Call of Duty Black Ops: A Disappointment?

By Alan Ng - Nov 10, 2010

We have been reporting on all kinds of Call of Duty Black Ops related news over the past few days, but we are definitely surprised to see just how many of you have expressed your disappointment with the game.

While some people love Treyarch’s new game, it seems the majority do not, and this could be due to a single issue in the game, or a whole collection of problems that we have also been telling you about.

Why has this game in particular been met with such fierce criticism? Perhaps it is due to the fact that Xbox 360, PS3 and PC owners simply expected too much after the excellent Modern Warfare 2 – and lets face it, it was an excellent game looking back.

You can’t put this down to teething problems with Black Ops either, you guys are seriously mad about the game, and there is always a reason for this. I personally loved Black Ops, and while I probably haven’t played multiplayer as much as you guys, it seems as one problem has turned into a crisis situation, with cries of ‘Treyarch killed the franchise’ and ‘I want my money back!’

If you consider yourself to be disappointed with the game, which was the factor that led you to that decision? Was it the graphics, connection problems, lag, ‘unrealistic’ sounds, or a combination of everything? I really hope that Treyarch are listening to some of the criticism that they are receiving for the game, and come out and give their side of the story.

Did we all expect too much from the game after MW2? Give us your say on the matter.

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  • pow1

    bad respawns, respawning with no ammo in the middle of an enemy area, the enemy get one shot kills on you and your wepon seems to need about 20 bullets to kill a single enemy, thats unrealistic and all in SP mode. not much choice of where to move and manouver, instead your just being limited in all directions. loved the story line and could have made that interactive to compensate for getting killed by one shot unrealistic kills so much. or just leave the space on the disk as a 3D movie.

  • Joe

    I refuse to play black ops multiplayer anymore.
    1) the graphics are outdated, but this isn’t such a huge issue with me.
    2) campers
    3) most of the guns are useless. 3arc destroyed weapon variety by making half of the guns pea shooters while the other half are exact clones of eachother.
    4) I have never experienced this kind of lag in call of duty. Ever. Not even when I use to play MW1 on the Wii. And I have Blops for 360 now. Connection issues and lag make this game unplayable and his game is almost totally based on connections.
    5) singleplayer was okay but froze for me. More than once. Boring.
    6) zombies is the only thing that I actually like about this game. And th only reason I bought a second copy when the first broke.

    The amazing amount of problems in BlOps actually made me buy MW2 in April AFTER black ops came out. BO is boring, broken, uninspired, and a poor copy of MW2.
    I would rather deal with all the bull crap in MW2 than play black ops multiplayer to any longer. Why?
    Cuz th game actually works.

  • DJ

    that people say MW2 is the worst CoD to date… That’s because MW2 (and
    MW) allow a skillful player (which possesses some mental capacity), to
    be BETTER at other individuals playing the game. Black Ops levels the
    playing field. This enables retards, like MedZz3ro,
    to run around with a SMG and get lucky enough to kill you. Aside from
    the terrible multiplayer, less than mediocre graphics, sound issues, bad
    servers, lack of modern weaponry, underpowered sidearms, people
    spawning behind you, catoon-like characters, undefined/block-like
    weapons, retarded perks and killstreaks, killstreak kills not counting
    toward one’s overall killstreak, and unrealistic round damage… I guess
    one could say I spent $65 for Zombies. The game’s called Black Ops
    right? Where is the OP specific part of the game? Did I miss this?
    Running down the street throwing frags is very “un-OP like”. I sold this
    dumpster worthy game a couple of days ago. Just thought I’d throw in my

  • logan

    i think one of the reasons people bought this game was just for the zombies.
    and has anyone noticed how they took like half of the guns from mw2 and just changed them a little bit?

    • Joe

      Weapons in mw2 and blops…
      Gun—>better version is in ____

      FN FAL—>mw2

      Do ya notice a pattern?
      Black ops guns suck.
      No variety online. People use
      like 4 different guns.

      Umm mw2 has better guns.

  • Mikkel

    I gotta say, this game beat MW2 in almost all areas if you ask me.

    Seeing as how the MP doesn't really work for me (bought it on PC for MP, played through SP on PS3 and traded it) I can't really talk about that.

    But, in my opinion, this game had the coolest, most interesting, most gripping and most awesome SP of ANY Call of Duty. The plotline, the voice acting (God I love the intensity in the level… Revelations I think it's called, when you can really feel the pain in his voice) and the gritty, brutal nature of the entire campaign was just so amazing if you ask me.

    Graphics weren't that good, the sound sounds … "underpowered"? But the plotline, the variety and brutality of the SP was just incredibly cool and awesome if you ask me.

    And again… I loved the plot! And the voice acting!

  • BDakota95

    I am trading this game in to get something else. "Why?" you ask? Because I REALLY want to play this game ALL THE TIME. Yet every time I play it, I want to throw it in the trash. This would be a great game if not for the waves of glitches, lag, server probs, system crashes, AND.. the sound is just TERRIBLE. A guy shooting his gun five feet to your side literally sounds like he is miles away in scale. Just awful. I want my money back for sure. The graphics do look very dated IE:(WAW) MW2 is way better, but this is not a huge issue for me. BO is just UN-PLAYABLE.

  • …………..

    The only problem I have with COD Black ops is the matchmaking system, or rather the aparent lack of one. It takes new players and puts them with very expierianced players. I think Trearch should fix that.

  • MATT

    Black ops was a huge dissapointment compared to modern warfare 2 everything they changed made the game worse

  • gary

    And you wonder why people copy games .I’m sorry but people who reviewed this game must have been paid by activistion never fall for it again that for shore

  • TeeGee

    Another thing i wanted to say is that… these days people go to read reviews to justify their decision to buy a game or to justify their spent money for a product (even if it sucks… and review sites like IGN ,GT ,Gamespot enable them.

    It's sick …

  • TeeGee

    riiiight…it's MW2's fault this game sucks (sarcasm).

    I think this game is too shallow and has nothing to do with black operations (throwing grenades in pubblic ,driving like crazy through blockades while shooting … not black op-ish).
    I rather play Allied Assault (excellent mods) or Operation Flashpoint CWC 1985 since it involves tactics and when you get hit you're down.
    Why do people love simple games like BO or MW2 ? Is it fun so much ? For me it isn't , which doesn't mean i'm right on this. Everyone has their reasons for liking/disliking a game.

    Cheers.I hope you enjoyed this, because otherwise you wasted your money. It's tough admiting a game sucks,if you spend 100 bucks for it…

  • MEDzZ3RO

    MW2 was the dissapointment.Worst CoD to date.
    Treyarch have ironed out almost all the issues MW2 created and has ironed out older ones like connection and cheats: Locale online search option and a reporting system.

  • Duke9192

    In my opinion, the content of the game is great. The problem i have, and am very disappointed, is the sound. The guns sound like they all have silencers attached, or like a severely degraded mp3. Overall game play mechanics are cheesy, and graphics too. I've been playing moh( which has good graphics and excellent sound), and when i first played black ops, i couldn't believe how pathetic the graphics and sound are in it.

