Call of Duty Black Ops: A Disappointment?

We have been reporting on all kinds of Call of Duty Black Ops related news over the past few days, but we are definitely surprised to see just how many of you have expressed your disappointment with the game.

While some people love Treyarch’s new game, it seems the majority do not, and this could be due to a single issue in the game, or a whole collection of problems that we have also been telling you about.

Why has this game in particular been met with such fierce criticism? Perhaps it is due to the fact that Xbox 360, PS3 and PC owners simply expected too much after the excellent Modern Warfare 2 – and lets face it, it was an excellent game looking back.

You can’t put this down to teething problems with Black Ops either, you guys are seriously mad about the game, and there is always a reason for this. I personally loved Black Ops, and while I probably haven’t played multiplayer as much as you guys, it seems as one problem has turned into a crisis situation, with cries of ‘Treyarch killed the franchise’ and ‘I want my money back!’

If you consider yourself to be disappointed with the game, which was the factor that led you to that decision? Was it the graphics, connection problems, lag, ‘unrealistic’ sounds, or a combination of everything? I really hope that Treyarch are listening to some of the criticism that they are receiving for the game, and come out and give their side of the story.

Did we all expect too much from the game after MW2? Give us your say on the matter.

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