CoD Black Ops: Strategy Guide & Veteran Campaign Walkthrough

By Jamie Pert - Nov 10, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops is well on the way to becoming one of the games of the year. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor — Modern Warfare 2, it definitely has some big boots to fill, and you can help fill them by contributing to an exclusive strategy guide that gets the players involved.

The point of the guide that is hosted by Battle Strats is to bring CoD Black Ops players together to help give hints, tips, cheats, codes and walkthroughs to others in the Black Ops community.

By getting first hand experience from all types of CoD players, this guide could serve as your bible as you progress through the veteran campaigns, grinding achievements, or want to know how many kills it takes to unlock a certain killstreak reward or perk.

Each individual guide is, and can be submitted by you, therefore giving you all the credit when someone says thank you for giving them help during that hard level they couldn’t complete without your help.

The guide is littered with an overview of all the guns in the game, achievements, trophies, weapon attachments and camouflages, killstreak rewards, perks, a campaign walkthrough with video guides, secret codes, map overviews and weapon charts.

Check out the guide by visiting the source page below.

Source: Battle Strats

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  • M.j

    anyone who thinks black Ops is good has a different game to me .Its the wrst game I've played in a long time . To all who disagree I have tw words CRYSIS 2

  • ENDA

    black ops is good but fable 3 is so much better play that instead

    • Lemon_penguin77

      fable 3 was the worst in its series xD

  • Mike Cook

    I am stuck in Hue city, im going to the LZ but i broke thru a wall and its black in there. It just shows the distance marker i can get within 4 meters of it but thats it i dont know what to do now????

  • Cory G.

    Black ops is the best game that CoD has came up with. I beat it on veteran the first night i got it. It took me around 7 hours on veteran.Then 5 hours on hardened. This game is fun and the multiplayer is unbelievable!!! Im already 5 prestige lvl 37!!!!

  • MuddBuds

    what about the extra 4 zombie boards that are suposedly not available until the new versions come out. Why is it then when you check the zombie map leaderboards and change the filter to everyone there is 95000 people playing the shi no numa map as I speak? Someone gotta have the passcodes for those maps! Where are they!!!

  • bd23

    I think there are a lot of valid points here, I have played every COD game and I enjoyed them all. Black ops was not my favorite, but still good. I agree the online play is where its at, but the veteran level on this game was so frustrating, it took the enjoyment from the game. It seems your teammates get worse and the ai gets better. For example, everybody’s favorite, khe sahn, just before you run down the hill to kick the barrels over, my team would consistently let enemies through without firing a shot while they were still explaining the situation.

    I eventually got through veteran, as I have with all other cod games, but only out of pure determination to beat the game. It was the first time I ever didn’t enjoying playing the game, it felt more like work. If treyarch can fix a couple of things in their campaign make like clear objectives and infinite spawning, it will balance the game and make the campaign as enjoyable as online.

  • MARK

    Does anyone know about an area were you cant see anything after you wake up after pushing on a door?

    • in4mis on xbox360

      nah what level is that ive heard peaple talk about it but i dont seem to remember?22

      • Mike C

        its Hue city on your way to the LZ

  • MuddBuds

    Here's a doozy for you guys stuck on Khe Sanh Veteran. On the same part of the hill the weapons cache is on right about in the middle of the trail there is a WHITE barrel knocked on its side. Super glitch! If you go prone and creep up to this barrel it dissapears in your eyes, u still see the outline but you have a clear veiw of the hill, and… there is a sweetspot where you can see AND shoot the nva from all the way right to all the way left but their bullets still cant hit you! they bounce off the barrel! Couldnt have beat it unless I stumbled onto this. I empty out the M14 acog while behind the barrel then run over and china lake the crap out of the right barrel and run down and do the deed.