  • Ben Cunningham

    Sound is a hug issue in BO. Sounds like you're opening a bottle of champange when a grenade goes off. Also I have had the experience that there are more campers in this game then in MW2 even. Because your killstreaks don't add up people are more apt to sit in one spot to try and get their kills. Other thing they really dropped the ball on is the maps. While some are large there are so many little corners for people to camp in it makes me sick. Look at the good maps from all previous COD's and alot of them give the player the option to either snipe or engage in small battles. The sniping in this game is pointless. I'm not a quick-scoper and could care less about them removing that. There are just too few spots to snipe from. I loved the older games because you could snipe on many of the maps. Not so in BO. One final thing is that the weapons are just not up to snuff. When I shoot somebody with an assault rifle but they can turn and shoot with a SMG and kill me faster its dumb. Granted that can be some lag but it happens all the time.

  • Biss

    Didnt like black ops. Feels slow, sluggish and like a completely different game. Given that the makers of this release is different to MW2 thats no surprise. What is a surprise is that they took out some of the best attributes to this game; tat knifing is too slow, sniping sucks, secondary weapons is an absolute waste of time and maps are no way near as dynamic as MW2. I still cant believe the secondary weapons, the pistol is next to useless and who wants to run around with a noob launcher?
    I will say that the money and game types were a great imput. Gun games are sick and so are the contract ideas. Just wish they could have taken on the old saying that 'if it aint broke dont fix it' and wed have WM2 with the great new game types and money!

  • Sid

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the best in the series.

  • mw2 fan

    This game(BO) is just an offence brought to the players.It's a step back from MW2 or more…..a big regression.
    Not talking about aim bot,glitches or perks wich I've never used(well except for perks),but the overall quality of BO is so much lower than MW2 in every single aspect, I wish it wasn;t this way 'cause I was waiting for the game release like the other players.
    Take the choppers for example :small,laggy moves and bad sound.
    Weapons look like they've just been photographed in a toy store not to mention that almost all sound the same.
    Treyarch should've worked harder on this project ,because today's expectations are much higher than before, so they should've at least kept the standards and quality of MW2(if not raising up the bar) not downgrading it.
    I feel sorry for all of us who were waiting and expecting a good quality game.
    Infiniti ward >Treyarch.

  • mw2 fan

    bottom line BO it is a DISAPPOINTMENT,lame sound,poor weaponry,poor graphics.
    Too bad Activision didn't work with Infiniti ward anymore ,Treyarch sucks.
    Activision u just lost a lots a fans unless u bring Infiniti ward back.
    Personally miss Scar-h, tar21 and acr .
    See u guys back on MW2.

  • jose palacios

    me and my girlfriend and sister have been all waiting for this game but when it finally came out big disappointed with the multi player first of all u cannot change settings and other players cant have there own profile big disappointed because my sis and girl said that mw2 was better hope this changes or this is going to suck….

  • Pat

    I believe the connection problems are the biggest issues. It seems almost impossible to get a group of people into a match, and the lag is terrible.

    I don't know about you guys, but I have major issues just shooting people from all the lag. I'll lay out an entire clip into some enemy, and then he'll just turn around and shoot my face off with no effort. If this lag could get fixed, then the game would be great.

    As far as I can tell, until these problems can get fixed, Infinity Ward should stick with the series

  • kevin

    Alright. Here's my thoughts: I can excuse overloaded servers while Treyarch figures things out; I can excuse little nuances that need to be addressed with patches; I can excuse stylistic choices where Treyarch chose to change the game in this way or that–this is even appropriate (after all they are the developer).

    However, I cannot excuse Treyarch releasing a game with these graphics and sound that are so clearly sub-par. Obviously, graphics and sound cannot be patched. Did no one at Treyarch ever say "Guys, this graphics look abysmall compared to what most people are used to today. We really need to tweak them."

    What was the response to that question when it was brought up… because you know it had to have been brought up at some point.

    I enjoy the game, but I am a little disappointed.

  • rafa

    I am kind of old, I have been playing this games since the first medal of honor, and it was great, I love call of duty world at war, but this new game, well, the graphics are horrible, the guns sound terrible, and so on. I wish they would fix the sounds at least, it is so fake. MW2 is a great game for people that love first person shooters, graphics and sound are much better than black ops, if you say they are not, please buy mw2 and play it:) Look at how many people are disappointed with the game. I have a group of friends that have both games and we are playing mw2 again.

  • lee anderson

    i have tried black ops for over a week i have ranked up to level 18 ,25 30 and for the third time i get a onscreen message saying online stats been reset and i was back at rank 1 with nothing again game is crazy every round of ammo and 2 rpgs to take out one gamer its realy bad sporn killed 17 times from chopper gunner that stayed in the air for nearly full game come on its shocking to be sporn killed and not do a thing about it spawn campers and spawning in same place as other team come on this is bad news infinity ward mw2 was 1000000% better game play

  • angelscimitar

    After reading all of the posts here its clear some people are not happy. The ones who sound most unhappy are clearly the ones who got caught up in the hype and teaser campaign that went on for months, and to be honest I myself may have got a little too excited about Black Ops!!

    Activision have deals with both Infinityward and Treyarch, both developers release games under the call of duty franchise on a bi-yearly basis. We know Infinityward is a better developer, but the teaser campaign, the adverts, the youtube videos, magazine articles pumped everyone up making this the most anticipated game of all time. This took peoples eye away from MW2 and the fact Treyarch were behind it Black Ops. The marketing company in charge of this did a very good job. The game was top of pre-order charts in the UK for months…….

    The game itself does have issues where multiplayer is concerned. Sound (helicopters a huge culprit), lag, glitches, not being able to get a xbox party of 3 people past the lobby and in to a game first time, spawning next to an enemy/next to an enemy spawn point. Only starting the game with 14 maps and not 16 like MW2……

    Some issues may get fixed, some may not. Remember Fuel on MW2 the 2nd map pack, that rock that people managed to get in shoot out of, that wasn't fixed as Infinityward couldn't be bothered as they had made their money.

    As gamers we know the glitches that affect the game play, some are unavoidable, especially when playing people around the world, but some of these issues should have sorted out before the game was released. The question I like to ask is why the game was released with these issues, and all I can think of is Treyarchs testers thought game was good enough for release and played through the glitches, or the glitches were not apparent before the game went online to the world. Either way, new games always have problems after release.

    One thing I know is the game WILL improve where multiplayer is concerned , Treyarch will fix the glitches as they do not want to disappoint the gaming community, as 1) they have map packs/zombie maps to sell to us and 2) they will want to work with Activision again and develop more games, and by not impressing us they will not impress Activision, and Activision do not want the Call of Duty Franchise damaged as it makes too much money, therefor Treyarch have to perform.

    Anyway what else were we expecting? Its still just a 1st person shooter, there is only so much you can do with that genre of game. I used to play Unreal Tournament on the PC (years ago), and still to this day, if had to choose one game to be stuck on a desert Island with it would be that!! But have things really changed that much for the point and click shooter games, and will it ever change??

    Overall the game is OK, not the greatest, but I will still play it as its different, new, fresh take on the Call of Duty Franchise that I have always enjoyed playing. Quite a few friends online don't have opinions on the game, its just 'different to MW2', in that they mean new weapons, game modes, maps, and the fact you can now make your character dive to take cover.

    To be honest that's it, Black Ops is just 'different', and I'm happy with that.

