Call of Duty Black Ops: Connection Problems on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC?

By Alan Ng - Nov 10, 2010

For those of you who have already spent countless hours on Call of Duty: Black Ops, how are you finding the experience so far? We have played it for a good while too, but we wanted to get your feedback on some notable connection problems that may be recurring.

We have to admit that we have played the zombie mode part of the game, more than multiplayer, and we experienced our fair share of connection problems whilst trying to get into a game.

For example, we noticed that once a hoster tries to start a game, sometimes the game hangs up and does nothing unless you choose to exit back into the lobby with your party. If this happens to you, we’ve discovered that if you keep exiting out and try to get into a game, it will eventually start a game of zombies up as soon as you see the ‘migrating hosts’ message.

It is not an ideal way to get a game going, as we’d like to play without any connection problems at all, but it looks like this is becoming a frequent issue with the game. However, this may be dependant on the hoster’s connection, so consider it trial and error at the moment.

If you have encountered any connection problems whilst trying to get into games with friends either on multiplayer or zombie mode, let us know below.

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  • dean

    The worst game ever made!!! Always a server problem or host problem when it’s not freezing up.

  • pat

    It seems as if 50% of the multiplayer games end because of migrating hosts. I’m playing on a 360. Is it the servers or because players drop out? It’s very frustrating. I’m considering buying an Xbox 1, but won’t if these problems persist.

  • cricket

    i cannot get into a public match .When i started playing it was fine.But after i downloaded the 2nd system upgrade it startred not letting me into the matches.It will not even let me start a solo zombie lobby.these are the things that pop up when looking for public matches (1)searching for game+checking for matches (2)checking quality for match of 46 of 50 (3)analyzing 0 of 7(4)searching for matches(zero matches) searching for host.Please let me know if anyone else is going thru this and any fixes.

  • Cala

    Many connection problems only with BO2 for some reason after 6 hours playing I can’t connect to multiplayer online.I can connect to zombies and the other stuff.
    Wanted to level up fast……When I click any multiplayer game it say’s ”An error occurred try again”!Guess it’s a server problem because there’s no error code!
    Again I regret buying this game so early!Pffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • commonbleed4me

    im having problems loggin on to the game server its self and its telling me that the servers arent avalable please try back later and i kno theres nothing wrong cuz im signed in and everything i even did the update for the playstation and its still saying the same thing i play on multiplayer alot and i never once had problem till now i wanna know whats going on



  • Cchstitan

    When I see my frien in a lobby and u join it will take me to it but it’ll only be me by myself then it will say no longer available

    • Animedude33

      I’m having the same issue if u find the answer to this problem please comment

  • PL336

    cannot connect to multi-player games on COD BO on wii. Either get no other players or the games starts and freezes.  This started happening a couple of months ago. Resetting internet does not help.

  • Reaznov

    hi when i open black ops multi on pc it says connecting then it stopes then says check the site for update or check it later
    plz help

  • Reaznov

    hi when i open black ops multi on pc it says connecting then it stopes then says check the site for update or check it later
    plz help

  • Johnclark7376

    tried to play zombies every time i tried it say read error or it doesnt work

  • Ryanlee01

    i have tried to connect into both single player and multiplyer zombies and the game doesnt load in and i either have to dashboard it or turn ff my xbox due to the console freezing where as my xbox live multiplayer works normally and encounter no problems.

  • {S.A}Kryptonite

    hi, when i try to connect on multiplayer it says unable to connect to black ops server, my other games have no problem connecting to servers, what could be the problem and how can i fix this?

  • For about three days that i go to my ps3, i login into psn, go to black and select multyplayer. Then, it usaually telm me when i’m creating a class or about to enter a match that i have been sign out of psn when actually i’m still loged in. WTF ! Can somebody help ? Is it Treyarch servers fault or am i having a REALLY REALLY REALLY bad internet connection, beacuse this stuff never happened to me before.

  • AscensionSnake89

    I’m having a problem finding a lobby to let me play in the player match of the network. It will join then say testing good games and it’ll repeat until it says it cannot find a match try your again… I just updated both the game and the system.

  • Cgc_3115

    i always have a problem in cracked… every time i choose cracked to play as the map it always keep me hanging and i need to start up my ps3 again….. please help

    • hawkman0508

      bad disc

  • Chiragshah586

    Whenever i try to play zombies online it keeps saying waiting for 1 more player and i have to wait for like 1 hour for someone to join so is there something wrong with my console or what?

