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RockMelt Browser: 10 Reasons to Download

A few days ago we asked you if you are interested in downloading the RockMelt beta, now we have come across an article which lists 10 reasons why you should perhaps check out the social-centric web browser.

Firstly RockMelt has experienced people behind it, such as Marc Andreesen who is the co-author of the Mosaic web browser and also the co-founder of Netscape Communications Corporation, with Mosaic and Netscape Navigator behind him he undoubtedly has great experience.

Other reasons to try RockMelt include the fact that it fully integrates Facebook and Twitter, it is cloud-based (meaning that you can access bookmarks and preferences wherever you are), there is great Google Search integration, the design is great, it is based on Chrominium, it tracks favorite web sites, less extensions are needed, there is less chance of clicking a dodgy link (as so many services are integrated) and finally it runs on both Mac OS X and Windows. If you would like to find out in depth reasons as to why you should try the RockMelt web browser check out the source link at the end of this post.

As you are probably aware RockMelt is currently an invite only beta, however if you check out their website you can find out how to get an invite.

Have you got RockMelt beta access? If so, are you impressed?

Source: EWeek


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  1. Is there a compelling reason to use the browser if you don't use the social networking components? Speed? Security? Personalization?

  2. I think it's stupid to base your whole marketing strategy around Facebook and Twitter when clearly there are a lot of people who don't use either. The company should still want those kind of users (= more money for them), but instead it seems that that type of user is being ostracized by the browser.

    Also, why is this article called "10 Reasons to Download" when there is a low-visibility link to the actual article with the 10 reasons?? Poor and misleading tactic…

  3. I have been using it. And I am absolutely loving it. They did a fantastic job. So much of my browsing has been simplified. I feel sorry for everyone who is just writing this off without trying it.

  4. I have no use for either Facebook or Twitter, nor can I understand why people would support the continue invasion of their privacy. So, I don't have much use for this browser.

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