  • Realist

    Ok, I have to ask. Have any of you EVER actually shot a real M16 in your life?? A real M16/M4 does not sound like the freakin hand cannon on MW2. Now while the guns do sound beastly in MW2, they are TOO beastly sounding. I actually own an M16 (AR 15) as well as an AK47 and they do not sound like cannons being fired. They ACTUALLY do just kind of give a 'pop'. So as far as the sound of the guns go, I think that while they might not be as 'beastly' sounding, they actually are much closer to the real thing. Although, I do believe that the choppers in this game = fail. You'd hardly know they were there. So that said, aside from connection/lag issues, hit detection (which I hope to God that they fix), and the abysmal spawn points, I really like the game. I DO NOT think the graphics are terrible. The colors are DIFFERENT but, whoever thinks the graphics look like an old PS2 game are smoking some bad weed. They are not THAT bad, and I actually thought that the AK47 looked quite real.

    Also, the added features such as money, wager mode, split-screen online, etc are very good. It's pathetic that it took the COD series this long to implement some of that stuff.

    Overall I'd give it an 8.5 maybe 9. Fix some of the bugs and and a little bit of background noise in multiplayer (such as guys getting shot, and improving explosions a little) and the spawn points and they will have a great game on their hands. I LOVE MW2, all the modern weapons and stuff, but this is still a great game. MW fanboys………….bring on the flames.

  • schpaksie

    I have an i7-860, 4GB DDR3-2000, a GTX460 for graphics and 9600GT for physX, and although I could play the game for a little while, I would get random freezes and crashes. One or two I can deal with, but it just happened too often. They still haven't fixed it. I can play Crysis practically maxxed and I can't play Black Ops which can't even equal CoD4 graphically? Talk about crap coders.

  • Chugg Winthorpe

    A majority of people don't like the game? Tell that to the million players that are constantly online. And that's just on the PS3…

    It's a great game, albeit too similar to MW2, but, damn, it doesn't deserve the hate its received.

  • guest

    very very disapointed with black ops ,first is the sound in multiplayer every bit of sound from shooting to genade explosion feels like am playing a cartoon type of game,totally unrealistic and dull.MW2 sounded very realistic in all as well not in par with MW2.bring back infinity ward……

  • The nasty naan

    Hi guys and girls here is my review from an average player on cod and slit of you have compared this to mw2 this game is different yes it feels much like an updated version of waw , but the multiplayer game is now a much fairer playing field , how many times on mw2 where u fed up of quick scopers !! Knifing from 20ft away !! And serious campers !! This game has none of that , I agree that the sounds are awful … Graphics I think are fine nuketown is a terrible map so unrealistic but hey it’s different I loved waw and zombies and this is to be honest just an add on to waw … I think this game will still be a big game but people need to realise this is not mw2 so change ur game strategy and enjoy it :-)) also the single player game is fantastic great storyline and also based on true events .. Another note is I agree on is the guns do feel shabby and movement is slow but again this all comes down to changing the way you used to play mw2 and it will then be a success … Hope some of u agree with my review thanks

  • aal

    gawd i have the wii version it is balanced but too much lag on the servers and graphics are bullshit. ima stick to modern warfare for now.

  • LoNotNice

    here's the deal. a LARGE majority of consumers purchased COD Black Ops for the sole purpose of the zombie mode that COD Modern Warfare 2 SHOULD have had. it's 2010, soon to be 2011, and we're fighting NAZI zombies? we're fighting in locations that we could care less about with weapons that the current military world sees as relics. I was expecting to fight zombies with a holographic sight with an m4 carbine and things like the A12 automatic shotgun. I also expected to fight zombies in the streets of new york or washington blowing up a toyota prius or a smart car. i expected to fight zombies in a location like the mall of america in minnesota or a current city suburb running from house to house. but….no, i assume TREYARCH decided they knew what was best for the consumer. "LETS JUST TRANSFER COD WORLD AT WAR ZOMBIES OVER TO BLACK OPS AND CHANGE A COUPLE GUNS, CHANGE THE MAPS AND THAT SHOULD RAKE IN $60 FROM OUR CONSUMERS". Let me say, that a small majority of your consumers are happy with redundancy, those are the same consumers who exploit glitches in the game and cheat regularly. TREYARCH, i have a hard time believing that you spent a lot of time developing what the people wanted. INFINITY WARD, if you're reading this then take a note! you're on the right track with all your modern conflicts, weapons and characters. If only you had a zombie mode…'d be a hit for even longer than you already are. TREYARCH, im surprisingly disappointed by you. I predict that the only thing you're going to do to the zombie mode is add a map pack and a few other crap additions that make the game even easier. whats the point of trying to survive if you're character is superman? you might as well have an invincible code or a code that lets you push the "B" button and you nuke the map because its the only weapon you get. im so disappointed in this game and i haven't even bought it yet, i just borrowed it because my friend was also disappointed and went back to playing better things. i know the game isn't called COD ZOMBIES, but again, let me reiterate that a majority of consumers awaited this moment in gaming history, where friends could team up in a time and place that they gave a shit about, in a year that mattered, with guns that our boys overseas use RIGHT NOW. im going to buy your game TREYARCH, minus 1 for you money grubbers.

  • Mike

    I know everyone is frustrated with MW2. but COME ON. you're going to tell me that the sounds and graphics and even the flow of Black Ops EVEN COME CLOSE to those of IW and MW2?!?!?! This is a case of, if i believe in something hard enough it'll come true. Regardless of it's claim of balance and increased customization, it is still far from the package that MW2 was. The Issue is not whether you suck less at Black Ops, or not. The fact is that video games are supposed to get better, not worse and that doesn't mean balance. Activision sold us all on the fact that we loved MW2 so much, we just wanted it fixed. The game didn't look like that when i saw all the launch stuff, and shame on all the people pushing it for not mentioning it.

  • muhammed

    has anyone been having this problem with repetitive crashing while playing singleplayer. and getting errors in the multi player? ANY SOLUTIONS ?!?!

  • Mike

    I know everyone is frustrated with MW2. but COME ON. you're going to tell me that the sounds and graphics and even the flow of Black Ops EVEN COME CLOSE to those of IW and MW2?!?!?! This is a case of, if i believe in something hard enough it'll come true. Regardless of it's claim of balance and increased customization, it is still far from the package that MW2 was. The Issue is not whether you suck less at Black Ops, or not. The fact is that video games are supposed to get better, not worse and that doesn't mean balance. Activision sold us all on the fact that we loved MW2 so much, we just wanted it fixed. The game didn't look like that when i saw all the launch stuff, and shame on all the people pushing it for not mentioning it.

    It's like saying you'd bang a really ugly girl cause she was nice. BS, unless you can't do any better.

    Treyarch just CANNOT make a game like Infinity Ward could.

  • Mike

    COD 4 was the best game ever… MW2 was only good for first time players and sucked for us hardcore gamers… Instead of adding all this bullshit every year why not just stick to the basics… Black ops is better then MW2 but that’s not saying much becuz the spawning is terrible, graphics and sounds also… COD 4 was all about skill and if I had better gun skills than someone they would b dead can’t say the same for the last two games… Had over a 2.0. K/D in every game but have to work alot harder becuz half my deaths are from behind..COD 4 from everyone I know… We miss you lol

  • phil

    great game!
    but some stuff need to be fixed:
    -you should not be able to see an enemy spawn.
    -sound issues: footstep that you can hear, helicopter sound louder please (no need for ninja actually)
    – some new maps featuring open space.
    -nuketown limited to 3 vs 3 (personnaly) same issue as rust in mw2…
    -party issues: sometime not seeing friend in blue on map
    -cannot leave a lobby and stay in party
    -make every mode available in hardcore like hq, domination, etc.. or at least make a random hardcore mode like in mw2( only thing i really want from the previous cod in BO)
    -make it so that we are not able to revote for the previous map please.

