.

    • nipTUCKnROLL


      • FamasLVR

        oh….my…..god. I hope this isn't a school project for you.

    • Carp3 Di3m

      Plox go uninstall

    • ghhi

      agreed just wow my newborn niece can spell better

    • ekaJ

      damn, this is a manifestation of how bad our schools are nowadays

  • jerk

    cod is sick!!! use ne gun or ne perk it doesnt matter, its how good you r at using them i run around with the spas and get 30 plus kills…………some times. but cod is sickkk!
    Lag is only problem but you get used to it.

    • Termn8tr684

      so ur saying i just have to get good at CoD?and what about my second question?

  • crabba79

    This game is weak! The connection problems are all to real and that is the big issue wit me. Step back in game play from all other CODs. Being the host with a good connection is not a help. I think its just the opposite. Seems to me if you cant afford good internet then your on your way to winning most matches.

  • Termn8tr684

    i have two questions.
    I'm one of those people who can't stay in one place for long. Ilike to get into the action, and by that time i'm dead. how can i help myself with this problem.
    Also, which would be the best station to buy, xbox or ps3?

    • Jake

      Xbox 360 is better all around… More people, better gamers, and better gameplay. But all the noobs play ps3 so you'll do better on that.

      • Kareem

        Your an idiot, ps3 is just as good or better in online gameplay and much better exclusives and I own both and hate playing with wining 12 year olds on Live.

  • lasers

    PC = leetsauce other system = epic fail

  • deathlord

    its y connection people, if someone dies the moment y shot them just carry on, if not find a lobby that gives you a good connection, simples

  • Nathan.

    This guys grammar makes me wanna puke.

    • papa

      your cool

      • Nathans Guard

        papa… you're even cooler. Spell fucking correctly retard.

    • jaffa

      Grammar ?. Grow up you helmet. This is not an English test.

    • adam

      do you know what an apostrophe is??

  • Joker

    AK74u, Rapid Fire+Suppressor, strela 3, ghost pro, warlord pro, hacker pro, win.

    also, I don't see why there's a system hate here. Maybe xbox people are jealous because they can't afford the most versatile and top notch item. Huh. Thing about PC is, more people, better control system (nothing beats the amount of buttons), and customizable settings. even a crappy game looks sexy on the PC.

    I play PS3 so yea. later.

    • Joker fails

      Joker you fail badly. More people play on Xbox than PC, it's actually proven. So go die n00b

    • YO MAMA

      Yea good gun but use AUG extended mag, and bolistic knife, ghost pro, slight of hand pro, and second chance pro

  • xboxG

    the fal is bad ass oh n pc are fags that cant use a joystick, they need the noob perk, or a mouse as i like to call it

  • codKILLER

    Just use M16 n you can shoot from long range….
    no need to buy other guns

    • Goose.

      or the FAL

  • chris mertz

    pc is for fatties that jerkoff to WOW. XBOX FO LIFE! Barbera Streisand!

  • Peter

    Lmfao haha

  • Jimmy Bob

    Practice playing on the xbox ps3 toys then go to PC when youre ready to go against real players

    • David

      Love it.. 😉

  • anthony

    its like the other ppls bullets are stronger than mine, wtf is it just me or what

    • Jonny

      I feel like that too… I dunno… what gives? I hit a guy with 5..6… sometimes more shots and he drops me in one to the leg… wtf?

      • Aegis

        If you watch the Kill Cams, You notice he was shooting long before your perception sees him shooting. It's not that their weapons are stronger, as it makes a little difference. It's your connection. And yes, this happens to me all the time.

        • jack

          actually certain weapons are stronger and if the have harden pro their bulets do more damage

        • Kubush

          Actually, Hardened Pro doesn't give your bullets more damage.

    • cheapo

      Its the gun, some guns are more powerful than others

    • Aecos

      As with all first person shooters it has to do with your internet connection. If your opponent has a faster/better internet connection than you the game receives his information first and so his head shot takes effect before yours does. Upgrading your internet to the best you can afford is essential. If, after a match you see yourself or others have red or yellow connection bars, leave the group and try and join another. If you are having trouble surviving the game i recommend using Flak Jacket, steady aim or sleight of hand and Ninja or hacker. Try and slow down, read your mini map and fire in one or two shot bursts (firing single shots very quickly will raise your accuracy incredibly)

  • Drew

    less qq more pew pew

  • Harry

    if yoy guys are looking for some tips for stuff like tomahawks e.g. check out this video

  • Mike

    Black ops is all Internet connection. Are you the host? Congratulations you just won the match. No skill required because all other players are about one second behind you. Until this is fixed on xbox live, ps3, etc. tips won’t do you much good. Upgrade your Internet if you want to win.

    • Brandon

      Mike, best comment so far. I have noticed this in several ways. When I am host I do way better, when I am not I might as well quit. The internet/lag is a HUGE player.

    • matt

      Not true when you have a good connection and the host has a good connection. If you personally have a bad connection then yes… there will be a huge difference when you are the host because everyone (even people who do have a good connection) will be playing through your connection and your advantage will be huge. But when the host has a good connection that advantage is smaller because everyone else who has a good connection's response is fairly quick as well. I leave every single match that I'm not at least a 4 bar. I hate being a 3 bar. If your internet has you on 3 bars all day… I feel sorry for you and anyone in your lobby if you're host!!! Lol.

    • Murty

      Spot on. There are times when i see a dude and have fired at least 3 bullets into him and i die, The killcam reveals that i actually got no hits in on him as far as he is concerned. I have an excellent connection but i am in Ireland so against boys from the USA it's a lottery

      • daniel

        lagg switch buddy report player

    • joe

      well said, WELL SAID

  • baronburr87

    Ghost pro, slight of hand pro, ninja pro. Win

  • Joel B.

    Good tips for new people. Flak jacket helps keep my wife alive, so she enjoys playing. The more she enjoys playing, the more I get to play as well. Steady Aim is a must for newbies, and they'll also need a gun with a large clip. Famas with extended clip is good. The Stoner with extended clip is my wife's favorite.

    • Will E

      The Stoner with extended clip is my wife's favorite.

      Im a stoner with an extended clip lol

  • daaaa

    worst tips you could possibly give…

  • <<thisguy

    ghost/ghost pro is a must, flack jacket is for fail.

  • treyarch

    flack jacket? how bout ghost so that the spy planes (uav for the n00bs who dont kno what that is) cant see you?

  • David


  • TROY