  • Icetrey66

    How come my xbox live is signed on and I can talk to my friends in a party but I can’t connect to be able to play online with them I’ve already tried to change my gamer tag and that didn’t work

  • Icetrey66

    How come my xbox live is signed on and I can talk to my friends in a party but I can’t connect to be able to play online with them I’ve already tried to change my gamer tag and that didn’t work

  • Stanislawa Szpak,

    why i have a problem to be conected with black jack game since yesterday  please give answer , i never have this problem before, sincerely , Stanislawa.

  • Evanrulz7

    im trying to play a match of call of the dead and my conection goes from 3 bars to 1 bar and back up and it gets really annoying, please help…

  • dludu1

    I’m trying to get in the same zombie lobby as the person sitting next to me. No matter what, we end up in different lobbies. Sometimes we see the same people who joined one of our lobbies in both of our lobbies simultaneously. It’s really aggravating.

    • James_bailey92

      mate get him to join your party,

  • hi dunno if anyone has put any working solutions yet but if you google what ports xbox live uses for all its bandwith activity, u can log into your router and forward those ports, if u dont have a secure wireless secure it even if you use the ethernet cable for your xbox cuz some nearby person could be stealing bandwith, also dont download while you play, dont have any internet related stuff on your pc while you play live, even ppl on other computers in your house, some dont know but you share bandwith, even youtube can mess you and lag you up for a good couple of minutes, best solution would be if everyone in the world learns this, gets road runner basic AT LEAST, ports forward,resets their modem and router, test the connections…..if everyone does this and searches for matches nearby and not france and stuff, we should be happy gamers, that or they can build servers and patch the game mode so we can play zombies with 6 ppl, which would rock, unless u get 5 kill stealers running around being greedy with the box and getting downed

  • I am also a gamer who enjoys playing xbox 360 live, but I am also having problems with my connection at times and would like someone to inform me on how to make it better. Please let me know what I can do to help anyone.

  • Ulises Montano

    I have a PS3 and when i play multiplayer on the maps: Radiation, And WMD, my system Freezes and I have to restart the game. Is There Any Solutions.

    • James_bailey92

      it is your game disk, this happened to me recently. Replace it

  • Dishin0utpain

    Game freezes up when trying to load TDM Crisis, Cracked, Nuke Town, Grid, and Hanoi. Basically have to power off the console and restart. Gets really old playing only half the boards. Crappy connection far too often, Very disappointing. Treyarch Blows!


    Xbox 360 player from asia please add me for better connection
    gamer tag: MRMR ZX


  • chris

    i keep wanting to get to a match on the core server. but everytime i try joining one it says testing match 98.9 and like 30 matchs. and it will take 30 mins to get into one sometimes longer cause i give up. nobody should have to wait that long to join a match. same thing with trying to join a zombies match. but i can join a match on the barbones server no problem. is there anyway to fix this?

  • kittyihime

    At night when i play zombies around like 8pm till the next day in the morning i lag so badly it gets me killed is there anyway to fix it? Cause this is just bs =/ I am trying to play and i cant cause of the lag.

  • adam

    I've been having problems with privates matches of the zombies levels with my friend on ps3. Whoever hosts that game has perfect 100% connection, and the other player has terrible/no connection. And it switches depending on who is hosting.
    Does anybody know why this is happening? We have both tried resetting our routers and using a wired connection but it still does it.
    I'm calling my internet provider in this week, but I was wondering if this is a problem I could fix myself?
    Any other advice would be appreciated!

  • Tonydtiger

    I haven't been able to Finnish one games on xbox live for about three days now, I can rarely join a friends game n party, my Internet is hard wired in I've called the cable co. And they said it's not them. I've gone back to mw2 for this reason. I love black ops but playing a game without a lag would be nice

  • cash

    can't connect with parties or games with friends on xbox 360. constant problem! please fix

  • Gary

    I have PS3 and when i invite friends they can't join my lobby why is this and how can I fix it?
    Please email me back.

  • shaggz419

    i dont have any problems with multiplayer and none of he zombie maps except assention that map is awesome but 50% of my online games gets freaking kicked and it is freaking stupid anyone else haveing similiar problems

  • peter

    I was having serious speexd issues and ingame lag. Bypassed my wireless with a ethernet cable and made a big difference. kills double first try. Still some lag..i think your black ops performance is very dependentt on internet connection speed and modem.

  • mark

    av had this game for 1 day. thats it 1 f$£$%ing day and already its crashed 27 times and now it WILL not connect to the internet what so ever. my advise dont waste your money £40 down the spout and i carnt even retern it!

  • Andrew

    The Zombie matchmaking is a major fail…. Treyarch needs to fire whoever worked on that part. 9 out of 10 games wont get past the lobby and into the actual game

  • mikeisnissan

    This game has major problems. It will even kick me out of xbox live all together!