  • jack5

    My favorite map on multiplayer on black ops is nuketown because me nd my brother go on it nd we take a house each with a sniper and shoot at eachother thru the windows 🙂

  • hudson

    someone tricked me and deranked me , I was level 47 fourth prestige and now I am prestige 3 level 1 and I am pissed and considering getting rid of the game, does anyone have advice on what to do?

  • Scionus

    Seems to me there is a lot of Treyarch staff posting on this site trying their best to bolster this excuse of a game. I've gamed for years having played all the previous COD titles and i'm compelled to say that this is the worst game ever!! my biggest gripe is the fact of how unrealistic the movement and timing is in veteran on campain *no not a mispelling* yes i know it should be difficult, i wouldn't play the game if it wasn't but come on! it's designed to give you epilepsy i'm sure. i could go on more about the unbalanced gameplay in Multi and the fact that there are sooo many hacked boxes out there that Microsoft as usual are unable to prevent but i've wasted enough time and money already. Going back to my PC…Xbox?….SUXBOX!!

  • Dante5380

    Dude, all you fanboys, I loved MW2 as well, I mean, rly rly loved it, and I completed MW1 & 2 on veteran (XBL GT; Dante5380) but I'm really sorry I bought Black Ops as well, it rly does suck, online and offline, the most fun thing about it is the zombie mode, and to be honest, even that kinda sucks, I'd give MW2 a 9/10, but I think a 3 is even to much for Black Ops, veteran isn't a challenge on this game anymore, it's simply fckin ridiculous, and it's impossible to snipe in multiplayer as well, unless ur a narb camper, and even then u miss half ur shots, biggest mistake ever, I should've bought Fable3, that would've kept me busy and amused at the same time for a while, fckin waste of money

  • ben

    multiplayer makes this game. and is also what the game is centered around. no one buys the game for the campaign, and black ops reflects it. if you cant play multiplayer, or if you dont like multiplayer, dont buy this game. so dont hate a game that you obviously havent got into, or realised what its point is.

  • t-pot

    omg how do i blow up the wall at the auxillary control bunker?? how do i get a c4?? iono what to do helpp!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest 22

    Black Ops is one of my favorite games ever it takes a lot of skill especially when on X-box Live. The Famas s probaly your best bet for a rookie but as you get better you should start using guns that best suit your style for example I suprisingly use a M16 and I rank up so many kills im usually in first or second place

    1. Ak 47's are not very good
    2. Don't use guns just because they look cool
    3.Never use a sniper unless you are sklled
    4 Go into packs and when you invade buildings with a bunch of enemies use aRPG to drive them back into the buildings

  • Devon

    ok, the one part i can't get past on Black Ops is the part where you are johnson and your running and jump on a platform, the guy your trying to save gets shot in the head, i can't even make a full turn before getting killed, ive tried everything running around in circles, just plain old turning around and running off to the side, any pointers?

    • Dude im in the same situation, I can’t last 2 seconds without gettin killed, I try to look up to shoot the guy at your 10 o clock from the edge of the platform and i get killed, thats why im on here right now to try to figure out wtf i need to do cuz i can’t get past it, at all, im on veteran by the way

  • Ok, I just got the barrels to go down but the only way i was able to do it so far was to go prone and crawl to them, then after cutting them, go prone immediately. Then crawl to the next one. So tough, but i guess not impossible

  • I've beaten every level except that damn Khe sanh hill. I get to the barrels, my team moves up, But then I get killed while cutting the barrel. I'm stuck in the animation of cutting and kicking while i'm being shot. It's not about skill at that point because you have to just sit and watch your character go through the motions and by the time he's kicked the barrel, he's dead.
    It just makes no sense what so ever.
    I'm thinking about just skipping the barrels and running forward into the trench and killing bastards to see if my team will follow. The barrels are a huge downfall for this level.
    The multiplayer would be better if the connection to host would actually work and not drop any time someone leaves the match. Xbox and Treyarch both say there are no dedicated servers for it and that it is peer to peer server. So if someone has a shitty connection and they started the match, we would all be kicked if their connection drops.
    How the hell was that ever a good idea for Treyarch and xbox to have signed off on it?
    I think for what is being charged for these games, there should at least be some support for technical issues, or at least patches to fix things. But xbox told me to contact treyarch and treyarch said they cant help. So we all paid 60 bucks for a polished dog turd.
    I think this is why people should steal and download games, I think everyone should steal as many games as they possibly can so you don't get ripped off like this again. Rip them off! Oh and there was mention of new DLC zombie maps which only turned out to be the same maps from World at War! so they didn't even make new maps, they just issued old maps and told people to buy them AGAIN. lol retarded.

