Call of Duty: Black Ops – Respawn Points a Major Problem in Multiplayer?

By Alan Ng - Nov 10, 2010

We have told you about various other issues surrounding Call of Duty: Black Ops, but one problem we haven’t mentioned before is the respawn system in the game, and the frustration that it is currently causing gamers.

We’ve had a lot of feedback from you about the game, but most of the issues seems to lie in the respawning system of Black Ops, and while we’d love to tell you how good it is, it seems like the respawn points are making a lot of you angry.

The game seems to be respawning players must closer to the enemy compared to Modern Warfare 2, and while the spawn points in that were by no means perfect, it looks like Black Ops isn’t better off either.

Furthermore, we’ve seen that the game often respawns you in a random place next to a teammate, but this has often proved a disadvantage more than an advantage, as you often get wiped out by the rushing enemy before you have a chance to find your bearings.

Obviously, there is nothing worse than dying straight after you have respawned, so we hope Treyarch address this issue in their first patch update to the game.

If you have played a few hours of mulitplayer, let us know your thoughts on the respawning system. Is it ruining the experience for you, or do you think it’s not really an issue? We’ll update you if we hear from Treyarch regarding the situation.

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  • huskdrgn


  • huskdrgn

    all this sounds like 2 me iz none of u can play worth shit…dam cry babys oh boo hoo learn ur surroundings now when n where 2 move instead of standing there looking stupid n crying cause u get spawned trapped..easy 2 get out of really it iz just now ur maps duh gesh..its all fun n GAMES 2 me why get mad…….get better..oh yeah if yeah want ta find out come at me black ops ps3 [NBK]huskdrgn

  • mudge

    the game sucks.. spawn campers are unskilled players who take advantage.. there is nothing fun about being killed by a bunch of pussies who lack skills.. what a waste of money.. wont buy any game from this company again..

  • Bb

    Your method (if there is a method) for respawning TOTALLY SUCKS!!! You respawn directly in front of Huey and Attack helicopters?!! WTF????!! You don’t even have a chance and you get mowed down before you realize where your at!! c’mon guys!! That sucks!!!!!

  • BobBently

    I can’t play multiplayer anymore.  The spawn die, spawn die rate is too high.  The maps are too small for the amount of players.    I get shot up from any & every angle.  All I want is a nice safe spot to hunker down in & “camp”.   The best way to avoid a quick spawn death, is to spawn & hit the dirt.  Just lay down flat the second you spawn & lay low.  Don’t move an inch, (this prevents someone from spawning 2 feet behind you & killing you)  Another tactic that works for me is to play backwards.  I simply run around backwards & pick off players who would otherwise shoot me in the back.  

  • Imchasinyou

    LMAO, this crap dont happen on my servers! Period! I have the rules set up to stop it, and every member of my clan can kick for it! If I catch them, I ban them with no warnings! i post rules alot so there is no excuse for it to happen! No spawn killing, no spawn trapping, no tacts in enemy base and no camping in enemy bases! Simple rules! I am now ranked top 2% in the US and top 1 %in the world! Maybe check us out for HC CTF! AAAAAA*MWIR* HC CTF  and     AAAAAA*MWIR2*Old maps HC CTF

  • Www Thashocka213


  • To be totally honest that game is epic but at the same time an EPIC FAILURE, the truth is that u can be the worst player ever n finish with 50 kills and only 5 deads. Game has major issues, n not only blackops but all the cod’s and BF’s, its all about camping now, maps are soo BIG and detailed u can hide everywhere, yeah its realistic but where’s the fun at when all these kids want is to finish with the best score n ready to camp the whole game to collect killstreaks n finish the game with 60 kills… game sucks thats the truth, unless ur a real lab rat n play all the time/camper u cant have fun with the online mode. Respawn system is hilarious hahaha really…its so funny specially in ”Capture The Flag” ur dead waiting to respawn n if someone take ur team’s flag u respawn right in his back haha, unless ur blind or retarded its a free kill everytime, matter fact u respawn most of the time right in front/in the back of the enemies u aint even got time to react, sometimes ur just running n enemies respawn around you, free kills all the time…. its a real joke n really boring, game still fun after all but I get bored fast its always the same sheeet. Oh almost forgot, how could I forget that, worst connection of all time ? EVERYTIME I play connection lost connection lost connection lost, so yeah game has major issues n I wont buy COD games no more one day, producers earn millions n laught at us I cant be more honest. Servers suck major ballz. No budget at all, they keep our money n dont give a fucc

  • Cas

    who the hell decided to put a time limit for you to respawn? 13 -15 seconds is rediculous and you die right afterwards!!!!!!!! what a waste of time 

  • brittany

    I have played a lot. And there has been times where I join a game in progress and the other teams have [evil] before their names and they spawn kill you. Which is very annoyin because no one on my team could move due to spawn killing and all the killstreaks they got off it.