  • pissed off

    Well I can't even log into the multiplayer section at all. Everytime I click on the xboxlive I get an error saying the blackops server is down… For 2 freak'in weeks I think not…. Anybody know how to fix this problem?

    • {S.A}Kryptonite

      iv got the same problem

  • Braden

    My stupid game always goes to load lobbies the joins lobby the goes back to loading PlEASE give me an answer. For this

    • your internet is looking for other ppl nearby to try and host or to have a good enough ping to be a guest on their internet, 4 ppl is either too much bandwith for your internet, or there are no ppl nearby available to be the host, so u get stuck on a loop, i get this alot so i just do find match and let it run until i hear zombies killing me haha, but yeah xbox live will try anywhere if u have it set to anywhere, even all across the world and that means lag, or alot of full rooms that end up in migrating host to see who can carry all 4 players with minimal lag

  • yo mama

    Heres my problem : i have the xbox360 version and i always have ONE bar of connection. this is weird because Halo Reach works perfectly and so does my netbook. Also, i get a "connection interrupted" message alot. Im using a wireless connection, and a wired connection is out of the question seeing as i have my router and xbox on different floors of the house. please help!

    • in zombies u guys are connecting to each other using your internet, so u have to carry all 4 players with one internet as the “server” or host, not many ppl have their internet powerful enough to do this, or to connect to another person far away, they should build real servers so everyone just pings into areas near your region, which can then ping to other servers so u can get full bars even playing someone in china, but this would change rooms into more players so its not a waste, which could mean 6 or 12 player matches for zombies, like in multiplayer where it is servers, or reach

  • Indiac112358

    finding and actually getting into matches…between host problems, connection problems between people in parties getting better connection then those with the same bars that are not, getting the jump on someone having three bars yourself and dying. Hackers, modders, cheaters and plain bs…and well a sub machine gun being more powerful then most assault rifles it guess its all right. To tell the truth

  • Aron

    I can't join a single Zombie game without at least 15 tries and it's pissing me off beyond belief. I seriously hope Treyarchh is looking into this because they're going to lose a customer if it keeps up. I'm not paying this much money for bullshit that doesn't work.

  • deferentcocaman

    i can't join a game with my friends

  • Drew

    black ops is worst game ever, i lost connection to my friend at round 30, f*ck you treyarch

  • Ccji

    I play the game on a wii and i try to connect to the server and it won't even do that. My wifi is working fine and I can go on the Internet just fine, but the game just won't connect.

  • George

    pEICE OF CRAP!! i try to play some zombies but it keeps on migratong hosts and then lobby closes

  • mnrtj-ej

    I have a big problem i totally can't use zombie mode … i try to do solo and it won't start my TV is getting black.. mutliplayer mode zombies won't load, only my mutliplayer wil work.

  • dre


  • james

    hi can some one tell me how to fix the problem i join a nazi zombie game kino der toten when it starts the comic book style loading menu dosent cum up and it just freezes on a black screen HELP MEEE!!!!!

    • copy your game to the HD, texture are what make loading even slower, when ur match starts its still gonna check if everyone can still connect and its also gonna be loading the map, the ppl and all sorts of stuff, take a small load off ur xbox’s back and have all your graphics already on your hard drive, it may help, good luck 🙂

  • Sam

    I have horrible connection, it takes me at least a minute or 2 to find a game of like domination and at least 2 timing outs to find headquarters or demolition. I turn all the stuff using the wi-fi off and I still get a 3,2,or 1 bar connection. Most games I can't play with my friends because when I lag, I move around that isn;t under my control. HELP?

  • James

    The host migrates every other game, and 90% of the time, the migration fails, the game lobby closes, and I get booted from the lobby midgame. On a 360, no connection problems with any other games.

  • Allison Dethlefs

    I've Been trying to play COD Black Ops (Zombies) with my brother, when ever one of us tries to invite the other it starts to connect and then it says it's no longer available? Anyway to fix this or at least get it so We can play?

  • Sid Uction

    What a shame, its a disgrace, bending bulletround corners, spawning in front of the other teams,its a joke.B ut what can we do#~?~?~? i didnt buy the new maps. 1200 ms points! yeah right, micro soft,more like microcunts.