    • Lemon_penguin77

      ok buy know if you dont know their are new maps sooo… but thats buy know

  • Ryan

    This game is very good, but my god the veteran mode is like getting kicked in the nuts just after surgery. It isn't as hard as the grenade spamming bots on W@W, but the infinite spawns that seem to happen at the hardest spots come pretty close.

    Maybe Treyarch just don't get that people hate dying.

  • CheshUK (Gamertag)

    im a self confessed COD Fanboy, i even have my own cod websites to promote online play, so i know my stuff, and being honest, CoD4MW is the easy winner in all of this although im impressed they listened and evened out the weapons. not like that bag of wank MW2.

  • rebel

    how do i get past the building that is in total darkness

    • Rob Holmes

      Thats what I want to know.

  • Louis G

    I dunno what you are all on about. Black Ops is amazing, the storyline to it is just intense and ive gotta admit veteran is really hard but i love a challange and this is what the game gives you. i wasnt going to get it but my brother got it and i had a go and went straight to the shop because of the amazingness. I would rate it 4 star because i expected a little more from treyarch but people only rip them because of cod 5 fuck cod 5 this is better 🙂

    • in4mis on xbox 360

      i agree black ops story was great and hard to but not as hard as the last plane mission on mw1 that sheet was soooooooooooooo hard on veterin you on xbox360?

  • in4mis on xbox36o

    black ops is differnt to mwf2 and im glad, y would you spend $100 on a game thats not got changes .it took me 1hour to get past that damm hill but persistance will get you threw i took out the right hand side barrel first then the left but each to there own. .all in all black ops story mode is good and makes you feel apart of the game. if you dont like dont play it !and stop gettn online to moan about it.go play halo or sumthn haha. so my tip for multiplayer is use the ak47u rapid fire and sight of hand pro .light weight pro and marathon .with the bigger maps on this game you gotta be able to move fast to cover the land otherwise youll be walking around and not killing ops is a 8 outa ten 4 me.but looking forward to mw3 .gotta love modern guns2

  • Papa J

    patience and timmining is the key to beating black ops on veteran mode, for all you noobs, go home crying to yo mama like a lil bitch, cause its too hard!!!!

  • Ownerpwner

    Hey guys! Guess what! Black Ops isn't hard, this just in, someone who has never previously owned a Call of Duty title beat it on Veteran, so stop bitching about it, just stop getting pissed off and running in like Master Chief or some shit, you're not invincible. Also, if you can't handle campaign, try XBL, it's amazing for Black Ops. No one really plays campaign anymore.

    • austin

      screw off

  • Jimmy

    For all you guys saying that Bl Ops is S***…….really? Bet none of you got laid either. And if you did you probably got off and then called your $20 hooker lame too didn't you? As for the real players and fans………..I gotta say that this is a pretty damn good game not as good as the hype but definitly nice maps, etc.

  • Ricky

    To be completely honest, if your complaining about not being able to advance on the Veteran difficulty, then obviously – you suck. You can argue back all you want saying that you don't and the game is a pile of wank… but its really not. The veteran mission Khe Sahn is difficult, but for the people that love the Call of Duty campaigns and have completed them all on veteran will understand its how you approach a situation in the game which alters how the AI moves.