  • lol

    i like to swap trap

  • john

    p.s. if you want a better online experience get battlefield there game is more realistic and doesnt lag. but it does sometimes have the problem with spawning but very very rarely. its a better game everyone should get off bumming COD

  • john

    I was just in a game of demilition and the other team were sitting camping out our spawn points so my whole team were respawning and dying striaght away. the other team werent even trying to plant the bombs just camping and getting kills. whats the point in playing a match like this if you cant do nothing just spawn die spawn die spawn die. its something they should sort out and probably could quite easily sort

  • Sera

    Totally agree! What kind of realistic war simulation is it when enemies get in your garden etc. behind you and have it easy to kill you? I know many people will say this is a problem for campers but if you order care packs or a sam you will have to wait there until you possibly get killed by enemies spawning. That sucks especially if the packs are good

  • Grimsickle

    Very frustrated with certain aspects of this game. Because of the poor spawn points I am constantly killed from behind after securing an area. Every spot in the map seems to be conveniently vulnerable from 5 plus angles, and although this eliminates camping it also makes it impossible to stay alive and the constant death at the hands of unseen opponents regardless of skill adds a ridiculously unrealistic feel to the gameplay. I don't know why the most basic communication functions are not included in the game, nobody knows who the person talking is relative to their map location and no communication between your team other than that one guy yelling "GET TO A…GET TO A…" just sucks. Lag / glitch causes crosshairs to not be completely accurate, but the real killer for me is… how exactly does someone manage to raise his weapon if standing in my direct stream of automatic assault rifle fire? Sick of shooting someone dead on in the back multiple times just for them to turn and fire once for the kill. I haven't made it through three straight matches (played over 600) without the lobby or host disconnecting. In some aspects this game makes me want to go back to Red Faction.

  • Rob

    All I’ve played since MW1 is HC HQ and me and my network of friends used to dominate every game hardly ever letting the opposing team capture even one objective. But in Black Ops, we’re lucky to cap even one HQ most of the time. The spawns are just ridiculous. We’ll spawn on the HQ side of the map, get into the HQ and before we have a chance to get set up to hold it down, the whole enemy team spawns where we did, wipes us out, then we respawn as far away from the HQ as possible making it impossible (even with lightweight and marathon)to get across the map in time to even get to the HQ, let alone cap the thing…another big issue I have is the Flak Jacket Second Chance combo. While I can tolerate each separately most of the time, it becomes a big problem (especially playing HC)when the entire opposing team has both flak jacket and second chance on. HC is supposed to be 2-3 shots kill someone, but with all the second chance and flak jacket non-sense, you’re lucky to kill someone with half a clip (if they don’t somehow manage to turn around in mid air and shoot you 8 times in the face before hitting the ground which happens to me constantly). This could be fixed by putting them in the same perk slot or even going so far as to not have it in HC all together. I mean when their whole team has second chance on, it’s like playing against 12 people.

  • steve

    its a game! go outside and run around for a while, burn off all that fat that you aquire from sitting on your ass while playing video games

  • Juha

    Hmm.. There is lots of problems that Game is freezing when playing nazi zombies.. Its not about my computer because I have lots of games and none of them seems to freeze.

  • SAM_04

    Treyarch has put in tactical insertions for a reason if you DO NOT like their SPAWN POINTs get Tac Insertion and make your own spawn point simple

  • b4ifucuRU18

    i think its cause you get spawned near a teamate who dies just as you spawn

  • Jim

    I'm fine with the respawning in every game mode, except where the spawn locations are set. I've had plenty of fun games of Demolition, but when you end up with a bunch of people on the other team that are just playing to rack up kills and not for fun, they just camp the spawn locations, rack up the kill streaks, call in the dogs and Huey and you are lucky to move before you are killed. I think the people are the real problem, not so much the game.

  • its a major annoyance, and still a very present problem, often the enemy spawn behind you you may just as well wait at the point you spawn at

  • steve

    its far worse than modernwarfare, its very frustrating

  • Kota813

    If you really study the spawn system and look at where everyone is when people respawn it isnt so bad.

  • whoisjamesearl

    I love the Call of Duty franchise… The newest addition has been frustrating to say the least. There has been many days now that I'm yelling due to getting killed from a spawning enemy either behind me or I spawn next to an engaging enemy. I play CAPTURE THE FLAG to fix these problems myself. The spawning seems to be localized to bases and it takes way from my frustrations.

  • rigid ranger

    Eff yeah spawning is all effed up. (360). I mean, so I kill a Guy and he respawns behind me? What’s the point of having all these buildings with windows and all this crap to climb up on if you can’t camp? I thought semi-realism is what these games were trying to achieve. What armed military just runs around in circles when they fight. Maps too small. Nuketown is an eff’n joke just like rust on mw2. I’d go back to mw2 if I hadn’t traded it for black ops. Just waiting for Homefront (preordered) wide open maps, can actually use vehicles. Battlefeild 2 on PC got me into realistic fps war games, too bad dice couldn’t make a decent bf fore console, hopefully homefront will give me a reason not to give up on console on modern combat shooters with dedicated servers. Why do these studios think that my Xbox should host a match anyway? Here lately I can only play about 1 in 5 matches I join without severe lag or getting booted. So eff’n frustrated

  • smoot

    I was playing a private match free for all with 3 players on Nuketown. I was killed in the middle by a player in the green house upstairs. I respawned in the room immediately behind him. I killed him as my body was just hiting the ground.