  • Tyler

    black ops on 360 – at the title screen, it was very bright, could slightly see anything on it, few seconds of waiting on the screen, pop up shows up and says "problem finding .tok files in pack file" and something else i couldnt decipher, i dont know if thats exactly what it said, but it was something in the files…weird and it freezes when i press guide button when it says friends play game

  • Matthew

    Ever since the day i updated my ps3 to ver 3.56 my blackops wnt work anymore it has no scratches or anything my connection good but it wnt let me get into multiplayer it keeps saying the server is down, i check the website it gave me and it said all servers are good so i restart everything n yet it still say the same thing. Wat do i do?

  • Able to play Zombies on xbox live but not multiplayer?
    Starting from the main menu:

    1. Multiplayer > Local
    2. Start game in Local (splitscreen)
    3. Wait for map to load and game to begin, then End Game
    4. Go back to Multiplayer menu and select Xbox LIVE
    5. -fixed- continue with selecting game type, find game, etc and begin game
    I had spoken with Activision and this workaround I discovered was the only way to get it to work for this specific issue.

  • Killabytz

    Black Ops was running like crap for me about every game. I was so sick of it I started playing Modern Warfare 2 again! After troubleshooting everything for a week I decided to buy a new modem, Motorola Surfboad 6120. After hooking that beast up its ran flawless ever since.I'm on a 41 game win streak and counting. Now I can't stop playing. I too thought it was Treyarch with the issues, but come to find out it was just the crappy equipment- Arris 702 modem. The speed test's are the same with both modems but the game is to time sensitive for alot of modems to keep up. So read reviews and get the best modem your ISP's will support.

  • Jonathan

    I have CoD:Black Ops for the Nintendo Ds but when i go to Wi-Fi and go to Join Co-op Zombie Mode it always says no games found. Any ideas what could be wrong with it?

  • Name

    Yo, everything that happens on my screen already happened on everyone elses screen. So, what the hell. What can I do to fix that, like when I'll be shooting someone, I already died on their screen and then I get pissed and remember the controller is $60 to calm myself down

  • Corey Reazor

    I have call of duty black ops for xbox 360 and i am having issues with multiplayer, both online and split screen. i would start a game and is would show the loading screen for the map and game type and then would never load. the loading bar would be filled and the circle loading symbol in the bottom right would continue to rotate. This would happen both when joining an online multiplayer game and a local split screen game. PLEASE HELP!

    • Killabytz

      1.Unplug the internet before you turn on your Xbox then try split screen. If your netwok isn't set up correctly for xbox it can affect it even if your playing offline 2. Make sure your NAT(Network Adress Translation) settings are open on your Xbox. You can do this by testing your Xbox Live connection in the system settings at the dashboard. If they are not open you need to open ports in your router. Normally your NAT settings will be open if you plug directly into the modem. If it doesn't play right pluged into the modem then it could be your bandwidth. If that's not the case you sould buy a new modem. Black ops transfers alot more information than most fps. So even if other games run right your modem still might not be responsive enough for black ops! If your running cable internet use a Motorola Surfboad 6150 and you will be unstoppable and lag will be rare!

  • matt

    Black ops is unplayable on xbox live! Went live just for this game and its a let down.

  • JOHN

    Its rubbish, never have we had so many connection problems, red ping, green ping, dead in a shot and lag lag lag, people dont die. WORST COD YET BY FAR. UPDATE YOUR SERVERS YOU TIGHT MORONS

  • MikeGotPurp510

    dnt get me wrong my win ratio is 3.79, as much as i win, i hate this piece of crap game, im so mad i waited so long for this garbage…. Treyarch is terrible….. the fileshare is crap too!!! up to 10 clips??? thats is??? no music added to your vids??? you can only edit clips frum 1 game on a video, you cant mix your vids up??? waaaccckkk…………… HammerHead is gonna smash treyarch now that they got infinaty word & they WILL BE MAKING A NEW MODERN WARFARE, i hope thery come out with a perk called quikscope pro, just to p*ss off you F*GGoT Treyarch Noobs who think it's cheap, and i hope they put c4 as your right bumper button & i hope they bring back the nuke, tubes, danger close, 1man army, i hope they bring it all back just to Sh*t on Treyarch & let em know, that infinaty ward knows best

  • MikeGotPurp510

    Having nothing but grenades for your right bumper button, maan nothing but noobs respawn & tha first thing they do is look in the air & throw a random grenade across map=weak, and everybody does it, you guys F***ed up the equipment , claymore, c4, tac insertions should have been right bumper, that would lower the rate of noobs throwing random grenades every time they spawn.. How about ballistic knifing, they should have kept the commando lunge, this game is crap and they downgraded so much fu things we liked about call of duty, they even took out the nuke, this game must be for noobs if people throw random grenades, run around with flakjacket & 74u's. thats all nubes do….