    From the start of the area where your at the top of the hill trying to fend off enemies… you run as far right as you can go and pick off enemies by looking over the wooden boxes and ducking back down to ensure you don't get shot. After 20 seconds your team mates will advance down the hill… wait 5 seconds… and follow them, going prone as you near the end and look right. There will be 2 enemies near a nearby bunker crouching behind boxes and so long as you are in prone… you will be able to hit them first with ease, and your team mates are covering your left… from then, you advance into the bunker and grab a China Lake/Thumper (for you MW2 fanboys) … go to the left and peak out firing your china lake to take out as many as you can… only do this for around 20 seconds and run to the left before enemies have time to take defensive positions after respawning… you thebn need to crawl all the way to the left hand bunker where you will see a mounted gun able for use. Get on the gun and shoot out any enemies to your left… moving your way to the right hand side. Enemies will rarely get the chance to hit you with any bullets… after eliminating enemies on the right, look at the left once again and take any running enemies out. Once this is done you will need to quickly exit the MG and exit the bunker, and run to your left (where you have just eliminated the enemies)… go prone… take out stragglers to the right hand side and voila…

    Learn to use the areas given to you, as many of you will no doubt be trying to complete this mission by sticking to the right hand side which is the wrong tactic. Just because you can't do something doesn't mean its shit… in my opinion the game has alot to offer in terms of campaign and online experience… the campaign sees you fighting in different countries and each mission is different from the next… The multiplayer, well… that doesn't need an explanation.

    • Kieran

      I agree 100%.
      To many wee fags cryin about this and that and sum parts on vet r 2 hard, Boo Who. Get the finger out and stick at it. At first i though the game was pants but after a few hours, i released the games quailty.
      Still cant wait d next year d get the infinty wards master piece

      • Grant

        Inifinity ward is over.

    • Gazcomsat

      I completed Khe Sanh on veteran after 3 days trying and much frustration. I did reduce the difficulty to hardened but flew through the level without any challenge so went back and did it again on Veteran. My criticism of the level is that it is initially difficult to know what you are supposed to do with the barrels and secondy, the level is made so much harder by the glitchy graphics. I died numerous times when trying to crawl down the hill because I was continually pushed out of cover by either a team member or graphical glitches that push you out from any protective cover. I don't remember World at War having this problem so why on the newer game?

    • brian

      it doesn't really help that the AI learns, but yeah its not that difficult and yeah you do just need to know how to use the environment to your advantage but still veteran difficulty is a bitch in areas

      for instance, my xbox didn't unlock 3 achievements for me today, finishing the campagin, finishing it on hardened/veteran and finishing Operation 40/Vorkuta/U.S.D.D. on veteran…..any idea why?

      and finally, on executive order, after you blow up the missile, the room where there was a guy in an elevator, first checkpoint underground, the hallway after the next full room, the room with all the computer-lookin things, the hallway after that where theres a side corridor. i've been stuck on that for about 6 hours, could you help me?

      • James

        Because its not USDD it the next level that the acheivment is for…

    • am3037

      You can do it with just the ak or the the m16, and dont even need to get into the bunker to grab anything…and you can go left sidde or right side.. So relax. On veteran mode, its not challenging at all. Ive bought all the CoD games, finished on veteran, but this one really sucks. MoH isnt great either on veteran. buggy as all hell, and like Black Ops, you can get stuck in places due to poor game testing.

      The bottom line is, and I'm talking money of course, is that ganmes like this make me want to go back to the old days of just leeching them and not buying.

      So wake the f*ck up Activision/treyarch/infintyWank.



  • Pargie81

    I agree MoH was a bucket of ass compared to Cod, I also agree that it is glichy though and in the campaign i too am stuck on that bloody hill, and multiplayer is slighty bonked as it wont let me invite my friends, just keeps saying lobby closed or server full, so basically not the best Cod have done but much much better than MoH

    • austin

      ur so wrong. mohs so much better.