  • GrE3n CrAy0n

    Personally I think the game is great. It does have some minor spawn issues. The gameplay is also smooth. I think ppl are mad cause they get linkin logged on by ppl like me. I think it’s should be game of the year without a doubt~ GrE3n CrAy0n. Rating: 9/0

  • jmh08

    i personally love call of duty black ops, for me is way better than modern warfare 2(and i love it also), the multiplayer is way better with all this new gameplays, the sounds are way better more realistic, and you feel the diference while your shooting at black ops and moder warfare 2, and i think is better the way of shooting in black ops.

    the only problem i see, for at least for ps3, is the lag, but im sure treyach gona do something about it.

    • Dilron117

      You made one good point and that is the new game modes in the multiplayer- the wager game modes are an excellent addition. However- sounds are better and more realistic? WTF are you smoking bud? Obviously you have never heard a real life gun fired because the sounds in black ops are just woeful- even using suppressed weapons just sounds cheap as if it was a ps1 game. This in no way compares to mw2- but that isnt what it needs to be compared to. It needs to be compared to WaW because treyarch was never going to surpass what IW managed with mw2. It just wasnt going to happen. I had MW, didnt get WaW and then got MW2 and black ops i have now- which i do enjoy playing but basically only for the wager match game modes- if i want to play deathmatch or free for all ill be sticking with good old MW2 and infinity ward.

    • dilron117

      As i didnt have WaW i need to ask all of you guys posting on here how does Black Ops compare to that game as i see WaW as being its direct predecessor not MW2…so whats the verdict when comparing just those two and ignoring MW2??
      AND i also think the graphics look cheap and second rate- but i mean they cant make the graphics awesome if the game sounds shit….it just wouldnt feel right if they got one of those huge things correct and not the other so may as well leave both shit =S….at least i think thats what they were thinking anyway….

  • Wallacejbj

    I wasn't exactly hyped about black ops when it was due to be released, I only picked it up to basically play a new game, I got hyped over mw2 and was quite satisfied.

    However I traded in star wars force unleashed 2 to get black ops for £5. SWFU2 was dissapointing even though a completely different game was more satisfying that black ops.

    1st impressions of black ops was graphics were not hugely that poorer than mw2 but were not as good as ppl are already saying, the gameplay for some reason has taken a dip in my opinion. mw2's gameplay was great but black ops doesn't feel hmm finished?

    Hit zone's are terrible and the way your player reacts/controls is awful. Finding where you are shooting just doesn't feel accurate, where if you're playing world at war, mw2, halo reach you know where your bullets are going and hit zone's were really accurate. Where this game is simply practically unplayable, lookng down scope is awful too.

    I'm not sure if anyone feels the same with me, but running/sprinting in this game is so bloody slow, in mw2 it acts you would expect it too. If you are being shot at you expect the person to run fast, as it does in mw2. In black ops the player is so damn slow and non responsive. Also on first playthrough there were times where you could see enemy through a wardrobe, feet going through the floorboards. I know they are bugs possibly but this is not what you expect from a game from a developer with so much calibre.

    The sounds in this game for weapons is unreal, i don't mean that as in awesome, i mean it as in literally unreal. The weapons sounds so dull. No time or effort has went into weaponry sounds period. The voice acting however i felt was a great improvement in black ops over mw2 and past black op games. Treyarch done a real good job there.

    As for most of my comments is this review i know i have compared a lot to mw2, but i think it's because i expected treyarch to take steps forward towards the level of polish and finish that mw2 delivered. The only reason i didn't enjoy mw2 as much was because the campaign mode for me was quite short and didn't offer a good enough storyline.

    I personally don't like the cod series of multiplayer, so i am not going to comment on that because it's not an area i can compare to previous games in infinity wards/treyarchs past simply because i couldn't get away with it.

    If i was asked wether black ops was a worthwhile purchase i would say yes, when it reaches £19.99 – £24.99 price mark. It is not worthy in my opinion of the credit it is recieving in sales, nor is it worthy of some reviews from gaming sites such as ign, gamespot etc etc giving it a 8.0 and some sites giving it 9.2 out of 10.

    In my opinion it deserves a 6.0 just because the storyline so far is an improvement and voice acting and deliverance is great, graphically i expected to be more enhanced than world at war and to be almost on par with current new games and mw2. Gameplay for me took a big step back and weapon sounds is so poor. With many bugs in the game and many more that people will find makes the game a huge disappointment.

    The one thing i will say though to those who haven't bought it and are reading up on reviews and comments like mine and others is take no notice, it is you the gamer that decides wether you like it or not. You may have a complete different experience to the game and will enjoy it more than anyone. I would recommend rental first though before trying it out.

    I'm not here to say don't buy it, just here to give MY OWN OPINION!.

    But if your hyped about this game you may be disappointed, if you aren't hyped like i was and bought it thinking it would be a typical enjoyable call of duty game you will probably be disappointed. I wish i trusted my own rule of renting first before purchase or try before you buy but i expected the game to have more class and calibre to it. Instead I got a huge disappointment and instead of trading in force unleashed 2 for fable 3 i now have a disappointing game.

    For those who read all my comments, well done lol. Enjoy gaming people.

    Peace! .Y..


  • Muramasa

    Black Ops was a big disappointment to me for its many issues so i do feel its been a waste of cash and ill stick to MW2 for now.

  • Ralph

    This game should be renamed to black Flops!!!!!!!!!!! Sucks,lag,Shitty graphics,Toy guns hit markers mean nothing….What a waste of $60……….Never again Treyarch,Never……

  • alex

    if you guys want realism, go join the friggin' army

    • eli

      right on brother


    There are many issues I have with this game. First off I own it on PS3 so I dont know if others are experiencing the same problems. LAG is horrible on line. The party system is broke. every game we go into and ends we are kicked out to not be in our party anymore and have to rejoin. Again in the parties someone is always kicked when we search for a game and we have to back out and get them and try again. There is an option to leave with party but doesnt work at all. The graphics and sound I can live with but are dumbed down from modern warefare 2 it seems.
    And my one big dissapointment! The SPAWNS! I am constantly spawned either with a guy behind me shooting me or spawning into a guy at or around me so I have no chance to do anythin. This makes the game not fun at all. other side notes would be the CTF mode changed to what it is and the killstreaks are not as fun to use anymore.

  • psn private69

    its a compleat lag fest on the multiplayer side of the game, and it has very bad frame rate issues on the ps3 sometime it is compleatly unplayable with constent freezes, can't join your friend games due to this game is no longer available please restart your console as your friends play list is newer lool omg what is all this crap !!!!

  • Mike

    Gameplay is all that matters, and the gameplay in black ops sucks hard core. Ps m16 looks like a toy gun

  • Black0p

    i actually prefer moh. never thought id say that

  • InSAN3FranK

    Im all fine with the gameplay and graphics, my major problem is I suffering from the "stuttering" and the major low fps near "28" many times I got, + random lag,
    my spec are:

    win7-32 bit
    Nvidia 8800 gtx lastest driver 260.99
    4gig ram
    intel core2duo E8400

    its more than the actual requirement mentionned by Treyarch.

