Call of Duty: Black Ops Graphics Or Sound – Which Is Worse?

Call of Duty: Black Ops has been out for almost a day now, and although a host of reviews showed up online the day before the release, it was the users views that we wanted the most. Now fans of the franchise have started to offer their opinion, and there seems to be a consensus that both graphics and sound is not up to par.

Having played the game for just an hour, I noticed that the graphics sucked, but you have to get past this and play the game for what it is intended for. However, there are those who believe that this is a step back in the franchise, do you agree with that?

There have also been reports that the sound effects are very poor, one reader said that the sound on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 makes Black Ops sound like you are in a sewer, as the sounds just do not go. Do you agree?

COD Black Ops did get great reviews at first, but now the game has been played by hundreds of thousands already, this is where the true reviews start, and things are not too good at the moment.

Which do you think is worse, the poor sound or graphics?



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