  • clarence

    COD was a great game. The veteran campaign was challenging as it should be. MoH was the buggiest game i have played since the ps1 days. The action was fake and no realistic at all. So plz dont compare anything to that hunk of junk again

  • Billy

    How on earth do u get past the khe sanh level?! I can’t for the life of me get tha extra 15m to the trench!! Help please.

    • tmxkiller

      dam thats the exact same thing i got problems with.. im lookin for help now haha, it wont fuckin let me get close enough to get a checkpoint

      • Dman

        just look at my other comments and youll see how to get to the checkpoint all you need to do is kick at least one barrel to get a checkpoint, and be ready to die, ALOT

  • jpence3114

    does anyone know what the hidden trophy is

    • Grant

      Type zork in the computer at the back of the room

    • onefingazen

      Just got that trophy last night. In the zombies you have to pack a punch the ballistic knife. It then enables you to revive team mates with a shot from the knife. Simply get a mate to cook a grenade till it blows him up. Then just shoot him, and hey presto 'cher-ching' trophy will pop up.

  • Highzman

    How the f*ck do you "Escape with Weaver" on veteran difficulty?!? Referring to the part where you slide down the ramp and lose all your gear. Your left with just a pistol and 7 enemies in front of you with automatic weapons. Please assist. This is quite possibly the hardest game since Ninja Gaiden on XBox.

    • Gazcomsat

      Trial and error, simple as that. There is no skill and hardly any chance to actually pin-point a target. I just kept firing and hoped that I hit enough men before the van comes to assist you. Fortunately, you start right at the top of the slide each time you die so not too frustrating unlike the horrific Khe Sanh level that took me 3 days to complete on veteran!

    • Oni

      Shoot them in the head! aim and timing! you only have to kill all but the last too.

    • in4mis on xbox 360

      when you aim the gun auto aims on a target pull trigger then reset your aim fast ,fire one bullet then reset your aim again you can take out 4 guys with 4 bullets then the van will save you

      • Ham

        This may not help, but after you grab your gun, keep firing and move back at the same time. sorry, u probably beat the level already anyway.

  • darkcoldevil

    I guess it all depends I got it for the multi player and i have to say its pretty fun as for the single player i never really liked the story lines since mw1 plus only played single player for like an hour the game itself i think is more directed towards its multi player any way i like the currency system i like to outfit my guns the way i want at the rank im at and not have to shoot a hundred people just to attach a sight so in my opinion the game rocks but only on a multi player perspective. peace to all the fps players keep on shooting

  • awesomeo1982

    i completed SOG and Defector last night, some small tips i would have are
    1 whe coming down the hill get rid of the M60 ad watch out for the 3 guys who rush the hill.
    2 take out the 2 guys i the right hand bunker before u run down to Woods
    3 take the right bunker then move all the way over and take the far left one
    4 ur guys shoulld have moved forward so go for the first barrell, heal up then go for the second moving left to right.
    BTW at the end of the level driving round in the jeep, remember tocrouch down.

    • chris

      Thanks for the tip but it seems everytime i try it i die. the odd time i have got passed that first time it appears to be by fluke. did you do it on veteran level?

      • Danny

        I did it on Veteran. You HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO take the men out in the bunker to the right before beginning to follow Woods down to the right. After taking these guys out once then it seems Woods and Hudson will not let them come back. Be aware of men charging uphill from your left also.

  • Guest

    Unless you are commenting about the guide or have tips about the game then please do not comment. There are so many more forums where you can argue what is or is not the best game. Pleases leave this place as it was meant to be, not an opinion heated fight.

  • Virtualhero

    try blowing the barrals up on the way down the hill you need to stab it then kick it let your team go down fist then move its useing your head lol easy

    • Rjt

      Yeah common sense right, i mean, who doesn't stab barrels and throw them at people while getting shot at in the middle of a battlefield? CoD is so unrealistic and cheezy

      • Brian

        supposed to be fun bro, not realistic….regardless virtualhero is fucking retarted cause he's wrong about the level lol

  • Bill

    ^ Dumbass

  • Lorenzo L.