    .the cpu usage on my Dual core go pike the 100 % every 5 to 10 sec causing freeze when I try to shoot people in multiplayer, its totally unplayable, it seem than people having a quad core suffering less but if they check the raw process used its totaly not normal for them also if we compare to mw2….

    many people has mention this problem too, I think its a few thousands of people affected by that and having very good spec, even I know personnaly someone having a core i 7-960 with 6 gig ram and a gtx480 sli and having the exact same problem than me.

    I tried lowering the graphics and I have no change at all, its like my computer was very lower under the spec ?! no I dont think so….

    you can see an exemple of stuttering in there:

  • Steve

    This could be a good thing now Treyarch have dropped the ball and IW has been retired. Other companies have always been freighted of entering FPS because of COD. This is a great opportunity for something new. There are a lot of FPS fans not as loyal to COD anymore. Please someone new step up.

    • Buck Ryerson

      I'm interested to see what Respawn Entertainment can do!

  • Hello

    I don't think it's the game I'm disappointed with, I'm sure it would probably be great, if I could only play it with decent performance (without FPS lag spikes all over the place). Right now there is no point in playing it. Note that MW2 runs flawlessly maxed out on my computer.

  • Jayson

    I definitely hate the re-spawning it sucks especially when you get dropped into a cross fire or you get put in then get killed right away.Let alone the way it takes a clip to kill a person,or you hit them but they end up killing you. I do like the currency it adds to the game but the attachments don't all work with the Bling Perk(Warlord).

    I know there are a lot of cool things as well like the gameplay,graphics and background. I noticed when I was online there was major lag and or lost host errors and getting kicked from your party has been happening way to much. I hope that they can fix it .overall it is fun and I do agree that because of Infinityward we had our hopes up.

    • Michael

      I know i hate the fact that enemy players keep respawning right next to me like WTF?! MW2's respawn system was way better then this. I feel like am playing Free-for-All but with team mates in team death match because of the spawning. Also i though we would be done with noob tubers!!! guess i was wrong, people who suck still use the grenade launcher, i don't know what keeps me from returning this game really.

  • Riuan19192

    Part 2
    Second the visuals- for me this realy killed it we are living in a generation in wich all these new console games are ever rising the standards for game visuals so releasing something less the great is un acceptable.

    as i played this game i felt like i was playing and old ps2 classic visualy. and just to make sure i even popped in the original CoD for ps2 and noticed that black ops was only a little better visualy then the ps2 greatest hit CoD. Im a ps3 owner and the matter of the fact that every big name game for the ps3 looks better then the last does not help black ops. righting this is making me feel very dipressed so ill have cheer my self up with some medal of honor. ohh and its sad that ive never been a MoH fan yet i like this new medal of hor better then black ops. If u wanna ad me to discousse some more ad send me a friend request to my play station account, RIUNA19192

  • Riuna19192

    im actually very disappointed with this game… i own both the new medal of honor and black ops both having flaws. I would say that as of now i prefer medal of honor just because when i shoot throw explosives, or just run the sounds make me feel like im part of the action like its all real… ofcourse were moh whent wrong was not adding all the diverse custimisations into online play like black ops has…

    As of black ops i was haily disappointed… i was expecting not mw2 but a game that brought new aspects into the fps genre and kept all the good things the genre allready had. Instead black ops brought a whole bunch of new stuff but didnt pay attention to what has been making fps games good for so long.

    Some exaples are the sound, im studing to be a game designer and somethings i have learned from expiriance is sound is very important because if something does not sound realistic the players start to feel distant from the game. dont bealive me look at any great game in any genre and you will always notice that the sounds keeps you in a mode of suspense.

  • tony

    The one thing I was dissapointed about black ops from the get go is the letter print AND ITS SIZE. It doesnt look organized and doesnt look attractive to the player. I would have to say treyarch missed alot of key things to putting this game together. It looks like decent graghics but the gameplay feels so off. I still think its an ok game just wish they would of not only took what ppl liked about mw2 and try and make it better. I want to hear ppl as they get killed. I want to here ppls foot steps and hear the swipin of a knife. they could of made it so it wasnt a replica of mw2. change it up a bit.

  • Josh;)

    To put it simply, Modern Warfare 2 < Black Ops.

    MW2 COMPARISON – The only thing in Modern Warfare 2 was modders, (10th anyone) hackers, noobtubers, MLC, and UMP noobs. In Black Ops everything is much more balanced and you only get 2 noob tubes EVEN WITH scavenger. I'm happy there's no Stopping Power, keeps the game even more balanced as well. Sure, with every COD game so far, there's lag for the first few days, but you should be expecting that. Things will gradually get better as the days go on.

    ZOMBIES – Zombies is fantastic in Black Ops. The level 'Five' has fresh, new lines for new characters and is even bigger than the Zombie maps in Call of Duty 5. Dead Ops Arcade is a fun mini – game and Kino der Toten is an interesting map as well.
    For people complaining about there only being two maps along with Dead Ops arcade, have you not heard of something called DLC? Treyarch will do what they did with World at War and release new maps and a new Zombie map as well. So quit your whining and wait for DLC.

    MULTIPLAYER AND SINGLEPLAYER – Multiplayer = Fantastic. The money system is new and interesting, with the addition of Wager Matches as well. WM keep the hardcore players at bay with heart – pumping gameplay such as One in the Chamber. The singleplayer campaign is very good as well. New storyline, I don't see why people are complaining about that either. Graphics are fresh as well.

    All in all, a big step up from crappy Modern Warfare 2.

    • LoPing

      You're crazy man.. Yea it's fresh its new.. but it already feels outdated.. it doesn't feel like a game that should have been released in 2010.. Graphically this game missed the mark entirely.. The enviroments look cheap and cheesy.. This game is a major, major let down.

    • Shooter

      It's not balenced!! You can still shoot someone 2-3 times and there dead! learn your facts!

  • ahmed al-atar

    dude ,, think smarter ,, if you buy a game in this year 2010 you should and must expect a game of high grphics and high sound qualety ,, and every thing i just sed dousnt fit the black ops new game ,, i have the game rigth now here in my room and something inside me keept calling burn that stupid 1960 qualety game .. i remember me playing a game when i was 12 years old ,, its like a copy of the new black ops game.. i vote for great disapoint ment … thx and goodbye

  • rafael

    Well, I have been reading through this forum and I have made up my mind, I will buy black ops, apparently all MW2 fans are angry that they can't get 50 kill streaks because camping is harder, that is one of the main reasons I am getting this game. Another reason would be because the story is good apparently as is the returning nazi zombies. I am sure this will be a great game now that they got rid of those noob campers.
    Btw don't flame me if you do not have an support to back up your claims.

    • Mike

      You''re retarded. But it's okay. If you want a BORING, UGLY and all around SUBPAR video game, then buy it. Lol. you're the other side of the spectrum, the kind that cries at the end of every single game that you lose. all games have exploits. and so does Whack Ops. SECOND CHANCE.

  • John

    Got stuck in a dark room and could not get out……soooooo frustrating. ps3 for sale now.

  • Blacksh1t

    HUGE DISAPPOINTMENt! I don't care about graphics but the story and gameplay SUCKS. There was JFK assassination mission, WTF???? They could've easily made one but they lack the balls!! Infinity Ward did "no russian" they could have done a "jfk". God i'm disappointed! If the story was any good sure..but it's over the top bullsh#t.

