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CoD Black Ops: Review Event Revealed & Detailed

Whether or not you are impressed with Call of Duty: Black Ops, the reviews have been coming in thick and thin. Some good, some mediocre, but it seems as though Activision wanted to impress reviewers even before they played the game.

In an article from Ars Technica, they explain that they followed the review by GamePro who released extensive details on how they were treated to free helicopter rides, supreme suites, and press gifts.

Tae Kim of GamePro wrote about this experience while reviewing the game and said the following: –

“Two weeks before the game’s launch, I was flown from San Francisco to LAX; from there, I was driven to Santa Monica airport where I was given a flight helmet customized with my gamertag.”

“I was then put into a helicopter and flown to Ojai, California, a small town about two hours north of Los Angeles. After landing in a field, I was driven to the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, where I was given a posh suite to stay in for three days.”

According to Kim, the suite also came with a 360, a copy of Black Ops, and a 3D TV that was hooked up to a surround system. There was also a seperate area that had 30 stations setup so that all reviewers on site could sample the multiplayer portion of the game to which he was also given a Mad Catz Call of Duty Black Ops branded headset which he was allowed to keep afterward.

I’m personally not sure what to make of these posh review events that Activision have a habit of doing. Let’s be frank, press for Black Ops is something huge, therefore sending out an early code to companies who want to review the game is not really a viable option. Activision want the best reviews possible and they do this by “looking after” their clients, and in return they expect you to look after them.

One of the many reasons that not many reviews picked up on the glitchy multiplayer play on the PC was due to the fact that the reviewers were all in close proximity of each other, and the fact that they were all played on consoles. Plus, they were only given 3 days to test this which was not in a realistic, real world setting.

Do you think Activision are right to “treat” their reviewers like this, or should these events be frowned upon and be tested just like any other game launch with a real world setting?

Source: Ars Technica


  • joseph

    I saved up for Black ops relised its rubbish i mean Treyarch is rubbish exept for WaW MW2 beets it by miles DONT BUY
    MY MATE wants to stab treyarch owner

  • Dan

    yeah tripe! for all the hype! what a let down,, so hard to play a full game from start to finish with friends wtf! PONY!!!!!

  • Cat

    Absolutely horrible. Huge step down from MW2. Im angling for a refund after 2 hours play.

  • Bloke

    Utter tripe. Two disappointing games this year in the FPS department….this and MOH.

  • woww

    lol peter best 4 words ive heard about this game today

  • peter

    terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!do not buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This game is such a dissapointment that Activision and Treyarch should send US ALL new Xbox's and PS3's for Christmas with a free gift card to tpurchase the next Modern Warfare release, and still I am not sure if I would forgive them for this insane dissapointment in the new COD Black ops.

  • woww

    Your words are true my friend, however, you may like it, and it is decent for its money, but xbox360 have high graphics and are very realistic. This is just.. ps1. literally. I rarely ever play cod and i actually only have mw2 and black ops. Dont throw around us being hackers, it is our opinion of the game.

  • Cod Fan

    Some of the comments on here are are complete rubbish! I’m not new to the cod francise and have games from both developers, and b4 we go any further I’m not a 16 year old boy who plays xbox every waking minute, I’m a normal 28 year old guy who enjoys recreational play, n personal I think yes the game is different to the previous but that was the point of bringing out a new one!!!! Half the complaints are probably from all the hackers n boosters who can’t get there own way as much wit this game cause of the different set up, overall I think the game is pretty decent n defo deserves a look,,, this is unless ur a mad cod geek who would pick holes in it even if it was up to scratch, which it is anyways

  • Luke

    im actually really enjoying the game i have not been a huge COD follower from the start and only picked up MW 2 last week and then got black ops on release. the only thing that annoys me so far is the lag between other players. e.g on your screen you have unloaded on another player but on the killcam you barely get one shot in. playing against other countries fair enough, but this is against people in my own country (england) so the ping is like 16ms max which should make no noticeable diffrence. boo to the servers -_-.

    also there is that thing where we cant connect to a match and the party is lost, i assume thats just down to server overlaod?

  • Mike

    So pleased to read some of these comments, as Iwas starting to wonder if I'd gone mad? I got this yesterday for £28 from Sainsburys and have already lent my copy to a mate as I actually felt the need for a 2nd opinion on this one. Wanted to love it so much, but in truth, the story is not particularly engaging, the quality of sound effects is poor, the graphics veer wildly between being brilliant in some scenes to outright terrible in others (cut scene en route to the pentagon anyone?)and overall the game play feels almost sterile compared to MW2. As for the multiplayer, read one review of how "brilliant and inspired" some of the maps were, and all I can say is that whoever this person was that loved Nuketown so much, cannot possibly have played MW2 as, by comparison, it was quite simply dull.

  • This game is being returned. Black opps doesn't even compare to the slick and fast gameplay of MW2. I've played better games on the PS2.

  • paul

    Black ops is terrible…terrible sound, terrible graphics, bad connections, games timeout, cant join friends lobby, zombies overcomplicated, crap gameplay. Going to get rid of this rubbish, and back to mw2 despite the quickscopers and noobs. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY, Treyarch really are crap!!!!! Infinity Ward should have made the game!!!!!! RUBBISH

    • Luke

      terrible graphics? you sure its not your tv lol. im playing on a samsung 32" HDTV in 1080p and it looks pretty nice ^^. was almost convinced one of the characters was real in campaign mode haha.

  • moka

    i think this is a massive let down gameplay, well every thing feels and looks like its for the wii not xbox

  • Gary

    I got this game at midnight and couldn’t wait to get home.I thought it was bad but realy wanted to love it as i loved mw2.played it all night makeing excuses for the terrible sound and lag and game play online but run out of excuses and came to terms that I had just wasted £46 on’s like something for the ps2 or even ps1 the game has no sole and us So boring. I’m trading this rubbish in and going back to mw2.please please don’t waste your money on this atleast try before you buy


    The graphics are sub standard compared with MW2, its very glitchy , it is most definately not worth the retail value.
    I would be ashamed to price this out at$ 65.00 let alone advetise it as the game of the decade, the game lacks thought and real time concepts, I hoped for a real feel first person shooter and ended up with a very poor rendition of COD WAR 4.
    The game is going back to the store ,back to MW2 I guess.

  • woww

    it was a gay game completely pointless wished i never even heard of it

    • ian

      What a waste of time and money, i wished i stayed in bed it was'nt worth waiting for.

    • Jasen

      …ok I wouldn't go that far…why was it pointless? I don't see how you could hate it so much already…its been out for like just over 1 day(officially)?! no one forced you to purchase it or play it…or even hear about it…if anything was pointless it was your comment

  • Jasen

    they should have spent the time and money making sure the game would work properly on day one


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