  • MikeGotPurp510

    nothing but disappointment, ak74u is 30x overpowered than any other gun, u guys need to make shotguns stronger for a "so called" primary they fuckin suck, Mw2 had shotguns as a secondary but they should have been a primary, but on this game shotguns are worse than pistols, and how about them snipers on Black ops, quikscoping was a new way to play & u guys F***ed that up to, maan… i could have made a better game in my media class than this, its a sorry piece of crap….. Requires no skil to win, all you need is a AK74u and the host on your team & baaam!!!!u have a win…….. This gam is all about connection,if you are a 3bar u will get stomped on no matter how much skill you have, its rediculous, you guys have made a bad name for call of duty, this is a disgrace, 74u=Nooby, overpowered trash, Flakjacket is stupid and nooby, wat a way to ruin half tha game with flakjacket, make them almost invulnerable to explosives, explosives were tha only way to fight back overpowered guns like the UMP from MW2. now we have tha 74u, nothing can beat it, not toobs obviosly, and scavenger is SO DOWNGRADED, cant get equipment back and cant get tubes nor flames nor masterkey,

  • MikeGotPurp510

    This game is a failure, Treyarch u just ruined Call of duty, Thats why hammerhead is making a new Modern Warfare & they will shut u down quik, this game isn't skilled based like MW2, its "CONNECTION BASED", basically whoever has tha host on their team-they will come out on top regardless, u cant beat them they see you b4 u see them, they kill you in 3 bullets, u kill them in 8 bullets… nothin but connection based, killstreaks suck cvuz tha airsupport gets shot out tha sky quik, blackbird is tha only Good thing u guys came up with, now im getting suspended for having a guy getting stomped as my emblem, but u have people running around with dicks & pussies as their emblems & they arent gettin suspended??? not even tha 6th prestiges with golden guns alreadi,, make tsk tsk, Treyarch is BK!!!! You guys are a joke, Nintendo wii gives me more fun than this piece of crap game, u guys might as well make it up to us and make your new map pack on Feb 1st free since you already wasted our 60 bucks with this 20dollar game,

  • Justin

    I had a problem with this game now and it is the first time but it is HUGE!!! I tried playing zombies with a guest and once we got in a lobby it lagged out, I noticed after that that it completely erased everything I did in the story and the maps I unlocked for zombies, I'm back to square one as far as that goes, after all the work I did to get it finished

  • Tommas

    It happens, to me several times, its enoying. hate this game – because of this. but i playit 2days (in hours) so it cant be all that bad. but.. yes

  • Toby

    3/9 i get connection problems. (almost.:) )

  • peugeot631

    i can't join my friends lobby in zombie mode. i can only join regular multiplayer lobbies. this blows! what really sucks is i'm the only person out of three of us who can't join.

  • Cheri

    My son has Black Ops for PS3. Everytime he goes to the maps "grid" "crisis" or "cracked" it freezes. He has quit playing Black Ops and has gone back to the previous Call of Duty. It is too frustrating. Are they gonig to fix this problem?

  • alicia

    ********** i really need help i have a wireless conncetion and it says 100% and when i go to join a game, invited, or anything, zomies too, i will be sitting in the lobby for ever, never connecting, it says 50 matches found getting match quality, i literly joined and then went and made supper, then ate supper, and nothing happened at all… what can i do? i need help.. maybe reply to my email

    • melissa

      im having the same problem!!! help!!!

  • john

    yep everytime me and my buddy play zombies were cruising and in the 30's everytime we loose connection! absolutely ridiculous! first we thought it was connection since it takes you like 3 freaking hours to get in the 30's in the first place but then i read some of this stuff…… and the stupid ass game doesnt give you a checkpoint to spawn at if you've made it so far on the levels so basically we have to play for 3 hours every night to get where we get everytime and then loose connection

  • chaoticzachary93

    terrible connection problems dude, like everytime i try to invite a friend, it sends him right back to the main menu and then does the same to me if i try to join his party. this is bull, i paid 60 dollars for this fucking game and treyarch better get their act together cuz this is bullshit.

  • Lukas

    When i search for a game on zombies, a message pops up saying Welcome to black Ops, and make me reset all my settings and it also resets all my campaign progress and all enemy intel. The main menu also goes all weird. I think my anti-virus has something to do with this

  • jrod

    for the past two day it said that the server is not available

  • drew

    it says evrything is good on toe cod web site then i try to get on and says the server is down ?any thing you would like to say cod ppl?

  • DecrepidOne

    Out of my many friends, I can only connect with 1 trying to play zombies. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kjetil

    Me to, can not invite or join any of my frindes.