    They didn't include ONE SINGLE CHARACTER of MODERN WARFARE! Dragonbitch could've easility been ZAKHAEV or the second in charge…but noooo REZNOV.

    God i hate TREYARCH, This game sucks. They lack balls…there was nothing interesting about this, time to go play no russian.

  • TheCougar

    OK I didnt even buy MW2 because the morons took out dedicated server support for PC…I bought BBC2 instead and thought it was an AWESOME, beautiful game that I hated the first week because I was used to WaW, week 2 LOVED it….so I am expecting a beautiful game here…what did we get? It looks like counterstrike on steriods, what a waste, this is 2010 the graphics SHOULD BE OUTSTANDING…to say that all games have lag may be true technically, but I can play all my other games and find plenty of no lag servers…this one…haven't yet…sound sucks, someone gonna dispute that one? Come on you shell out 60 bucks, you expect improvement….I am sorry this is truelly disappointing!

  • Bob

    MW2 was a piece of crap. Too noob and camp friendly. I really think Treyarch did a great job of balancing all the weapons and map layouts. It is true that the spawn locations can be a bit obnoxious at times, but a patch will come to the rescue. The reason why so many people don't like Black Ops is probably because it's not as easy to just camp in a corner the whole game. Just saying 🙂

    • DJ3

      i agree…mw2 was shit especially the multi player it was way to skill equalized black ops is a harder game and requires better gun accuracy and skill as well as good tactics

    • mdw915

      or maybe you just sucked at mdw2 if your good you would find a way to kill campers like using grenades to or some kind of launcher to get them out of their foxhole

  • psn shakyjake

    To all those comparing this to mw2 need to remember that this was made by treyarch and not infinity award. This should be therefore be compaed to world at war and when you do this quickly realise that black ops is a massive improvement! I think the upgrade system is interesting and will force people to think about tactics rather than Gimps running around with knives (which they need to sort tbh).

    My only gripe (and I hope its temporary due to new game syndrome) is the lag which has been pretty awful.

    Other than that these graphics are just right and make the game more realistic.

    I am still enjoying this game.

    • S2RT

      Who cares who the latest COD game is developed by!!! Gamers should expect improvements when each new game is released. I agree, Black Ops in an improvement to World at War – but is generally no match to MW2, therefore COD fans have a right to be HUGELY DISAPPOINTED!!!

  • gkid

    Graphics sucked .. I’m dissapointed with treyarch .. I want infinity ward back .. I want my money back

    • GUEST K


  • evan

    wheres the love for the PC users?

    game is totally unplayable for the vast majority of PC users due to the bad console port causing optimisation problems (not utilising CPU/GPU correctly), no word from activision yet and no patch in sight.

  • Guest

    I tend to agree. The Treyarch games are kind of silly looking. I think the story is on par with MW2, but the graphics look cartoon-y and the sounds are not as good, which really hurts the online mutliplayer.
    I have not played a Treyarch title since COD3, and I have to say it feels strangely similar to that game. Unfortunately since Actvision disbanded Inifinty Ward, this looks like what we have to look forward to. Too bad, I skipped buying Halo Reach for this.

  • Nibbles335

    Why are so people complaining about the game, the only ones that a whuinning are the MW2 fan boys that don't know when to accept a great game.

    • GUEST K


  • x__ME__x

    Listen up guys. look at yourselfs . whining and complaing. its a fps. There is nothing new about a fps. I SIT HERE and read these post and wonder what were you all were expecting?? Every 4 or 5 years something comes out that changes the gaming world.but as of right now there is nothing new about fps. from halo, kz2, mw2, mw, socom (3rd person), mag, anything. The people who hate black ops hate because its change. The people who love it they love it for a fresh new experiance. i play black ops for 6 hours last night and i heard all the same complaints. But these are from guys who thought quick scopeing took skill thats why they hate it. they couldnt stand back and quick scope and get one shot one kills they had to work for there kills.its a learning curve. as for lag every game is going to hve it nothing is perfect. All in all its fun its fresh it new and will tide us over until the next big game then we can read post about how bad that game is and then here how great the game is. as the world turns. just play. enjoy the little things in life. Or go outside and play.

    • nynja

      To the contrary… I don't like the game because it's just the same game with a new name and different upgrade system. Play, level, unlock, prestige… repeat. And these "perks" fad needs to die.

      I'm going back to MOH where the battles are more intense and where the guns feel like guns.

    • Anonymous

      Quite a bold statement saying people hate the game because it's change, like there couldn't be any other reason. Well i got a reason for and i have it on video, i shot a person 6 times in the head with a Galil and he turns around and knifes me. The reason people hate this game is because treyarch made all this hype pretty much saying there gonna take mw2 and make it better then make something worse that's why people are pissed.

    • Michael

      Actually they completely removed the relevance of sniping from the game… that's the bigger issue here. The maps feel condensed with a terrible spawning system and every gun feels underpowered. The accuracy of the guns was knocked down from modern warfare 2 and the recoil has gotten ten times worse. I never quick scoped, or noob tubed or camped but i got by alright. The glitches, the lags, the sound of my feet as jackhammers pounding into the ground doesn't do anything for me whatsoever.

  • antiplayer

    If this game is anything like COD4, it will be amazing. That game was perfect in my opinion. No annoying perks. You, your gun, and the other players. No distractions. When people get annoyed that certain aspects utilized in MW2 are no longer there, give it a month, then realize it may just happen to be, in fact, a good thing.

    • MEDzZ3RO

      It's like a mixture the best of CoD4 and the best of Waw with alot of improvements and new content to go with it.Thankfully the similarities with Black Ops and MW2 are only skin deep.MW2 is terrible.

    • GUEST K


  • kenny

    I am deeply disappointed with this Game , installed and waited 22 hours for , it to be ready to play Clicked play and the Screen ran for 8 seconds then froze , It’s a Joke.

    • andrew

      LOL! Let's blame your pos pc on black ops

    • guest k

      ouch should have only took an hour . bad connection i presume

  • Ryan N

    I think this statement is probably true of everyone
    "I think everyone was hoping that black-ops would be modern warfare 2, but with loads of extra bits. and to be honest, thats what i was after."
    and I was disappointed.

    The games dont have the intensity and speed and overall shit your pants feeling that MW2 games have. It all seems a bit tame/ safe almost.

    The sound is one of the big things that has been a huge minus point for me, I have a pretty reasonable sound system and everything sounds like its about 5 miles away, In MW2 helicopters would overtake the sound and pretty much mask everything out letting you know your fucked if you go outside, but the BO ones are too weak and quiet.

  • drivebye1047

    Part 2 of previous

    May have found one glitch. What was "bling" in MW2 is now Warlord and allows 2 attachments to your primary weapon (not two under barrell) I paid for the "perk" then I paid for a flamethrower then I paid for a red dot and it won't attch both. Then I paid for a infared scope and still won't attach one scope and one under barrell ….. WTF?

    Bottom line … it's O.K. but a miss in my opinion and believe this or not I'm a retired age old Vietnam Vet that has no life so level Prestige 4 on MW2

  • DriveBye1047

    Graphics …. Part of the overlooked realism in MW2 is the effect of nature in the enviroment. Almost all maps have wind and smoke effect that act as detractors and make the experience seem ultra real.