    I don't think the whole game sucks, but I was really hoping Treyarch would fix the campaign in WaW I was yelling on the Heart of the Reich level. Because the respawns were an epic fail and there were infinite respawns, except in that game eventually the spawns slightly lessened and I luckily beat it. Except on Khe Sanh on Black Ops has infinite respawns and it so hard trying to get down the hill. I mowed down the guys and ran down and took cover and got raped from both sides I been trying to beat it for hours. My friend beat the whole campaign after we got it from the midnight release, he said he somehow found an ak-47 with a flamethrower unless he confused the level I going to see if he can recover my gamertag and beat just that level.

    • Danny

      The flamethower does not appear until you are working your way BACK UP another hill. Getting down the hill is tough and you have to make sure that you eliminate enemies quickly on both sides of you and at least 2 in the middle. Follow Woods down the first level and work your way – slowly – down the left flank until woods tips over a napalm barrel. At that point work back up behind Woods for the other 2 barrels to continue down the hill. When you are going up the hill you have to kind of methodically work up AND across the hill – otherwise you will get too far up and there will still be enemies that Woods and Hudson will just run by and then you'll get shot in the back.

    • cod fan

      Every one stuck on Khe Sanh is an idiot who really needs to find a new game to play on, i done it on veteran first try, All you have to do is kick the barrels down the hill and the enemy stops respawning

      • Lozza

        'All you need to do is kick the barrels down the hill…' understatement of the year!

        I very much doubt you managed this first try on veteran as there is a huge element of luck involved in completing this section. I was getting mowed down 4 times out of 5 during the the barrel push alone which you have NO control over. This is after the scores of FAIL in getting to the bloody thing..

  • marcus

    wat the hell is wrong with u peeple cod black ops is awosome the campain is awosome and if you cant complete it its probly because ur a noob so dont blame the game people

    • Lorenzo L.

      It's not the fact of being a noob it's he fact of Treyarch making their veteran difficulty ungodly I beat MW2 on veteran in 4-6 hours in Black Ops I only got to Khe Sanh

    • jake s

      the fact that ur calling someone a noob on the internet makes u a looser… and also the fac that ur calling someone a noob cuz of a video game makes you even more of a looser so cograts ur a tool and i agree with lorenzo on this game being very hard….. everyone does

      • Mason

        Um… I beat it on veteran…. I've never had a CoD game before this one…. not so hard.

    • Danny

      Why are so many people having a problem with Khe Sahn? It took me like 20 minutes on Veteran to get down the hill and then back up the hill. Once I was in the jeep I didn't die again.
      Yes, the spawning thing can be annoyning – especially if your team doesn't move up quickly enough with you – but your team is better at helping you out in this one (Cod4 they never killed anybody) and it is way better challenge than just sitting behind everybody and sniping the opposition like you used to be able to do in MoH.

    • gess

      thats right the campain is easy and you just cant get stuk unless your a NOOB!!!! by the way the zombies are the awesomest thing ever invented after multi player of cource!!!!

    • hellrazr26

      marcus u are a fucking idiot and you dont know what a good game is… blackops sucks… the story is stupid and has absolutely no point. its just a boring and very glitchy run and gun… the same bullshit that treyarch always makes… its no surprise that the only reason why blackops even got so much fame was because of mw2. lol everyone thought that it was going to be awesome because its call of duty, well this was by far the worst release. and im better at the game than any of you here so i have every right to call it whatever the hell i want to. i also played the campaign through thoroughly and my rating for the game would be dont waste your time with this piece of shit like i did

  • Doug

    Thought they would have fixed their shit from their last release, but oh no. Stuck at Khe Sanh for 5 hours now. This veteran level is a waste of someone’s intellegent time. MoH is far classier. Disgusted.

