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Call of Duty: Black Ops – Respawn Points a Major Problem in Multiplayer?

We have told you about various other issues surrounding Call of Duty: Black Ops, but one problem we haven’t mentioned before is the respawn system in the game, and the frustration that it is currently causing gamers.

We’ve had a lot of feedback from you about the game, but most of the issues seems to lie in the respawning system of Black Ops, and while we’d love to tell you how good it is, it seems like the respawn points are making a lot of you angry.

The game seems to be respawning players must closer to the enemy compared to Modern Warfare 2, and while the spawn points in that were by no means perfect, it looks like Black Ops isn’t better off either.

Furthermore, we’ve seen that the game often respawns you in a random place next to a teammate, but this has often proved a disadvantage more than an advantage, as you often get wiped out by the rushing enemy before you have a chance to find your bearings.

Obviously, there is nothing worse than dying straight after you have respawned, so we hope Treyarch address this issue in their first patch update to the game.

If you have played a few hours of mulitplayer, let us know your thoughts on the respawning system. Is it ruining the experience for you, or do you think it’s not really an issue? We’ll update you if we hear from Treyarch regarding the situation.



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