Samsung Galaxy S: Runs iOS 4 on Fake Model

By Alan Ng - Nov 9, 2010

We have an interesting video to show you now, as a fake Samsung Galaxy S model has popped up in China (where else), showing the device running a very smooth version of Apple’s iOS 4 software.

While we sometimes poke fun at the various Chinese knock-offs that hit the limelight, there is no question that they are clever bunch, and this fake Samsung Galaxy S model is a perfect example. The video which we’re about to show you gives you a quick preview of the device. You can clearly see the ‘Galaxy S’ branding at the top, and the somewhat dodgy looking casing around the sides.

However, the port of iOS 4.xx looks pretty impressive, and it handles a demo of Angry Birds with no problems or slowdowns whatsoever. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts on it.

If we dig up a price on this beast, we’ll be sure to let you know – if you’re interested of course.

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  • babi

    so fake and gay

  • deata

    and i think even the iphone is fake

  • deata

    yep thats an iphone 4…

  • Jim Irvine

    Its apple hardware, apple software, just someone stuck a sticker saying "galaxy s" over an i phone? why the article about it? The Galaxy S doesnt even say Galaxy S in that position on the phone – it says "samsung"