    • Danny

      I was stuck at Khe Sanh for only about 20 minutes – Yes on VETERAN. the thing I missed was tipping the barrels of Napalm over and kicking them down the hill. I only realized you could do this when I turned on the subtitles and read EVERYTHING that was being said. There were conversations that were happening that I was not aware of.

    • guest

      man i cannot get past that part either have you beat it yet?

      • Dman

        dude just like i told Andrew just pick up a ak47 with a sight on it at the bunker to the right, then just move left to the mg position and take out the guys that are directly across from you, after that run to your buddies, throw two grenades in the trench, kick the barrel and get back to your buddies, hope you don't die in the process, then just back track to the bunker you got the ak47 from and go down kill the guys and kick the barrel, hope this helps

  • Bob

    What is really annoying is that Sainbury's said on the phone last night they would take the game back – Turns out this was a lie to get me back to their store and waste more petrol/money.

    They won't take it back – I said it is faulty, they offered me another disc. I said no, no, the game is full of bugs and isn't what it has been sold to me as.

    I have number for head office – But here we go again, no point – Too much hassle. Will cost me more money to get my money back – Might try and sell it stood out the front of game or something.

    Disgusted with it all. If its wasn't for GT5 i would sell my PS3 and just stick with Pc games as and when decent once turn up.

    Just another day of being ripped off by the corporate and being neglected by the state.

  • Andrew

    Hey Eric I got stuck at this checkpoint trying to get into the auxillary bunker and there is no way to walk through a solid wall….using explosive tips on all the electrical facilities on site does not work….I have no idea maybe like you i got ahead of the team and so I will restart the level and see what happens…I will keep you posted, so far I have been disappointed by the game and its not a good experience having come off the back of completing Gods of War III.

    • Dman

      ive run into this problem several times and got past each one i am almost done with the veteran campaign, by far the hardest place is veitnam so far, but just try taking an enimies weapon like an ak47, most of the time their weapons are stronger than you and that is why you can't get past a certain point, other than that black ops isn't all that bad, it acually gives you a challenge unlike other games, just think outside of the box

    • guest

      place c4 there

  • norman

    Black OpS Is the worst F****** game! I went back to playing Modern Warfare 2. They should have let Infinity Ward make it! Huge screwup!!!!!!!!

    • harrison


    • Danny

      They switch off every 2 years. Infinity Ward spent 2 years developing Cod4 and then Treyarch spent 2 years developing WaW and then Infinity Ward spent 2 years developing MW2 and now Treyarch has spent 2 years developing Black Ops. It was there turn.

    • Rua

      ageed also

    • kiddo

      I guess you miss your noobtubes, boosters, commando pro, glitches and overpowered killstreaks. Yessir MW2 is better.

      • haha

        Listen to these cry babies. The game is fine. Get some skill

        • nicole

          ikr hahaha there lost without cheats

    • Seppy

      How can you even compare Black Ops to Modern WarFAIL Two? Black Ops is way more balanced than ANY other COD game! Get real loser!

  • Eric G.

    I've already played MoH, and I have to say that after playing CoD Black Ops for two days now, CoD totally sucks. It is way too cheesy and generic. For instance right now I am still at a fucking checkpoint and it's not letting me get any further….probably some lame shit like I forgot to mortar something just right, or I didn't follow a companions exact footsteps. After all the hype about Black Ops, I am seriously sorry I even bought it. MoH is a genuine first-person-shooter.

    • guest

      buddy are you stuck at the part whre your on a huge hill shooting down? i think its in vietnam and i cannot get past it

    • Rua

      i had this problem too… id say ya passed it by now alright but for anyone else stuck on it jutst restart the level and when ya get up to the bunker again kill the gooks and if its still closed stand up on the m on the left hand side of it as soon as you can and your team mates will blow it open for you

    • webbo

      got to say the ai soldiers get in the way and enemy respawn is ridiculous no where near as good as mw2 campaign or multiplayer

  • Bob

    If Black Ops is the best game of the year then i do hope GT5 comes out next year and thankfully this year is almost over.

