Angry Birds Android: 45 New Levels Update – Cheat Still Works

By Alan Ng - Nov 10, 2010

We have some great news for fans of hugely popular mobile game Angry Birds, as we can confirm that the Android version has just received a significant update, adding a very generous 45 new levels of gameplay.

As reported from Droid-Life, Angry Birds for Android has now been updated to v1.4.2 and you can download the update by heading to the Android Market now. The update will come in at 14.14MB, so it shouldn’t take too long to download.

Aside from the new levels, other changes include support for QVGA (320X240) resolutions and optimizations for more Android devices. You’ll also get some minor bug fixes as with every other update.

On a side note, you may remember us telling you about a clever trick which will allow you to access locked levels on the game. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that the same method works if want to try out the new 45 levels straight away. Head to our previous report here for full instructions.

Have you installed the new update already? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

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  • user

    Htc magic 32A became laggy after the update now playing the ad. Free version more but much faster works as it was

  • jib

    ads do get in the way, but other than that it works fine. HTC desire

  • kmark

    so disgruntled, though how much can i complain about a free game. anyhow, was very addicted to the game, and then did the update….now with the update, i dont believe Ghandi has the patience to play this with the terrible lag. please someone make it work, i need my fix.

  • TBO

    Slow/lag- unplayable, Samsung Moment 2.1

  • Greg

    The music plays on my U8150 but the screen is mostly blank with a cropped snippet of the credits in the top left of the corner. Unplayable unfortunately.

  • ukguydallas

    Ads dont block screen on Mytouch 4g, must be something to do with the resolution on your Droid x

  • Angry Bird

    IT SUCKS…. it barely runs…and you can't even fire a bird. SHAME SHAME SHAME. i was in love with this game. (i have a Samsung Moment,, which is probably why)

    • Valerie

      It won't work on my Moment anymore either. I was really having fun with that game. I wish I had never updated it. I want the old version back!

  • Angry Bird User

    same here. I don't see ANY new levels and the adds are in the way. Bummer I have to remove, and spread the word not to get this now. D X

  • dennis d

    Update killed my properly working version. Now my bird can’t fly. Wtf.

  • Chris

    Don't update! Ads now block the screen and interfere with gameplay. The game is now unplayable on my Motorola Droid X (Android). I won't play until they fix the ads being in the way – am willing to pay for an ad-free version.