    You can spawn trap on summit like a mutha too. I can kill a guy and know exactly where he'll spawn.

    I've played on Firing Range and watched players spawn in front of me on free for all. I played MW2 extensively. I never experienced this problem with that game.

  • MartysCZ

    Yeah respawns suck, best was when I respawned in napalm instantly dead… or when teamate spawned in front of my right when I was firing so I killed him… And spawning and being immidiately under fire is not so uncommon. This and endless enemies respawn in singleplayer must be fixed!

  • Ross

    I played a Team Deathmatch just before – one of the first matches I'd played on multiplayer. It went something like this:

    Spawn with the team. Find an appropriate place with cover to engage the enemy. Lay fire upon enemy on a four bar green connection [which I'm assuming is <100ms]. Take one bullet from an assault rifle – die. Look at the killcam – while I had hit detection, the enemy didn't register any damage. Respawn. Get bearings in literally two seconds, run three steps, shot and die. Respawn and immediately turn corner – shot and die. Respawn and stay still for literally two seconds in the faint hope I don't die. Enemy turns the corner – die. If I read someone else writing this, I'd swear blind they were bullshitting me, but it happened EIGHT times in a row. Eight consecutive deaths without so much as the chance to fire my weapon or take cover.

    Who enjoys playing under circumstances like that? What's the point of having customisable everything if I can't even use it in the game because I'm being spawned straight in front of the enemy's iron sights?

    I'd suggest that the next instalment of Call of Duty will be better, except for the fact that Infinity Ward did a better job of sorting out respawns in CoD4.


    The spawn system for Black Ops sucks. There's absolutely no consistency. They need to pick one side of the map, give that side to your team, and continue to spawn your team there until that spot is completely overrun. Then and only then is it OK to change spawn points on you. NO MORE SPAWNING IN RANDOM LOCATIONS DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ENEMIES!!

  • XARHS007

    i want fix the lag on pc…when i m playing call of duty black ops i have "lag". it s not exactly lag it s something like lag…. if they can fix that problem… a lot of people have this problem on pc… 9/10 people have this problem



  • Juice Jones

    its so sad. This is ABSOLUTELY THE WORST respawning game COD has ever put out. Its amazing how you can use a spy plane, see every1 totally far away, and as soon as you throw a care package down(by the way, that you struggled like hell to get) all of a sudden, not just 1, but sometimes 2 & 3 enemies respawn right there to smoke your boots! I honestly camped in 1 spot(with my back to a corner) for almost 2 min 2c how long it would take 4some1 to come in.(NOTHING) I then purposely faced the wall and in 5sec, POW POW POW right in my back LMAO. Dont believe me? TRY IT. I DARE U!!! LOL

  • brandon

    spawn system is definately screwed up and it maked me angry to play…not what i want in agame…especially call of duty

  • matt

    ive seen people spawn in black ops on my screen more than mw2 and how could i stand a chance against an enemy i just killed who spawns behind me, and knows my position?

  • Jynx

    Those of you saying that there are no problems with the spawning system, take a look at this the link following this post. Many times, I kill someone and then their teammate spawns right behind me and kill me. I've used the theatre mode many times and it's just ridiculous. We are not whining, we are pointing out the issue that is causing much frustration. I've learned to deal with the crappy spawn system by checking behind me every now and then, but sometimes that's not enough. I've hardly had spawning issues with CoD 4 and MW2, but in this game, the spawns are unpredictable.

    Here is the link:

  • mike

    Its horrible in demolition…there are only a couple of spawn points per side, and now everyone is figuring them out they simply camp the spawn. Take Havannah for instance. If you're defending, then you're at the top of the map in one of 3 locations. If you're attacking, you're at the bottom in one of three locations. There's no strategy to it, simply put in a tactical insertion by the opponents spawn locations, When they re-spawn, with the lag, you'll have mega kills! Then you can use the sam turret, care package, get dogs or chopper gunner!!! Simple solution, change care package to 4 kills (like MW2) and put sam turret to 5 kills. That way sam turret is now a roll of the dice in the carepackage.

  • nubski

    the spawn system is utterly horrible. I cant tell you how many times in hc tdm I spawn in front of a guy and get insta killed. Its just rediculous.

  • nibirushock

    i do not like this game always gettin shot or knifed in the back

  • On Jungle got spawned just where someone was dishing out death with chopper gunner… and straight away respawned in the same place… and again, and again… 8 times in total. Though was stupidly pressing X to respawn straight away 🙁

  • Paul

    I still get a kill streak but i constatly have to turn around back and forth back and forth just to make sure that nobody spawns right behind me. I don't know why a player would spawn directly in behind me when their team is'nt anywhere near me. More than half the time my killstreaks are ended because of this. This surely needs to be fixed!