    There is no gameplay in the campaign – It is too linear to be considered as game play.
    It is an interactive animated film.

    Modern games make me want to turn the machine off very quickly.

    I do however, very much look forward to GT5, Portal 2 and Half-Life Episode 3.

    PS3 for GT5.
    PC and real hardware for real games.
    Consoles for you bored teenagers without enough dosh to blow on PC's.
    Wii for old people, kids and my fat mate Andy.

    To sum up my Black Ops experience: It's in the other room, the plasma is off. I am sat here making comments on a website. I really can't bring myself to even turn it back on and give it another go before i return it in the morning. The game is a failure for me, you might want to try it out in a shop before you commit to a purchase.

    Bob (That's not my real name)

    • Eric G.

      Thanks Bob. I totally agree with you. CoD Black Ops is the lamest war game ever. You have companions that either repeat themselves over and over (the Khe Sanh mission) or they tell you that you're being shot after you're already dead (all the missions). There is no way to conceal yourself behind cover. The best game I've tried is MoH Operation Anaconda.

      • Doug

        Khe Sanh sucks, the veteran level is a waste of anyone's intelligent time. Stuck here for hours. Sick of hearing the same shit over and over. The spawning just does not end and the help that is supposed to arrive in 10 mins never does.

      • eric g sucks

        u r so stupid. call of duty black ops is the most realistic, up to date and techonlogically advanced game on the market. they have completely overhauled the features and smothed over some rough spots from the previous games.

        • Tim

          Eric is obviously a kid who knows nothing and should be cast out to the wolves for dinner. Black Ops is not the most technological game out there, and the fact you said that makes me wonder how we as a country will ever come out of this rut we're in because your generation just sucks!

          Anyway, Black Ops is such a waste of time on veteran and the spawning just never ends, I've been stuck on parts of this games for hours only because there are enemies that are not dying and just keep coming…at least if they came in waves it would give me a second to do something but it doesn't…just a constant wave of neverending bots.

        • Nate

          Yeah, it's definitely a waste of time on veteran, but I enjoyed the game on normal. Rented it, though. Don't think I'd actually buy it

        • "eric g sucks" sucks

          foolish idiot.. have you played Level 7 – Numbers, the last 15seconds should be enough proof for your dumbass as to how unrealistic it is.. what the fuck do you mean up to date (the game is set in the 60's), what do you mean technologically advanced (???) i'm considering you have no idea why you used those words because that's not what makes a game.. Eric G is right and I agree with Bob as well, CoD (Black Ops + Modern Warfare 2) have tried so much to best Modern Warfare that they've ended up creating interactive animated films instead of games..

        • john

          A game can easily be technologically advanced and set in the 60's you ignorant piece of trash. Why don't you quit making irrelevant arguments about games trying to best Modern Warfare and play the game for what it is, a campaign with a good storyline but terrible bot spawns. Also, Treyarch and Infinity Ward both put the majority of their time into the main money-making piece of their games which is the multiplayer so quit calling the entire game trash while only analyzing the campaign

    • Danny

      Hardly anyone buys CoD for the campaign anyway. Treyarch and Infinity Ward have realized that the real money and pull are from the multiplayer levels and so they put more time and energy into the that – as they should because it makes more buisnes since. The campaign is only there for those that still feel that attachment to the games they used to play. I have plenty of friends that only play XBL or Zombies.

    • i,an

      I realy hate that Khe

      • matt

        Yeah the khe level is a ball buster I’m on it rite now for regular I cnt imagine veteran but the game deff doesn’t suck I wudnt go that far the grafics are nasty and more realistic than most & besides its made for online not campaign.

    • aidain

      Absouloutley rubbish BOB Treyarch had a lot to meet as far as expectatons and by my standars i think they hit all of my expectants.

    • STEVEN

      Looks like Bob sucks at CoD. Rage quitter LOL. You tell that plasma whos boss.