    Maps are far larger and more complex ( maybe too much) in Black Ops and the color saturation far more vibrant than in the pastel color of MW2. At first that is enjoyable but in maps like Nuke Town it is over the top.

    interface is a bit confusing. Trying to buy attachments, monitoring your bank etc. is not user friendly, especially on the fly without any instructions. Bottom line not as "seemless" a transition as could be.

    The little robot wireless control car/bomb is cute but useless. played for 5 hours on awireless brighthouse connection and experienced as many if not more lost host disconnects as in MW2 and thrown into two games on the losing team with less than one minute left to play.

    • guest k

      DONT MAKE ME LAUGH nuketown looks like a 70s cartoon and allthe other maps are ineed SMALLER than mw2s and all look boringly similar only with different tones of color.mw2 had mor variety,realism and well thought out map planes for well thought out strategy.BLAC OPS smaller, cheesy,and jus plain stupid.

  • treyarch fail

    anyone that thinks the graphics are good must not have an HDTV!! It is like comparing rabbit ear reception to a dvd. Not only is the resolution bad but the coloring is so unrealistic. Nuketown looks like the Sims go to COD.

    • Drahkir

      Nuketown is supposed to look like that. Have you ever seen a "nuketown?"

  • theman

    Infinity Ward > Activision/Treyarch I think I'm done buying the weaker cycle (Activision games) for this franchise. MW2 blows this game away, especially for multiplayer.

    • time

      activision own infinity ward, all the cod games have been made by activision, mw2 was shit.

      • TeddyB

        activision is the publisher, infinity ward and treyarch are developers. activision only binds them by contract but does not own them.

    • LJon

      I totally agree, do people honestly think that Black Ops can hold a candle to MW2, what made MW2 into such a bad game is the players, and you can never change that. The game itself is great. It just seems when they did Black Ops, they went backwards. Just because you have more of something doesn't mean it's better.

    • guest k

      u do realize infinity ward and activision did mw together right? AND that infinity ward is now disbanded

  • tim

    MW2's online mode destroys this game in every way imaginable. MW2 is a Ferrari and this is a Escort. The weapons seem generic and there doesn't appear to be as much variety with the classes etc. The killstreaks are generic and pretty dull. The monetary system is an improvement but I just don't care enough b/c the gameplay sucks. If you like it great for you, but no way I'm sticking with this. Very Disappointed

    • GUEST K

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Hackney

    I think everyone was hoping that black-ops would be modern warfare 2, but with loads of extra bits. and to be honest, thats what i was after.

    But it has problems. and i’ll list the ones that bother me most.


    considering they made a new engine for it, graphics weren’t amazing.

    Zombies felt tacked on (only 2 maps?)

    Single Player:

    Over gory

    Told through flashbacks (time frame kept changing, made it confusing)

    Guns don’t feel like guns (they’re deadly weapons that can kill in an instant, not after you’ve emptied half a clip on 1 guy)

    No respect (yeah they’re a spec-ops unit, but there are still rules)

    Messed scripts (eg, level with soyuz 2 rocket, when ment to blow it up, first time i didn’t get given the rocket)


    Lag on maps with 12 people (Resistance 2 can do 60 people with no lag, so whats the problem here)

    Split screen (MW2 kept EXP system in split screen, made it more fun, now, everything is unlocked, not as challenging)

    Out of all of them, I have to say that split screen annoyed me the most. Some of us prefer to play video games with people in the same room and not strangers over the net, and when you take the EXP system away, theres no real competition anymore (eg, who’s a higher rank) and the addictiveness of online isn’t there. Yeah it may be a ploy to get more people to buy the game instead of playing someone elses copy, but isn’t the customer always right?

    • x__ME__x

      Dude you are so off on your complaints.1st off its a fps so nothing is ever going to change. also 1 million guys on ps3 servers last night of course lag. resistance lags i know because i used to play it. plus mybe a 8th of the players on there. also not everthing is unlocked play the game. the single player is sweet nice told story with god forbid a little real life history in it. (go to school and learn) .. YOu must have been a quick scoper on mw2 and dont remember that it took a fewbullets to drop someone.

      • nynja

        "1st off its a fps so nothing is ever going to change."

        Evidently you must be new to the gaming world… or at least to FPS'. They have changed drastically over the years, just like cars.

        They serve the same purpose, but no car is the same as it was 40 years ago.

      • Adam Hackney

        If you go onto Multiplayer>Local>Split Screen i think you will find that all of the weapons and attatchments are available for all players that join the game.
        Plus, because there are no profiles, any custom classes created are available to anyone in that mode.
        Yes, single player does have a good story, I just said it got confusing at times and that i think it could have been better presented.
        And finally, there's no need to get personal, everyone is allowed to have their own opinion.

    • nynja

      Only 2 zombie maps because they'll charge you $15 for 2 more later.

  • Oliver Roberts

    how can you say black ops is a disappointment. mw2 was a good gaem not brilliant but became terrible after many problems.
    piemaster1337 have already pointed the main reasons so im not goin to write them again. with others of you complaining i have had lag once and my connection isnt that good either you need to sort out your connection not blame it on the game. the graphics are very good, the sounds are realistic and im gald they have brought in online splitscreen. local splitscreen was boring and was easy to cheat. now when i bring freinds over its actually fun as your playing online. the campign as far as i have played is brilliant best campaign yet. zombies is brilliant. and for people moaning about only 2 maps waw only started with 1. and i would rather buy dlc that adds more zombies instead of just maps. most people who are complainin are either casual gamers, noobs or mw fanboys. this game for me has saved cod after how bad of a game mw2 became. i am so glad infantry ward didnt make this game.

    • zane

      grahics are very good? compared to what? mario karts?

      I brought Moh and black ops at the same time. To be honest there both below par. Black ops feels very unpolished compared to mw2, It feels like a WaW shoot off, but lacks the atmosphere of that game. Moh is a lot more realistic in terms of graphics and sound, but lacks the building destruction of bf2.

      I tried to like this game, but if feels like a hodgepodge of different features that cant really pull together to make a killer title. I agree with you about zombies.

    • GUEST

      no 1 its infinity ward u dickhead no 2the graphics are terrible, stop lying to your self.the sound is fake.grenades go pft instead of BOOM.the guns sound like cap guns. i mean cmon MW2 had its flaws but it was a hell of alot better than BO. Iremember the days wen mw2 1st came out,best time eva. cant say the same for bo.SMH

  • Jajx

    The funny thing is that you can read here about MOH being a b class FPS and see how cod fans write that graphics sucks, i have both and must say that black ops was a weiste of money, graphic and sound is just not nearly as good as other fps out there

  • Icannothelpit

    The graphics are great – the sound is ground the microphone tones are great and the information you can gain about opponents is also carries many advantages – the lag problem is one that cannot be resolved through technology yet, but that is the price for lack of investment on national broadband infrastructure – I particularly like the report a player option for when hackers become cheats and take away the enjoyment of a true gaming experience – This is a replacement for world of war and MW2 fans maybe disappointed but the weapons make up for it on this one. Good JOB

  • Chris Kuhlmann

    I agree, the graphics look just like World At War, unfortunately that was years ago and needs to be updated. What worked then doesn't work now. Nothing in the game looks real. MW2 everything looked and sounded real. The sounds, OMG it sounds like I am skipping around with a broken leg in the game or playing hop-a-long. The grenades sound like firecrackers, and you cant really hear anyone coming, like in MW2. Oh and those gun graphics… so what you cant even see them on the guns…wtf. The only thing that I really enjoy with this game its the RC-XD. IT is hilarious to watch people run from this little car. I have played MW2 to the 10th prestige and really got used to the great graphics, I am completely disappointed with this, I wish Infinity Ward would have made this and I can honestly say I will not buy another game from Treyarch.

