COD Black Ops Survival Guide: Top Tips For Multiplayer

Call of Duty: Black Ops has been available for just over a day now, and already there has been criticism with graphics and sound quality. While most love the gameplay, there are those who believe that these latest game from the franchise has taken a step back. However, for those who do not read into none of that and have been spending every last minute playing on Multiplayer, then CVG has a survival guide for you to study.

The hard-core gamers will not want to read any of this, but if you are as bad as I am, then this could keep you alive that little bit longer. The first thing you need to do is learn those customization options, getting your weapons and armor right is key to staying alive.

Another great tip is the motion sensor; these UAVs will help you locate the enemy, who will show up as red dots on your screen. This will not help in all game modes, so be wise when you use them.

A great way to stay alive for longer is by wearing a Flack Jacket, this will protect you from explosions. My main problem is staying in one place for too long, I have this issue with all FPS games, so I will be the guy standing in one spot looking everywhere except at my killer.

For a complete survival guide for COD Black Ops visit CVG.



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