    • mw2 fan

      agree, mw2 is far better than this joke called Black Ops, over hiped and under expectation.
      the weaponry is poor- I miss scar-h, tar21 and acr and the maps suck(most of them).
      infiniti ward is way better than this gayarch oh sorry,treyarch.
      mw2 all the way.

  • grimmz

    After buying all next gen Cod's with map packs for all 3, im a little tired of playing it and paying for it. So i'm renting Cod BO to see if i like it but its low availability on gamefly. I'm already expecting it not to be as good as Mw2.

    • kenny

      am deeply disappointed with this Game , installed and waited 22 hours for , it to be ready to play Clicked play and the Screen ran for 8 seconds then froze , It’s a Joke.
      I will be taking the Game back , this is of course the last game I buy in the call of duty series its just a rip off , I thought the idea is you a t least get top play the game , Why do I have to wait a day after purchase just to be notified the Steam server is Busy it’s a Joke

  • N.Nel

    This guy is a tool, MW2 is an excellent game? I can't stop laughing at that. That game had Average graphics
    Good(far from excellent) Gameplay
    Good sound
    Average Story

    Black Ops is okay, It's better than Mw2 but not as good as the first MW.

    • ryan

      you must be joking, the graphics on mw2 are far better than this, plus the campaign was better aswell

      • S2k03

        I agree with you mw2 is much better then this

  • Dude

    It seems like you're trying to extract this opinion from us b/c it's what you really think about the game.

  • irishsnow79

    personally i didn't think much of modern warfare 2, and with the overpriced dlc for what amount to a couple of new maps and a couple of mw1 maps rehashed, and the lack of a decent sideshow like nazi zombies. As regards the online multiplayer in blac ops…if it's bugged personally i don't care. i'm not buying it for that. there's too many idiots who shoot their mouth off over the headsets, and with the amount of glitching and boosting it turns what should be a fun online experience into a borefest. There's too many triple A titles coming out recently that are soo buggy on release, stand up and take a bow Fallout:New Vegas.. and now Black Ops. developers and publishers need to sit down and make sure they release a decent game right from the off, some players don't have the facilities to connect online and they have no chance of getting patches on consoles, and it will put them off future titles. They need a wake-up call and maybe Black Ops is it.

  • Piemaster1337

    I know what people don't like about Black Ops. And these reasons are EXTREMELY stupid
    1. No Stopping power. Some people think that getting 5-8 hitmarkers with an SMG 'too weak', but if they can't kill people, close range, with an smg, then they should stick with assault rifles
    2. No Quick-Scoping. When I was playing, yesterday, I heard many, MANY people complain that there was no quick-scoping. Even though it was announced, weeks ago, that it was GIMP'd. But my very first game using my own WA2k, i got 5 kills at the first 30sec of the game. 4 if them headshots (almost got the contract 🙁 )
    3. Items 'Too Expensive.' I knew, ever since the money system released, that people who were used to noob tubes, over and over, would complain and leave the game because they can't get the kills they need for the contracts, nor the money they need for the perks.

    I just love the game, though. After yesterday, I was only disconnected from 2 games (one was a private match that my matchmaking somehow took me into 🙁 )

    • S2RT

      No – the main reason Black Ops is a MAJOR disappointment, is simply because it does not play, look or sound as good as MW2!!!. Of course we should expect too much after MW2…. games should progress… not digress!!! Treyarch have produced a poor addition to the COD series. Wish I'd not been fooled by the PR, and spent my £40 on Medal of Honor instead!. This is the first COD game which I'm trading in ASAP. Roll on Killzone 3 (a fully developed game, which uses every last bit of juice in the PS3 system)

    • Shooter

      Wrong. No ones worried about items being too expensive! you alot even if you DIDNT do good. Honestly, i think Black ops shouldv'e did the same as MW2 earning your emblems, and Playercard. Also, idk why they removed stopping power, the gun's can kill just as fast, as if stopping power was on there. In addition, quick scoping was the best, idk why they tweaked the game, so its almost impossible to quick scope, but Treyarch needs to step down, and stop messing up Popular, action packed, Xbox games.

  • Buck Ryerson

    The multi player, once some issues like lag and connection issues are worked out, will be much better than MW2. Even with connection issues, everyone I play with enjoyed it much more than MW2 already. There are always issues when game first comes out. Give them a bit to work out the kinks!

    • Buck Ryerson

      That's the great thing about living…. everyone has an opinion. If you think MW2 is better, then great! Go back to it! I for one enjoy Black Ops better. It may not look quite as good as MW2, but it still looks good (and yes I have an hdtv) The sounds may not be quite as good either, but the game play is much better to me. Not to mention they got rid of most the things that were wrong with MW2. Too many things were taken advantage of in MW2. Sure, if you're one of the people who enjoy using glitches, mods, aim bots, etc…. MW2 is heaven. But for those who prefer to play the way it was meant to be played, don't believe in that cheating crap, which it is exactly that, then Black Ops has been a breath of fresh air. The people who have a problem with the money system, saying it costs too much, are the ones not willing to work for anything. I like the new system. It makes it much more enjoyable when you get to buy something. You have earned it. Yes, MW2 looked and sounded pretty. But it in no way set high standards. It has too many flaws allowing too many people to cheat. I have said for a long time I will never buy another Infinity Ward game, as they don't care to fix the glaring problems. Some of my favorite games of all time don't have near the graphics out today, but I still prefer them heads and tales over today's stuff. It's not all about the way it looks or sounds. It's about sitting back, playing it the way it's meant to be played, and having a good time. If people would do that, MW2 wouldn't have been ruined, and more people would like Black Ops.

      • GUEST K


    • Buck Ryerson

      I will agree with you on one thing, it not being as good as COD 4. That game was heads and tails better than even MW2. MW2 just has way too many flaws to be held up on a pedestal. If Infinity Ward would fix the many problems with it, yes, MW2 would be the greatest…. but they aren't interested in fixing a disappointingly broken game. Like I said, it's opinion. It's cool that you think MW2 is better, some will feel that way. Some, like me will prefer Black Ops. Some…. will call all of them crap. I for one am thankful for that, because if everyone agreed, this would be one boring place to live!

    • Dave G

      MW2 was a terrible game and this is even worse, regardless of lag. Bring COD back to it's proper Pc roots instead of a crappy console port, with dated textures. Feels more like a game from 6-7 years ago than something that should have been released in 2010!

    • hej

      well are they ever gonna fix those issues? its been 3-4 days(?)

    • mike

      why the fuck after paying £40 should I have to then "wait for them to work out the kinks", did they not fucking TEST their game, did they not , just for a second, think that perhaps alot of people were going to buy the game??

      • Nate K

        its immpossible to test a game that has sold over 360 million dollars worth of coppies. you would need millions of people to test it.

    • Jonathan J.

      you know whats funny is that they did real good the first time with MW2 and they new they had a good amount of people playing on there servers so why not double there servers because they should of known that the vets from MW2 and new comers where going to come i'm a little up set that i get disconnected more then what i play and it sad to be one of the real top selling war game shattering numbers out the ying yang and give them time lol they a year to work on this game how much more time